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Rebić Assists Zlatan In 4-1 AC Milan Win

July 29, 2020


Rebić (L) and Zlatan (R)


Ante Rebić has helped AC Milan recover this year from the dumpster fire they were in 2019. Rebić came over on loan last summer from Eintracht Frankfurt and was supposed to be an instant injection of speed, grit, and attitude. However, Rebić rarely saw the pitch in 2019, manager Marco Giampaolo was sacked in October, and Chief Football Officer Zvonimir Boban was let go in March. 12 matches into the season, the prestigious Italian club sat 14th in the Serie A standings.



But after June’s COVID restart, it’s been all Rebić and AC Milan. In 11 Serie A matches, AC Milan have been undefeated with eight wins and three draws. Rebić has tallied five goals and four assists in that 11-game span and has been on absolute fire. With the 4-1 victory over Sampdoria Wednesday night, AC Milan have guaranteed themselves a 6th-place finish in Italy and a Europa League qualifying berth.



In the 4th minute of Milan’s game vs. Sampdoria Wednesday, Rebić embarrassed his defender leaving him high and dry before putting a perfect left-footed cross to the head of Zlatan for the goal. The two have been in sync in 2020. Hopefully it carries into next season for Rebić leading into Euro 2021.



Rebić assist to Zlatan 




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 11 comments

  1. Croatian Canadian says:

    Ibra put Sweden on the map. Should’ve played for us or Bosnia. The man is egotistical and creates tension between himself and teammates. As for Rebic, don’t see anyone else starting besides him. He’s got power, foot work, speed and a killer instinct on the field. I would have him upfront alone. Start a 3-2-1 with Modric, Vlasic, Kovacic, then have Perisic and Pasalic and finally Rebic at ST.

  2. Penaldo says:

    Next season we’ll see AC Milan with Rebic and Ibra take the scudetto from that piece of shit club Juve. Nedved and Juve are fucking losers.

  3. BZ says:

    Kovacic does not start over Brozo or Rakitic. I love him, but he doesn’t mesh with our style of play yet.

    Dalic should take serious note of Atalanta’s formation:
    –if Vrsaljko never recoups to 100% it would be worth a try to play with 3 back, and allow us to add Brekalo or Kovacic on the field, with our studs (Rebic, Vlasic, Modric, Brozo, Perisic)
    –without Mandzukic and the emergence of Vlasic, it is less important to attack the flanks with wingbacks. Dalic has already put the reigns on Barisic, as he is told not to drift up as much as Strinic did.

  4. Bobby V says:

    Croatia will learn who the 4th team in their Euro group will be on November 12. Semifinals (Norway-Serbia) (Scotland-Israel) are October 8.

    Have a feeling Mandzukic will return for the Euro and World Cup – then retire from the national team for good.

    Haven’t heard how the new national stadium project is proceeding. Would love to see it finally happen.

    For those in the States, Bleacher Report will no longer be showing the Champions League and Europa Cup competitions. The rights are now with CBS (all access) – $5.99/mo. BR live will refund you for your yearly purchase and won’t auto-renew your subscription.

  5. Bobby V says:

    Hajduk schedule for the first 9 rounds – starts August 15, on
    Velika Gospa – same night is that Stipe Miocic fights.

    1. kolo: Hajduk – Istra 1961/Orijent 1919 (15. kolovoza)
    2. kolo: Osijek – Hajduk (22. kolovoza)
    3. kolo: Hajduk – Slaven Belupo (29. kolovoza)
    4. kolo: Hajduk – Dinamo (12. rujna)
    5. kolo: Rijeka – Hajduk (19. rujna)
    6. kolo: Hajduk – Varaždin (26. rujna)
    7. kolo: Gorica – Hajduk (13. listopada)
    8. kolo: Hajduk – Šibenik (17. listopada)
    9. kolo: Lokomotiva – Hajduk (24. listopada)

  6. Soul Champ says:

    @ Croatian Canadian


    I am with you one hundred percent with Rebić as ST and Kovačić as starting.

    Both have stepped up this year.

    We need more dynamic movement on and off the ball.

    Modrić needs these two to keep the D worried.

    @ Bobby V

    I am looking at Ibra at 38 and I am thinking that MANdzukic with his style has more goals in him for us, especially since we have even more horses around him.

    His physicality will not diminish and his finishing is world class.

    Also do not need to play him a full 90.

    Why leave that weapon not called up?

  7. Croatian Canadian says:

    @Soul Champ Forget about Mandzukic. We need fresh talent! His days are over. He’ll be 36 by next year for euros. No use in calling him up now. Especially due to the fact he’s a free agent. That 6-0 loss against Spain was a wake up call for Dalic. Ok we lost five players from the last World Cup squad but that doesn’t matter. He adjusted the team and gave Petkovic, Barisic, Vlasic and others chances. They’ve fulfilled those roles. Dalic shouldn’t bother playing Modric or Rakitic in Nations league. Put in Vlasic, Kova, Pasalic, etc. If we wanna go far then start by copying Frances style. They lost last euros and brought up fresh talent: Mbappe, Pavard, Hernandez. Look what happened. They didn’t bother with Giroud or the other washed up players. That’s what we need to do. Match they’re approach and forget the vets. We have the damn talent, speed and skilled players.

  8. Maminjo says:

    Yea we need to be careful with our current CB pairing of Lovren/Vida.

    They’re solid, but they’re not worldbeaters.
    No need to stick it out with these two, just because they’ve been good for us for the past two years. If they are showing signs of decline (or if the youngsters like Pongracic keep killing it at their current clubs) we need to make a change.

    Modric however is a special animal, so he gets a pass.
    It’s not like our Suker and Prosinecki situation at World Cup 2002, where these guys were pretty much in retirement playing for crap club teams. Modric is still a top player for the top team in the top league in the world.
    You gotta stick it out with him as long as he continues to be at the top.

    Modric, along with probably Perisic, I would give a longer leash to, simply because of their ability to influence a game.
    You can even make an argument for Rakitic too, but I personally would rather go with Vlasic than Rakitic. However, I can understand if we stick with Raketa another year, he’s world class and will still be a top La Liga player next year (when he’s captaining Sevilla probably).

    But any remaining older guys, we cannot stick it out with.

    We made the right move when we moved Corluka to the bench when he started to decline. When we stopped calling up Olic, even though he was kicking and screaming about it.
    We are also making the right move by not trying to get Mandzukic to return. No Qatari league player should ever be on the NT.

    We got burned doing this in the past with guys like Suker/Prosinecki in WC2002, Pletikosa in 2014, or at Euro 2004 where Otto Baric stuck with these mediocre veterans like Sokota, Rosso, Bjelica, Zivkovic, etc…with younger talents like Klasnic, Babic and Srna on the bench (and Kranjcar and Petric not even called up).

    Our team is pretty solid for these next two tournaments, but we need to closely monitor the form of Lovren, Vida, Rakitic and maybe Perisic to ensure we’re not overloading our starting eleven with players who are being rated due to their past performances.

  9. Maminjo says:

    Mind you, having 5 players in your starting eleven who are above 30 is not the end of the world (especially since three of them would be barely 31).

    But still, you gotta be careful.

    We have an embarrassment of riches right now in terms of depth. So we should use it if we have to.

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