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Bilić, West Brom Headed Back To The Premiership!

July 21, 2020




It was an ugly finish to the season for Slaven Bilić and his West Brom side, but at the end of the day, they earned automatic promotion to the English Premiership next campaign. West Brom only needed a 2-2 draw Wednesday night against QPR to secure a 2nd place finish in the Championship as third-place Brentford laid an egg and lost 2-1 to Barnsley. If Brentford would have won, they would have swapped places with West Brom and sent them to the 4-team playoff.



It would have been an absolute catastrophe if West Brom went into the playoff as they only picked up three points from their last four matches of the season. Now Bilić will take on England’s best once again next season. The question is: Will he bring in more Croatians?






Slaven Bilić and West Brom are one win away from securing their place in next season’s English Premier League. All they have to do is beat QPR Wednesday (2:30PM ET) in the last game of the season.



West Brom were in control of their Premiership destiny the entire season. But a weak string of results after the restart – where they have only picked up two points from their last three matches – mean all is left to play for. Luckily, their main competition for 2nd place and automatic promotion – Brentford – lost on the weekend after winning seven straight matches following the restart. If Brentford or Fulham jump West Brom on the last day, that means Bilić’s boys will go to a 4-team playoff for the last spot.



Last time we saw Bilić in the Premiership, he was coaching West Ham from 2015-17. His first season looked great on paper as West Ham took down some English giants; including Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City. He was sacked in 2017 after a string of poor results.



Bilić was appointed West Brom manager only 12 months ago so automatic promotion to the English top-flight in that time is an impressive accomplishment. Bilić’s charisma and sideline antics are good for English football and we should all be rooting for them to win on Wednesday.



Croatian footballers are absolutely thrashing European play at the moment. With Niko Kovač being appointed Monaco manager, it will only strengthen Croatian pedigree if Bilić can get back to the 1st division as well.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 72 comments

  1. Dalmatia says:

    Tried posting a YouTube link yesterday to a goal scored by Vida two days ago but for some reason it’s not showing up on the site?

  2. Dannyj says:

    Thanks for video
    Nice finish
    Vida looking to keep his job at least for another year for the repka

    I thought they wanted him in England?

  3. Rakija in Rijeka says:

    Vida has always been better than donkey Dejan
    Where does donkey play next year or is he happy pulling slivers out of his arse again?
    Maybe he goes play for ARSEnal?

  4. Maminjo says:

    Napoli really?

    Are they able to afford the transfer fee?

    He’s worth at least 25 million Euro right now, and will be worth alot more in a few short years.

    I don’t see CSKA wanting to let him go, unless he is pushing for it. Plus, his contract runs for three more years.

    He’ll be fine in Serie A, but I’d prefer he go to a team where there are other Croats. Milan or Atalanta would be good. Get him paired up with Rebic, Pasalic, or Brekalo (if one of Milan or Atalanta grab him).

  5. Maminjo says:

    So, it looks like Dinamo didn’t manage to snag Matjaz Kek and it looks like Prosinecki is now a candidate for Trabzonspor (currently 2nd in the Turkish League).

    Dinamo may have missed out on two solid candidates.

  6. Suba says:

    Napoli is a bad move for Nikola

    He’s better than that

    Everyone check out his Instagram video doing training especially the cone drill with his left foot

    Kid has speed and is solid

  7. Poglavnik says:

    Rebic was celebrating Zlatans first goal as soon as the ball was delivered. He knows Zlatan is burying that.

  8. Miloš Hvar says:

    The Napoli story is fake news. They are saying CSKA offered him to them for 15mil. Agree with Maminjo he is worth at least double that. Seems like some pot stirring to me. Kid deserves better than Napoli too lol.

    And if we are rooting for Rebić to get European football next season it would most likely come at the expense of Napoli. So all around Napoli should be no go.

  9. Maminjo says:

    Yea, CSKA paid 15 million Euro for him two years ago.

    No way they let him go for anything less than double that.

  10. Djokovic says:

    Croatia has reopened its borders to non-EU citizens for tourism, including U.S. citizens, as long as visitors show proof of a reservation for a hotel or other accommodation, according to the Croatian Ministry of Interior.

  11. Soul Champ says:

    The soul of AC Milan has been saved by one Ante Rebić.

    Pioli just signed for two year extension.

    Zlatan one more possible year for Rebić to learn how to become world class.

    Boban is a master mind.

    Be great to have Modrić in for next year as well.

    All Croatians Milan.

    They should buy both Vlašić and Brekalo.

  12. Eric says:

    Its too bad they sacked Boban. If he was still there, they might have a legit chance at Modric. I don’t think Luka would even consider it without Zvone.

  13. Maminjo says:

    Yea. I hate Gazidis and the snake that he is, but I put our young NT players above everything.

    Staying at Milan is still the best scenario for Rebić, and snagging a player like Brekalo would be a fantastic move for both Milan and our NT.

    He would explode in Serie A, and develop chemistry with Rebić.

  14. Maminjo says:

    I dunno.

    All I know is that Perišić has gotta be the most underappreciated star in football.

  15. Lićan iz toronto says:

    Does krovinovic get a chance for a call up? Is he worth the call to repka? Haven’t seen him play.

  16. Stipe says:


    What you said is the most accurate statement ever.

    Perisic is a beast. And I like the fact he will smack the shit outta somebody too

  17. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, as much as I love Perisic and although I feel he’s been our most lethal player over anyone else we have for the past 4 + years, I still feel he’s very moody or inconsistent for certain periods of many many games.

    Its difficult to even say this because I know you guys are gonna slaughter me but I remember him in this last World Cup, he was game changing in some instances but in others, he was completely non existent. We talked about Dalic subbing him in certain games and you’ve said you didn’t really like that he did that BUT I was kinda with Dalic…you never know When Perisic will wake up and change his mood or if he even will! During the England game, he was totally removed for HUGE portions of that game and then BOOM…nobody else could have done what he had done! And it didn’t end with the goal…he was just ON FIRE and created chance after chance…relentless and tireless work! The problem is….watch the game up until he scored….it was hard to watch…in my opinion!

    With all this said, maybe this is why he doesn’t get the respect he might deserve? His body language usually says it all!

  18. Slavonac from Canada says:

    in other news, Ante Coric’s 2nd div club is Spain has opted to let him go. Roma will most definitely not be interested in keeping him either…so basically he’s going to have to find a new club!

    I remember him blaming Mamic for his lack of playing time at Dinamo. Now he can’t crack the lineup at Almeria where he’s been on loan!

    His dad and him can definitely go pound sand!

  19. BZ says:

    Watched Stipe vs Cormier 2 last night. Love the ending of that movie.

    Watched some interview clips, and scared Stipe not going to get a legitimate full camp.

    Stipe sporting a hipster look with thick frame glasses and whispy hair. Almost looks like the World’s most dangerous nerd, but alas he is legitimately the World’s most dangerous human.

  20. Medo says:

    Bilić in the prem next year by the skin of his they do anything or get relegated their first year in ?

  21. Mr. Black says:

    Bilić did it! saw the game but very unimpressed. Both teams were technically very very limited.

  22. Miloš Hvar says:

    Think he will bring any more of our boys on board? Any youngsters that would be a good fit? Maybe Benkovic if he isn’t gonna get any minutes at Leicester?

  23. Maminjo says:

    Actually yea, I could definitely see Bilić try and snag Benković if Leicester continue to “Krama” him.

  24. Maminjo says:

    Perišić knows he’s our best player and he is regularly ignored by others who think they’re better (Mandžo, Krama).

    His ego is part of why he is so good.

    He’s earned that body language.

    He was just as important as Modrić and probably more impactful than him at this last World Cup. He’s definitely been better than Modrić the past three tournaments overall.

    Very underappreciated. :)

  25. Slavonac from Canada says:

    “We go as Perisic goes” Jas always been what I’ve said and yes I agree, he’s probably under appreciated!

  26. Suba says:

    Modric named greatest Croatian footballer of all time

    If that’s the case then Perisic should be named as number 2

  27. Maminjo says:

    Well, Modrić is alot better than Perišić all time (for both club and country).

    It’s just that Perišić has probably been a bit better in the past three tournaments for us.

    Perišić was just a lot better in the 2014 World Cup.
    They were both about the same in 2016 and 2018.
    But Modrić has been around longer and was great in 2008 and better than Perišić in 2012.

    Modrić got a lot of great press this past World Cup… Probably because he was constantly branded by the media as a “refugee” and for some reason, they associated a kid who never left his country during a war (and whose family fought and died in the war) with, I assume, the economic migrants from countries not currently at war, lol.

    Perišić definitely should have gotten some of this good press from his incredible impact at the most critical points in this tournament. He really got nothing from the press.

  28. Maminjo says:

    So Milan backed out of their deal with Ralf Rangnick.

    Pioli stays, and Milan has to pay some compensation to Rangnick.

    Looks like Maldini will get to keep his job, and it’s been revealed that he pretty much did nothing and Boban built this team lol.

    Shame that Boban can’t come back. He had a verbal agreement with Modrić apparently for next year.

  29. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, apparently the German media is saying Ragnick refused to go to Milan and only then did they offer Pioli the contract.

  30. Suba says:

    Frankly I don’t think Nikola is shit and I hope after being resigned by Roma that he can rehabilitate his reputation and challenge dzeko for a starting position next season

    For that to happen he would need to work hard and improve his attitude

    The guy had made mistakes should not be held against forever and hope he can salvage what’s left for him

    I wish him all the best for next season

  31. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Here, read up! This is how he’s viewed outside of your own mind:

    It doesn’t help that Kalinic has failed to make an impact in the capital. The Croatian has just two goals to his name from 11 league appearances, and they both came in the same match against Cagliari.
    He was disappointing again on Thursday, more of a passenger than a spearhead,

    At Atlético:

    5. Nikola Kalinic

    Best known on these shores for his somewhat forgettable spell at Blackburn Rovers, Croat Nikola Kalinic went on to do reasonably well at Dnipro and Fiorentina after leaving Ewood Park.

    Well enough, at any rate, for Atletico to take a £13.5m punt on him back in 2018.

    After four goals in 24 games, the 32-year-old was sent packing though, and headed to Roma on loan for the 2019/20 season.

    Please do yourself a favour and stop peddling ridiculous comments Suba! You know I see these comments and unfortunately for you, I do follow what’s going on.

    Kalinić is and always was a very average player. He should have stayed at Fiorentina, he did well there but he thought he’s better than he is!

  32. Slavonac from Canada says:

    His reputation is dead and for anyone that respects the sport wouldn’t ever want him around them! He never expressed regret…he took himself over his country!

    Fuck him!

  33. Maminjo says:

    I read that they made some last minute changes to the terms and tried to have him to share manager responsibilities with Pioli.

    A lot of the players were backing Pioli and Milan probably panicked about burning money to bring in Rangnick, pay out Pioli, and they’re still paying the previous coach they fired earlier in the year.

    Lol. Gazidis is such an idiot.

    I guess this is what happens when you’re friends with the son of the owners of Milan.

  34. Slavonac from Canada says:

    “ I guess this is what happens when you’re friends with the son of the owners of Milan.”

    Oh interesting, I didn’t know that!

    Yeah Gazidis lacks character man and for some reason that you’ve now explained, he’s still employed!

  35. Suba says:


    On a positive note I will really anticipate watching Krovinovic perform next season in the premier league on a regular basis

    A real great opportunity to take the next step up with the help of Bilic

  36. Croatian Canadian says:

    For anything saying Kalinic’s and good in the same sentence is legally retarded. I remember him when he had a goal and assist against Spain back in last euros. After that, he did fuck all. We don’t need a cancer like that back in the room. He thought he was better than Mandzo, Kramaric or Rebic to start. The guy is the biggest baby in the world and bitched about being a substitute. National disgrace and took him until March to score. Most of which are shit clubs. Meanwhile Rebic lighting up Juventus.

  37. Suba says:

    Uh shit clubs and Rebic at Juventus

    What’s the matter with the Croats in Canada

    Fuckin weirdos

  38. Dx says:

    Only an idiotic American would come on here and tell us that Kalinic isn’t shit. I guess Dalic should beg him to return to the Team.
    Yeah, drink that kool aid of yours boy.

  39. Miloš Hvar says:

    Kalinic is one of the biggest hacks to put on the checkers. Dude is the biggest piece of shit. I remember he posted an instagram with Ibra calling him his idol. 1. Ibra doesnt know who your invisible on the pitch ass is and 2. Ibra has some guts. It’s a shame that the HNS still posts (even tho its like every year) every time he scores a goal

  40. Miloš Hvar says:

    Speaking of hacks how much more do we have to hear about Luka Jovic. That guy has been an air head everywhere he has gone and only got it going when he had two Croats, Kovac and Rebic, pulling him along. I mean seriously it was painfully obvious to me last year that Jovics success dependent on playing next to Rebic but somehow Jovic got the big money move. Now Jovic is doing everything in his power to crawl back to Rebic at Milan and is even banging his sloppy seconds to emulate him!

  41. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Suba, you really display your ignorance man!

    Kalinic has never been an effective player anywhere. He’s had two “decent” periods…1 at Dnipro and 2 at Fiorentina where he had a 0.39 goals per game record. The Fiorentina record was decent only because the league is better than in Ukraine.

    If you’ve watched him play (I can barely stomach it) you’ll see that he’s weak and can’t win battles without flopping like he’s been hit by a car. He isn’t creative, he doesn’t draw attention, he isn’t fast, he doesn’t have a great shot, he isn’t a threat in the air, he can’t dribble, he doesn’t high press, he’s plain and simply a guy that waits for an opportunity inside the 6 yard box!

    I wasted my time responding to you. You don’t have a clue WTF you are talking about and its difficult to remain polite and respectful when all you do is bait people into an argument!

    your ridiculous comment here really demonstrates how dumb you are:

    “Kalinic on the scoresheet again

    Yeah he’s fuckin shit isn’t he”

    were you actually thinking anyone here would sympathize for that douche bag? not only is he a shit player but he stuck to his guns and felt the National team screwed him at the World Cup! do you even understand the culture of the game?

    I’m done responding to you…you’re an idiot!

  42. Maminjo says:

    No point in talking about Kalinić anymore.

    The guy’s 31 and no longer on the National Team anymore. Who cares at this point.

    Argue about Petković and Kramarić. That’s a more interesting one, which could make or break our next tournament. We gotta pick the right one to fill Mandžo’s shoes.

  43. BZ says:

    Firing the architect, engineer, and Foreman (Boban) was BS.

    I can guarantee you Rebic does not give a shit about this team. He just needs to ensure he gets paid. I saw his face when the crowd booed him relentlessly, it is something he won’t forget. He won’t say it, but I will. Fuck the Milan fans and the mess in the front office.

  44. BZ says:

    Inter got cute, benched Brozo yesterday and ended up blowing the only chance they had to catch Juventus. That’s gotta sting.

  45. Slavonac from Canada says:

    there’s a new controversy for the junior’s and its a bit tricky!

    Hajduk junior’s finished the league in first with 17 games played and 42 points. Dinamo finished with 16 games played and with 40 points…they couldn’t play the 17th game because of the Covid19 virus.

    Dinamo juniors were supposed to play Dugopolje, a team in 2nd to last place, only 9 points and a -28 goal difference.

    The HNS made the decision to let Dinamo juniors take the spot for the UEFA tournament…I’m guessing they thought Dinamo would have easily beaten Dugopolje…they beat them 4-1 and 2-0 in their previous two matches but I don’t understand why they didn’t just replay the game?

  46. Miloš Hvar says:

    wow thats actually pretty crazy they did that. you either have to play the cancelled game or give it to Hajduk. Although it is a near certainty Dinamo wouldve won you cant just give it to them.

  47. Suba says:

    Yes something in the water in Canada

    Yes please slavonac do not make any further comments in response to my comments because really I don’t give a flying fuck what you think

    I will continue to make comments so get used to it fuckhead

  48. Soul Champ says:

    @ Miloš Hvar


    This Jovic saga is corny.

    They should treat Rebić like he is a 22 years old, as nogometaši seem to be late bloomers and age well into their 30’s.

    Jovic was a flop on and off the field at Real Modrić.

    We know there is only one Luka in world football.

    @ Slavonac

    Respect to the way you put character first in your player evaluations.

    Not sure when Kalinic lost his mind and thought he was world class?

    He was actually serviceable for us a back up forward who played well in 2016.

    With so many world class players in the squad I am curious to know who he was big timing?

    MANdzukic is just a different beast to compare your self with.

  49. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Question for everyone – where do you guys think Mandza will move to next? Turkey, Fiorentina, Milan, Inter, Benevento or somewhere else ?

    Ps – Not crazy about Vlasic in Napoli if that is true. He seems to have a strong family presence around him that are not like Balic and Halilovic (headcase fathers). Serie A seems to be the league that young non-Italians go to sit on the bench unless there is X dollars invested in them except for Rebic up until this year and Pasalic. We have way too many Croats riding the pine in Italy (Coric on loan in Spain, Radosevic, Perica, am I missing any?) As many of you mentioned earlier, would be nice to see Vlasic in a different team other than Napoli. I can’t see his father pushing for that move unless he knows his son will have some sort of opportunity.

    Agreed on Atalanta re Croats hopefully going there and the nice soccer they play.

  50. Slavonac from Canada says:

    CroPerson85, I think Mandzukic should go to a mid tiered team in a competitive league that is competitive enough to have a good coach and a good system. I don’t want to see him wasting time, riding the pine, collecting a pay-cheque.

    with regards to Vlasic…I’m not sure if Napoli is the right team for him. They demand immediate results at big clubs in Italy so if he ends up there, he will have to perform from the moment he steps on the field.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I put character first in my people evaluations, Luka Modric (the asterisk) fails miserably when it comes real life morals.

    I always hope for the best for Nikola Kalinic, I’ll never turn my back on any Croat.

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