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Luka Sučić Can Be The New Modrić

December 23, 2020

Luka Sučić



Written by staff writer CroatiaU14



A new generation of “Luka” is nearly upon us and he has the potential to be Modrić – on steroids.



Yes, yes. I know. That is one hell of a BOLD statement, but hear me out. I fully understand one Luka has won the Champions League four times, is a World Cup finalist, World Cup Golden Ball winner and Ballon d’Or winner.



The other Luka is an 18 year-old kid.




As the door closes on Luka Modrić’s career in the next 24 months, another opens for Red Bull Salzburg’s Luka Sučić; only 18 years of age and currently shining in the Austrian Bundesliga. Yes, he’s barely an adult, but the poise he brings to the pitch could trick a spectator into thinking he has years of experience at the top level. After an outstanding UEFA Youth Champions League run with Salzburg’s U19 squad, Sučić was named to the tournament’s Best XI and caught the interest of AC Milan and Juventus immediately. Sučić now plays for Salzburg’s first team and already has three Champions League caps for the Austrian side. In his Champions League debut against Bayern Munich this season, Sučić completed 93% of his passes, one of which led to Salzburg’s lone goal of the match.



Sučić and Modrić share many similarities. They are always in the right place at the right time, they contain the rare ability to carry the team in midfield, and both players can drop to a defensive role if needed. While both offer a similar midfield magic to the pitch, Sučić is taller, exceptionally pacy, and finds the back of the net much more than Modrić ever has.


Again, Sučić is playing amongst boys – but boys grow up to be men – and this “wonder boy” is already top of his class.



Sučić’s consistency, patience, and ability to shine at the professional level at 18 years-old separates him from other Croatian talents. Let’s face it, Croatian midfielders take years to grow to reach their full potential. Even legends such as Luka Modrić and Ivan Rakitić were not teenage phenoms. Although Alen Halilović was said to be the “Croatian Messi” at the age of 16, his attitude interfered with his skill and progression, unlike Sučić, who maintains a humble demeanor while progressing at a rapid rate. In contrast to Halilović, Sučić is at the perfect club for developing his talents. Red Bull Salzburg excels at integrating the youth into their lineups while finding success in the Austrian Bundesliga and facing massive clubs in European competition.



Luka Sučić adds to a wonderful list of Croatian talents. For all those who think 2018 was the peak of Croatian football- the best is yet to come. Luka Sučić aka Luka 2.0 is Croatia’s new hope once Modrić rides off into the sunset and arguably the most talented youngster Croatia has ever seen.



Remember the name: Luka Sučić. 



Sučić (#25) Goals & Assists



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 36 comments

  1. Skorics Bald Spot says:

    Dis kid is a can’t miss

    @BZ-Big talkin Blaz Z at it again. You think ur hot shit cauz u won a state championship 24 fukkin years ago, u washed up has been. Yea, u dint think i knew who u were? You post the same Mandzukic Rebic Vlasic Perisic Modric propaganda on instagram but ya hate the new kids. U gonna hate on Sucic to?

  2. ARMADA87 says:

    I just cringe anytime we anoint someone the next Modric, Prosinecki, Suker, etc. Susic seems like the real deal, but so did Halilovic years ago. Juat hoping he lives up to the hype.

  3. BZ says:

    Came here to talk about Rebic’s goal, and how he drew the foul for the 2nd goal.

    @Skorics Bald Spot
    What is your problem? Why are you so angry at me? We can settle this if you just DM me.

  4. Soul Champ says:

    I too cringe when I see this.

    But .. I like the Salzburg set up for 18-20 year olds.

    Modrić is now a legend.

    No need to even compare anyone to him.

    Especially because you would have to lead us to a World Cup title or when 5 CL over decade+ career.

    I remember seeing Modrić in 2006 not starting during the World Cup thinking this kid is the goods.

    It seems Sučić has that same look.

    His next move or not move will be pivotal.

    We have screwed up so many 16-22 year old moves in the past.

    Transfer 101:

    1 – will I play?
    2 – does set club have a history of starting young players?
    3 – do they produce world class players?
    4 – have Hrvati thrived their in the past?

    We have been around long enough to know these things.

    RB Salzburg seems to check off all the boxes right now.

    There is no need for all of our youth to go on these needless dark stages of their careers.

    Develop your Self and your game.

    Like Vlašić you will always play with confidence.

  5. Suba says:

    Still it’s the Austrian league but here’s hoping it’s not another halilovic but he does look to be very solid

    Merry Christmas to all Croatian fans out there

  6. Maminjo. says:

    Salzburg developed three of our youngsters so far (Pongračić, Ćaleta-Car and Sučić) and will be further developing Gvardiol.

  7. Poglavnik says:

    I prefer to hope he’s our next world class player cuz there’s only oooooooone Luka Modric!

  8. Medo says:

    Who needs the 2 Luka’s when we have vida banging them in at a Goal a game rate …at least the last 2games…winning goal today for besiktas 1-0 win

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’ll admit I know nothing about this kid but after reading this, I will definitely be in the lookout for him!

    Excellent article !

  10. Markus says:

    I’ve been watching this kid almost every game for the last year, and lemme tell you, Hrvatska is in for a treat. Thank god he chose to represent us over Austria. He moves so well and his passing is crisp. He’s also got an eye for goal, banged them in like nothing for Liefering (Salzburg second squad) and now he’s got the callup. With Szoboszlai gone from Salzburg, he may get a starting spot or will at least continue to be subbed in basically every game.

    Sretan Bozic svima!

  11. Soul Champ says:

    @ Markus

    Thank you for the scouting report.

    So we are talking:


    As the natural progression?


  12. Miloš Hvar says:

    No Austrian Croat kid who is actually good enough to play for Croatia would choose Austria. The key is they actually have to be good enough for us. Now an Austrian Serb is a different story.

  13. Suba says:

    Sucic the wonder kid

    Let’s hope he is not a flop like halilovic Balic or Coric

    Sretan Bozic svima

  14. Razbijač says:

    @ Markus and Ante K.

    People are comparing him to Modrić. But lemme ask you this…does Sucic posses the elegance of Modric?

    Modric with his majestic touch, swift movement…that makes him such a pleasure to watch. When you pay to see Modric, you are getting your money’s worth. (Zidane had that grace as well)

    A player with such elegance comes around once in a generation, Zidane in his time….and Modric in ours!

  15. Suba says:

    Sucic the wonder kid

    Let’s hope he doesn’t flop like halilovic balic or coric

    Sretan Bozic svima

  16. Maminjo. says:

    Hmm can’t seem to post

  17. Maminjo says:

    Ah finally it comes up. Had like 40 posts blocked lol.

  18. Maminjo says:

    I wanted to say that we actually have three youngsters develop in the Red Bull system (Ćaleta-Car, Pongračić and Sučić)… Also, they will further develop Gvardiol too.
    We may have four starters in the future developed by them.

  19. Krk says:

    I can’t post either, it must be due to the sociopathic narcissism of ARMADA87.

  20. CroatiaU14 says:

    Sučić has a much better attitude towards the game, and MUCH more talent than all three of the guys you mentioned. He’s above their level. Especially Coric and Balic

  21. Eric says:

    Gvardiol is going to RB Leipzig, not red bull Salzburg

  22. Eric says:

    Sretan Božić Hrvatski narod!!!

  23. Maminjo says:


    It’s the same Red Bull family, owned by the same Croatian-Austrian billionaire.

  24. Eric says:

    Cool…I had no idea the “red bull” owner had Croatian ancestry.

  25. Eric says:

    Spanish media are reporting Modrić signed on for one more year with Real. I would love to see him at Milan, or Inter..but its probably best for him to stay.

  26. Maminjo says:

    Yup. Red Bull owner was born Matešić. His dad was a Croat from Maribor (not some multi generational Austrian Croat). Dude probably beat the shit out of little Matešić growing up lol. I believe his mom was Burgenland Croatian too.
    Dude is worth almost $30 billion dollars.
    Puts that Chilean Croat family (Lukšić) to shame with their measly $15 billion.
    Fucking losers.

  27. BZ says:

    There is debate if Sucic is even going to be the best Luka of his generation, let alone Luka Modric 2.0. Many pundits think Luka Romero (younger and plays in La Liga) will be better. My money is on Sucic, but I don’t watch either player.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  28. Soul Champ says:

    Sretan Božić Svima!!

    We are ALL blessed to be Croatian.

    Sve najbolje.

  29. Poglavnik says:

    Sretan Bozic Hrvati!

  30. Dannyj says:

    Sretan bozic friends
    If this kid turns out

    Luka 2.0 vlasic Broz being the veteran in the next few years when the real luka retires

    They could boss

    We’ve all said this
    If they are Croats there is no choice
    If they don’t then they never were

    Everyone thought 98 was just a one off
    Then 18
    But we will another run much sooner

    These young kids are hungry
    And since when have we actually talked about having a great defense
    We have been strong enough but surely we will be stronger there soon then we have been in a long time

  31. Crotown says:

    Sretan Bozic from Canada
    I hope this kid is good- but to match what Modric has done –
    I don’t see it- he’d have to take Croatia to a World Cup final and then be the best player in that World Cup- sorry – just hope the kid is good enough to make HNS- bit more than that

  32. Maminjo says:

    You mean Sučić can be the next guy to botch three penalty kicks in a World Cup?
    Can he really kick a penalty into the stomach of a Danish keeper… Then follow it up by kicking it straight down the middle, aiming for the keeper’s toes?
    Can he do something similar against a Russian keeper during the next shootout?
    Can he botch (not one, but two) tackles just outside the box in very critical World Cup games like Modrić did for Russia and England who scored their first goals against us because of it?
    Can he do something similar in a World Cup final where he attempted to block a shot (with his back completely turned) and screen/confuse his own keeper for the game winning goal?
    Until Sučić can do these things, then he’s no Modrić. 😉

  33. Crotown says:

    Point taken- Modric really isn’t our best penalty shot taker and yet he took care of all the subtle play and is the team leader- and mvp of the tournament- not to mention what he did at the club level- it’s embarrassing to compare some unknown kid to Modric- just saying

  34. Black man says:

    Merry Christmas, all!
    Great article U14.
    Rakitić was definitely a winner boy at Basel. He started playing for the repka as a 19yo, which said.
    Maminjo, had you stated RB instead of Salzburg developing Gvardiol, there’d be less confusion. BTW, Mateschitz May have Croatian roots, but he’s about as Austrian as they come…
    Best wishes to all.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Wonder boy*
    Enough said*
    F-ing iPhone!!! 🤦‍♂️

  36. ARMADA87 says:

    I’m a sociopathic narcissist. LMAO
    Can I still be a Jugo loving piece of shit? Or do they have to be mutually exclusive?

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