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RUMOR MILL: Bayern Munich Wants Kramarić

September 30, 2020




If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em! is reporting that Bayern Munich wants to buy Croatian striker Andrej Kramarić from Hoffenheim to back up Robert Lewandowski. Kramarić scored twice against Bayern this past weekend in a 4-1 Hoffenheim victory to end the champion’s undefeated reign in the Bundesliga, which dates back to December.



Kramarić has scored nine goals in his last three Bundesliga matches and is on absolute fire.



Krama is currently a medium fish in a small pond. If he goes to Bayern and DOES NOT perform, he will quickly become a small fish in the world’s largest football pond. It’s obviously an attractive move but I would rather Kramarić move to a German club not named Bayern Munich who are currently in Champions League. I think that’s where his sweet spot would be. A club like Borussia Dortmund or RB Leipzig would be a better fit as there would be much less pressure on him. But who knows?



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 29 comments

  1. BZ says:

    For all those hoping Kramaric will be the Croatian Lewandowski.

    1) Always punch up my friends. Lewandowski led Poland to 25th place in World Cup 2018. If Kramaric leads us, we can aspire to a 25th place finish too one day. Kramaric already led us to the 8-3 dismantling last month.

    With Sweden and 2 home games vs Portugal and France, we can do no worse. Modric helps too.

    That said, when Kramaric played off of Mandzukic, he played his best. So he is right about not being utilized properly, but I bench Vlasic under no circumstances whatsoever.

  2. Medo says:

    What a nasty rumor..what fool would even think this up??.why does Krama seem so engaged and aggressive with Hoffenheim then with us he vanishes for such long periods and almost looks lifeless.
    You can say formations ,lack of cohesion ,our set up ,Dalić etc but just watching him it seems like he gives 110% with his club but not country.

  3. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    I doubt he’ll make the move to be a backup. He was a backup at Leicester the year they won the premier league and obviously wasn’t too happy about that; hence the move to Hoffenheim. Kramaric likes having the ball too much and scoring too much to ride the bench. My guess is that he stays at Hoffenheim and continues setting records there, or he goes to a team that needs a starting goalscorer. But maybe I underestimate the power of money in football…

  4. Maminjo says:


    That’s not true.

    He’s always running when he plays for us. He even runs back to get the ball.

    We always criticize guys who would not press or run enough on the field (guys like Klasnic, or Kalinic, and even more recently, Petkovic)…
    But just based off of watching him on the field for us, Krama does run at opposing defenders and he does trek back to get the ball.

    A player like Kovacic, to me, has looked very lifeless. Never running, and always just lightly jogging (which is bad, especially when you are playing in a defensive midfielder role).

    I don’t know what the issue with Kramaric is.

    Maybe he need to just stay up top…or maybe he needs to play with a strike parter (instead of being alone up there).

    I agree with the poster above that no formation change should include removing Vlasic from the lineup.

    I don’t think any of us watch full Hoffenheim games regularly, which is why we’re all gonna just be guessing.

    This is why I think Dalic just needs to sit down and watch 30 hours of Bundesliga footage, and watch what exactly is it that leads to Krama being so successful at club level.

    I always wonder if our coaches actually watch hours of footage of our key players…or if they just watch the odd high profile game and highlights like the rest of us, lol.

  5. Andrej L says:

    ^ Good point, the guy is too selfish to share the spotlight much less be a back up. With guys like Vrsaljko, Jedvaj, and Grbic not getting minutes, we don’t need another out of form striker in Krama.

    Anyone know the deal with conundrum that is Bruno? Dude hasn’t seen the field for like 2 weeks.

    FYI Orsic replaced Rebic for the next 3 games. Hopefully, only serves as motivation that POAK bench players like Colak are getting call ups a head of Pjaca.

    BTW Modric was amazing yesterday, really looks to be back to his 17/18 form.

  6. Maminjo says:

    Come on.

    We’re all praising guys like Vlasic for refusing to be a backup at Everton, and in the same breath, we criticize Kramaric for not wanting to be a backup despite him being a veteran Bundesliga scorer?

    If Krama doesn’t want to move to Bayern for fear of being benched (like our boy Perisic has been) then I applaud him.

    He should never get into a situation where that happens.

    We need him to continue to start regularly, and continue to score goals like he has (in a top 4 league).

    It’s up to Dalic now to figure out how to replicate that for the National Team setup.

    If Kramaric himself has already hinted (what many of us have already suggested) that there is a formation issue, then it’s up to Dalic to figure it out.

    If for whatever reason, there is still a scoring problem with Kramaric (and the issue is simply just Kramaric) then we always have Bruno (who seems to work well in our current formation).

    Since his debut for us in 2013, Krama has played backup to Mandzukic and even Kalinic to date. Even Eduardo got picked ahead of him for WC2014.
    Krama is 29 and has never complained about his role for us. I don’t think he has an ego.

  7. Kruno says:

    If he goes to Bayern, he’s sitting on the bench too much behind Lewandowski. He may get better pay but that’s up to him. I’d prefer a move to a mid to upper table Premier League team.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Medo you called the Bayern move Last weekend, but were off on your 3-2 Chelsea west Brom score line by a goal.

  9. Medo says:

    Hey I’m a gambler …win some …Lose far more…on a different note they are blaming the firing of doc rivers on his reluctance to play big ZU more minutes in the playoffs,instead of the defensive sieve Montrezl Harrell.
    The stats speak for themselves and are pretty eye opening.

  10. Miloš Hvar says:

    I think we will see a lot of our boys in the champions league knockout rounds, we got some favorable draws even for the not as strong teams.

    It remains to be seen Sime’s and role will be and Grbic wont play but Atletico will move out of Group A, he wont be joined by Corluka and Lokomotiv..

    Real Modric and Inter w/ Brozo out of group B.. seems like Inter is a team that can brain fart at times but i still favor them to make it out.

    Group C it’s Man City and I think the other 3 teams all have an even chance… Porto will be tough but Caleta Car and Marsielle could have been dealt a way worse hand.

    Group D Atalanta and Ajax battle for the spot behind Liverpool. Two teams that remind me of eachother.. on the younger side.. Who knows maybe Pasalic and Sutalo are joined by Brekalo before the transfer window closes.. id give them advantage if that happens

    Rakitic and Kovacic will come out of Group E with Sevilla and Chelsea.

    Group G- dont think any croats in the group, correct me if wrong

    Group H- i think only one is Gvardiol w/ Lepzig but he is back at Dinamo on loan.. maybe they call him to the team in Winter, i dont think they will but its in the agreement as an option. either way will be tough for them to make it out of a group with PSG and Man U.. dont see it

  11. Miloš Hvar says:

    Oh and of course Group F.. good draw for Lovren and Zenit.. Dortmund, Lazio and Zenit can go either way.. will be fun to watch.

    i should proofread before i post lol

  12. Evo ti kurac says:

    We all know how Bayern treat Hrvati. If I was him I’d stay at Hoffenheim and let my value rise then switch to a high paying club in Spain or Italy where he can start every game or even stay at Hoffenheim and take them far into the Champions League so they can buy more players to build the team around him, where he is highly valued. Look at all of the flops like Jovic and Bale, Grietzmann, Hazard, etc who are beside themselves when they go to a huge club. They get soft and lose their hunger.

    Bayern just acquired Pizarro, their old striker. I heard Bayern aldo want Mandzukic back but that head butt to Lewandowski meant he left on bad terms.

    When Gotovina was freed Mandzukic did a salute after he scored. Bayern didn’t like that even though nobody else in the world noticed anything wrong.

    Frankfurt dominated Bayern under Kovac. So Bayern fixed that by purchasing him then dumping him.

    Perisic was outstanding at Bayern and they treated him like a bag of potatoes.

  13. Mr. Black says:

    I saw the second half of Rijeka against Copenhagen. I thought Copenhagen would be way stronger but Rijeka really impressed me.
    Barely gave away a chance, controlled the game, dangerous on the counter attack.
    Kulenovic, only 20 but he was great. I don’t think Mandzo was as good as him at that age. Strong, fast, technical more than okay, can get past an opponent. One to watch.
    But the coach deserves credit too: the entire team played excellent.
    Bravo Rijeka!!!!!!

  14. Poglavnik says:

    Krama is fine. When he’s on he can be worthy of a match winner in a flash. He’s done way more for us than Kovacic.

  15. Soul Champ says:

    Kramaric has scored for club and country.

    Dalic has to figure out these next matches without Rebić.

    Kramaric has to feature.

    Our tactics look stale.

    So many intelligent players.

    We can’t design a system that maximizes the talent we have?

    Dalic has had an historic three year run.

    But these next 3 games has to be evaluated.

    We flop and he is out.

  16. Suba says:

    Mr black

    Thanks for the feedback on Kulenovic sounds very promising

    We need to find another Mandzo soon

    Fingers crossed

  17. Anonymous says:


    With the amount of caps played, I don’t believe anyone has done less for us than Kovačić.

    Very, very disappointing.

  18. Maminjo says:

    Kulenović has a good physical frame and skillet.

    He’s done well on our junior team but couldn’t score for Dinamo (which is probably why they have kinda given up on him).

    Hopefully this is the start of a good season at Rijeka for him.

  19. Jamon Iberico says:

    I don’t have much faith in Dalic. Honestly, I think all Croatian coaches are hacks who have no idea what they’re doing.

  20. Martin Taylor is a twat says:

    The deal with Moscow didn’t go through with Mario. There were some weasel Martin Taylor words in the contract.

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