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The ‘Real Modrić Show’ Is Getting Renewed For One Final Season

December 27, 2020



Real Madrid are adding one more year to 35 year-old Luka Modrić’s contract as he will now stay with the club through June of 2022, MARCA reports. That would cap off an incredible 10-year run at the club where Modric has won four Champions League titles, two La Liga crowns, and four FIFA Club World Cups, just to name a few trophies. He will go down in history as one of the best midfielders to ever roam the field at the Bernabeu. It’s simply incredible what Luka has done in Spain since coming over from Tottenham in 2012 and immediately being called La Liga’s biggest bust.



Modrić has been playing out of his mind this year and has single-handedly carried Los Blancos through the Champions League group stage and to the top (tied with Atletico) of the La Liga table.



I’ve said this before but Modrić is not a fine wine – getting better with age – he is a bottle of Louis XIII. He’s only getting better and scoring more; dictating his midfield like an Italian maestro at the opera. With that said, we already know Modrić will be around for the Vatreni during EURO 2021. With his contract with Real Madrid due to end June 30th, 2022, that only puts him five months away from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.



This definitely makes it more plausible that Modrić’s last tournament COULD be the 2022 World Cup. It’s still too early to know but definitely a possibility. One can only hope.


Modrić 2020 Highlight Reel 



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 23 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    How come they’re not wearing masks in that photo together?!?!?
    Not even a sheet of plexiglass between them?!?
    Kill them! Eat their bones!!!

  2. Soul Champ says:


    Is it possible that Modrić just rests and gets ready for World Cup with the national team?

    He plays a part in all the warm up friendlies.

    He is definitely going to need a break in the summer of ‘22.

    Why even stress club duties?

    Rest all of June and July.

    August begin stamina training.

    Play in September/October friendlies and then tapper down for November World Cup.

    At 37 having fresh legs will be possible with this training protocol.

    We all know that players at top clubs are simply burnt out.

    Modrić has mastery in getting his body ready to perform at its peak.

    A physically fresh and hungry Modrić to make a final run would be epic.

  3. BZ says:

    Modric took a pay cut. Things are bad without ticket revenue.

  4. Eric says:

    Managing Modric’s minutes will be key to his longevity, however as someone mentioned in a previous thread, Luka wants to play as much as possible!! He is not your normal 35 year old athlete.
    The more he plays…the better he gets. Hopefully they can strike a balance to keep him forever young. Enjoy it while it lasts, we are witnessing a living legend in his prime.

  5. Dannyj says:

    Yes he says he wants to play
    Course he has to be mindful
    But let luka do his thing
    He’s made it this far
    Luka knows best

  6. Evo ti kurac says:

    I think Modric is flourishing because Zidane respects him and lets him play to his strengths.

    Coaches, managers should always take advantage of a player’s strengths. Zidane also learned the he cannot bench Modric for critical matches.

    On another note regarding the english hate boner against us. They’re losers. As far as I know english isn’t an official language in Hrvatska and it never will. Go colonize some more monkeys.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Modric might be looking to retire completely from football at the end of 2022 (at the end of the 2022 World Cup).
    Would be interesting if he played his final football match in a Croatia jersey.
    Would be a very ‘Modric’ thing to do.

  8. Maminjo says:

    meanwhile, Mandzo ends his career in a Qatari jersey lol

  9. ARMADA87 says:

    Not sure what’s going on with Mandzukic. Stupid move to go to an Arab league for a payday and now he’s gotten some attention from decent leagues and still is unsigned. Is he just looking for the perfect scenario… at age 34? I mean, Osijek wouldn’t be a bad scenario for him even; can play close to home, play for a great coach and could potentially make history and help Osijek to their first league title (and play some Euro football next year).

  10. Maminjo says:

    Mandžo wants people to lick his balls to play for them, lol.
    He has no more leverage after signing in Qatar, not doing well there, and then not playing for a year and a half.
    Nobody is going to give him a multi year contract or a guaranteed starting role. This is (for sure) the reason that he is not signing with anyone right now. He’s likely not being granted the terms he would like. If he at least stuck with the National Team, he could have showcased himself to show that he is still capable.
    Right now, any team that signs him is taking a wild chance as they have no idea if he is still match fit or if he is still capable of playing at a high level. All they have is a handful of unsuccessful Qatari league matches to go by. Too risky, in a time when teams are trying to save money.

  11. Maminjo says:

    Osijek doesn’t have the quality to win the title.
    Dinamo, Rijeka, Gorica, and Hajduk have better players than Osijek right now. Osijek took a step back from last year, yet they are in second place.
    The fact that they are where they are ranked right now is a testament to how great a coach Nenad Bjelica is.
    He currently has only one loss this season with Osijek. They went winless in their first three games of the season, but that was before Bjelica took over.
    I can’t see them challenging for first with such a large talent gap. Finishing top three would be remarkable, especially with that three-game winless handicap that Bjelica acquired when he took over.
    If he doesn’t become the next NT coach, it would be a travesty. I am rooting for Osijek this season, just for the Bjelica exposure.

  12. Soul Champ says:

    Mandžukić needs to get playing next month.

    Sign a 6 month contract where he has the opportunity to be on the pitch as a striker.

    Then he can go from there.

    I have seen him score and beast at the highest level.

    He comes on a free and would make financial sense for many clubs who simply struggle to score and need a reference point.

    When has he not been fit in his career?

    He is wiry strong and can run for days.

    Curious to see how it all plays out?

  13. Eric says:

    Ya, I really miss seeing Mandzo on the pitch!
    His intensity and work rate was off the charts….a true warrior.
    Juve made a huge mistake not re-signing him. He made guys like Ronaldo look that much better.

    Hopefully he gets a good signing soon. Either way, he should fire his agent for de-railing his career. How can someone in such good form decide to play in the middle east? He wasted a year of his prime playing days, and probably ruined the last years of his career. If no-one else signs him, please please come back to Dinamo!!!

  14. Eric says:

    RE Bijelica:
    Its great what he’s doing for Osijek. A stronger, more competitive Prva Liga is good for Croatian soccer as a whole. I’m still upset that Dinamo sacked him. He would have led this Dinamo squad to a historic run in the Europa League. Too bad.

  15. Mr. Black says:

    Sad news about the Earthquakes in Croatia.


    Rog will miss Euro 2021 due an unjury. A shame since he was doing well this season at Cagliari.

  16. Suba says:

    Dejan is all heart bravo

    The BBB and torcida are joining forces to clean up Petrinja

    That is what hrvatska is all about

  17. Poglavnik says:

    It’s why those chested passes have so much power

  18. Maminjo says:

    It’s his care bear stare

  19. Poglavnik says:


  20. gbvh says:

    Vrsaljko starting today.

  21. gbvh says:

    Modric just scored on a ………………… header !

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think all of Juve know that they made a mistake with Mario.

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