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Modrić Scores Again, Vrsaljko Returns To Starting XI

December 30, 2020



Different week, same story.



Luka Modrić scores again for Real Madrid and is ‘Man of the Match’. It’s scary that Modrić is getting BETTER at this point in his career. Seriously guys, he’s getting better. Real Madrid just signed him up for another year. They might have to extend that offer one more time if he keeps playing like this.



In Real Madrid’s 1-1 draw against Elche Wednesday, Modrić opened up the scoring in the 20th minute with his first header goal in 364 games. Modrić led the attack before heading home a rebound off the crossbar into the top right corner of the net. However, Real conceded a penalty in the second half to split the points.



Modrić was MOTM with an 8/10 rating from SB Nation as he was “the most active midfielder tonight and always looked to move the team forward. Another strong performance for the entire 90 mins. Scored a diving header to give Real the lead. Later placed an inch-perfect cross in the 89th minute but Benzema couldn’t make the most of it. Finished with two shots and two dribbles.”



Modrić Goal



Vrsaljko (R) back in La Liga action against Getafe



Vratija se Šime!



Vrsaljko started his first La Liga match of the season Wednesday after recovering from a length injury spell. He played 55 minutes in Atletico’s 1-0 win over Getafe and now have sole possession of first place in Spain. If Croatia can keep Vrsaljko healthy in 2021 and Kramarić stays on form…grab your popcorn.



A solid re-introduction to the starting XI after Kieran Trippier’s ban. Atlético Madrid did their best to protect him and that stunted their usual lively right-hand side, but Vrsaljko was good — though not ambitious in his attacking. Went off after 55 minutes and didn’t do much wrong — 6.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 11 comments

  1. Poglavnik says:

    The more I watch Luka the more I think fuck Xavi and Iniesta. Nothing personal but Luka is better! They got to play with half the Spanish team at club level and the best player of the modern era.

  2. Soul Champ says:

    @ Poglavnik


    He is better than both.

    His leadership for Croatia and Real Modrić separates him.

    It is why Maradona > Messi.

    Both Xavi and Iniesta were sent packing by 35.

    Luka Is leading the way in big match after big match.

    Plus those two were basically playing for the Catalan national team.

    Luka has earned every minute for his bust to Balon D’or Real Madrid career.

    God forbid if Hazard gets back his form.

    Luka will have even more space to create his magic.

  3. Eric says:

    Sime looked good. As soon as he came off they started having problems in the right back area. That clip is priceless. Can someone please photoshop a picture of Vrsaljko over the walrus?
    Re: Modric: Agree with you guys. He looks like he is having fun out there. He just needs someone who’s “in form” to collect his “thread the needle” passes. After watching some video compilations of Modric’s genius…its funny how many times the forward isn’t ready to receive his perfect pass.

  4. BEĆAR says:

    It’s great to have Šime back. Hopefully he can stay healthy this time🙏🤞
    Now if Bradaric could start seeing the pitch again, I’d be happy. He seems to have lost his spot.

  5. I can see a scenario where Modric continues playing at a high level for a year or two beyond his latest 1 year renewal; f he is moved from his deep midfield position to one where he sits behind the front line, providing support and exploiting holes in the opposition defense. He has that low centre of gravity and can turn quicker than all central defenders. Freeing him from defensive responsibilities could be a new lease on life.

  6. Poglavnik says:

    Luka is a pros pro. I think his longevity can mirror Ronaldo’s. Hopefully he’s learned some things about taking care of your body from that vain bastard.

  7. Poglavnik says:

    Iniesta was riding the bench at 32 and in Japan by 33.

  8. Soul Champ says:

    @ Poglavnik

    Luka has definitely learned how to train at Valdebas.

    He also has played for elite managers.

    He is going to be a resource for decades after he hangs up his boots.

    @ fellow from sello

    I agree.

    His movement is not based on explosive speed.

    His lower power plus intelligence seems to find angles.

    He can play for years with the right system.

  9. BEĆAR says:

    Some more Modrić love.
    Luka Modric just might be the best midfielder in the world
    Luka Modric is the best midfielder of our generation. It is a point I will firmly stand by, even though there are a few noteworthy contenders. At the age of 35, Modric’s performances in the 2020-2021 season are only strengthening the argument in favor of his candidacy as THE best.

    It’s been a gift watching Modric play this season. I hope Madridistas are not taking what Modric is doing for granted, because his weekly level of performances is nearly unsurpassable. Modric has been Real Madrid’s best and most consistent player this season, and that’s the case even when considering what Toni Kroos, Sergio Ramos, and Karim Benzema have done.

    Modric is averaging 1.7 dribbles completed per game and 1.5 key passes per game, according to He has scored four goals in all competitions, showing quality with each finish. Modric’s had a bomb from outside the box, a sweet first-time finish, an outside-the-boot goal to embarrass Barcelona in El Clasico, and even a header.

    But the stats and goals do not tell half of the story. You have to watch Modric to truly appreciate what he does for this team. He is an engine on and off the ball, pulling the strings with his intricate dribbling and pinpoint passing into the penalty box. Modric makes plays few midfielders dare to attempt, and he does so with effortlessness.

    Kevin De Bruyne is an excellent midfielder whom I would never dare besmirch. But if you ask me, there’s nobody I would rather watch than Lukita.

  10. Soul Champ says:

    @ Bećar

    Simply the best.

  11. Josko says:

    Reflecting back on when Modric started at Real Madrid and he wasn’t an insist starter🇭🇷. But fought for a starting spot and earned his his role Zindane and Mourinho saw true talent.God bless the Croatian Spirit and integrity that is Luka Modric . He is is an Role Model that is leading us forward.
    Be proud of our People . We are Special

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