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Croatian Cowgirls Make History! Will Play France In Handball Semis!

December 14, 2020



The Croatian women’s handball team are on the brink of history. After winning their first four games of the Euro 2020 handball tournament before losing 36-25 to a very good Norway team on Saturday, they can book their first ever semifinal berth with a draw against Germany Tuesday at 12:15PM (ET). The match can be streamed at EHFtv.



Germany lost to the Netherlands on Monday with Croatia already being the Dutch in the preliminary round; if that’s any indication of how the teams match up. Germany must win at all costs as a draw puts Croatia into the semifinal bracket. Advantage to Croatia as they had the day off on Monday and are on two days of straight rest.



After all the success of men’s sports across the years and women’s success in tennis, it’s great to have the Croatian ‘cowgirls’ join the party.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 74 comments

  1. Pero says:

    My lord what a bunch of homely women…Robert prosinecki with heels and a wig would give them all a run for their 💰

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love watching this team play, let’s go cowgirls!

  3. BZ says:

    Hate to comment on their looks, but I disagree with Pero. These girls are beautiful Croatian women. As long as they stand for their National Anthem and kneel in Church, they are good by me.

  4. Soul Champ says:

    Happy for these girls.

    But rukamet is draining our talent pool for goal keepers, CB’s, and lead basketball guards.

    I was wondering when Croatian women sports would begin to expand?

    I am curious to see our women’s football team improve.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are you serious these chicks are hot
    Said NO ONE!

  6. BEĆAR says:

    Easy on the insults guys. We should all be proud of these girls. I’ve seen some videos on Instagram of them celebrating on a bus/in a changeroom and they deserve every bit of credit that they get. Samo naprijed cure!

  7. Markus says:

    I agree with BECAR, who cares what they look like? They are representing our nation and making us proud, we should not disvalue their success by judging them based on their physical appearance. No one asked you to hook up with one of them lol

  8. caine says:

    Kneel in Church? Just hope u r not targeting my Church lol. POPUS SPIRITUS

  9. Zach G says:

    Great stuff

  10. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Congratulations to our girls! I saw the German keeper in the interview after the game, she looked completely disappointed and shocked. She said Croatia outplayed them in every aspect of the game…..awesome job ladies!!

  11. CroatiaU14 says:

    I agree with Markus and Becar as well. Enough with the appearance comments. For fucks sake, do you think Croatian women find Modrić hot?
    Anyways, I’m happy for the squad. Although the road gets really tough from now on, it’s awesome that they’ve made it this far

  12. Anonymous says:

    Kneeling during the anthem?
    Croatia’s not a shithole.

  13. ARMADA87 says:

    ‘kneel in church’ lol to jesus and god, hanging up in the clouds?!!?!?!

    if I could ever give the jug’s some credit, at least they were aware that religion is the biggest farce ever forced upon mankind.

  14. Maks says:

    No credit given to jugos ever.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They’re the scum of the earth

  16. Anonymous says:


    You’re thinking of the Mohammedans when you say “forced,” that’s the way their religion/faith spread.

  17. Anonymous says:


    That’s correct, Christianity spread under persecution.

    Armada87 doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Typical lying communist lol.

  18. ARMADA87 says:

    All religion is a joke. Christianity. Islam. Judaism. Religion is #fakenews

  19. Maks says:

    It’s sad that you think that.

  20. Soul Champ says:

    Luka Modric — 8: All over the pitch again helping out in defence while also making the gears turn for Real Madrid. Teed up Benzema for his second to secure the win. Finished with one shot, one dribble, three key passes and three tackles.

    35 and thriving!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Shit guys not every sport can we have beautiful women in and yes they ain’t no Antonija Mišura but how many countries even have one of them ! Most definitely hotter non athletic (or euro hand ballers) then what is represented but just because we have a team of mediocre at best lookin cro women doesn’t mean our country has ugly women just perhaps less attractive athletes lol which I’m fine with – leave the regular hot Croatian non athletic every day women to a regular Joe blow like me –
    I haven’t regretted it as I most often pick up prime pizda when I’m out there as unfortunately there men can be just as ugly…a lil green card flash of Canadian Croatian and its like fishing with dynamite. Croatian women are sexy as fuck – can’t expect that to always transpire into being hot athletes as well. I’ve dated some smokin’ pollocks and playing sports with them (tennis, soccer) I’m better off putting pylons in their place and they’d do better. My experience – the hotter, the worse athlete – extra bonus if they’re hot and great athletes!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Armada you Yugoslav cunt

  23. Maminjo says:

    You guys are idiots for bashing these girls for their looks.
    They’re athletes. They’re obviously going to be tall, strong, athletic, etc. Not dainty little girls.
    Plus, you’re judging them based on photos taken of them during a match, all covered in sweat.
    A few of them are actually pretty decent looking when you actually see them in a normal photo (which is more than you can say for most female athletes from other countries).
    Tea Pijević and Jelena Kajfes are actually very pretty girls. Josipa Mamic is not bad. That blonde goalkeeper is pretty decent too. Not sure what is expected from a handball team where strength, athleticism and freakish height is a requirement.
    But that 6’6″ Hercegovka (Ćamila Mičijević) is so damn tall and athletic it’s awesome, haha. Puts most guys to shame. There’s no way they’re not taking this gold medal with a player like her in the lineup. It’s funny googling photos of her and seeing the size difference. It’s like she’s playing with kids.

  24. BZ says:

    When did Croatiansports become a place to bash Christianity and women we do not know?

    Congrats to these women on their accomplishments. I happen to think they are all beautiful, but I regret I am forced to even comment on their appearance.

  25. Poglavnik says:

    Good job ladies!
    Keep it goin!
    I love watching women’s soccer. Been watching more of that women’s Premier League on Sundays than the NFL lately. Hopefully our lady vatreni can start competing with the better countries. How the fuck are Canadian women so good but not the Hrvatice?!

  26. Soul Champ says:

    When will Mandžukić re-emerge?

    So many clubs can’t score and are weak upfront?

    At 34 with rested legs, he is surely a good option for a 6 month contract?

    Is he waiting for an Allegri appointment?

    Dude is finishing beast.

    With the right set up he could lift many teams.

  27. Simon says:

    I would hate to see the women you guys are banging if you think these gals are hot.

  28. Boris says:

    Serb chicks are hotter IMO I realize most of you won’t agree.
    They are generally black haired seductresses with plump dick sucking lips like Paul George’s baby momma!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Bilic sacked.

  30. BZ says:

    @Soul Champ-Mandzukic probably asking for too much.
    He knows he deserves more than what he is being offered.
    You and I know he deserves more than he is being offered.
    Without ticket sales,many teams are struggling financially, whether they admit it or not.
    He also wants to ensure he goes somewhere he can get some service, but that necessitates a solid team. Solid teams have larger payrolls, and therefore more impacted by lack of ticket sales.
    For instance, if he was in Pjaca’s shoes, he’d look like shit too (even though Pjaca is solid, no striker can succeed with such a dearth of opportunities.)
    He should just unretire, and exhibit his skills on the NT, but something tells me Dalic has indicated he does not want him back. STUPID, if my inclination is right.

  31. Medo says:

    Bilic was given a pantry full of ritz crackers,Mac&cheese and Spam and was expected to cook a great dining experience…what a joke!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Too many comments on their looks most of the team is very attractive when their dressed up and not playing but their really beauty is how they play with their heart and sole for their country. Amazing result by our Croatian girls who came in underdogs and have uplifted an otherwise very sad 2020 for all of us who love Croatia.

  33. Eric says:

    RE: Mandzukic
    Why not go back to Dinamo to boost their Europa campaign, and get some playing time!

  34. Maminjo says:

    Mandzo has too big an ego.
    Guy probably wants everyone to lick his balls to come play for them, lol.
    He’s good, but he prematurely left our NT because he probably didn’t like the idea of transitioning to the bench.
    Had he continued playing for us, he would have been a useful backup striker for us, and he would easily have a contract in Serie A or some other top-5 league right now.
    Now, he’s considered a big risk for a club to sign a contract to, as he’s someone who has not been playing at all in almost two years. Also, anyone who moves to Qatar (in a money grab move) and still doesn’t really play…is very questionable.
    I still think he could play, but I doubt any real club would offer him a guaranteed contract of any sort after this fiasco.
    I’m kind of glad this happened to him. It shows that nobody is bigger than the National Team.
    He made his money at least, so he’s going to be fine.

  35. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    We’ve had this conversation before and I’m not convinced this has to do with his ego as much as it has to do with his principles.

    Mandzukic was heavily criticized before the 2018 World Cup on this site and all over Croatian forums. The general consensus for many was that Kalinic should take his spot…I’m pretty sure there must have been some sort of divide on the National Team amongst the players…which is why Kalinic had the courage to sulk and behave like a little bitch, dividing the changing room all because of his own “ego”! In my opinion, its not a coincidence Mandzukic left the National Team immediately after the tournament. My guess would be some dalmatinci openly supported Kalinic and it eventually affected him just like many loud mouth people do here as well!

    It didn’t help him much that he went from “FAN FAVOURITE” in Torino at Juventus to team-less because a coach (that had no vision) didn’t allow him to even fight for a spot, not playing him a single minute.

    Sure, did he make a mistake and go for the money in Qatar…like soooo many players have done in the past? Yes, I believe he thought that was probably a good decision…until he got there and saw how bad the quality and compete level really was.

    Mandzukic was a lunch-box type of player. He was never really expected to make a name for himself as a great attacker. He went from Marsonia to Dinamo and then to what was supposed to be his MAXIMUM peak at VL Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg paid $7.5 million Euros for Mandzukic and paid $30 million Euros for Dzeko…just to give you an idea of his worth….a year later Mandzukic’s value doubled because he became top scorer) and was never expected to even be much more than a player for a mid range club. Nobody EVER talked about Mandzukic being any type of solution for us!

    Mandzukic went from VL Wolfsburg to Bayern for 1 reason ONLY! He was supposed to be a short term “fill in” for their injured forwards….Mario Gomez and Claudio Pizarro were supposed to come back tot their positions BUT Mandzukic played Gomez out of a starting role.

    He’s human and like many people, he has his tempers and emotions but overall, he’s a quiet person that doesn’t really do much talking…I believe he would have rather walked away and let those who were against him, now have their opportunity on the National team.

    He won’t go back and I support him for that. Sometimes its less headache to argue and try to prove yourself over and over again…he’s done it his entire career. He’s earned respect in my books, considering he’s always had to be soo much better than the next guy because he’s not your usual technical type of player.

  36. Suba says:

    Suker was not happy about how Mandzo handled it either

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yeah the dalmatincis would have thought not another useless slavonac to deal with on the team

  38. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    yes I know what Suker said and I’d be pissed if I were him also, but he’s not a member of the team and probably didn’t experience the situation Mandzo did.

    Anonymous, if you can’t see that many dalmatinci have been making excuses for Hajduk and constantly looking at the interest of their own dalmatinci, you’re blind!

    famous dalmatian line: “sve izgubili dabogda”!

  39. Maminjo says:

    I never heard anything about that.
    Dalmatinci on the team supporting Kalinic? That’s all just speculation.
    Nobody talked about Kalinic starting over Mandzukic for the World Cup. Andrej Kramaric, yes absolutely, because it was Krama who got us into the World Cup with his goals…but not Kalinic.
    It also didn’t help that Mandzo barely scored during qualifying too.
    I get that Mandzo was always a player that was underestimated, and I too was surprised when he took that starting role from Gomez right away and became essentially the top scorer in the Bundesliga.
    But the guy has had issues with teammates and coaches.
    He used to kick balls at the ballboys during practice, lol.
    I think he’s a hardworker, but he’s also got that mentality that he wants you to appreciate him no matter what (even though he was in a scoring drought with us, and it was totally understandable that people believe he should be on the bench).
    Yes, he showed everyone at the World Cup that starting him was the right choice….but he has to understand that (as you enter your mid-30s) it would be better to come off the bench and support the up-and-comers.
    He has an ego in this case. I can’t see him being that type of teammate.
    With him, it’s either he starts, or nothing.
    This is also a likely reason as to why he’s not able to find a new team. He doesn’t want to be a backup for anyone, ever.

  40. Poglavnik says:

    Mandzukic has a huge ego.
    Show me a striker that doesn’t.
    When they’re scoring it’s always someone else’s fault.

  41. Poglavnik says:

    Not scoring

  42. BZ says:

    Good points by all. I think he dropped his “on-field” ego by the time WC 18 came around. That is why I was surprised he retired, but his “off field” ego felt it necessary to dodge the incessant and undue critiques of trolls.

  43. CroatiaU14 says:

    ŠIME SCORES IN COPA DE REY! He’s baaaaaaack 🙂

  44. ElviSS says:

    They are our female warriors and I support them.
    That said I tend to dislike women’s football. To many
    Lesbos especially in America and a England. Not
    Saying our girls are and hope none of them are.
    If I want to watch Leasbians there’s PornHub.

  45. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, I won’t go and search back over 2 years BUT I’m 100% certain people here and other sites were saying Kalinic should start over him. Not only that, there were reports that the dressing room was becoming divided at the World Cup and I recall Perisic saying he felt bad for Kalinic even though he felt he shouldn’t make it an issue at that tournament. I’m 100% certain of it.

    The guys has rarely, if ever had issues with fellow players Maminjo…what are you going on about? Yes, his coach at Wolfsburg and then Pep Guardiola had issues with him…Pep was just a dick…I remember even Dinamo had issues with him as well but man, this is very common with every single club on planet earth!

    I think you’re wrong on this topic and speculating…never a sign his ego got in front of any of his clubs!

  46. Chopper says:

    How about this?! Vrsajlko first game back and after 10 mins on the pitch scores!! Welcome back Sime!

  47. BEĆAR says:

    Šime’s goal.

    On a side note, even though he had literally almost nothing to do, Grbic got the start and pitched a shut out.

  48. Maminjo says:

    I wouldn’t put too much into these media reports.
    I recall also hearing that none of the players responded to Kalinic when he left the team and messaged them all saying good luck in some Whatsapp group they all shared (and then they removed him from the group). But this is all speculation.
    I highly doubt there was some Dalmo/Hajduk clique going on, and I always get touchy about this fake “Zagreb vs Split” stuff that outlets like Index are desperate to create because they are pro-BOJKOT. Yes, there are a few Splicani hooligans who fell for that “bojkot” rhetoric, but they’re nobody, and don’t represent the majority (just like the odd poster online).
    Most ppl from Zagreb are Hercegovci, Bosanci, and Dalmatinci anyway. Look at the names of all our U21 prospects who are either born or raised in Zagreb (Brekalo, Gvardiol, Sosa, Marin, Sunjic, Majer, Moro, Kulenović, Musa, )…all from Dalmacija or BiH. Ivanusec is like the only Zagreb prospect whose parents are actually born near Zagreb, lol.
    Anyway, my point was to stay away from this ZG vs ST rhetoric, and anything you may have ‘heard’ about it, because it’s all bullshit and just a trap to get people to talk about it (and ‘will’ it into existence).
    As for Mandzo…I still think he thinks of himself as a starter is a bit egotistical and not in line with reality.
    Ok, maybe he’s had no issues with players, but he’s had issues with essentially every one of his coaches.
    I think most people would have liked Mandzo to stay on the National Team, but I think most people today would like him on the team for depth purposes (and not as a full time starter).
    I’ve never liked it when people ‘retire’ from National Teams. Modric was right when he said that you cannot retire. You give what you have, until you can’t anymore. But I don’t think Mandzo is wired like Modric to give his all to a team that is run by guys he feels do not appreciate him.
    But he has to understand that he’s not doing it for Suker and Vrbanovic. He’s doing it for the millions of Croats out there.
    The media and some Croats wanted to see Modric in jail, and they dragged his name in the mud to ruin his image worldwide.
    Yet, he still played and continues to play, without ever retiring. I think Mandzo would definitely not do what Modric did. In the same situation, Mandzo would quit the NT in an emotional reaction.
    You can call it speculation, but I think that Mandzo retired because he wanted to go out on a high, and as a starter (not as a player who slowly loses his starting role and plays a smaller part for the NT). That’s putting himself before the team, and yea, I think it’s a bit egotistical.

  49. Maminjo says:

    Good to see that Vrsaljko is back.
    He will be huge for us in these March games.
    If we are planning on having one of Bradaric or Gvardiol at LB too, it will be exciting to see how well we do on the flanks.
    That was a big weakness for us in these UNL games.

  50. Anonymous says:

    The only person who has an issue with this Dalmatia issue is slavonac because he is jealous

  51. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I think you’re trying hard to prove a point about Mandzukic and his ego and you’re throwing in things that really don’t apply to the conversation. As far as I know, Mandzukic had few if any issues after Pep Guardiola…and I think history shows that Pep is only successful if he breaks the bank and buys his team. Many of his players and former players have been outspoken about how hateful of a man he is. Diego Simeone was also retarded after Mandzukic scored 12 goals in his first 20 games and he benched him without explanation or reason…the media sided with Mandzukic.
    The rhetoric you’re talking about was all over this site, do you not remember that? It was all over the media, all over social media and yes those same people tried to destroy Modric’s image…so how can you possibly say it was a few outcasts! Our very own CS had several members, including their Twitter “expert” Zoric repeatedly recycling Holigas articles…snd the CS Facebook page was littered with anti Modric comments, anti HNS…how can you possibly say this was “a few Splicani hooligans” when half the city was protesting daily?

    I’ve changed the way I think because of how I’ve seen these people behave against our own National Team and some of the members. The last 6-7 years wore me down and I can no longer let this go and pretend everything is all peachie, they’re still blaming Mamic all over forums.

    As per Mandzukic, he’s not Modric and their paths are completely different. I prefer Modric’s temperament and personality. I appreciate his dedication and love for our team and Nation but to me, I don’t think Mandzukic is less passionate about Croatia or the National team. I think he’s probably just done with the constant criticism and being the underdog all the time.

    Question: if we were scoring goals and winning games, would anyone here complain that Mandzukic retired? My guess is that most would say he did the right thing and passed the torch.

    I think him leaving demonstrates how good he really was. We miss his work ethic, pressing and warrior attitude.

  52. Eric says:

    The Zagreb-split thing does still exist in split, but not as much in ZG. I spent time in ZG with my Dalmatinac buddy, and then we also went to Split. In ZG nobody cared that he was from split. In split, I got some looks when people discovered I was a “purger” (thats what they called me). My brother is there now, driving a car with ZG plates. He is temporarily living in dalmacija, and whenever he goes to Split, he hangs a hajduk logo on his car to avoid vandalism. Its unfortunate, and I believe the yugo’s created this divide purposely long ago, but it does exist.

  53. Soul Champ says:

    Mandžukić everyday and twice on Sunday.

    His aerial superiority will not decline, his stamina is unparalleled, his finishing is legend. Technically was always underrated, never had explosive speed so you won’t miss that.

    I can see with the economy and his need to be on a good team, as the challenge to find a suitable club.

    But there are so many teams without a plan B.

    Just lift the ball up to him and run off of him.

    He has something in him that wins.

  54. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Yes exactly, anywhere in Croatia it doesn’t matter but once you are in Split, it’s a different ball game. Like some sort of cult!

    I’ll never forget the conversation I had with a konobar last year when I was in Split, I openly asked him about the constant protests and anti HNS and anti Modric incidents…he didn’t even try to deny it or belittle those incidents. He clearly said they are irresponsible and unaccountable for their own downfalls. They see every issue as if were because of someone else!

    Hajduk still sucks…what’s the problem now? We spent 15 years listening to “Mamic je kriminal”…he’s gone..what’s the issue now?

  55. Anonymous says:

    Get over it slavonac

    Let it go and don’t ever go back to split if you have a problem

    We don’t want or need your sorry ass there

  56. Anonymous says:

    Lovren being lovren today then looking at the goalie like it’s his fault…never seen an own goal like that in my life!

  57. Suba says:

    I got no problem with that
    It’s the goalies fault

  58. Anonymous says:

    You guys reckon the keeper should of came for it?

    Lovren could’ve headed it over the bar though.

    Conclusion, who cares, it’s Zenit.

  59. Maminjo says:

    Lovren still messed that up. He chested it, almost as if he was trying to lob it over the keeper ha ha.

  60. Maminjo says:


    I don’t follow what people on social media or message boards say, because (believe it or not) it just comprises the vocal minority.

    There was maybe ONE poster on this board that was maybe pro-Kalinic, and probably like 5 posters who bashed Modric. That’s not a reflection of the people who visit this site.
    Same goes for the vocal minority of Splicani who are die hard ‘Hajduk or bust’ supporters with Mamic being their eternal boogyman.

    But when the World Cup was playing…

    Was there even a sizeable minority of Splicani cheering AGAINST Croatia when they were showing the games in the city?
    Did anyone here actually see a group of Dalmatinci sitting in a cafe in Split cheering out loud in celebration when Griezmann dove and France scored on a cheaply called goal?

    No way.

    Don’t be fooled by the Internet. It gives a small amount of people with an agenda a very big platform.

    Honestly, you could sum up all the “Croatia hate” found on the Internet into a handful of people and organizations.

    – A couple of mainstream Cro media portals (specifically Index and Holiga) both who openly promoted the Bojkot movement
    – The two NGOs who are based out of Croatia and Serbia (who work with AI) and believe in an ideology of having no borders and have been trying to get migrants to cross into Europe illegally (and perpetually bash Croatia online for stopping them)
    – Balkan Insight (a small time website run by Sven Mikelic and a handful of Balkanci dedicated to glorifying Yugoslavia and only post negative stories)
    – Efraim Zuroff (from the nazi-hunting Simon Wisenthal Centre, who seems to be very close to Serbia’s government winning may awards from them, but he’s been pretty quiet now over the past couple years probably due to his age)

    When you google “Croatia”, if there is anything negative…the source is likely from this small group of people above. Some other major outlets may pick up a story, but it’s usually just copied and pasted from these ones above.

    That’s it. That’s reality. We’re probably talking about maybe 20 people who are responsible for 80+ percent of the negative crap written about Croatia on a daily basis.

    So, when someone tells me that there are a bunch of Dalmos posting on CroatianSports and Twitter talking smack about ZG…it means nothing to me.

  61. Maminjo says:

    I’ve been to Split and Zagreb many times and never see issues between the two. You’re always gonna have one guy who may talk shit here and there, but that’s everywhere. Try talking to a guy from Canada about them damn Americans, or East Coast vs West Coast, blah blah. It’s way worse here.
    Being called a ‘purger’ is not necessarily derogatory. It’s pretty common terminology in Cro. Also, just because your brother is paranoid about some kids vandalizing his car (without it even being vandalized yet) is more of a reflection of his American paranoia.
    I see ZG plates in Split all the time. Anyone who has been to Dalmacija has. I’ve also seen Serbia plates too. I would be more worried about vandals in that scenario over having some ZG plates. I’ve never once seen a vandalized ZG car. I’m sure it may have happened…but not worth the paranoia over it. Just avoid parking your ZG-plated car near Poljud during a derby. It’s common sense, and applies everywhere in the world.

  62. The Real Deal says:

    Vjera u Boga i Hrvatska sloga has always been the Croatian way.

    It’s a shame how many of you actually pollute the holy Croatian name.

  63. Anonymous says:


    So Slavonac from Canada was fooled?

  64. Maminjo says:

    No he’s just putting too much stake into what Zoric was posting and is making the false assumption that this guy speaks for most Dalmatinci.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Nah Lovren tried to chest it to the keeper

    Maybe guilty of being too cute

    The goal keeper needs to own that space

  66. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t be hard to fool slavonac I reckon

  67. Andrej L says:

    Holy smokes Sime’s back!!
    Good to see Grbic get some minutes. I’m still on the Dominik bandwagon.
    Feel like the U21s are hoarding our best back up keepers; Nevistic, Semper, and Kotarski.

  68. Anonymous says:

    But Zoric is a big Modric fan and I would think in no way would post anti-Modric articles?

    Surely you can’t be a fan of someone you’re against?

  69. BEĆAR says:

    @Andrej L
    Šemper has been getting regular minutes in Serie B and has been playing well. His last outing he saved a penalty and was MOTM.

  70. Simon says:

    Only an idiot would blame the Zenit keeper for that lovren blunder.
    If there was a Shaq’tan da fool in soccer our king of bone headed mistakes would have been front and center!!

  71. Eric says:

    I agree the split – zg divide is overblown, and perpetuated by a few yugo-nostalgics in the Cro media. I just wanted to mention that unfortunately it does exist. I have never had a problem in Split, always a great time there. I thought my brother was being paranoid too…maybe his Splitcan friends are just messing with him to get a dinamo fan to display the hajduk banner.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunate for Lovren on that goal has too play that ball as it’s in a dangerous area tried too play it back too the goalie but took a high arc off his chest goalie should probably have still tipped it over but didn’t could and does happen too defenders from time to time.

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