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Mandžukić Headed Back To Russia???

September 25, 2020




Last time Mandzo played in Russia, he was scoring game winning goals in World Cup semifinals. Now – after a short 5-game stint in the Middle East with Al-Duhail – it looks as if Mandžukić will be headed to Russia to play for Lokomotiv Moscow and his former Dinamo Zagreb buddy, Vedran Corluka.



Nothing has been finalized yet but it looks to be a 2-year deal where Mandžukić would return to Champions League football. Could he possibly come out of international football retirement as well? Chances are unlikely but it’s always fun to talk about.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 27 comments

  1. Crnkovic says:

    Suba. There’s talking random white nationilst gibber jabber. And then there is plain nonsense. I know it’s hard to tell the difference. But you’ve really crossed the line here

  2. Suba says:

    Why would croatia news write bullshit

    I have never caught them out before other than some of their pro Yugoslav leanings

    Sorry folks that’s what happens when you go too early

    At least that’s what my wife says

  3. Maminjo says:

    Bradarić got called up. I can only assume that he’s gonna start and we finally get to see our team with a very capable LB for the first time in YEARS.

    Really hoping to see Vrsaljko back too, so we can have strength on the RB/LB positions (which has been such a big problem for us with Jedvaj and one of Barišić/Melnjak having to play there).

  4. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @Maminjo – Maybe I’m mixing them up. Isn’t Barisic the LB with Rangers and Bradaric midfielder with Lille?

  5. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Correction – yeah Bradaric is D for Lille in their wiki but Bradaric’s wiki page says Mid.

    Haven’t followed enough of either of them. Is Bradaric that much better than Barisic ? I feel like I’ve seen Barisic score a few free kicks. Not sure if he starts for Rangers or if Bradaric starts for Lille. I just remember Barisic playing for us I think in a qualifier or friendly and he was shite but it was only 1 game.

  6. BZ says:

    Bilic leads upstart WBA to a 3-3 tie vs Chelsea.

    Brutal British media saying “Feckless Kovacic subbed off for saviour Hudson-Odoi”

    I can see where this is going, once fakenews starts to run with a narrative, the Brits are going to eat it up.

    Fake narrative: Kovacic sucks
    True narrative: Kovacic is good, but just doesn’t fit the style of play that makes Croatia a winner. Sure he made some great passes in the French game, but we got smashed by their C team. Hope Chelsea is blind to this, cause Kovacic sitting on a bench does us no good.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Not sure about Bilic.

    I think he’s good for smaller clubs and teams where they rely on getting the maximum out of young players.

    If he was Croatia coach today, he would do a good job phasing out guys like Lovren and Vida, and put faith into younger players like Bradaric, Pongracic, Bruno and Brekalo.

    Lovren would probably pull a Pranjic on Bilic, refuse to shake his hand, and quit the National Team lol.

    However, I don’t think Bilic has what it takes to take a very good team to that next level. He’s kind of choked a bit in that regard when looking at his club resume. His teams do very well at first, then they plateau.

    Can’t blame him for WBA though. This team probably has the lowest payroll and did nothing in the transfer window in preparation for the EPL.

  8. Maminjo says:


    Is “Kovacic is good” a true narrative though?

    I’ve been going sour on him lately, and I’m starting to think that his awesome stats are exactly that. Just stats. He doesn’t really pass the eye test as an impact player.

    I don’t think that he can play in any specialized role. As many have said, he’s a jack of all trades.

  9. BZ says:


    You are confusing Croatian silver medalist midfielder Filip Bradaric with upstart LB Domagoj Bradaric.

    Speaking of, Filip has been a bust. Why Dalic continues to call up these obvious nonsequitors, is baffling.

    Logical flow for World Cup:
    Beast midfield: Modric, Rakitic, Brozo, Kova, Badelj
    …obvious callup, even then, Vlasic over Bradaric. Give the young guns some quality experience. Even Brekalo at midfield was the right call-up over a known commodity like Bradaric.

    If we ever had to depend on Filip Bradaric, we would have been elimated much earlier.

  10. Maminjo says:

    Filip Bradarić = garbage midfielder in his mid 20s who was inexplicably included in our WC2018 squas

    Borna Barišić = Decent LB in his mid 20s who starts for Rangers. Has been our starting LB by default since Strinić retired.

    Domagoj Bradarić = Solid LB who is only 20 years old and has been starting at Lille for more than a season, including Champions League football. Also has a ton of caps for our junior ranks. Is easily our best LB and (I assume) has not been capped yet because he’s been too critical for the success of our U21 team, despite being one of the youngest players on that team as well.

  11. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Tx Maminjo, I was wondering for a second how the in the hell you were thinking Filip was a good defender. You’re comments are accurate when referencing players so I was surprised. Yeah I was off, mixed the 2 up although in all fairness I’ve been out of the loop and don’t know too much about Domagoj. Hopefully he pans out if what you’re saying is true.

    Who would you say is Cro’s greatest or last great left and right back? What about CB?

  12. Az says:

    We have list of good backups as well. Borna sosa felip benkovic gvardiol andrija balic josip radosevic ante coric toma basic robert muric alan halilovic

  13. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @BZ, my bad brother. Long day for me and I was baked and had a few drinks. Ok I drank a lot, I won’t lie.

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