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Croatia Get Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta In World Cup Qualifying (ANALYSIS)

December 7, 2020



Croatia’s World Cup 2022 qualifying group is set!

The Vatreni received a favorable draw out of Pot 2 picking up Slovakia but will play the toughest team out of Pot 3 – Russia – in a World Cup 2018 quarterfinal rematch. The final three teams in the group consists of Slovenia, Cyprus, and Malta.


Analysis & Shout-Outs


The top finisher in the group goes directly to the World Cup in Qatar while 2nd place heads to a playoff. This is definitely an interesting group and will not be a walkthrough for Croatia. It should keep Zlatko Dalić and company on their toes the entire qualifying campaign. Matches begin in March.


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 65 comments

  1. Croatian Canadian says:

    We should be able to get first in this group. Easiest group we’ve had in years! Only true threat is Russia. We demolished Slovakia both games last time. Slovenia may be able to give us difficulty if we played like we did in nations league.

  2. CroatiaU14 says:

    I think we’re fine. I’m happy with the group
    Now it’s time to let go of a few old guys and bring in the new. It hurts to say it but I think it’s time to let go of Vida and Badelj, maybe even Rog and Lovren too. Gvardiol, Majer, Ivanušec should feature against Malta and Cyrpus. But we also need to ensure that veterans play against them too, we can’t lose points in this group.
    Russia may be tough. We have a target on our back from the World Cup, and they want to hit it because we beat them and crushed their WC dreams. Slovakia, I’m confident, Slovenia, even more confident.
    Lets stay hopeful

  3. Poglavnik says:

    Looks like a walkthrough for Croatia! 😉

  4. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    CroU14, I agree with you and I also think we need to bring in the new and weed out the guys that are losing their competitiveness but I’m not sure I’d do all at the same time. I’d probably remove Badelj (even though I really think he’s a good and experienced sub), Vida…Rog is a critical defensive midfield that we may need even though he brings not much else…Lovren may have 1 tournament left before I’d chop him. experience is always valuable…even if its just for the dressing room!

  5. ARMADA87 says:

    Even if our backline is a question mark, there should be no impediment to us finishing 1st in this group. If we somehow have to fight for 2nd place in this group (and still qualify even) that is a huge red flag for me. There shouldn’t be a team or even a player on any of these teams that should scare us (or to be direct, scare our backline).

    Ideal scenario would be for us to take care of business in the first few qualifiers, build a nice lead in the table, that way with the last handful of qualifiiers we can play guys like Sutalo, Susic and others from the U19 generation that might be ready for some senior NT minutes…

  6. Stipe says:

    I don’t like this group at all. Slovakia, Russia, and Slovenija ??? Those are not easy teams to beat. And Russia is going to be gunnin for us, same as Slovakija and Slovenija. And playing against Malta is not a walk in the park anymore. This is a tuff group.

    Fuckin Slovenija. I can’t stand them in general. Fuckin pussies didn’t even put up a fight in the war. Serbs ran over Slovenija and they give up in a week, Cowards. Croatians spilled blood for our freedom, not Slovenija. And they are financially better off then rest of our neighbors which gets me more upset. I remember World Cup 2010 Watching them play against England (England scored 9 goals against us in two games during qualifying) And a Slovenian fan had a huge sign that said something like “ Pozdrav Hrvatskoj, plačući U Zagrebu“ Those cowards

  7. chicro1 says:

    From top to bottom, the group has more depth. But really, the main concern is, who did we get out of pot 2? We got a team that we would take any day of the week, from the ones available. If we instead got Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, i bet a ton of “experts” would take those teams to win the group over us… and they’d have defensible reasons for doing so. As it stands now, though Russia is def a tough pot 3 team, Cro will undoubtedly be everyone’s favorite to win the group. Bottom line, if given the option, would you risk re-doing the entire draw, and maybe end up with Poland, Swiss or Sweden in your group? (esp given that only 1st place advances, and 2nd place has a much tougher time of getting to the WC this time when compared to prior torunys)? I wouldn’t risk re-doing it, I would keep Cro’s draw as it is.

  8. Suba says:

    Well said Stipe

    Sneaky Slovenes however from memory at least on paper this is by far our easiest group ever

    I got no issues but the am sure in typical Croatian style we will make it unnecessary difficult for ourselves

    A leopard never changes its spots folks

    Remember that

    Za dom spremni

  9. Medo says:

    An easy group will work against us as we always play to the level of our opponents.
    We will lose a few on the road to make it a nail biting contest on our last match day is my fear.

  10. caine says:

    The quarter final game with russia was down to some bad luck,remember perisic hit the post…OH SQUEEZE ME PLZ ( excuse me plz ),this draw is favourable. we need to strenghten the defence,midfield looks gud as always.

  11. Ivan Kulis says:

    I’m happy with the group….Could have been worse….I believe in our boys…..My feeling is that 🇭🇷 will top the group with 20+ points and punch a DIRECT ticket to WC QATAR2022

    It’s time to bring up some of the Youth within the Croatian program

    I’d like to thank everyone at CroatianSports for everything they do-Keep up the great work DECKI 👊🏻🙏🏻💪🏼💪🏼🇭🇷⚽️

    Can’t wait for March when the qualifiers start


  12. Maminjo says:

    We’ll be fine.
    Our opponents will be taking point off each other like crazy in this group.
    I can see Slovakia drawing Slovenia in Ljubljana, then lose 1-0 in Bratislava. Same goes for the Russians. They’ll give us a good fight, but they will lose points to Slovakia and Slovenia too. You’ll see a lot of point lost in this group due to stupid home draws, even against Cyprus.
    We have the most depth and talent. We should top this group the same way we topped the last one. Last time, we had a lot of injuries, and we had to suddenly bring in some new guys into the starting eleven (like Vlasic and Petkovic).
    Rakitic also bailed on us at the last minute, which could have really screwed us.
    This time, we will have a bit more depth that has actually been tested in our starting eleven (thanks to us burning these Nations League games trying out some new guys) and we likely won’t have another Rakitic situation, so we can plan better.

  13. Maminjo says:

    As much ‘history’ we may have with Russia (from this past World Cup)…these three teams (Slovakia, Slovenia, and Russia) have much more history playing each other in qualifiers.
    It will be a mess between the three of them.

  14. Maminjo says:

    Watch us go 1-1 in Malta again, lol

  15. Anonymous says:

    Pjaca with a very nice goal!


    Shut the fuck up, remember your grandfathers were partizani without the spirit of our Croatian forefathers, so please keep your comnents to sport because you’re the last guy that should be talking shit.

    I love the Slovenians and hate partizani. Partizani can go to HELL.

  16. ElviSS says:

    We will teach these Untermensch Slavs a lesson.

  17. Aussie Croat says:

    My older cousin and I were watching the news back in 2011 when I was last there and that whole Piran Bay dispute between Cro and Slovenija was heating up.

    He took a drag of his cigarette and confidently said, “if those fuckers tried anything against us, we’d be there by 7am and be finished in time to make it back for lunch”

    This is a group that we should dominate. It we were to lose a game, it would be the one in Russia. I’d be happy getting a draw there. The others would have to be walk in, get the 3 points and back home. No excuses in this group. As many have mentioned, 4 of those teams will be scrapping to get even a point out of their games. Russia and Cro to progress. Russia via qualification.

    The Serbs seem to have an easy group….but…. they will get one of the top Nations League teams…Spain, Italy, etc.

  18. Sukreezy says:

    Knowing Croatia, we will probably leave this to the very end and qualify on the last match day 🙄. But yeah this is a easy group for us and I’m relieved we got a team like Slovakia in pot 2 because we beat them comfortable literally every time we play. Slovenes are garbage and so is Malta and Cyprus (and I rly hope we don’t have an Azerbaijan situation with one of these teams and underwhelmingly tie or win by a goal against them). Russians pose a threat but they will definitely drop some points against Slovenia or Slovakia. Remember, the shit Serbs beat them 5-0 so we should be ok 😅

  19. Crotown says:

    We can’t win this group of slugs including Russia – don’t bother going to HOTAR!!! These challengers are at best tier 2 level soccer countries- can’t win – just go back to being a mediocre soccer country like the teams we drew

  20. LAknat says:

    the unusual color of the flag suddenly get caught my eyes
    and suddenly see the future as Cyprus and Malta will qualify!!

    but I will be waiting for the existence of God here >
    oke -) bless you all for the qualification WC 2021

  21. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    A good balance of challenging teams and weak teams. We’ll see some good matches, and it won’t be a walk in the park. It will be like our Euro qualifying campaign, in the sense that none of these teams has any style, except maybe Slovenia. It’s going to be a physical fitness test. I see players like Rebić, Rog, Brozović, Vlasić, and Kramarić doing well in these games. Maybe Skorić and Bradarić too. It’s going to take a lot of muscle and a lot of lungs to come out of this on top.

  22. Slavonac from Canada says:

    All these Slavs will be gunning for us and I think this won’t be that easy, even though we have more quality. This process is drawn out over a long period and I’m afraid we could lose some focus, like we usually do. Let’s hope we can concentrate well and take the games seriously, like I think all our opponents will.

  23. Suba says:

    Pjacas goal was very well taken and then completely ruined by his dumb celebration and with the milenkovic equalising

    Oh well

  24. BZ says:

    Guys, been saying for weeks. Pjaca our 3rd best striker or better.)

    His dribbling is back

    His speed is best it has been since Estonia

    At Genoa he gets no chances or space.

    Surrounded by Rebic, Perisic and Vlasic, the space and opportunities would increase ten fold. I think it would be fun to watch.

  25. Soul Champ says:

    This whole UNL odyssey will now pay dividends.

    We have played pot 1 teams in Europe for the last two years.

    Regardless of our results we have gotten better.

    I have seen many younger players step up like Vlašić.

    I have seen new young talent like Bradaric be introduced.

    Even Dalic has improved by being exposed as NOT a world class manager.

    But now he will go into each match with more confidence, knowing his counterpart is NOT world class either.

    He will also know he has the better squad.

    Will he be able to make the difficult decisions of which veterans need to retire and which young players need to be given an opportunity?

    Be great to jump on this group from the beginning.

    I wonder about Lovren against Russia? He gets so attached to his club mates, that he may to be emotional or does his innate knowledge of their games work to our advantage, or he just screws up because he is Lovren regardless?

    We have the most depth of talent heading into any World Cup qualifying cycle in the last 20 years.

    Most of the teams are good and they will be motivated, but this is not your thin on talent Vatreni.

    Each match we will have young and hungry nogometaši competing for their World Cup place.

    This is the X factor we have missed these last decades.

    Mediocrity set in because you felt your spot was secure.

    Now our internal competition will be stronger than our external one.

    Our “B” team would qualify from this group. That is how deep we are.

    Pjaca, if healthy, should be given an opportunity.

  26. ARMADA87 says:

    @ Soul Champ

    Pjaca by no means is owed anything. I feel for the guy in terms of injuries and his bad luck, but as you have stated, we have a ton of depth (although not too much on the wings) and that depth is younger and playing more regular football at bigger clubs. I think he’ll get a chance, given that he’s a wing and not a central midfielder. Hope he can stay injury free and be another potential piece of us at the Euro.

  27. Maminjo says:

    Good to see Pjaca returning to form.
    However, he still has a lot to prove. His loan spells to Fiorentina, Anderlecht were unsuccessful.
    If he can continue to score goals, and does provide that aggressive pressing/physical element at center forward (that we’ve been missing since Mandzukic), then call him up.
    Hopefully, he can get a good season under his belt, regularly score goals, pressure the opposing defenders…and he can be called up as a backup for the Euros (as an energy power forward off the bench).
    I don’t know if anyone watches Genoa games (lol), but if anyone can comment on HOW he’s been playing re: pressuring defenders on defence…bowling through defenders physically on offence…that would be great.

  28. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’ve watched him a few times this year. He’s doing ok but Genoa is usually defending and he has little opportunities. He’s been involved in a few goals and some setup passes, I’d say he’s working towards playing better. One thing I have noticed, especially the last game, he’s got that quick first gear and can pull away from defenders.

  29. gbvh says:

    That Seattle-Minnesota MLS game last night was something. Woah.

    I searched the name of the Seattle player who tied it, just to see where he’s from. I found him a bit annoying actually LOL:

    Raúl Mario Ruidíaz Misitich (Spanish pronunciation: [raˈul rujˈðiaθ misiˈtitʃ], Croatian: Misitić, born 25 July 1990) is a Peruvian footballer who currently plays for Seattle Sounders FC and the Peru national team, as a striker.[2]

    He is of maternal Croatian descent[3] and his nickname, “The Flea”, stems from his small frame and his ability to get past defenders with great ball control.

  30. Poglavnik says:

    Ruidiaz looks like a tranny.
    Don’t know what’s worse. Routing for a Seattle team or Caleb Porter..

  31. Soul Champ says:

    @ Armada

    Šuker books a BS @ Estonia friendly and a young explosive Pjaca tears up his knee in a lumpy divot?

    I feel he is owed a shot, not saying a spot.

    @ Svima

    Just seen Lovren unable to clear his lines.

    He is just to danty to be a CB.

    We need ZDS men in there clearing house.

    Do we have any absolute studs coming up the pipeline?

  32. Poglavnik says:

    Estonia’s pitch is no worse than Poljud’s.

  33. ARMADA87 says:


    Our two major stadiums and their respective pitches are jokes. Maksimir is literally falling apart. Poljud’s pitch looks like the local stoka were out for a morning graze before the game starts. How are we the world runners up in the last WC and our infrastructure is god awful.

    Curious to see with the WC qualifying group and with COVID still an issue next year, where they place these games? Someone pointed out to me today that the HNS put something out a month or so back where there won’t be anymore NT games at Maksimir until repairs are done? And that future games will be held in other cities?
    Assume we’ll spread the games out between Rijeka, Split, Osijek and potentially Pula?

  34. Anonymous says:

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    And guess what? It’s being broadcast all over the place and the antiWhite establishment is universally praising them. Wow! They are really “taking a stand”! They are “true revolutionaries” who are going to change the world!….LOL!
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    What do you do when people not only will not accept reality, but they insist on imprisoning anyone who tells the truth? Free speech is the only alternative to WAR.
    I have no qualms literally bashing their heads in wholesale if that’s the only choice they give us.

  35. C.S. Lewis says:

    “The beautiful,” says Wormwood, “never claim EQUALITY with ugly people.”
    “Intelligent people do not claim “equality” with dumb people.”
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    “Equality” is only claimed by those who feel inferior.

  36. Anonymous says:

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  37. Anonymous says:

    Before another a premier league game the establishment dictated we must all be against ALL forms of discrimination. So no Brit is allowed to be loyal to other Brits b/c that is CLEARLY discriminatory.
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    Now you’re honestly going to tell me these people don’t deserve to be dragged out of their corporate offices and their media studios one by one and be literally horsewhipped in the street LEGALLY?

  38. crnkovic says:

    anonymous. could you please explain your reasoning. I’d like to know why you think equality is ‘anti-white’. Just slow down and present your arguments, including evidence if needed, one by one.

  39. Anonymous says:

    yes the corporate media is full of shit. I agree 100%. yes they try to control how we think. 100% i agree. i think we just differ a little bit on what they are trying to achieve, why they are doing it, and who benefits and doesn’t

  40. Anonymous says:

    strange that suddenly the media supports black lives isnt it? after 400 years of controlling peoples minds into hating black people, now they are promoting black lives matter!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

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  42. crnkovic says:

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  43. Anonymous says:

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  44. Anonymous says:

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  45. Anonymous says:

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  46. crnkovic says:

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  48. Anonymous says:

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  49. Anonymous says:

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  50. Anonymous says:

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  51. Anonymous says:

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  53. Anonymous says:

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    You don’t get it because you’re not a Croat.

  54. Anonymous says:

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  55. Anonymous says:

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  56. Anonymous says:

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  57. Anonymous says:

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  58. Stipe says:


    Your telling me to shut the fuck up? You seem to remember me saying both my Grandfathers were Partizani. But you also forgot that one was 15 the other 17 years old. My grandfather from Gorski Kotar was working in the fields when the Partizani came and took him and all of my great grandfathers horses. My grandfather had no choice. Partizani took all males from the cela.

    Similar situation from my grandfather from Zadar (cela outide of Zadar. Partizani came in and took him as well. They had no choice. If ustasa came before the communist they would of had to fight along side Ustase.

    My grandfather from Gorksi Kotar came to New Jersey 1969 because of communism. My other grandfather stayed in Croatia.

    Both of them are dead so show some respect. Your reckless with your mouth. You love Slovenians? Go ahead, love them.

    Don’t talk about my family. A REAL MAN NEVER talks about about another’s man family. But your not man, your a coward.

    You don’t have the balls to talk reckless to someone’s face.

  59. Anonymous says:


    I never said anything about your grandfathers that you’ve never said, they were both partizani. I believe that partizani were cowards, like you believe that Slovenians were cowards.

    You’ve hung shit on the Ustase (Croats) before, they died fighting for Croatia and you didn’t care about showing respect for the dead then?

    Like I said you should keep your comments to sport, but if you need to act like a tough guy and talk shit then you should talk shit about the partizani that your grandfathers were “forced” to fight for, that I would gladly listen to.

    Partizani are cowards.

  60. crnkovic says:

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  62. Anonymous says:

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  63. crnkovic says:

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