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Perišić, Bayern Munich Are European Champions After 1-0 Defeat Of PSG

August 22, 2020


It’s not a European championship party without a Croatian flag



Ivan Perišić made it an astounding EIGHT STRAIGHT YEARS of Croatian Champions League dominance as Bayern Munich defeated PSG 1-0 Sunday night in Portugal to capture the Champions League title and complete the European ‘treble'; as Bayern were already crowned Bundesliga and DFP Pokal champs.



Perišić was on loan from Inter Milan this season and could sign a permanent deal with the Bavarian club in the upcoming weeks. Tottenham and Manchester United are also on the radar. Perišić wasn’t utilized at maximum capacity during his loan stint at Bayern due to ankle surgery in February, but the winger came back strong following the COVID restart and showed glimpses of his World Cup form with goals and fantastic speed down the line.



I’m leaving the following for all Manchester City, PSG, Juventus fans around the world. There’s one common denominator in the world of Champions League for the past eight seasons. If you want to win, make sure you have a Croatian in your holster.



Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 5.22.41 PM

8 straight years of Croatian Champions League dominance

Photo: PrvaLigaNews (Insta) 



Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 5.26.45 PM



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 99 comments

  1. The truth says:

    Another goal from vlasic

    Kind of like a half volley toward the top of a crowded box

    A quick watch of the General highlights, you notice vlasic is striking the back dangerously around the top of the box consistently

    It’s something we obviously saw him do in qualifiers for us to great result

    It’s almost like he is the anti kovacic where he just has bite in the danger zone for a midfielder

    Extremely valuable not Simply from the goal scoring but Also the gravity a player like that can draw from defenders opening up spaces for others

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Vlasic over Kovacic all day!
    Hes already done more for the National Team too.
    I’m going 4-0 Bayern. Gaymar and Mmbop in tears hopefully.

  3. Soul Champ says:

    @ Ante

    Beat that drum all day!

    It is extraordinary that Croatia produces players that make a difference in the greatest club competition on the planet.

    Petković post up is all Vlašić needs to explode anywhere near the box. I do not want any other players in his area.

    That space with our crew is constantly open and is always begging for a shot and Vlašić is the only who consistently is ready to shoot.

    Any top club with half a brain would scoop him up right now on the cheap.

    What does Lautaro Martinez do that Vlašić doesn’t? And is “worth” north of $100 million?

    Modrić will pass on the #10 to Vlašić.

    Everton ??

    He flashed the same talent there but was given ZERO opportunity.

    Both Milan teams need Vlašić.

    UNL will be a coming out party for Vlašić.

  4. BZ says:

    Umm, a coming out party might be an understatement. The Portugal game is going to be broadcast on ABC in the USA. Vlasic will become a household name.

    I doubt Vrsaljko plays. He had re-injured his knee and wasn’t playing before he contracted Covid.

    I’d say keep Vrsaljko away from teammates as a precaution.. We’ll just roll with Jedvaj and Barisic.

  5. Maminjo says:

    Well then, good on Napoli for doing their due diligence and trying to jump on this.

    If they manage to snag both Vlašić and Brekalo, they fully deserve to become perennial Serie A contenders in the next few years.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if the young Croatian forward Gabriel Debuljeh is supposed to be any good/up and comer perhaps? – plays for cluj going up against dinamo this week champions league qualifying ?

  7. Soul Champ says:

    I wonder when clubs are going to respect the nogometaš?

    @ Miloš Hvar


    @ Maminjo

    Napoli makes that double move for Vlašić and Brekalo then they will be in business.

    Gatuso has impressed me with their style of in your face.

  8. Soul Champ says:

    Perišić is still fine tuning his game after coming back from ankle surgery.

    He may even look sharper today.

    He loves big matches.

    PSG may not be ready for him.

  9. Maminjo says:

    Perišić is a lazy Dalmatinac who doesn’t show up unless it’s worth his time.

    This is proven time and time again when he coasts for Inter Milan during regular Serie A games, but when a tournament takes effect, the guy is a monster (especially for us).

  10. Soul Champ says:

    Looks like his Dalmatinac ass will be coasting on the bench.

    Bayern Munich: Neuer; Kimmich, Boateng, Alaba, Davies; Goretzka, Thiago Alcantara; Gnabry, Müller, Coman; Lewandowski

    Perišić may need to come on in second half to take it home.

    Better be on the pitch at the end anyway.

    Back to Inter with Allegri, Brozovic and Mandžukić.

  11. Miloš Hvar says:

    yea interesting that he isnt starting after playing so well in the last few games.. might be relying on him as a big sub, jolt of energy like play

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ya fuck flick I agree ! Perisic is world class and should be starting – could go the full 90, has the stamina – nevermind subbing for Coleman – BS

  13. Anonymous says:

    The commentator just thought Coleman was Alphonso Davies- I’m a Canadian Croat and I say that’s racist !!! Black lives matter lmao – so do all lives for that matter lol !

  14. BZ says:

    Watching Davies dribble into defenders and lose the ball is quite fun. Especially knowing Perisic would have got the cross off each time.

  15. Stipe says:

    I HATE Lewandowski. I think he is the most overrated player. He is good, but I don’t think he’s a great player.

  16. Maminjo says:


    Coman stupidly loses the ball by kicking it too far forward during his run toward goal, and tries to bail himself out of it with a dive in the box.

    Just bench this idiot and put Perišić in already.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @stipe – totally agree- that pollock is overrated – had some good games – flash in pan- works well against inferior opposition- mandzukic fights harder then him – might not have the better foot for finishing but in the air and holding the ball for teammates to arrive he’s awesome – clinical striker and that pollock like some others get all the press – same with this gnabry fuck!!! What has he done consistently besides that lucky shot he unleashed burying his head with his weaker foot and just hoping it would find the net ??? He hasn’t proven that over time and time again like some Croats – mandzo, perisic – just saying ! It’s like these uefa, fifa fags leave us out on purpose !!!

  18. BZ says:

    I have no hate for Lewandowski. Our Polish Catholic brothers are showing us the Nationalist way. Although Bayern would have won more CL with Mandzukic.

    Maminjo- what a dive! Guy is running like a chicken with his head cut off. Slow down man, your crosses have sucked.

    Love watching Bum Mbappe miss a sitter.

  19. Penaldo says:

    I may as well cheer for PSG. If flick had any brain Perisic and Coutinho would be starters. Coaches now are the biggest liability for clubs. Sarri, Conte, Flick, etc. All losers at heart.

  20. Anonymous says:

    # Croatian lives matter lol fuck everyone who denies our skill and abilities with a population that is nowhere near the big nations yet were “ “big” when it comes to footy”- I see – fuck face faggots

  21. Anonymous says:

    Omg coman almost with a brace lol totally undeserved as we could imagine perisic playing a higher quality game – if he did score that wouldn’t of been good for Ivan – still – would like him to leave for regular 90 min team next/this season as he’s world class and shouldn’t be subbed unless Injury/out of form but fuck Bayern if there gonna show that disrespect ! This fucker scord in semi final of WC and assisted the winner – BS he doesn’t deserve to start on champs league team !!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Not to mention he coulda been WC winner and had fortunes flipped had it not been for some douchebag Argentinian ref

  23. Stipe says:

    I’m going thru some shit in my life now.

    Seeing naša Perišić with our flag. Made me forget about all the bullshit going on. It’s amazing.

  24. LAknat says:

    There is so stupid to label Perisic as a World Class.
    I love Perisic, and He is a good player but not the great one!
    how to become a world class? >

    – just simple …
    keep play in starting 11 whenever club he plays
    Perisic could not do that in a Big Club hence He is not a world class >

    second though …
    asking the name of Perisic to everyone which is not a football lovers, they don’t know about the name. . .
    but when they were asked for Messi, Neymar. .
    They know who is this players ‘

  25. Maminjo says:


    What are you going through?

    No better place to open up than a faceless comments section chat on a Croatian Sports site. :)

  26. The truth says:

    Some people say there is a double standard that harrells comment about calling doncic a white boy was lightly addresses and then swept under the rug

    The argument goes that if doncic had said something of that nature to harrell, it would’ve been worldwide news. Doncic would’ve been suspended, widely criticized, and become an endorsement pariah

    This double standard argument is false… Ultimately treatment of these incidents should not be equal because the two actors do not have equal standing in a racist society.

    Harrell can call someone a white boy but they are just words because doncic stands in a place of privilege that those kinds of words will have no actual effect on him

    For doncic to say something similar back though is important because it does harm harrell and other minorities because a world in which they are held back by racial attitudes are not simply chirpy words on a court but a confirmation of society’s structure

  27. Bilo says:

    I studied at Louisville while Montrezl Harrell was winning national championships. He is a humble guy, but dude doesn’t take shi as he was always undersized and unskilled, yet he made 6th man of the year in the NBA. Wrong player to go at tho, Luka is the truth.

  28. Croatian Canadian says:

    That’s why I respect Luka Doncic more than every other player. He’s putting up mad consistent numbers at 21 and is hard working game in and game out. The guy is being compared to LeBron and undoubtedly could be the European player ever. I don’t even respect him due to his on court play and skills. It’s the way he carries himself at a young age, speaks four languages and is quiet. Who cares what that punk Harrell said? Didn’t even know who he was until he made that racist remark. He’s just jealous that someone who is younger than him by five years and white is the best NBA for now. BLM is nothing more than a communist, fraud, propaganda racist movement. The league claims it’s for racial equality and justice. I’m all for it and don’t ever think it’s ever right to criticize any player for his skin colour. Every player has a slogan that’s pro BLM, the court has the saying written on it and players wear those shirts every warmup. I have yet to see a racist comment made towards a black player in the NBA or haven’t heard one that occurred. Goes to show that some loser was bullying a European kid for preforming well and attacked him for his skin colour. Luka doesn’t care and didn’t waste time with it. He carries on and plays. If the roles were reserved. This story would make headlines for years and that players image would be tarnished. NBA are a bunch of hypocrite Chinese worshipping fakers.

  29. Croatian Canadian says:

    @Truth The whole reason of the movement is to not make racist comments towards anyone. Tell me how Luka Doncic. Guess it’s ok for a black guy to call a KID from a foreign country “bitch ass white boy”. Then all these activists like yourself probably and the media goes. “Well Harrell was apologetic and came out publicly to say it was wrong” blah blah blah the point is that I think all this BLM is a bunch of garbage. The movement motivated by the league just gives players like this privilege to make a comment towards a white guy and get away scott free. You think Harrell will face punishment? Hell no! He’s black and if he got suspended, it would be considered racist. Stop virtue signalling and wake up.

  30. Poglavnik says:

    Pretty sure Perisic would consider his game against England as his biggest sporting achievement.

  31. Anonymous says:

    @”Croatian Canadian”, who gets to decide what a “racist” statement is or not? If it wasn’t for people like me, you’d be a slave inside of a minute.

    And get this thru your thick head, REAL revolutionaries are not cheered on by the establishment media and constantly being shown on TV and put on talk shows. BLM are nothing but establishment toadies. There is no “movement”, it’s the same old antiWhite bullshit we’ve all heard millions of times before.

    Good God man, THINK. Instead of accepting every premise from people who ALWAYS lie to you.

  32. Anonymous says:

    @Ante Kvartuc, AGAIN, you’re not erasing antiWhite comments like the one “The Truth” posted, but erase my proWhite comments exposing “The Truth’s” bullshit.

    You little antiWhite fucking punk ass bitch traitor. You deserve to have your fucking teeth knocked out TRAITOR.

  33. Suba says:

    My son also named Luka loves bball and is switching back to nogoment because all of this bullshit that’s going on in the nba and in the US
    As a non US resident I hope trump wins and all of this left radical crap ends so we can get on with defeating the china flu and getting back to normalcy

  34. Anonymous says:

    @”the Truth”, how are “minorities held back by racial attitudes” when their standard of living is much higher in white countries than in their own countries? -ANSWER THE QUESTION TRAITOR.

  35. Anonymous says:

    @Suba, you’re completely delusional if you think this is about “conservatives vs. liberals”. It’s about RACE. Buck up son. Conservatives CAN’T win as brown people become the majority. But white people as one of numerous minority groups acting in our own self interest (like every other minority group does) will be the most powerful minority in human history.

  36. Suba says:

    Anon you and your like minded people will have their time

    Never give up and hold out for it my friend

  37. Anonymous says:

    @Suba, I’m telling truth, “giving up” isn’t even an option.

    I tried to explain to someone recently that the future is going to be segregated and his response was “well, it doesn’t matter because we’ll be old timers by then”. Obviously, if I was worried about myself, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing in the first place.

  38. Anonymous says:

    @Suba, I appreciate your support, but I’m not a “believer”, I’m simply telling the truth. And I’m not doing anything heroic or making any great sacrifices. I’m simply telling the truth.

  39. Anonymous says:

    @BZ, I figured that, but man does that bullshit annoy me. I have an extreme intolerance for bullshit, that’s why I barely watch the news, including Cuckservative news; no exaggeration, I watch one minute of the news and catch about 3 items of bullshit I can completely contradict but nobody in the media ever does.

  40. the truth says:

    I hyped about harrell’s statement is manufactured as all the people who are upset about the BLM movement are trying to use it as a “gotchya” moment to try to undermine the legitimacy of the movement

    the claim that there is a black racism toward whites, and therefore the BLM movement is not legitimate

    It was similar with how people got so excited when the NBA backed off of China, because it was a “gotchya” moment where now everyone who was upset about the NBA’s social justice lean could use that to undermine the legitimacy of the nba’s cause

    so ultimately, I think Harrell was wrong for saying it…particularly in this sensitive climate….but lets not pretend his statement was the equivalent of the racism minorities experience in this country…even if those who are against the movement try to grab it as a “gothcya” moment to claim that everyone experiences racism

  41. vatrena cast says:

    Imagine being so insecure and unsuccessful that you blame every other race. Anonymous look man we get it, you have a small weiner and your wife cheated on you with a man from a different race. We get it, we dont care, let it go. If you care that much, heres an idea for you! Start your own movement, go protest and do what ever the hell you want just leave us the hell out of it.

    oh shit I forgot, the group already exists, they got their asses beat in WW2 and the civil war. Well, regardless leave us the hell alone please.

  42. vatrena cast says:

    Now back to sports,
    Fuck yes my Bayern Munchen won the Champions League!!! Hell yes! Mia San Mia!!

    Now if only my lakers can win the NBA champiosnhip it will be a good summer after all!

  43. BZ says:

    In another story Seth Curry called Paul George a “bitch ass” too.

    I’ll try to summarize in one succinct sentence:

    Seth Curry is married to Paul George’s ex-girlfriend, who happens to be George’s current coach’s daughter, whom George cheated on with a stripper named Daniela Rajic, who happens to be of Serbian descent, who rejected Paul George’s offer of $1 million dollars to abort the baby.

    See that was easy, can only imagine what Doncic did to deserve the bitch ass moniker.

  44. ElviSS says:

    The top ethnic group in America is now Asian they have the highest level of education and make the most money as a group so it’s not white people on the top anymore.
    Black peoples fail because they aren’t capable of
    Competing. That’s their fault not white folks.
    There is no white racist boogey man.

  45. Anonymous says:

    “Truth” is a race batter Don’t fall for his shit of course calling a foreign player white boy is unexceptable in a league dominated by black players making 10s of millions of dollars per year.

  46. vatrena cast says:

    Oh shut up. You all need to read some books and educate yourselves and I dont mean “Mein Kampf” you racist assholes. Since I know you wont read a book try a documentary, here I have good free one where you can learn something. Watch the 13th Amendment.

  47. Anonymous says:

    “Kobe was a rapist”

    “All sin is iniquity,” you don’t get to pick and choose which one you will allow and which one will bother you.

    I know in Croatia that Croats allow abortion, that’s murder. Do you know how many innocents Croats have murdered since they were given independence and kept the atheistic Yugoslav law on abortion to appease their benefactors.

    I know Croats that have divorced and re-married, according to Jesus Christ that’s adultery. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

    I could go on.

    So many evil Croats that need to repent.

    Look at that filthy war criminal Slobodan Praljak and the things that disgusting man did, and lol he killed himself like a coward in the end.

    Look at yourselves before you have a go at others.

    Bog i Hrvati

  48. Soul Champ says:

    @ BZ

    That is a mind fuck for all concerned.

    No wonder Seth Curry is ballin out.

    I was wondering why PG is having a meltdown?

    There has to be some currents between him and Doc.

    Zubac looks decent.

    Dončić is transcendent.

    He goes at the LA Clippers like they are a HS team?

    Shamgod is giving him that Uptown ball handling confidence.

    Will we ever produce a lead guard again?

    Is Croatia the Hungary of basketball?

    Bogdanović ??

    Is out for ever?

  49. Pero says:

    I wouldn’t label Croats as dummies …they just make dumb decisions at times as all people do.
    Anonymous you nameless coward what’s your ethnicity?
    If Croats were such dummies I doubt we would have 3 of the top 30 highest IQ’s IN THE WORLD presently…google it!
    Think about it 10% of the top 30…purdy Gud showin of us dum croats if yu askin me?

  50. Joe says:

    Ok let’s chat about the real news of the day.
    Jerry fair-well,or his not so well son pimping out his wife to a Cuban pool boy as he watched and tugged it!
    How many of you closet cucks out there?
    Truth ,Suba, EliviSS??

  51. Suba says:

    Sorry I don’t know who jerry fairwell is and what is a cuck

    These are obviously North American issues


  52. Penaldo says:

    Speaking of cucks, it looks like koeman is going to build a dutch mafia in barca. Bringing in shit dutch players and staff. Building around tourists de jong and grietzmann. Meanwhile the old vets in the club get to stay like skeleton busquests.

    Barca sucks and will suck for years. Messi is a winner and can’t stay with losers. Rakitic, suarez and messi deserve better.

  53. Anonymous says:


    cuck –
    a weak or servile man (often used as a contemptuous term for a man with moderate or progressive political views).

    Conservative –
    averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.

    “The word gained political potency during the 2016 election in the portmanteau “cuckservative” (cuck + conservative) used to imply that the mainstream conservatives of the Jeb Bush variety are weak and effeminate. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is not a cuckservative.”

    “In 2016, the word “cuck” resonates with white nationalists who feel as though their country has been taken away from them, and not enough had been done by the cuckservative establishment conservative party to protect it.”

    ^ Lol!

    Trump is a liberal and not conservative at all, but these retarded white nationalists, that “speak of a world that doesn’t exist anymore,” believe he’s conservative, you just gotta laugh at stupid Americans.

  54. Stipe says:

    @Maminjo and @Suba

    I’m going thru some shit. Thanks for the kind words.

    I know imma get thru it because I’m Croatian. Nothing except for a dumb referee can stop us lol

    All jokes aside. I’ll be ight, I’m tuff, I’m Croatian (inside joke w/my friends)

    Also, moja Majka i momma didn’t raise a pussy.

    Hvale brate

  55. Anonymous says:


    “Anonymous you nameless coward what’s your ethnicity?”

    I’m Croatian, both my parents are Croatian, that’s why I also speak the language.
    I will admit that I’m not a proud Croat, and it’s not something that I hang my hat on. When people ask me where I’m from I say Slovenia so I don’t have to be embarrassed.

    “If Croats were such dummies I doubt we would have 3 of the top 30 highest IQ’s IN THE WORLD presently…google it!”

    Who gives a shit lol!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Lol! I think that guy will like Croatia better once he isn’t living in that God forsaken shithole, like the diaspora does lol!

    He’s a funny guy, in another clip he says that Croats like to get fucked up the arse dry by it’s communist government. It’s a shame none of you guys are full Croats that speak Croatian because his clips are funny.

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