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Jon Jones Moving To Heavyweight In Search Of Stipe’s Belt???

August 17, 2020




Earlier today, reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones posted, “Just had a really positive conversation with the @Ufc. Sounds like there will be negotiations for my next fight at heavy weight. All good news, the weight gaining process begins” on his Twitter, ESPN reports.



Quite the teaser.



The man has owned the light heavyweight division for nine years and the only negative marks on his fighting record are a DQ against Matt Hamill in 2009 and a ‘No Contest’ in 2017 against Daniel Cormier as Jones tested positive for a banned substance.



It has been reported that Jones has vacated his light heavyweight belt which can only mean one thing; he’s coming for Stipe Miocic’s heavyweight title. Right? Why else drop his current belt unless he’s done with the UFC all together? he question is: which path will Jones have to take to get there if he is staying?



Will Miocic’s next title defense come against Francis Ngannou? Whom he already beat via unanimous decision. Or will it be against Jon Jones in a blockbuster main event? Or will Jones fight Ngannou for the right to take on Miocic?


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 13 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    Dana White already said that it’s definitely going to be Ngannou.

    Jon Jones will probably have to fight some other heavyweight first… Which he probably won’t want to do unless it’s an easy win. He might get exposed.

  2. Penaldo says:

    Why do these LHW clowns think they have a chance in HW? It’s like WWE now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jon bone jones is dangerous At LHW
    I don’t know how much extra weight will effect his speed and quickness etc
    Stipe is the greatest of all time HW at this point
    If he beats bones it’s undisputable!!!!

  4. MR. CRO LUCKO says:

    Jon bone jones is dangerous At LHW
    I don’t know how much extra weight will effect his speed and quickness etc
    Stipe is the greatest of all time HW at this point
    If he beats bones it’s undisputable!!!!

  5. BZ says:

    Jones never got hit by a big boy.

    Jones never had to wrestle a big boy.

    Jones wins many of his fights in the championship rounds with relentless pressure. Many think he lost to Reyes, and some think he lost to Gustafson. Can he bring that cardio and pressure in the 4th & 5th rounds carrying the significant extra weight he will put on?

    The fight should be Ngannou vs Jones for the honor to fight Stipe. Ngannou would destroy Jones, in my opinion. That said, we know Jones will be full of PEDs as he slaps on muscle, as many know USADA testing is a joke. Jones is a personal mess, and will not be able to refrain from taking PEDs, amongst other things.

    I think Stipe can beat Jones pretty easily.

    I hope Ngannou hasn’t improved to the point that Stipe’s wrestling could not dominate. Big questions:
    Can Ngannou stuff Stipe’s takedowns this time?
    Is Ngannou’s fitness better?

    I suspect Ngannou has improved in both departments, which could be trouble for everyone in the Heavy Weight division.

  6. Slocro says:

    Ngannou Vs Stipe was the greatest victory since the old testament story of David slaying Goliath.

    A tooth for a tooth , and Eye for Eye. That was another classic tenement testament tenement that he taught Cormier.

    It is so great that Stipe is literally considered the underdog, and very time he beats his opponent in the most ingenious ways .

  7. Maminjo says:

    Ngannou has had only one fight go beyond one round, and that was a decision loss to Derrick Lewis.

    It seems as though if you can avoid being knocked out by Francis in the first 90 seconds of the fight, you’ll win the fight, lol.

    Ngannou’s knockout power is there, but there was knockout power with Cormier too (who is a master with that close range short uppercut that can knock out anyone, including Stipe in that first fight they had).

    Stipe game planned well for Cormier to avoid getting too close for those Cormier uppercuts, and he’ll probably do the same for Ngannou.

    I just can’t see Ngannou being able to last more than one round without getting gassed again, and he hasn’t faced any wrestlers like Stipe (so it’s hard to see if he’s even improved in his takedown defense).

    Hard to call Ngannou a favorite for this fight, when he’s seemingly the same fighter he was three years ago (whereas Stipe just seems to have gotten even better).

  8. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @ Maminjo – Stipe also went 5 rounds with Francis and the UFC rushed him back to fight Cormier. Your chin needs time to heal as well which is why some people felt Miocic was Ko’d by Cormier. He didn’t have enough time off between the Ngannou and Cormier fight. I feel like Cormier landed with some of those short uppercuts, not as clean as when he Ko’d Stipe but his chin was able to withstand it this time around.

  9. CroatianPerson85 says:

    I do think its only a matter of time until Ngannou is the UFC HW champ. He’s not a good fighter from a technical perspective but his power is just too strong. All he needs to do is graze you and if you don’t have an iron chin you’re done.

  10. Jarac says:

    Stipe will destroy both. Ngannou only shot is a KO (which is possible) this is MMA and stipe spanked him for 5 rounds because the guy has 0 ground game, doubt he will use any in a rematch.

    As far as bones jones, he use to be the man, until he essentially stopped engaging in his fights. Stipe is the man he will come out and fight, doesn’t matter vs who. Jones has been trying to hold on by running around and not engaging.

  11. Canuckcro says:

    Jones is an eye poke specialist drug g drunk criminal..half his fights won with eye pokes and rods .,dirty elbows also.stipe doesn’t need to fight a piece trash like that clown..stipe should just retire gracefully if he has to fight a fuck head like jones!!

  12. Canuckcro says:

    Jones was banned for roid use ..I believe..involved in a hit and run..this guy’s pure class..stipe should just walkaway..if your browsing’s not worth the money..just retire as a firefighter!

  13. Penaldo says:

    Jones is ducking the LHW top contenders. Huge puss with his dirty little kicks to knees. Barely got the job done against DC. Reyes beat him. Gustaffson almost beat him if Jones didn’t have to rely on his dirty bitch knee kicks. What a fag move.

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