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Livaković Comes Up Huge After Blunder As 10-Man Dinamo Defeat Cluj In PKs

August 25, 2020


Dinamo celebrate their win over Cluj



Croatia #1 Dominik Livaković had a rollercoaster of a game Wednesday as he was hero, villain, then hero again, as Dinamo Zagreb defeated Romanian club Cluj in the 2nd Round of Champions League qualifying. With Dinamo up 1-0 in the in the 51st minute, center-back Theophile-Catherine pulled down his man in the box to earn Cluj a penalty kick. But Livaković would come up big with a huge save to keep the game 1-0 for Dinamo.



However, Livaković would gift Cluj a present in the 64th minute as he let in a ‘howler’ from 24 yards out that went right through his hands. As an international goalie for a top-10 team in the world, he cannot let that happen…ever again.



Dinamo would take the lead back shortly after through a Lirim Kastrati goal but would concede in injury time with sloppy defense to force the game into extra time. The match ultimately ended up in a penalty kick shootout where Livaković needed to make a save in the fifth round or Dinamo’s Champions League season would be over before it ever began. Livaković made the save, the shootout went into a 7th round, and Cluj’s Kevin Boli shot the ball clear over the crossbar to send Dinamo to the next round.



It was an absolute mediocre game for Dinamo standards but they will take the result. Boy, do they miss Dani Olmo in European play.



In other news, Lokomotiva Zagreb lost 1-0 to Rapid Vienna and will now move to Europa League qualifying, where they will join Hajduk Split, Rijeka, and Osijek.







The Zagreb clubs – Dinamo and Lokomotiva – begin their Champions League season on Wednesday as two Croatian teams have been admitted to the dance due to the Prva Liga’s fantastic success in European play during the past five seasons. Croatia is currently ranked the 15th best league in Europe; ahead of Switzerland, Scotland and Denmark, to name a few.



Dinamo Zagreb will start their campaign against Romanian champions Cluj in Romania (2PM ET). Only one leg will be played due to COVID. Dinamo made it all the way to the Europa League Round of 16 in 2019 and defeated Champions League quarterfinalists Atalanta 4-0 at Maksimir last September in the opening round match. Now they will start all over without Dani Olmo, who they sold to RB Leipzig last winter.



Prediction: Dinamo wins 2-0 and moves onto the Champions League Third Qualifying Round.



Lokomotiva, on the other hand, will find themselves in unchartered territory. They will be without goalie Ivo Grbić, who was just sold to Atletico Madrid, and will play Rapid Wien, who are regulars in Europa League play (1PM ET). Rapid finished second in the Austrian Bundesliga last season and have much more experience than Lokomotiva. Even though the game is in Zagreb, I see Rapid moving on while Lokomotiva transfers to the Europa League Third Qualifying Round. So regardless of outcome, Lokomotiva will have another game in Europe this season.



Prediction: Rapid Wien beat Lokomotiva 1-0.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 98 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    Why one leg?

    Because of COVID?

    Why does that matter? It’s not like any fans would be attending either game.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe it’s just due to travel restrictions and keeping things on a more simpler level although fans of not – revenue through tv and streaming would be taking a big time hit I imagine. No one answered my last thread in last post …

    Anyone know if the young Croatian forward Gabriel Debuljeh is supposed to be any good/up and comer perhaps? – plays striker for cluj going up against dinamo tomorrow in qualifying?

  3. Maminjo says:

    Is there a reason why Cluj gets the home seed?

    Are they just giving the weaker teams the home game to be more fair?

  4. Dannyj says:

    Player of year at Chelsea and yet can’t find his way to start for us
    Think bout that boys
    Embrace the awesome we are

  5. BZ says:

    Player of the Year on your own team? Oh boy, my coaches used to give that award to the player with mental weakness that needed a boost. Sounds funny, but I’m not kidding.

    That said, congrats Mateo, you earned it in my book.

  6. @Anon

    I know nothing about Gabriel Debeljuh really. Looks like he was a good player on a relegation level side in Romania scoring 13 goals in 32 games in all competitions which earned him a transfer. He is starting though so maybe he’s alright. Will be interesting to see.

    Another interesting thing is Dinamo is starting Gavranovic over Petkovic. Maybe they intend to do what they did with Pjaca and Rog previously. Keep him (and maybe Orsic/Livakovic) until they’ve qualified for Champions League/Europa League and then cash in.

  7. Maminjo says:


    Yea, and with all the talk about Mateo needing to score more and be more aggressive, I can’t help to think that’s why they gave him the award.

    He had a nice bounceback year, took a step forward, and finally scored a goal (ending something like a 100 game goalless streak, lol).

    This award is a combination of how good you are and how much of a fan favorite you became.

  8. Maminjo says:


    I think Dinamo may want to cash in on Petkovic AFTER these Nations League games and the Euros next summer.
    Petkovic has a good chance of starting some games for us and raise his value.

    Not sure what Petkovic’s value is right now (maybe 10 million) but teams have been curbing their spending due to COVID. When things relax a bit, teams will probably start going back to spending a lot on player transfers, and he will have had quite a bit of exposure after the Nations League and Euros.

  9. BZ says:

    Is it possible Petkovic starts for our National Team but does not start for Dinamo?

    Oooh red card by the Frenchman. That is low IQ soccer.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fuxk I shouldn’t of asked about that young Croatian on cluj- ties it in the 90th min- come on dinamo I hope I didn’t jinx em :(

  11. Kirk says:

    Dinamo not missing a Olmo. They made the next round while playing down one player for half the game.

  12. Stipe says:

    I have no faith in Petković. With all due respect he is 25 years old and still playing for Dinamo. I know he had his little stint in Italy.

    He did awesome for us in Euro qualifying, I can’t explain it. I just don’t have faith in him. I hope he proves me wrong.

  13. Stipe says:

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  14. Bobby V says:

    The Cluj player Kevin Boli couldn’t have sent his missed penalty any higher over the goal – Boli mi kurac.

    YouTube had several live links to today’s game.

    Hajduk games can be seen on the Facebook page “Velika Hajduk”.

    Link below to watch the penalties.

  15. Maminjo says:

    Damn. Livakovic sucks lol.

    Both those goals were terrible.

    Dude saves 1 shot in 8 attempts (by accident) during the shootout.

    Hopefully Ivo Grbic is the real deal and wins a place at Atletico Madrid.

  16. Maminjo says:


    Well if that’s true, then I guess we get to see what guys like Kovacic and Pasalic are really made of.

    Brekalo will sub in for Perisic (and he’ll do just fine as always). Vlasic already snatched Raketa’s spot, so that’s not an issue.

    Modric and Epic Brozo leave some big shoes to fill for Pasalic and Kovacic. Let’s see what the Chelsea ‘Player of the Year’ is made of.

    My guess is, that Kovacic and Pasalic will do okay…but it will be Vlasic who stars in our midfield.

  17. Pero says:

    The first goal was an obvious brain fart but he had all day to come off his line on the second to intercept the in-swinger?
    His reaction time was terrible…this does not bode well for us at all the next 2 summers,and hopefully he gets his crap together soon!

  18. I just got to watch the highlights after work. Yeah those were two bad mess ups from Livakovic. I still think he will be a better goalkeeper than Subasic, but I have just as much confidence in him on long range shots as I did Subasic. I am not worried whenever there’s a shot, but I’m not that surprised when they go in. Goalkeeper job is still his to lose.

  19. Maminjo says:

    I dunno.

    The jury was always still out on Livaković.

    He was rarely tested as our National Team keeper, due to the fact that we’ve been playing inferior teams.

    His time at Dinamo in the HNL is the same.

    He looked okay in Champions League though, but Dinamo was also expected to lose these games, so anything he did was golden. He made some decent saves but I don’t recall anything spectacular.

    I really hope we don’t see a game like this at the Euros.
    Terrible terrible goalkeeping.

  20. Maminjo says:

    But yea, it’s not like Kalinić or Sluga are any better.

    Both keepers have had horrible seasons at their respective clubs.

    Honestly, I think we just pick whatever keeper plays on a non HNL team and assume that they must be decent.

    I’m sure we have at least one or two keepers in the HNL that is solid.

    Maybe we need to give Adrian Šemper a callup just to see what he can do in a half.

  21. Maminjo says:


    Prime Subašić was very good.

    Unfortunately, we chose to start Pletikosa at WC2014 during Subašić’s best years. He started to drop off in 2016, and his career was done by 2018.

    I don’t think Livaković will get to prime Subašić level, but damn, after seeing this embarrassing display today I really hope he can cut it for us in these two critical tournaments.

  22. Suba says:

    Well we would find out at the euros as to the true level of Livakovic

    However I suspect today’s performance may be a indicator which worries me

    I think we need a good keeper who is great at penalty shootouts like Suba where he can come on just before the expiration of any extra time period

    The discussion should be who is that with our current crop of keeepers because it’s actually a modern day tactic

    Ask Sarri

  23. Maminjo says:

    I love the headline of the article above..

    “Livakovic Comes Up Huge”…LOL, really?

    A Cluj player kicking the ball straight up (like Baggio in ’94) is what won Dinamo the game, lol.

  24. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ Maminjo,

    I only watched PKs…Livakovic needed to come up with a save at the end of Round 5 or Cluj wins. I would consider that “coming up huge”.

  25. Maminjo says:



    Livakovic was the reason why it went to penalties in the first place.

    He only made one save in 8 penalty shots (that’s bad). He was going the wrong way too, and got a bit lucky on that save.

    Poor effort. I’m hoping it was ‘just a bad game’ but tough to watch that performance and think that something like this would never happen during a tournament.

  26. Maminjo says:


    Kovacic may have had a good season, but he’s still a big dropoff from Modric on account of his inability to impact the offense.

    The good news in that lineup is Vlasic’s aggression should make up for a lot of it.

    This will likely be our central midfield lineup beyond the next world cup (Euro 2024) so it will be interesting to see how Kovacic meshes with Vlasic and Brozo.

  27. Don’t worry guys. Our savior Mile Skoric is back with the National team after Pongracic drops out because of illness.

    Modric and Rakitic dropped themselves out. And are being replaced by Ante Budimir and Antonio Mirko-Colak. Happy to see them get a shot but why two strikers to replace to midfielders?

    Brozovic and Perisic are still scheduled to be there though. Just joining two days later than the rest because of the Champions League and Europa League. So midfield will probably be Vlasic, Kovacic, and Brozovic.

    I don’t think we’ll take the Nations League seriously until the end if we still have a chance. So maybe Dalic will mix players in and out? We’ll find out soon enough.

  28. Maminjo says:


    I hope Dalic takes it a little more seriously this time.

    I don’t wanna see guys like Skoric or even Colak playing, just to give them some burn.

    I really want to see him try out lineups that we would consider actually playing in a tournament.

    Playing Kovacic and Pasalic isn’t bad, because those two are our first midfielders off the bench and are a part of our future.

    Pongracic would have been awesome because there’s gonna be debate that he starts, rather than plays off the bench.

    Giving Ivo Grbic a half would be interesting too, due to his awesome season at Lokomotiva and transfer to Atletico (with Livakovic showing that he’s very prone to blunders).

    But playing guys like Skoric, Melnjak, etc. Completely pointless, especially in a Nations League that determines qualification path and tournament seeding.

  29. ElviSS says:

    Chelsea is building a powerhouse and Mateo will be feeding that team plays next month. He will shine.

  30. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I thought Dinamo pulled off a good win yesterday, even though they had to squeak in through penalty shots. Games like that are hard to win. They were a man down for 70 minutes, its not easy to maintain the pressure and even score another goal. Livakovic had a poor performance and let the team down but overall he’s been decent for Dinamo! Thankfully, the team got lucky and won in pk’s…thats sport and it could have gone the other way!

    Losing both Modric and Rakitic worries me. I’m curious who’s going to go back and receive the ball between our defenders and fins a way to link our play through to our attackers. Kovacic can do it relatively well but he’s a major flop in the final 3rd of the attacking zone….maybe we will see him play deep in our own end for the transition and then we see if Vlasic can help tie things together. I don’t expect Broz to be much of a distributor, he’s best suited to break up the play and make short passes.

    Modric is very good at transitioning the play and I think thats going to be the biggest thing we will miss from him while Rakitic is incredible at transitioning as well as making several short and then switching to a long pass….I love his game and think he’s going to be missed.

    I do wonder if we will no longer be a team that maintains long periods of possession. We have managed to control the midfield in many, if not, most of our games for the past several years. I do not want to be a counter-attack style team, where we end up defending for long periods of time and all it takes is one bad incident to get the team dropping in performance quality!

  31. Bilo says:

    Im curious how many of you watched Dinamo play and what you all thought of Gvardiol? To me he looks like a physical specimen and the penalty he took was very composed and skillful. I thought he showed greatFootball iq a few times and proved to be reading the game well for his age. We don’t usually have teenagers break into the senior team, but he is worth keeping an eye on.

  32. ElviSS says:

    The China virus really hurt us. We could have done very well in this Euro. As expected Modric and Rakitic need to be preserved for next summer. It sucks but I think we will get hammered in this Nations league but dalic warned us. That’s unless some guys blow up the pitch.

  33. Poglavnik says:

    Kovacic can’t splash it deep the way Modric and Rakitic can. Big opportunity for some midfielders.

  34. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Bilo, I saw the Gvardiol pk and he made me nervous as hell! the kid gets a 10/10 for style and he was pretty solid on defense as well.

  35. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Pog, this is going to be a chance for Vlasic to prove he’s ready! I am still on the fence with him and waiting for him to show us that he can play in more than just the Russian league!

  36. Miloš Hvar says:

    Vlasic is gonna tear it up. im so excited. big big big platform for him to put his talents on display

  37. Stipe says:

    Does anyone think Kovačić wasted years of life in Madrid? He did not play all the often. He practiced with the best of them. Is it me or does anyone think Kovačić regretted his time at Madrid?

  38. Poglavnik says:

    For me Kovacic has been in a rut since his second season at Inter. Maybe someone coached the creativity out of him? Year 1 in Milan he looked unreal.
    Lampard seems to have him back on track a bit.

  39. Poglavnik says:

    That IT factory for me is a nose for goal. A desire to get his shot off. Wouldnt be surprised if he scores more than Luka or Rakitic when all’s said and done.
    He reminds me a bit of a stockier, more athletic Kranjcar. Probably our last CM with a true nose for goal.

  40. Maminjo says:


    Vlasic’s father is Croatia’s greatest ever decathlon athlete.

    Nikola was his pet project. He got him into top physical shape and the kid looks strong especially for his young age.

    This is why I think he maxes out on his talent. His father instilled it in him.

  41. Medo says:

    To me Vlasic looks like a stockier version of boksic,the way he glides effortlessly around defenders…but with a far more lethal and accurate shot on goal,and he’s far better in tight spaces around the box getting his shot off!

  42. BZ says:

    Some tidbits for yall…

    Pogba not playing for France due to covid.

    Rebic and Halilovic’s team lose Milan intra-squad scrimmage, on small goals

    The Kova Brozo Vlasic Perisic Rebic and Krama/Petko experiment is going to be fun to watch. Portugal bringing their A team.

  43. Anonymous says:

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  44. Soul Champ says:

    Kovačić ready to be a leader these next two matches?

    26 years old, Chelsea player of the year.

    You got Vlašić in front and Brozovic behind.

    It’s time for you to shine.

  45. Eric says:

    No doubt that Kovacic has talent…however I’m not sure about leadership. Hopefully he proves me wrong. He will have a big opportunity on a new and improved Chelsea, and now he has been given a golden chance to prove that he is the future for our repka.

  46. Uremovic gets called up now. Doesn’t say if he’s replacing anyone, but they should have called him up before Skoric. He’s been one of the better defenders in the Russian League.

  47. Maminjo says:

    Kovačić is too timid.

    He’s afraid of making forward passes or pushing for goal with a shot on goal or a run towards goal.

    When he was younger, he used to make those awesome slalom runs toward goal (like he did in that key qualifier against Iceland for WC014).

    Modrić has been pretty aggressive these past few years, and I can’t see Kovačić replacing that with the way he currently plays.

    Kovačić is more of a “Tika Taka” player where he likes to hold possession, control the game, etc… But the rest of our team likes to push forward and attack, many times taking on defenders one on one, and create chaos in the box to create chances from.

  48. BZ says:

    I think with the Vlasic paradigm (opposed to the WC 18 Rakitic Modric paradigm) it suits Kovacic better. He can just keep feeding Rebic Perisic Vlasic and Petko as they comeback to receive the ball.

    Modric was way less aggressive in the Vlasic paradigm, and it worked out well. That kind of role should not be too big of an ask for Kovacic.

    Kovacic has a strong desire to play meaningful minutes at the NT level, hope he doesn’t get his patented deer in the headlights look. Stay confident Mateo

  49. Soul Champ says:

    Rakitic is world class and is ready to contribute in big matches.

    There is a role for him on a championship run.

    Let him sort his move to Sevilla and you will see his best.

    Depth is needed to win it all.

  50. Penaldo says:

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  51. Maminjo says:

    Rakitić wasn’t starting for us for a while now.

    It’s really just whether or not Kovačić can mimic Modrić in the midfield.

    Hopefully he steps us and shows us that he’s legit… Otherwise, he’s riding the pine for the next two tournaments.

  52. BZ says:

    We know he can’t replace Modric.

    We’ve seen Kovacic lay some duds in a more necessary attacking role ie Modric WC18. But Modric, with a legit 10 like Vlasic, was a different beast entirely. This is more up Kovacic’s ally. Not sure Mateo will rise to the occassion, but it will be “must see tv” (even though it will be broadcast on ABC.)

  53. Soul Champ says:

    Kovačić had an excellent season at Chelsea, hence the player of the year.

    Lampard is the best manager from whom to learn how to become a goal scoring #8.

    The space will open up more and more for club and Croatia.

    The defense always plays him for the pass.

    He should surprise the defense and think dribble attack and shoot and then the assist will be wide open.

    I saw more power in his shot last season and he actually scored a couple.

    He is one step up away from becoming world class.

    Two years ago he was a bench warmer for Real Modrić and Croatia.

    In one week he gets to start in front of a international audience.

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  56. The truth says:

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  60. Maminjo says:


    Palaversa is very young, so the jury is still out on him…but it was intriguing that Man City paid quite a bit for him (something like 7 million Euro) even though he barely played half a season at Hajduk.

    I don’t watch the Belgian league, but he actually starts for his club, which is impressive for a 19 year old (especially for a club that doesn’t own his rights).

    Going to Getafe in La Liga is a big step up.
    If he does well there at age 20, then he’s definitely on his way to a callup.

  61. Pero says:

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  62. Anonymous says:

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  63. Anonymous says:

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  64. Anonymous says:

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