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Croatians Around Europe XIV: Rebić, Brozović Assist In Wins

January 3, 2021

Rebić (12) and AC Milan are still flying high



Ante Rebić will be the unsung hero for AC Milan on Sunday as he drew a penalty in the first half and assisted on Rafael Leao’s chip-shot goal in the 49th minute in a 2-0 victory over Benevento. Rebić is being the same work horse for AC Milan this season as he’s been for the Vatreni in the past. With the win, Milan remain top of the Serie A table as they are unbeaten through 15 matches. City rivals Inter Milan only trail by one point.



Rebić Assist



Brozović (77) had a solid game for Inter on Sunday



Marcelo Brozović played the full 90 minutes for Inter Milan on Sunday in a 6-2 thumping of Crotone, while Ivan Perišić came off the bench in the 75th minute. Brozović had a cheeky assist to Lautaro Martinez in the box for his second of three goals. It’s all Milan in the Serie A table nearly halfway through the season with Roma, Napoli, and Juventus far behind.



Brozović Assist 



Borna Barišić


Borna Barišić had a fine game for Rangers on Saturday in a 1-0 victory in the Old Firm Derby against Celtic. “Usually a key man for Rangers with his deliveries into the box but rarely got that far up the pitch to hurt Celtic. Had one chance with a free-kick that was deflected just wide but spent most of the day chasing Frimpong back the way.” Rangers have an astronomical lead in Scotland; now in first place by 19 points.  Stevie G’s men remain undefeated this season with the win only dropping points in two matches.



Luka Modrić and Real Madrid defeated Celta Vigo 2-0 on Saturday. Modric was given high marks by MARCA as he was “Real Madrid’s motor in midfield, the Croatian was at the heart of everything good for the hosts. His teammates know there aren’t many better options than giving Modrić the ball. After his 83-minute exhibition of excellent passing, dribbling and technical ability, the veteran was replaced by Odegaard.”



Mateo Kovačić had a rough day at the office and was given a 4/10 rating from NBC as he “Lost the ball on multiple occasions and never got to grips with the midfield battle.” Chelsea lost 3-1 to Manchester City.


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 55 comments

  1. Skorics Bald Spot says:

    Yo yo yo and ho ho ho!
    Kvartuc leaves out Brekalo, why? kid is the goods as i like to say. Kvartuc turning into bitchazz bz?
    Where the vrsaljko tracker? tho that fragile fuk was never world class now all yall know it. i was right all along but he did play aiight in the world cup
    Croatiau14/Vuki or whatever your alias is today, you know if sucic playing on tv anytime soon?

  2. BZ says:

    Dude, what is your deal?

    1) There are about 20 guys that are not on the list each week. Ante can’t list them all.

    2) I think Brekalo is good, just not as good as Rebic or Perisic.

    3) Pre-injury Vrsaljko WAS World Class, I think WC18 solidified that pretty clearly. I wouldn’t doubt if he can reach those heights again. @Soul Champ, I know you are with me.

    4) Fuck off Leave my name out of your mouth.

  3. CroatiaU14 and I (vuki) are two separate people. Sucic is still kind of being slowly incorporated into the first team so he doesn’t always play when Salzburg plays, but he usually does come off the bench. I’d guess that if he were to play on TV the next possible time would be Salzburg vs. Villareal on February 18 in Europa League. Otherwise you’d have to find some streams of the Austrian league.
    I would not say Vrsaljko was world class, but that’s probably because we have different definitions of what world class is. I consider players like Modric world class. Maybe Rakitic, Perisic, and Mandzukic as well, but when I think world class, I think best of the best. The reason why everyone is clamoring that we need Vrsaljko is because we do. None of the players playing there since his injury have come close to as good as he was pre-injury. None of them have been able to provide on both ends of the pitch like him.

  4. Eric says:

    Does anyone have a good app for la liga games? My only option on TV here (ontario) seem to be Bein Sports, and it’s way too pricey.

  5. gbvh says:

    I’m in Ontario and have BEIN — very much worth the money, for me.

    And much better than that stuttering/buffering DAZN garbage (which I also have LOL).

  6. Maminjo says:

    I wonder if the delayed Euro2020 was a blessing in disguise or not.
    Vrsaljko wouldn’t have been able to play last summer, which would have been a huge loss.
    Also, we would have guaranteed rolled out Vida/Lovren (now, it looks like we will at least have Caleta-Car start).
    We also have some new LB options right now, plus Gvardiol if he surges forward.
    Our backline last summer would have been:
    Barisic – Lovren – Vida – Jedvaj (maybe?)
    The upgrade to our wingbacks and at least one CB position will be significant this summer.
    However, Modric and Perisic being one year older is a risk…then again, their form has not dropped off (and Perisic was actually coming back from an injury last summer).
    Looking forward to the March games to see if we can firm up that backline (and maybe even try out a new keeper in the friendlies).

  7. BEĆAR says:

    It’s good to see that Barisic is playing well in Scotland. If he’s our worst option, everything will be ok on the left side.

    Same tactic as Tavernier, he was withdrawn in a defensive role to nullify Frimpong. And it worked brilliantly – 2 tackles, 6 interceptions, and 5 clearances. If anyone ever thought the Croat was only about attacking, we hope they paid attention today. 9

  8. Dannyj says:

    Should barisic head to a stronger league?

    We were all thinking man we are getting older. Luka gonna be toast next year Rakitic retired

    But as maminjo said. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?

    Sime maybe isn’t world class but he has above average skill
    Plays with heart for Croatia and that is all we need in our boys
    That’s enough to take us to the top

    As long as Our core stay healthy we will be ok
    Luka at times looks like he is playing against children

    Be blessed boys. Remember you could be Serbian

  9. Dannyj says:

    My concern is vrsaljko and lovren love each other
    If lovren don’t play what happens?

    I sure hope he has enough love for Croatia to put his ego aside if Indeed caleta takes his spot?

    My question is who goes getter with CC? Lovren or vida?

  10. Maminjo says:

    We’ll see who Dalić goes with in these March WC qualifiers.

  11. I Hate You says:

    Lovern was rumored to be homosex
    Capable so his love affair with Sime
    Is plausible.

  12. CroatiaU14 says:

    @Skoric’s Bald Spot
    Grow up buddy. Do you know anything about this site?
    I bet you’d cream at the chance of meeting Šime in real life.
    Vuki said it perfect, Sučić is slowly being incorporated into the first team.
    It’s nice that the Hungarian dude Szabolai or whatever is leaving for Leipzig. Opens a nice door for Sučić to walk through. The kid is talented, no doubt about that

  13. Soul Champ says:

    @ BZ

    100% with you.

    A couple years back Vrsaljko, pre injuries, was playing at a world class level for Atletico Madrid.

    I am glad he has finally owned his rehab process and will no longer be pressured into premature playing before knee is stable.

    FIFA has suspended the Trippier band, so I guess he is eligible.

    All good.

    Šime can’t go from 0 to 100.

    As long as he is in shape for March.

    We should support his process.

  14. Soul Champ says:

    Speaking of Luka :

    Luka Modric — 8: Great pass to get the second goal in motion. Was all over the pitch tonight and read the run of his teammates very well. Finished with one shot, one dribble, one tackle and 93% pass completion. Subbed off after 85 mins.

  15. BEĆAR says:

    Atletico Madrid defender Kieran Trippier’s 10-week suspension for a betting violation has been put on hold by world soccer governing body FIFA, the club revealed on Saturday.
    Tripper, who had played in all of Atletico’s La Liga and Champions League games this season before the ban was announced, was forced to miss his team’s 1-0 win over Getafe on Wednesday. He has also been left out of the squad for Sunday’s trip to Alaves.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nikola Kalinic has been out lately with a muscle injury. That cunt doesn’t even have a single muscle. He’s a skeleton like Busquets or crack whores

  17. gbvh says:

    Ray Hudson said after the game that the Crossian is always his player of the game.

  18. Anonymous says:

    As soon as there is an all white community anywhere, the whole world will change.

  19. BZ says:

    @DannyJ- to be clear, I NEVER thought Luka would be “toast.” I’d take an 80% Modric at Euro24 ALL DAY over any of the young kids, except Vlasic.

    After Wc18 we had this discussion at length.

    Look at Ibra, he is considering playing for Sweden at age 40.

    They handed us our asses the other month, and Ibra would make them waaay better.

    Whether it be long ass telomeres or epigenetics, only thing that will retire Luka is the dumbass media or another really bad campaign where a coach (eg Dalic) makes assinine decisions (eg Dalic in our 2 UNLs)

  20. gbvh says:

    Marca, Modric in top spot:

    Real Madrid’s motor in midfield, the Croatian was at the heart of everything good for the hosts. His teammates know there aren’t many better options than giving Modric the ball. After his 83-minute exhibition of excellent passing, dribbling and technical ability, the veteran was replaced by Odegaard.

  21. Simon says:

    Brekalo and pongrancic both starting …does brekalo get subbed off in the 65th minute after another blasé non effective outing ?

  22. Simon says:

    My bad I was off by 6 minutes 😜

  23. Poglavnik says:

    How much longer does Kovacic last. Down 3-0 at the half. Werner, Mount, Pulisic, Kovacic, how many underachievers can one team start?

  24. LAknat says:

    another Brekalo’s hype
    well.. after all, it’s just a mere lucky and blessed player’s appearance that makes his club prevail!

    so his presence is none | compere to Halilovic }
    At the level of GOD …Halilovic could bless his club for a victory!

  25. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Vrsaljko is world class at his position. He’s a right back, so that’s different than being a Modrić, Messi, Ronaldo, or Lewandowski. Nevertheless, he is world class.

  26. ARMADA87 says:

    I love Sime, but you need to take off the checkered tinted glasses. He’s not world class. He’s been injured for a a few years now and doesn’t compare to other world class RB’s. Does he have the POTENTIAL to become one? Yes. Is he one now? Absolutely not.

  27. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Was he one, though? 😀

  28. LAknat says:

    my mom doesn’t know Perisic and even Vrsaljko
    but asking her for Ronaldo, Messi, Modric, even Lewandowski
    .^. she knows. that’s why we call these players world-class >

    you are doom with your mindset :L
    and everybody is here so BS )I no one makes any sense!

  29. Maminjo says:

    Vrsaljko’s value to us is almost as high as what a “world class” player would be for our midfield due to our lack of depth at RB.
    Having a guy like Jedvaj or someone else back there (other than Vrsaljko) takes away from what players like Modric and Brozovic can provide in the midfield (with one of them having to assist in covering that right side on defence)…and also, takes away from what our forwards can provide (by not having a wingback on that side to assist in the attack).

  30. BEĆAR says:

    Šime Vrsaljko
    A more lively performance from the Croatian than his return last week. Got up the line regularly in the first half and delivered a couple enticing passes — though he lost the ball with one misplaced pass. Atlético’s attacks went down the left and Alavés tried to take advantage of Vrsaljko’s lack of rhythm. Lucky to have Giménez handling business beside him, but promising overall — 7.

  31. Eric says:

    Pongračić was solid againt a strong Dortmund attack. Very strong defending vs Haaland. Too bad he picked up a knock, and had to come off. Brekalo was pretty much invisible.

  32. BEĆAR says:

    Šime isn’t, never was and never will be”world class”. That being said, he’s our best option out there and I have no qualms with that. He’s an excellent player. Tripper being able to play the next little while until his suspension is upheld (even if it is shortened) is ok with me. It let’s Vrsaljko ease back in.
    Pongračić keeps picking up these little knocks and it concerns me. Hopefully he doesn’t suffer any serious injuries. He and CC are the future. They’re probably a lock for the World Cup, with an outside shot this summer. With a healthy 🤞Šime and a progressing Bradaric, the back line looks as good as it ever has.
    Of course, Gvardiol is the wild card, and what a wild card to have. He’s our best prospect back there in a long time and it looks like he can displace anyone back there. What a possible luxury to have.

  33. BEĆAR says:

    Solid game from Ante.
    Rebic (7): After the goal against Lazio, Ante was eager to get another one but the red card meant he got another role, defending a lot. Prior to that, he won the penalty and then also assisted Leao in the second half.

  34. Maminjo says:

    A year and a half ago, most people hadn’t even heard of Gvardiol, Bradarić and Pongračić. Maybe just Sosa and of course Ćaleta-Car.
    Now, you’ve got three new guys capable of starting in our back line, as soon as this summer.
    This is why it’s important to always keep your eye on your youth and transition from the old to the new as soon as you can. Don’t wanna get caught in another Pletikosa situation.

  35. LAnats so bright says:

    LaKnat you are a babbling fool

  36. BZ says:

    Can we put the Brekalo vs Rebic debate to bed? I won, and it wasn’t even close.

    Regarding Sime, I am not usually prone to steal jokes from Jeff Foxworthy but:
    1) if you can start for the top team in La Liga, you might be a World Class player

    2) If you performed highly, while injured, for the Silver Medalists in a World Cup, you might be a World Class player

    3) If you can comeback from multiple injuries, and shutdown defending Champions League Champs on their turf (v Liverpool last year), you might be a World Class player

  37. Medo says:

    It’s criminal how little love Rebic gets for his effort yesterday.
    The PK kessie scored was 100% created by Ante’s anticipation and quickness closing down the defender.
    Their 2nd Goal by leao was assisted by Rebic yet he gets ZERO recognition on his efforts on those goals or his defense when they went a man down from the AC fan boys, or other observers.
    They talk about Zlatan even though he hasn’t played in weeks…embarrassing!

  38. CroatiaU14 says:

    You’re absolutely right about all of that. BUT as long as he brings the same energy and impact to the Vatreni, whether is unsung or noticed, it’s all good. As long as he contributes to the National Team’s success, it’s totally fine man!
    We’re Croatians. Our players are never gonna be talked about as much as a French, German, or Spanish dude. That’s why Modrić shocked the world in 2018; and he gets hate for NO reason

  39. CroatiaU14 says:

    17 year-old Franjo Ivanović was on the bench for Augsburg. He’s an attacking midfielder. Been great for their youth

  40. Anonymous says:

    Vrsaljko Might not be steadily known as a “world class” player due to injuries and like most Croats a late bloomer but his WC18 form was World Class and that’s where most exposure to the world including scouts/managers and anyone who watches the most televised event in the world comes to play. He was decent before that tourney and had an excellent tournament involved in many crucial plays – early Denmark goal, save off the line in ET from stones corner header and obviously the sublime pass to perisic for the opener. Hard to predict man of match for England semi (I’d go with perisic, goal and assist in the winner) but as well as Modric and Vrsaljkos performance – it’s not an easy decision as Sime set one up for Ivan and saved a sure goal.

  41. BEĆAR says:

    The problem with Rebic is that is doesn’t matter how many good things he does, it’s the bad things that stick in people’s minds. He can have a goal and assist in a 2-2 match, but when he misses the game winning sitter in the closing seconds, that’s what most people remember.
    If he could convert just half of those missed chances, he’d be elite and dare I say, damn near World Class.

  42. Maminjo says:


    He’s Austrian Croat too, no?

    I almost feel sorry for Austria. We took Kovačić from them and we don’t even care about him.
    Sučić will probably get capped within a year or two with our senior team, and now this kid?

  43. Dannyj says:

    Fuck Austria
    But thank you for developing our boys;)

  44. Suba says:

    Don’t feel too sorry for the Austrians

    They should concentrate in developing more of their home grown talent and not rely on kids of Balkan heritage

    Although my heart skips a beat when they don’t choose croatia especially the Croatian boys from Germany

    In most cases they choose Croatia because the passion is there to play for croatia and sometime not good enough to break the German national side

    The cookie always seems to fall in our favour except for pulisic so luckily not too many American Croatian boys don’t make make even so with Canadian Croatians

    Most Australian Croatians of real talent would choose croatia

    But really on Marko viduka or mark Bosnich would have made the Croatian national side

    Maybe Ned Zelic for a period in time

  45. Anonymous says:

    Carlo Ancelotti picks his dream midfield

  46. CroatiaU14 says:

    Yeah Maminjo, he is. We’re gonna take all of em 😉

  47. LAknat says:

    oke amateur-0

    l clarify these players into some class _

    – Modric
    – Suker
    – Boban

    – Prosinecki
    – Boksic
    – Rakitic
    – R Jarni
    – Asanovic
    – Perisic
    – D Srna
    – Mandzukic
    – Ivica Olic
    – Ante Rebic
    – Niko Kovac
    – Robert Kovac
    – Dario Simic

    – Igor Tudor
    – Vrsaljko
    – Corluka
    – Brozovic
    – Bilic, Stimac
    – Kovacic

    – Kramaric
    – Mladen Petric
    – Goran Vlaovic
    – Dado Prso
    – Eduardo
    – Milan Rapaic
    – Milan Badelj
    – Igor Biscan
    – Vlasic
    – Brekalo
    – Kranjcar
    – Vida, lovren
    – GK Ladic
    – etc

    – All Goal Keeper (ex Ladic)
    – Pasalic
    – Strinic
    – Pivaric
    – Simunic
    – etc

  48. Poglavnik says:

    No Halilovic?

  49. Eric says:

    I think Lovren would disagree with your ranking 😮

  50. Real Deal says:

    I love it when someone comes up with a list!
    I would just rank those players as either A, B or C graders.
    I think Croatia has had more than 3 A graders?

  51. Anonymous says:

    AC Milan is just another irrelevant Italian club without Croatians.

  52. Poglavnik says:

    There’s a Simic on AC Milan’s women’s team. Must be Croatian. She’s good looking

  53. gbvh says:

    List: So “decent” is considered better than “good” here?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Laknat – decent is not a word that goes above good …get your wording right friend – if u can’t use your own go by fifa video game standards lol- legendary – world class- professional – semi-professional and amateur – and I’m pretty sure Eduardo is above not bad as if that chirper from Birmingham didn’t break his leg we most likely woulda won euro 08 as he was a clinical striker for us up until that horrific injury – a lot of questionable ratings by u in there – not gonna comment on all but I’m sure most can agree u got some holes in your idealism

  55. Anonymous says:

    Dudu being the 2nd leading scorer for us of all time
    Doesn’t put him in your 4th tier funny descriptive wording category

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