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Livaković MOTM As Dinamo Hold Off CSKA 0-0 In Moscow

October 28, 2020


Vlašić went toe-to-toe with Dinamo Zagreb



Croatia #1 Dominik Livaković stood on his head once again for his second straight Europa League clean sheet against Nikola Vlašić and a very good CSKA Moscow side. Dinamo Zagreb has now played 180 minutes of scoreless Europa League ball in two action packed matches. CSKA knocked on the door all night long and Livaković did his part; saving seven Moscow shots which was led by the attack of Croatian teammate Nikola Vlašić. Dinamo could have easily bagged a goal themselves but will be happy with a point on the road in Russia. It will be a great confidence boost going into matches against now 1st place Austrian side Wolfsberger. Rijeka got pawned today by AZ losing 4-1. They were never in the match from the opening whistle.






Dinamo played out an action-packed 0-0 draw against Feyenoord last week at Maksimir. Rijeka were snake bitten by Real Sociedad in injury to lose 1-0 in their Europa League opener.



Thursday night, Dinamo Zagreb will take on Nikola Vlašić and CSKA (2PM ET) in Moscow in their second European match while Rijeka go to the Netherlands to take on AZ at 4PM ET. Both Croatian sides will need results or will find themselves deep in the standings before November matches even start. Draw for both sides should be considered a success.



Predictions: CSKA Moscow defeats Dinamo 2-0, AZ defeats Rijeka 1-0



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 25 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    Chance for Vlašić to stick it to Dinamo for the first time with a superior team behind him?

    Curious to see what level of motivation he comes out with?

    Normally I do not condone Cro on Cro crime, but this one time to see Vlašić have his day in the Sun for his Splićani may be the exception.

    On the flip side is this a coming party for Majer?

  2. BEĆAR says:

    No Rebić today.

  3. Maminjo says:

    Hopefully Rijeka can get the result.

    Real Sociedad is first in LaLiga right now, so Rijeka being able to hang with them was good.

    Anything to advance Vlasic’s career is all good. I hope he gets a hat trick, but I also hope Dinamo pulls out the win.

  4. ARMADA87 says:

    Dinamo game very entertaining.

  5. ARMADA87 says:

    Dinamo should be up at this point… They’ve done a nice job of keeping CSKA at bay and have some decent chances. Would be huge to snatch some points from them, in Moscow.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Are you hoping for a 4 3 victory to Dinamo

    That’s optimistic

    That’s the beautiful thing about you

  7. ARMADA87 says:

    Deserved draw for DZG. Played there asses off.

  8. Maminjo says:

    I like how Mamic is developing Gvardiol into becoming a LB.

    His development as a CB should be top priority, instead of playing these randoms there.

  9. Suba says:

    The younger Mamic is useless

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rijeka has not heart today

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully they can at least get one back, for respect

  12. BEĆAR says:

    Kulenovic with a tidy consolation goal.
    Barisic with a “world class” cross/assist.
    I haven’t seen any highlights, but the stats sheet looks good for Livakovic. Same for Vlasic. The difference is, I’m sold on Vlasic, not so much on Livakovic.

  13. Mr. Black says:

    Livakovic was amazing today: truly a perfect game. With another goalkeeper, it easily could have been 4-0.

    Gvardiol, Peric, Majer and Franjic were fantastic too. Franjic could turn out a great player for us. He’s a defensive midfielder.

    Petkovic with his probably worst game in his career.

  14. BEĆAR says:

    I’m not a Petkovic fan.

  15. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I said it several times, Petkovic has amazing talent but he’s lazy and coaches don’t really like that part of him! Most forwards would kill to have his talent!

  16. Maminjo says:

    Dude still scored 6 goals in 10 games for us.

    Hopefully he snaps out of it. He’s still relatively young and can be our striker for the future.

  17. Miloš Hvar says:

    Petkovic seems checked out. He wants to be playing in a bigger league. Dinamo has hung onto this core group for too long. Petkovic, Livakovic, and Orsic all should have been sold before this season as was done with Olmo. That group had a very successful Europa league followed by last years strong showing in the Champions league group stage that’s the time to cash out.

  18. Soul Champ says:

    He drew a clear foul against France charging towards goal.

    No call of course.

    My background is in basketball.

    I love Croatian soccer and enjoy sharing my fan opinion here. But I am clear that it is limited.

    It seems like Petković is not in superior athletic condition.

    When I see a 39 year old Zlatan dominate serie A, after a major knee surgery no less. I am reminded of the power of the mind/muscle dynamic in all elite players.

    @ Miloš Hvar

    I feel you make a great point.

    If you are at Dinamo into mid 20’s you probably get depressed.

    There are so many mid table teams across the leagues of Europe that simply cannot score goals.

    I like his game for us in spurts.

    Mandžukić set the standard on what it means to have an engine.

    Not sure why he doesn’t come back?

    Big game Super Mario is always an asset.

    When is he going to get a club?

  19. Medo says:

    We are going a bit over board on the amazing game by Livakovic.. he made saves any decent keeper would have made.He had a good solid outing at best.
    He is in good form though lately which hopefully boosts his confidence.
    Almost laughable now to conjure up the Barca rumors for Petko less than a year ago.
    Vlasic is a stud you can see he’s a leader on that team at such a young age ,and the arm band is his when Luka retires or it should be!

  20. Mr. Black says:

    Borna Barisic in the Europa League Team of the week!

  21. ARMADA87 says:

    I think Petkovic has another ‘gear’ he can get it, he just needs to mature and polish his game.

    Look at a guy like Mandzukic. Back during his Dinamo days, he got some flack for not hustling and just not playing with his head. Fast forward to his late 20’s, early 30’s and he was known for his heart, attitude, leadership and being disciplined.

    Hope Petkovic has that same type of realization once he moves out of DZG.

  22. Maminjo says:

    The talent is there.

    A tall, strong forward with that level of technical ability is great (especially in the formation we like to play).

    Hopefully he’s transferred to a club where he can play regularly. I would assume he’s be good in Serie A or even LaLiga.

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