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This Is Why European Football Is Fun…

July 24, 2020


Chelsea’s Mateo Kovačić



Mateo Kovačić and Chelsea still have everything to play for.



Even though Liverpool wrapped up the Premiership title a month ago and no club was going to catch Manchester City; the entire English season comes down to a final 90 minutes on Sunday. And that’s what makes European football, promotion/relegation, and European berths so much fun.



The top-4 spots in England receive a Champions League berth. Liverpool and City are in. However, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Leicester City are only separated by one point going into the final match. Two will play in Champions League next season. One will disappointedly be put into the Europa League draw.



And here’s the kicker! Manchester United play Leicester in the final game of the season. You just can’t make this schedule up. Because they play each other, Chelsea will finish top-4 with a draw over Wolverhampton Sunday. (All games kick off at 11AM (ET).



And if you think Chelsea will get an easy walk-over against Wolves, you’re wrong. Wolverhampton will be fighting for points so they can stay in 6th and earn a Europa League spot as Spurs only trail them by one point.



If you move to the bottom half of the table, it looks as if Aston Villa or Watford are getting relegated, which is not only a blow to a team’s morale but also their bank account. 90 minutes on Sunday will determine if Watford or Aston Villa get to keep key players next year and the millions of dollars they receive in Premiership TV money. Although neither team ever had a chance to win the title this season, simply staying up should be considered a success itself.



This model keeps games interesting for the entire season. Half the league still has something to play for where in American sports, teams knowing they won’t make a playoff push start selling players and tanking halfway through the season. Not in European football!



It’s going to be one hell of a Sunday in England! Expect Chelsea and Manchester United to finish top-4 in the Premiership with Mateo Kovačić returning to Champions League football in the Fall.



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Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 12 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    Kovačić may have to man up as the CDM for this last match.

    Lampard has to revolve his tactics in support of Kovačić.

    The CB plus goal keeper need cover.

    How good is Kovačić right now?

    How good can he become by Euro 2021?

  2. Soul Champ says:

    Perišić has 3 -4 more years at top level.

    He has two big tournaments with us.

    He is a world class player who is a natural athlete.

    He is also available at a bargain rate as Cunti has head up his ass.

  3. crnkovic says:

    Southgate: “All you need to say about Croatia is that Kovacic doesn’t get in their team. That’s how good they are”

  4. Anonymous says:

    @”crnkovic”, why do you care so much about Croatians when you hate the race they belong to? Are you retarded?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I won’t watch the premier league, nba, mlb, nfl, nhra, nascar nor formula 1 b/c they fully back an antiWhite political group called “black lives matter”. Imagine seeing ‘Council of Conservative Citizens’ patches on teams uniforms. This is total bullshit.

    And if you needed more proof that we do NOT live in a free society, look no further than the fact that the vast majority of nascar fans not only disagree with “blm”, they hate “blm’s” antiWhite rhetoric.

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