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Dinamo Defeat Wolfsberger 1-0 To Go Top Of Europa League Group

November 5, 2020


Dinamo Zagreb could go top of Europa League Group K with a win over Austrian club Wolfsberger Thursday night at Maksimir. However, due to positive COVID results, the Croatian champions will be without manager Zoran Mamić and nine players (yet to be named). But it looks like Petković, Livaković and Ivanušec will not be taking part in the match. After an impressive defensive display in a 0-0 draw against CSKA Moscow last week, a win should be expected against a lower tier Austrian side, but Dinamo is has yet to score in their first two Europa League matches. The match kicks off at 3PM (ET).




Possible Dinamo Starting XI



In the other Croatian Europa League match, Rijeka host Italian side Napoli at 1PM (ET). Rijeka have lost both European matches thus far to Real Sociedad and AZ.

Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 12 comments

  1. BEĆAR says:

    This is why the other guys were called up to the NT.

  2. BEĆAR says:

    Hopefully it’s a blessing in disguise.

    I’m not a Petkovic fan, so hopefully we’ll see more of Budimir. I’m cautiously optimistic that he’ll do fine.

    I was upset that Dalic didn’t give Grbic a chance last time out, so at least now we’ll see what he brings.

    I hope to see Bašić and Pongračić out there as well. I have a feeling that Bašić will get a look, but my gut says that Pongračić won’t.

  3. Maminjo says:

    Moro doesn’t play for Dinamo anymore 🙂

  4. BZ says:

    A 29 yo below average player, like Budimir, winning a starting spot can NEVER be described as a “blessing.”

    Petkovic is significantly better than Budimir, and significantly younger than Budimir (in soccer years.)

    Yes, Budimir might play well vs an inferior team. This, however, would be described as a “tragedy in disguise.” Dalic might end up moving forward with Budimir, wasting precious time to try new formations or young talent.

    As of now, Dalic is assuming Kramaric is the presumptive starter for the Euros. We need to play Kramaric as much as possible with our “no brainer” starters, so we can determine if he meshes or not. No time to waste on Budimir.

  5. BEĆAR says:

    Petkovic is 26, Budimir is 29. Both ages are ok for the next 2 tournaments. I’m not sure how you’re quantifying “significantly better”. Budimir just scored against La Liga’s best defense (Atletico Madrid). He scored 13 goals in Spain last year, surely the competition he plays against in Spain isn’t inferior to the competition Petkovic plays against in the HNL.

    In my opinion, Kramarić has to be the starter. His backup will be either Petkovic or Budimir. Petkovic has been given a chance and he used it well. Now Budimir might get his and it’s up to him to show that he can mesh with the team.

  6. Maminjo says:


    I like that we have a forward that is doing well in La Liga.

    But Croatia is a big footballing nation right now.

    We need to get used to having players who are playing in good leagues, yet STILL cannot make our starting eleven (or get a callup…like Filip Krovinovic or Ivan Sunjic).

    Budimir seems decent, but he’s still our third string forward (at best). He should be behind Kramaric and Petkovic, and used only as an insurance player (in case of sudden injuries).

    We’re pretty deep up top, and I would sooner play Rebic or Brekalo in some sort of forward role and formation change, than rely on Budimir.

    That’s not a knock on him…but we don’t really have too much time to give some burn to our backups who are least likely to play significant minutes now or in the future due to the depth at the position.

    I agree with you wanting to see some Bašić and Pongračić (because we are thin at those positions) so it’s important we see those guys get some burn (I get nervous when Brozovic gets yellows, and would hate to see him suspended in a match at the Euros for this reason).
    I personally think Pongračić is starter material, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bašić outperform all of Rog, Kovacic, and Pasalic in the CDM role. Moro deserves a callup IMO as well.

    I personally am curious about Grbic too, but I doubt he will get to start for us until he nails down regular minutes somewhere (and it won’t be Atletico, so long as Oblak is there).

  7. BZ says:

    Offensive juggernaut Hoffenheim cruising AGAIN without Kramaric.

    Milan dumb enough to sit an 80% Rebic, getting beat.

    Bradaric shutting down Ibrahimovic when Ibra plays wide. Actually just made that up, not watching.

  8. Maminjo says:

    I’m gonna change my user name to Bradinjo when he stars for us next year

  9. U Boj says:

    Amazing result. Hopefully they progress and not mess it up.

  10. BEĆAR says:

    With Livakovic out with COVID, surely Grbic gets a start in the next international break. I know he hasn’t played a single minute in La Liga yet, but he’s at least healthy and practicing at a high level. I want to see him. Plus, a little high level game time can do wonders for his confidence and image. It might even earn him some minutes at Atletico.

    Pongračić is, I think, just getting back so I don’t expect too much from him. Not yet anyway……. his time will surely come.

  11. Maminjo says:

    Grbić is intriguing because of his size, and he apparently had a fantastic season at Lokomotiva last year.

    But it’s probably too late to move away from Livaković, especially since he hasn’t done anything wrong to lose his spot. Unless Grbić does something incredible, Livaković is our keeper for the Euros.

    Adrian Šemper might be better for us in the future though.
    He’s pretty tall too and plays regularly for Chievo. Goaltending in Italy is generally good, so I’m glad we have some future options potentially.

  12. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    Test Test

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