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Croatia Defeat Switzerland 2-1 In Friendly With Goals From Brekalo, Pašalić

October 6, 2020


Pašalić (15) scores game winner for Croatia



The Vatreni get their first win of 2020 in a 2-1 friendly victory over Switzerland. It’s Croatia’s first victory over the Swiss as an independent nation. Josip Brekalo with another goal and fantastic performance. Mario Pašalić scores his first goal for Croatia. 20 year-old Lille defender Domagoj Bradarić impresses in his senior debut.



Post-Game Report 



The Vatreni will face Switzerland in a friendly Wednesday night from St. Gallen. It can be streamed on ESPN3.



Luka Modrić returns to the lineup but should see limited minutes as Croatia take on Sweden on Sunday and France next Wednesday in UEFA Nations League matches. We should expect tons of action from younger players, which includes Vlašić and Brekalo. However, my eye will be on Mario Pašalić and how much time Dalić gives him in the midfield. He has been on absolute fire for Atalanta in 2020 and should be able to recreate some of the magic on the international level with Croatia.




Starting Lineup. vs. Switzerland




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 113 comments

  1. TUŠO says:

    This game what can i say Dalic says test players what players only reasonably call was Bradaric what is he testing if he wanted to test he call the following 11

    Grbic/Sluga Juranovic/Bartolec Uremovic Jedvaj Bradaric Sunjic Rog Pasalic Orsic Budimir Colak.
    Under 21s have young talent and are playing thats why ididnt put moro sutalo erc.

    I see his 11 is Sluga jedvaj caleta uremovic melnjsk kovacic badelj pasalic orsic budimir brekalo

  2. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    I hope he tests some new formation that leaves Kovacić on the bench and puts Kramarić and Petković on the field at the same time. And Rog as defensive midfielder.

  3. Maminjo says:

    I agree with testing players, but I don’t like testing too many new players all at the same time.

    You want to see what guys like Domagoj Bradaric can do WITH our star players.

    It’s difficult to evaluate how well these guys can play together if you’ve got multiple weak links around you.

    For example, I want to see how Bradaric handles that left side in partnership with Perisic…and how he does defensively playing next to Caleta-Car or Lovren in our back four. I don’t want to waste time watching Bradaric struggle to work with a player like Melnjak or an out-of-position Pasalic on the left side (which is what we would never do in a tournament).

    Also, changing up the formations with three at the back and two wingbacks (adding an additional offensive player up top) is also something I’d like to see as well.

  4. LAknat says:

    …………….Caleta Car…..Pongracic…..Uremovic…….………

    Dalic has to get these lines up >
    try to get his head into 3 – 5 – 2 formation

  5. Razbijač says:

    Any line up with Kramarić in it, he has to be the second striker. He has to play off someone, he can never be the focal point of an attack. That’s how You get the most outta’im.

  6. BZ says:

    Test the scrubs vs Switzerland

    Experiment with our best available players vs Sweden

    Release the hounds vs France and the multiple countries france colonized.

    Literally do not want any starters playing v Switzerland. Superspreader Shaqiri gonna infect all our guys in time for the France game.

  7. Maminjo says:


    Maybe throw Petkovic up top (since he doesn’t like to run back too much) and have Krama as that link between him and Vlasic/Modric/Brozo.

    Either way, I want to try a three back + two wingback lineup.

  8. Soul Champ says:

    “Literally do not want any starters playing v Switzerland.”


    France and the colonies is a physical affair and then Sweden right after run like Viking marauders.

    It is friendly before UNL “friendly league.”

    Let’s see some of these young guys get a run out.

    Remember the C roatian team vs Mexico.

    Vlašić was ready to let the world know how good he is.

    Sorry but I need to see some hunger out of the fringe crew.

  9. Soul Champ says:

    Modrić will play in the next World Cup?!

    Retires from club football in May ‘22.

    Rests and gets in shape for Fall “22 World Cup.

    He retires from club first and then Croatia!!

    He will be a young 37 with rested legs.

    He is so intelligent that he makes a difference no matter what.

    No defensive duties.

    Pure creative magic.

    Everyone else runs for him.

    Kraj Luka ushers in a new generation.

    Luka the legend.

  10. Maminjo says:

    Is that really the expected lineup for the Switzerland game?

    So the only guy I am really interested in seeing play (Bradaric) and he has to play as a forward at LW in order to make way for Melnjak at LB?


    Just put Bradaric in his proper position at LB, and start Orsic on the wing.

    Honestly, Dalic just loves experimenting for the sake of it.

    Well, at least we get to see what Uremovic can do at RB since that would fill a need for us (with Vrsaljko’s injury woes).

  11. Maminjo says:

    Dalic loves his 4-2-3-1 and he loves him some Melnjak.

    It doesn’t look like he will ever try something with Krama playing in a different role other than the spica up top.

    He also takes too long to play players who are deserve a chance (Basic, Bradaric, Orsic), and removing players who should not really be starting anymore (Melnjak, Vida).

    He still likes to experiment too much with players out of position.

    He doesn’t really have the excuse of injuries or out of form players.
    He has Orsic, who is an amazing Left Winger and in incredible form for two straight seasons.
    The dude never gets a chance.

    We also have a lot of midfielders and players scoring. Toma Basic has been on the French Ligue 1 Team of the Week for two weeks now. He can’t even get a callup?
    Badelj isn’t bad, but come on. Also, Kova should get pulled for his terrible performances the past couple games.

    Also…why play another potential key player for us (Bradaric) out of position?
    So, you can keep Melnjak in there STILL? That idiot shouldn’t even be on the National Team, let alone screw our preparations for these Nations League games and upcoming Euros. Geez.

    Orsic would probably be an amazing joker for us in a tournament with his skillset…but we’ll never know because we need to play Melnjak in a position where we already have a lot of depth with Barisic, Bradaric, and even Sosa.

  12. Tino says:

    Like i said Barisic is his first choice lb. Bradaric too young for lb for dalic. For real hiw long till Dalic loses credit maybe a flop 2021 and 3 and out 2022 but we will always have russia. Dalic is doing same mistake as past coaches expect Bilic they all have hard time telling old players sit down and play young players.

    Bilic in 2006 benched srna olic for cajke
    2008 he didnt call mandzo to euros even after ajax game
    2012 he benched simunic Kranjcar

  13. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Looks like a tryout for a bunch of these players. Kovaćić, Badelj, Pasalić, Meljnak, Petković need to prove their value. So far, Badelj the only one of those four looking like he belongs at the elite level.

  14. Tino says:

    Petkovic yes he missed a sitter but playing well




  15. Mr. Black says:

    Meljnak is more than decent today. He very often tries a difficult deep pass, with succes.

    Bradaric is excellent, Darijo Snra also started for us as offensieve winger.

    Caleta car had to do better with the Swiss goal.

  16. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Dalic needs to make some cuts after this match. Kovaćić and Melnjak are not up to standard. Petković hasn’t been too effective either… He’s getting outmuscled by players half his size.

    Bradarić and Brekalo are doing well, though. And Livaković too. Finally a keeper who has reflexes!

  17. Maminjo says:


    One of the best young players in the French league (Bradarić) is doing well?

    Beta Kovačić (who only knows how to play in a 4-3-3) s still not playing well even after three straight starts?

    Brekalo scores yet another goal?

    Hopefully Dalić will learn some of these incredibly obvious things and start to makes some changes to his Copy and Paste lineup.

    Anyway, I gotta hurry home and catch up on this match. Don’t spoil it for me.


  18. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    And with Brozovic and Rog in the pivot, we are back to being a winning team. Frees up the forwards to work their attacking skills. Keep Rog and Brozovic back there, and let the goal scorers do what they do.

  19. CiganJeCigan says:

    i dont understand the hate for melnjak, he is decent and works extremely hard, i dont mind him getting called up for a backup role

  20. Mr. Black says:

    It looks like we now have three strikers: Kramaric, Petkovic and now Budimir. Good with the head and works like a horse.

    I think Uremovic is more a central defender than a RB.

    Vida best defender today, Meljnak second. Although Caleta Car is probably the most talented among them. I don’t know if he sometimes loses his concentration on the pitch or if he thinks too slow. His long ball are often dangerous.

    Happy to win again. This team needs a couple of games together.

  21. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Yeah. Melnjak was solid all around. Not sure that he is better than Barisic on defense, but he combined well with the midfield. Budimir too. The Kovacic midfield was the reason for the Swiss goal and the previous big losses to Portugal and France. Next time around should be a different story. Modric back at 10, Perisic on the left, Brekalo on the right, maybe even Kramaric back at 9.

  22. Londonac says:

    Melnjak, Bradarić, Brozo, Livaković all played well today. Petković just not good enough at this level. Sky sports British commentator raving about Bradarić impressing on his debut. Solid performance all round, we bossed the midfield in last 30 minutes for the first time since the WC and should have scored more. The jury’s still out on Pašalić but happy to give him more playing time after today.

  23. Andrej L says:

    Melnjak played decent going forward. He also had 3 excellent cross field balls. Made an impression on me.

    Budimir also had some nice touches and looked threatening. Good to see so depth guys putting pressure on Dalic.

  24. Jupol says:

    Kovacic over hyped at age 16. Prevara obicna. Badelj who is never played beacuse the coaches always force kovacic played better than prevara kovacic tpdsy.

    Im so frustrated with him. Jebeni Rog is a better player.

    Brozovic half assed when he came on still played better.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Kovacic compete level is gone. Also, as his career has continued, he has seemed to lose creativity. He telegraphs alot of his decisions to the opponent. He tends to watch and react to his team rather than take control and start to create on his own.

  26. Soul Champ says:

    Dalic dialed the right numbers tonight!

    This was a meaningful match on many levels.

    Brekalo has arrived.

    Pašalić is got something going forward.

    Bradaric is the energy we have been looking for.

    Robo Rog ?? Is back ??

    Čaleta Car has a Corluka type poise to his game?

    Livakovic showed me some fire and confidence.

    Sweden .. u boj ..

  27. Andrej L says:

    Two decent saves from Livakovic in the first half. I really think he has some good shot stopping abilities. Nothing great with his feet or in the air but doesn’t let in easy goals. He’s shorter and more agile than pretty much most of our keepers from Kalinic to Butina which could be his advantage if he continues to develop.

  28. Z says:

    Tip of the cap to Vida. Never says no to the national team, always there playing his ass off. Underappreciated in my books. True warrior.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Other than Brekalo’s class goal, he was really poor today. He turned the ball over a bunch of times

    Petkovic just looked like he didn’t care. He missed an open goal and turned the ball over a few times as well. Barely ran

    Bradaric was a pleasant surprise but we need to try him at LB

  30. Anonymous says:

    Depends on what you want in a keeper for mind

    I prefer someone for like my man Suba and would give Grbic a try

    Surely Brekalo didn’t lose the ball as much as Rebic would have

    I know that Brekalo is more clinical than Rebic

  31. Croat Canadian says:

    Ok let’s see if they can maintain this pace and performance against Sweden and France at home. Big deal they won a friendly against a mediocre team. Yawn…..

  32. Croat Canadian says:

    If anyone needs a link to watch the next two games I will provide a link. Thank for later. The stream is a bit of a delay though. e

  33. Anonymous says:

    Kvartuc you looked very presidential with the flag background

    We might have another tudjman on our hands

  34. Medo says:

    It says something about a man when he can delete foolish insulting comments directed at himself on this site…by Anonymous trolls …but let’s them slide.

  35. Eric says:

    Great comment…I couldn’t agree more:

    “The Great Anonymous Doom says:
    And with Brozovic and Rog in the pivot, we are back to being a winning team. Frees up the forwards to work their attacking skills. Keep Rog and Brozovic back there, and let the goal scorers do what they do”

  36. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Kvartuc said Vrsaljko’s spot is left back, replacing Melnjak…what?

    I didn’t want to stir shit with some of you here but let’s open the dialogue on Melnjak.

    I couldn’t watch yesterdays game but I saw him play in the last cycle and to be honest…I didn’t feel he was nearly as bad as some said. I actually thought he’s decent! Sure, he’s no Jarni but he’s also not a liability and he pushes forward a lot…has steel lungs and did ok defensively.

    Sometimes I get the impression people regurgitate what they hear without saying what they see or at least try to identify what a player is doing. I remember everyone hating on Pivaric and to be honest, I kinda liked him. He wasn’t a starter for us and I’d never suggest he should be BUT that guy had eagerness and was very very willing to push forward and then get back. He created several chances for us and still got slammed by people…so I ask myself….”what exactly are you watching”? why the negativity when he’s done excellent as a “fill-in”? Melnjak and Pivaric both were/are more valuable to us that Duje Cop, Jedvaj, Halilovic…and they’ve even proved they’re not weaker in performances to some guys we want to see do well like Kovacic, Rog…there’s a few more but off the top of my head I can’t remember.

    Sometimes a player that plays in a lower league can perform well for us…they don’t all have to be in top 5 league if they perform their assignments and role well!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Anyone with a big capital U like Uremovic starting in their surname gets my nod to be in the team

  38. Yeah Slavonac, I had said after the France game that Melnjak played pretty decently that game and he was definitely better this time. When I saw Bradaric at LW and Melnjak at LB I was scratching my head, but then after paying close attention to both of them I noticed that the idea between that was that they’re both pretty decent going forward so they were essentially swapping positions back and forth to give a different look offensively.

    My opinion is just that Bradaric is probably already as good as, if not better than, Barisic and Barisic is better than Melnjak so I don’t think he should be called up over either of them. I think that’s where most of the frustration with him comes from. Bradaric needs to get more experience now before we can definitely say he’s our starter though. Melnjak was not good in his first two appearances, but after the last two, I don’t mind the occasional “fill-in” call up.

    Pasalic did well today in my opinion even before he scored. He showed some good pressing and since he was actually played as an attacking mid like he’s supposed to be he wasn’t a defensive liability.

    Kovacic disappointed. I thought he actually was pretty good against France with him playmaking. I don’t think he was horrible, but I think he was just bad enough that rather than just being basically non-existent like he can be at times, I was able to notice some of the mistakes he was making. I think we just hold Kovacic to such a high standard because people view him as the heir to Modric. That just simply isn’t going to happen.

    Caleta-Car should be locked in as a starting CB in my opinion. He has the occasional brain lapse, but so do most defenders. His passing and physicality are big assets that should be utilized. So the other spot is between Vida, Lovren, Pongracic, and whoever else we call up. Maybe Dino Peric gets another shot if he plays well after recently returning from his bad injury?

    I was a bit disappointed not to see Orsic at all. He is so good for Dinamo and essentially single-handedly won Dinamo their last match. Is he starter material? No, I don’t think so. But his speed off the bench would be very nice to have. I think he could be what we had in young Pjaca back in Euro 2016 minus some of the dribbling ability. Speed and directness.

    Budimir put in a decent performance and put himself in the conversation for future call ups. Decent position and passing. Got himself the winning assist. Petkovic was ok, but I think he’s probably still not fully fit.

    Livakovic decent. Goal wasn’t his fault. Would have liked to see Grbic get at least a short stint in the match.

    Uremovic was decent again and I say he’s above Tin Jedvaj right now for sure at the RB position. He doesn’t provide that much going forward though. I do recall one instance where there was a loose ball down his wing and there was a Swiss player much closer to the ball and he burned him and almost created a chance. Not sure if the Swiss player was just a really slow one or if he actually has a nice bit of speed. I’d like to see more of him while Vrsaljko is out. Maybe he gets a shot at CB at some point too as that’s his natural position.

    Marko Rog did well when he came on and almost scored but was beaten to the ball by Pasalic. Maybe it’s time he comes back. Badelj was solid enough as usual and did his normal defensively duties.

    Brekalo was pretty good. He does lose the ball at times when trying to take people on when he should just pass it, but I don’t think that’s always terrible because he can draw more defenders towards him when he does start to beat defenders more. I think there’s a good chance he starts the games that we are supposed to win with Perisic on the other wing. Games such as Iceland, Sweden, Nigeria, etc. As he looks like he could provide more consistent offense than Rebic. But Rebic should start the games against the likes of France, Germany, Portugal, etc. Where we may not be the favorite so we need to press high and try to pin the defenders back.

    Overall. I was pretty pleased as it was a decent enough performance from our guys in a much needed morale boosting friendly. Here’s hoping they can do well against Sweden and win that match and maybe even surprise France.

  39. Dannyj says:

    Sounds like caleta and vida May be the ones going forward
    I’m ok with Lovren being phased out
    But it’s certainly nice to have some decent defenders to choose from
    Don’t forget about big Benkovic if he ever gets fully fit

    Let’s hope French Bradaric is the goods and sime gets back

    I do like Broz and rog back suggestion and we should be very secure defensively
    So Modrić can just focus on bossing the midfield and distributing how he sees fit

    Kovacic. Seriously tho he ain’t modric. He’s had plenty of chances I feel he is like a bad business deal where u keep throwing money at it cause you have so much invested

    I sure hope he can take over but doesn’t seem like it

    Fortunately there is enough midfield talent to take over
    I didn’t see the game
    Did Vlasic not play?

    Love to see some of your guys future starting squads

  40. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    It made sense to invest in Kovacic before Pasalic, Rog, Brozovic, and Badelj were consistently delivering quality performances both at club and national level. Those are solid midfielders, and solidity is what this team needs. There’s plenty of talent.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Guys watching the Serbia – Norway game ? Been back and forth – Haaland header cleared off the line. Mitrovic that cetnik just missed a sitter from 6 yards out lol reminded me of olic miss against Turkey euro 08 when Modric put it to him on a silver platter. Missed at least 2 sitters actually. I don’t know who I want to win actually lol wouldn’t mind playing the cetniks but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be a lil worried.

  42. Ziver Istiner says:

    Fuck me running. Mandzukic to AC Milan would be great. They’d dominate with Zlatan, Ante and Mario up front. I’d bet they’d win the scudetto and more.

  43. ARMADA87 says:

    Not sure if anyone else realized this but anyone notice how our offense just started clicking as soon as Modric was subbed on. I know how good he is and what he brings to the table for our repka. I think a lot of us (me included) get spoiled a bit, being we’ve watched him for 10+ years of the repka and just expect our offense to operate the way it does. But you absolutely notice the difference in the last 2 games with him not on the field and as soon as he subs in, our offense is 5x more lethal looking.

    It’s a cliche that’s been used a bunch, but he is really the straw that stirs the drink for us. More than a little worried about what our offense will look like once he hangs’em up.

  44. Maminjo says:


    I have to disagree with you on Melnjak.

    Just because someone is a hard worker, doesn’t mean they are good enough to play.

    Here are Melnjak’s pros and cons…

    – He can send in a decent cross
    – He runs a lot and works hard

    – He’s not technically gifted (he cannot dribble past his man or stop and change direction on a dime… he just tries to straight line it past his man)
    – He’s actually a poor passer (in terms of short passing) and likely has a low pass completion %
    – He’s small and cannot rely on height and physicality (on the defensive end)
    – He doesn’t have the trust of his teammates (they always look off him)

    I only managed to watch the first half of yesterday’s game, and I can see why Melnjak is a coach’s pet.
    He works hard and runs a lot. He also had a very good longball cross to one of our forwards, and also made a nice cross to Petkovic on that chance that Bruno botched.

    However…he’s not starting material for us, and you can make a strong argument for him not even being called up.

    Honestly, we’re so deep on that left side right now, that he isn’t even worth playing at all because I don’t see any scenario we would ever use him in a tournament with players like Bradaric, Barisic and even Perisic (who has been playing LWB at Inter). We even have a more talented Borna Sosa at LB who has not been called up for the sake of our U21 team results.
    This is much more different than at World Cup 2018 where all we had was Strinic and Pivaric (who Melnjak kind of reminds me of).

    The biggest thing I noticed this game is that (unlike the rest of our team ) Melnjak is the only one who is not calm and cool under pressure. He’s not confident in his technical ability to shake an opposing player. Every player (including even the less technically gifted Vida and Uremovic) are calm when an opposing player comes at them.

    Today we played our B team, and almost all of them have strong technical ability (Pasalic, Badelj, Kovacic, Bradaric, Petkovic, Brekalo, Caleta-Car)…or they are physically strong enough to shield the ball and use their size to prevent the opposing player from taking the ball (Uremovic and Vida do this).

    Melnjak is the only player who has NEITHER one of these skills.

    I saw him make probably about 8-10 short passes to his teammates, and more than half were intercepted or deflected (or he kicked them too hard at his teammates in panic).
    I saw him try to shield a ball so it goes out of bounds, and the Swiss player easily pushed him aside and got around him (Melnjak flopped to get a call and was bailed out).

    Whenever a backpass is made by our midfield, it’s always made to Duje Caleta-Car (who has strong technical skills for a CB) and Duje never passes it to a wide open Melnjak. Nobody does.
    He was the only player who I noticed that wasn’t receiving any passes from anyone despite running to get himself open. Even our other defenders like Uremovic and Vida were receiving passes from teammates and they barely pushed forward.

    I don’t blame them.

    It’s tough because I like how hard Melnjak played, but he’s simply not good enough.
    I despise the fact that Dalic started him because it robbed us of being able to see how capable Domagoj Bradaric is in the back four.
    I think our back four would jive better because Bradaric has excellent technical ability and it actually seems like he is ambidextrous with the way he can seemingly shoot with either foot. Gives us more security in our back four, and I’m sure Caleta-Car would be fine with passing the ball to Bradaric as his partner back there.

    I would only start Bradaric at LB and have Barisic off the bench (and call up Sosa to see what he can do off the bench for us too). We’re realistically not going to move away from Perisic starting at LW for this next tournament, so there is no more point in playing Melnjak. Bradaric gets that LB spot moving forward, to ensure that he can handle it full time and to ensure he develops good chemistry with Caleta-Car.

  45. Eric says:

    I’m watching the chetniks vs norway too (fun to cheer against the cigani). I’m actually surprised how shitty norway play. Serbs are dominating.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Nobody lol they can possibly be in our group though so nice to see our possible competition if so

  47. Stipe says:

    I do not want Serbia in our group. WE HAVE EVERYTHING TO LOSE. That makes them dangerous. On top of that, real recognizes real. They have players who play in the best Leagues, they can play when they want too.

    I can see the schedule now. We would play them last. And all we need is a tie to get to the knockout rounds. Imagine we don’t get thru the next round because of them? Reminds me of 2000, I still can’t get over that. Let’s go Scotland!

  48. Mile says:

    Game is in Serbia, so they should win, even with no fans. Scotland stinks, they are worse than Norway, so looks like Croatia vs. Serbia next summer.

  49. Maminjo says:

    The dramatic effect of a Cro vs Serb match up is taken away by the fact that the top 3 teams in each Euro group can progress to the next round.

  50. Maminjo says:

    Oh wow. I just checked the scores and Bosna lost at home to Northern Ireland.

    That’s gotta suck. This was probably their last run with Džeko.

  51. Soul Champ says:

    Serbia is predictable.

    Norway is trash.

    Anyone not up for Serbia should leave Croatia.

    We have been blessed to have UNL smack us upside the head TWICE.

    I see the depth and know even more young legs will step up.

    Plus Luka Modrić brings that Balon D’or big match experience to our squad.

    We need to put England and Serbia in their in proper place.

  52. Poglavnik says:

    @Soul Champ
    Luka brings that I was alive during the war experience to the squad. The kids just need to stay close. Scotland have our number. Way more nervous about them. But also not.

  53. Anonymous says:

    @Pro white guy

    No, it’s not my defense at all. Just think you should speak about your own people and not Croats. You’re always mocking Croats while heaping praise on your nationalist cetniks, why is that you progressive fool?

  54. Mali Ante says:

    Even though this was a meaningless game I was impressed with Bradaric. His call up was overdue and he showed he can fill in as a LW/LWB as well as play his LB position. Unfortunately, I think Dalic sticks with the tried and tested Barisic.

    Uremovic on the other side was decent and is a better option than Jedvaj.

    Brekalo’s goal was class. He showed even though he didn’t play particularly well, he can change the game in an instant. Easy starter going forward.

    I just can’t understand Kovacic. His lack of confidence confuses me. He does have some good technical ability but seems to lack that killer instinct. Not sure if he will ever come but he’s still too early to write off. Given that we are late bloomers for the most part, he could develop once Modric is gone. Time will tell but I’m
    not optimistic.

    Lastly Budimir also played decent in his short time.

    This game showed we do have a little more depth and have options. I think we really show up in our next two games and gain some momentum.

    On a side note bring on the Serbs. Scotland has our number and would be playing us at home…even though they are a below average team it could be a tough one for us. Plus I’d rather play the better team and the satisfaction of beating the Serbs would be great!

  55. Anonymous says:

    @pro croatian guy, you never cease to keep proving to everyone what a two faced retard you are. You’re actually telling me to “speak about your own people” and “stop mocking Croats” while you continually talk shit about Serbs?

    And shit for brains, I’m not Serbian and I don’t mock Croats – I’m mocking retards who fight phantom “cetniks” while the 3rd world pours into ALL and ONLY white countries.

    And exactly what have I ever said that makes you think I’m a “progressive”? You’re such a lying fucking rat who just chucks tons of bullshit at the wall hoping the clean up job will be too overwhelming – that’s what you lying rats do.

  56. Anonymous says:

    @pro croatian guy, another one of your lies: “you’re always heaping praise your nationalist cetniks”. Pointing out that you’re a retard for fighting phantom “cetniks” is not heaping praise on phantom cetniks.

    Are you really that retarded, or just lying thru your fucking teeth?

  57. Anonymous says:

    @Pro white guy

    “I’m mocking retards who fight phantom “cetniks”

    And what people are fighting phantom cetniks? Croats?

    I like mocking people that believe in the white genocide conspiracy theory, what losers, there is no such thing. The funniest thing is when it’s liberal losers like you that believe in it.

  58. Anonymous says:

    @pro croatian guy, just a few retards like you, not all Croatians.

    And you just can’t help yourself proving what an absolute fucking retard shit for brains you are with every comment you make: LIBERALS are pro White and against White GENOCIDE?

    And who said anything about a “conspiracy” other than you? You’ve never heard antiWhites OPENLY brag about the “inevitable brown future” in ALL and ONLY white countries?
    Whites becoming minorities in their own countries is my imagination, right? But you’re still fighting in WW2, right you fucking retard?

  59. Anonymous says:

    @Pro white guy

    Understand what I’m saying, just because non-whites are are moving to white countries doesn’t mean their will be a “brown future,” because no one is going to force whites to copulate and procreate with non-whites. But if some whites want to copulate and procreate with non-whites that’s their choice.

    Stupid liberal snowflakes like you don’t know what’s going on in the world.

  60. Christmas says:

    Kovacic is a late bloomer mentally….. He is almost there… Being a “Back up” at Real Madrid took it’s toll on him…There is nothing worse for an athlete than being on the bench like he was for what like 4 years…. I do think through watching osmosis he learned a lot watching and talking to Luke daily. Interestingly when he got playing time last season and truly had the coaches support where Lampard told him to basically do your thing he got a huge weight lifted of his chest. ….why is it that I think that he is “scared” within the Croatian National Team to do the same. Is it the internal criticism by the players ( we are a critical bunch as a people…) His confidence level in my opinion on the National Team is not the same…. Luka TALK to him. Quick thoughts to add to this very appreciated and valued board. Hvala vam svim.

  61. Poglavnik says:

    Kovacic is soft. Hard to change that. He floats and doesnt get stuck in.
    Modric is tougher than a waffle house steak.
    That’s what my eyes see.

  62. Christmas says:

    Poglavnik: OMG that’s funny ” Waffle House Steak” Modric’s mental toughness is indeed on another level.

  63. Slavonac from Canada says:


    rekao sam ovo: “I didn’t feel he was nearly as bad as some said. I actually thought he’s decent”…I’m not sure where you came up with this buddy…”However…he’s not starting material for us, and you can make a strong argument for him not even being called up”.

    I made my comment based off the fact that we have struggled to find a solution at left back. Strinic was “ok”…he lacked mental awareness at times and wasn’t “technically gifted” either. I think you completely blew over my point in the discussion Maminjo.

    Over the course of the last several years the left back position was Strinic’s and at times we were filling it like filling a patch, even using Vrsaljko who looked like a fish outta water and allowed players to attack him on the inside, rather than push them to the outside (because he’s weak on his left). We also saw Pivaric and then a few other experiments and absolutely NONE of them were any solution.

    I can’t understand how you’d write such a long example of why Melnjak isn’t suitable when my only comment was “I didn’t feel he was nearly as bad as some said. I actually thought he’s decent! Sure, he’s no Jarni but he’s also not a liability and he pushes forward a lot…has steel lungs and did ok defensively”…we have been talking about up and coming defenders and I have yet to see anyone play there and play it well. If I said “he’s decent”, why is that in any way offensive? He filled a void and as far as I’ve seen over this past year or so, we haven’t seen anyone stand out in that position at all!

  64. Maminjo says:

    You’re too sensitive. :)

    It was a long post because it was a full analysis on Melnjak and his pros and cons (and why I think he should no longer play).

    The only part I guess I disagree with you on is you saying he’s not a liability.

    He’s a bit of a liability to me in the sense that he’s not on par with everyone else AND by playing him, you’re not playing Bradaric back there instead (who I honestly think will be our starting LB at the Euros). We have limited games until that tournament, and we need Bradaric at LB to build more chemistry with Caleta-Car.

    I think we’ve seen enough of Melnjak (4 games) to evaluate him. I personally think Dalic is doing him a favor and trying to give him more exposure, so he can get a transfer to a club in a bigger league. But this is not the time for that.

  65. Slavonac from Canada says:

    well in the context that we were talking, he’s not been worse than Pasalic has at times or Strinic or Jedvaj…I think what you’re saying is that Meljnak at his absolute best is really nothing special…and I agree with that BUT I’d rather see a guy playing solid and steady who isn’t as talented…over guys like Kovacic, Kalinic, Jedvaj…who all have the talent but continue to flop!

  66. Maminjo says:

    I got some good news about Pasalic. He is very solid at CAM.

    He redeemed himself in that Swiss match. He was probably the MOTM, and it was the first time we played him in his proper CAM position (which is a good sign).

    He started that first goal with the nice pass to Bradaric on the wing (who then sent it in to Brekalo for the finish), and Pasalic started and finished on that second goal.
    I don’t think Pasalic is great defensively, so playing him in the pivot last game was a very stupid move by Dalic.
    He’s great in the opponent’s third. He’s constantly moving and trying to get open for his teammates. He’s also very aggressive in making forward passes.

    Honestly, Pasalic is like the anti-Kovacic (who only makes backward passes and never runs to get open for his teammates).

    I really like what I saw from him last game and I think he’s a great backup to Vlasic in that CAM role (and can start some games there too if needed). However, I do not want to see an experiments with this. We should have those two set at CAM and nowhere else.

    I think Kovacic is in trouble.
    He wasn’t anything special against the Swiss this last game, and I thought he was poor in our two UNL games last month. Three games to show what he can do, and nista.
    He makes no forward passes, always the backpass to Caleta-Car or a sideways pass to the other midfielder in the pivot. He rarely runs too. He pressured the opposing players a couple of times last game, but then kinda goes through the motions. Guys like Bradaric, Brekalo, Pasalic were so aggressive, and he’s just the opposite. Not even great defensively either these past three games.
    He’s just so easy to replace.
    …and Kovacic has to be careful. We have lots of young midfielders capable of playing in the pivot like Toma Basic, Nikola Moro and Kristijan Bistrovic. These guys are all having great seasons and are hungrier than Kovacic. He could very well lose his BACKUP position on this team.

    Re: Jedvaj
    He should never start again. Just a permanent sub in case we have multiple injuries.
    I like Uremovic as a stop-gap at RB. Unlike Jedvaj he doesn’t make too many mistakes and is very steady. Uremovic is essentially like Barisic back there. Not gonna ‘wow’ you with any offensive runs, but does a good job at winning the ball and maintaining composure.

    I think we’re moving closer to the dream back four scenario of Bradaric, Caleta-Car, Pongracic, Vrsaljko.
    I am getting ahead of myself with Pongracic, but I think he’ll be awesome for us. Either way, I’m not too concerned with one of Vida/Lovren starting, but I think we need to move forward with these intriguing young CBs we have.

    We just need to figure out the Krama thing.

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