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Miocic-Cormier III: Saturday Night In Vegas

August 10, 2020


The UFC Heavyweight trilogy fight is finally upon us when Clevelnad’s own Stipe Miocic defends his belt against Daniel Cormier Saturday night in Vegas.



Stipe Miocic hasn’t fought since August 17th, 2019, when he took back his heavyweight belt from Cormier via TKO. But it was Cormier who ended Miocic’s reign atop the UFC 13 months prior in 2018 that shook the MMA world. At that time, Miocic had won six fights in a row and defended his belt a record three times; making him the greatest heavyweight in UFC history.



But Cormier caught him in 2018 to end the dominance Stipe had in the UFC for nearly half a decade. Now it all comes down to a third and final fight in Las Vegas this Saturday.


Cormier knocks out Miocic in 2018


Daniel Cormier has already stated this will be his last fight – win or lose – at age 41. Miocic is still working his regular day job as a fire fighter in Cleveland on top of being a world-class heavyweight. At age 37, this could very well be Miocic’s last fight as well. He has cleaned up everybody the heavyweight division has thrown at him including Mark Hunt, Andrei Arlovsky, Fabricio Werdum, Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos, Francis Ngannou and Daniel Cormier. If Miocic beats Cormier for a second straight time, he has to hang up the gloves, right?



Who else can he fight? Maybe Ngannou one more time. Sure, it well sell tickets. Current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones can step up a weight class. That would absolutely sell pay-per-views in 2021. But this could be it for our blue-collared friend Stipe Miocic.


Miocic returns the favor in 2019


The sports books have the fight at even money so pick your poison. How sweet would it be for Miocic to win one more fight, walk off into the sunset…with a Croatian flag draped around him?


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 21 comments

  1. Lovro says:

    As I posted earlier and was scoffed at, these two fighters at the present time could not beat anyone ranked in the top ten.

    They were saved for each other as one last show before they both bow out – because they are somewhat around the same declining stage of their awesome careers.

  2. Maminjo says:


    Name ten heavyweights who could beat Miočić

  3. BZ says:

    Gosh, so damn hard to predict.

    of the 5 rounds they have fought, DC won 4.

    How much of that was due to eye scraping/poking?

    Miocic was not 100% for that first fight.

    but then again, Miocic is not 100% for this fight.

    My prediction, DC makes a concerted effort to take it to the ground. That won’t be good for Stipe.

    Stipe, Knock the snot out of him again, literally.

  4. Maminjo says:

    Smaller octagon benefits Cormier.
    The eye pokes will carry on, so that will benefit Cormier too.

    I think the UFC kinda wants Cormier to win, then retire. They’ll probably push Stipe to retire too. I don’t think Dana wants him to be champ anymore. They’ll probably have someone like Ngannou fight for the vacancy against someone else.

    Stipe has a lot going against him in this match. I would love for him to win then retire. Last thing he needs is to go blind in that eye.

  5. Stipe says:

    @Lovro. You don’t know what your talking about

  6. The truth says:

    I fear that cromier might just be better than miocic

    cromier dominated across two fights for about 90% of the time

    miocic miraculously found a weakness in that last fight and exploited it…but if not for that, the second fight would’ve likely gone the way of the first

    i gotta think the cromier will much better game plan, and the chances of miocic pulling a rabbit out of the hat like that again are slim

    that being said…miocic…despite consistently never seeming like a dominant fighter….has won an incredible amount of fights

    that last minute in the ring strategy change to beat cormier was just incredible

    the guys got great stamina, great conditioning, and extreme toughness…. so although i predict cromier in the fight, miocic has a knack for proving perceptions wrong

  7. Stipe says:

    I’ve been following UFC for a long time. I’m not talking any Cro Cop shit, cause his days at pride were dwindling.

    Of course I want Stipe to win, but I don’t know. Idk what is going on in training. But on Instagram, he seems like he is very complacent. I don’t blame him, he’s defended the tile more than any other heavyweight which is a huge accomplishment.

    But when I saw DC cry after the last fight. He was crying while saying this to Dana White “I shoulda kept listening to my trainers” like wow. DC is a tuff dude. And he knew the cameras was there, he still cried. I give him credit for that.

    DC is going to come out HUNGRY. It could destroy or Benefit Stipe. This is going to be a toss up. Idk who is going to win.

    By the way. The UFC and Dana White CANNOT WAIT FOR STIPE TO LOSE THE BELT. cocksuckas

  8. ARMADA87 says:

    I always think Stipe is younger than what he actually is. I’m 36 (born 84) and have it in my head that he’s early 30’s when Stipe is actually about to turn 38 (!).

  9. Stipe says:


    Your right. DC is better. The first fight wasn’t a fluke. He just caught Stipe with a clean and knocked him out. DC likes to poke people in the eye, he is the dirty that way.

    But Stipe does have strategy. The fight against Ngannou. Stipe toyed with that dude. Stipe showed was a true champion does. Stipe showed his experience, everything.

    Yes the second against DC, stipe was getting hit. But it shows that Stipe could eat a punch ( in the first fight, Stipe didn’t see the punch coming, which put him to sleep ) but if stipe sees punches he can eat them.

    What changed is the haymaker to DC’s liver. I guess he saw DC flinch cause it was over after that. That’s why I’m worried because DC was crying saying I should of listen to my trainer.

    Idk man. It’ll be a good fight. Win or lose, getting knocked the fuck out. I don’t care. Stipe is the best heavyweight in UFC history.

  10. Stipe says:

    By the way. Stipe and DC are friends. They have been for years.

  11. Maminjo says:

    So is the strategy just gonna be liver kicks and punches to the body?

    That would probably work, but the smaller ring and DC saying that he’s gonna take it to the ground will likely end that.

    It might be a long grueling match on the ground. Would prefer to see the two of them strike.

  12. Lovro says:

    If you’re willing to agree that Miocic is not the same fighter that beat Junior in Brazil, then that’s a start in understanding what I’m saying.

    This is not a sport that you can pull off a Jaromir Jagr, Tom Brady, or a Luka Modric.

  13. Crnokovic says:

    If Stipe is poked again he should head but the ape
    And walk out.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Serbs and Their Mongol master Russia can go fuck themselves.

  15. Poglavnik says:

    Go Croatian guy!

  16. Iggy Iggy says:

    Stipe ought to walk out wearing safety goggles

  17. Ivan says:

    Hmm two best HW of all time going at it for a tie breaker, really can go either way as they are both capable of putting the other one out. I’m on team Stipe obviously, I thought he was confident in the first fight and really walked forward on Cormier, he was able to take him down and even control him for a bit, he was landing well and then the eye pokes happened, you try to concentrate when someone tries to put their finger into your eye. Second fight he looked less confident and more eye pokes, but it seemed like it angered him to respond. Cormier may have had the edge in a few rounds, but Stipe was still able to take Cormier down and when Cormier took him down he was able to do pretty well off his back (albiet Cormier did keep him there and 5 rounds like that = a Daniel win). I’m expecting both boys to come out hard, Stipe should keep up the pace, an aging and fat Cormier will tire earlier if Stipe keeps moving forward and pressing. But it’s HW’s so could be over at any moment for any fighter, no matter who’s doing better on the score cards.

  18. Croatian Canadian says:

    I’m beyond pumped for this fight. Stipe should put this fat blob in his place. Stipe is jacked, chiseled and looking in great shape at almost 38. The smaller octagon will favour DC for sure and I’m concerned about that. I personally don’t see this fight going the distance. Stipe has to come out strong unlike the last fight. DC will look for the KO. If it goes to the scorecard and further in the match. Stipe will benefit more defending the belt, better cardio and conditioning. DC has everything to lose. Two straight losses to Stipe, never beat Jones and could end his career with a loss. This is such a coin toss!

    Lovro Bro what drugs are you on? Stipe is the only man that beat DC in the heavyweight division, most title defences, 2/3 losses he got revenge and won, defeated everyone in the heavyweight division. UFC fighters can go deeper in career wise. Some only fight 1-3 times a year. Athletes in football, hockey etc have to preform on a daily or weekly basis. MMA fighters have more time to get physical rehab, train, prep and infiltrate opponents strategies. He is the greatest of all time. Better than Junior too.

  19. Penaldo says:

    The champ will rag doll DC like he did with Ngannou or he will KO DC. DC is a dirty fat bastard of a fighter. Stipe should eye poke him and kick him in the nuts to make him suffer more than he ever did before. DC couldn’t get it done against Jones. He definitely won’t get it done against Miocic.

  20. CroatianPerson85 says:

    for Pete’s sake DC is no where near the conversation of best HW of all time. How can he be the best HW of all time? He went to decision with Mir and Nelson, won both, neat Miocic, defended once vs Lewis then lost to Miocic.

    Check his wiki page to see who he beat at HW and check Miocic’s. Nelson decision, KO Arlovski, JDS, Werdum (former Champs ok not the greatest but still) Ko Overeem who fell off, Mark Hunt.

    No one and I repeat no one has done to Ngannou what Miocic did. Ngannou’s form and technical ability such but he is getting better and he just needs to graze you once. Thats why I think UFC is geared towards better fighter’s (chin, heart etc) because of the smaller space and Pride had more technical athletes with more thinking.

    Fighting with a cage is like playing indoor soccer with boards, many Pride fighters were well past their prime and also couldn’t adjust.

    He beat past his prime Barnett via decision and Bigfoot tko, that’s it.

    Dana is greedy and needs to promote this fight especially during this bs Covid kurac. Notice how Cornier keeps making reference to this being for the greatest HW ever and not Miocic? When reporters ask Miocic if this determines the greatest HW ever, he’s pretty mum, responds with, “sure, I’m confident,” because he’s not that phoney type of guy.

    Fedor was undefeated in pride for a decade when there were no drug tests. Miocic is the best UFC HW, probably Velasquez after him going by records, who they beat etc.

    Please for the love of anything that is normal can we stop even mentioning DC and greatest HW ever in the same sentence. He’s good, he won strikeforce grandprix and they had some good HW who came to UFC but Strikeforce was neither pride caliber nor was it UFC caliber.

  21. Jarac says:

    This is exactly what Stipe likes, ass clowns understimating him like he has been his entire career after whooping ass his entire career. Many on her don’t understand the fight game no-one in the heavy weight division can touch these two, ngannu can box one trick pony stipe beat his ass for 5 rounds and would do it again. Cormier is good, Landed a lucky on after multiple eye pokes. Stipe out competed Cormier over the long haul and he will again he may even knock his ass out that chin is getting older. Stipe Za Dom

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