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Mandžukić In Talks With AC Milan To Join Zlatan And Rebić

January 14, 2021



Is Super Mario finally ready for his encore?



SempreMilan – a credible source – is reporting that ‘Super’ Mario Mandžukić is currently in talks with AC Milan to join the club on a free transfer for the rest of the season. At 34 years-old and a full tank of gas, as he didn’t play in 2020, Mandžukić is anticipated to backup Zlatan at AC Milan while joining former Croatia teammate Ante Rebić.



Zlatan is Zlatan, but at 39 years-old, he is injury prone and has already missed time this season. AC Milan currently lead the Serie A standings by three points and will be making a run at the scudetto to try and end Juventus’ mighty grasp in Italy.



This would be a perfect match for Mandzo. He’s familiar with Serie A as he played with Juventus for four seasons. He already has an old friend in Rebić at the club. He would be coming off the bench for Zlatan; both players seasoned veterans and similar in the air. He still has something left to play for: trophies.



Mandzo may have retired from the Vatreni in 2018 but he wasn’t entirely done with football. He ended on bad terms with Juventus, but instead of staying in Europe, took a quick cash grab in the Middle East where he played for Al-Duhail only five time. It’s been nearly a full calendar year since Mandžukić kicked the ball around professionally, but that doesn’t mean he still can’t. He is phenomenal in the air and should still be able to press defenses.



Mandzo tried to get back in the game last year when Lokomotiv Moscow attempted signing him in September. The deal seemed complete but was ultimately turned downed by Mandžukić’s agent as the contract stated payment would be made in Russian Rubles instead of Euros. That cost Mario six months and here we are. There were also rumblings that he could join Manchester United in September but they picked up Edison Cavani instead.



Good move if Mandzo plays at AC Milan the next five months? I don’t think anyone here would be against that.


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 33 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    MANdzukic to Milan is a no brainer.

    You are adding another beast to get ready for the business end.

    4 month contract, on a free, gives Milan a low risk high yield prospect.

    I can see Super Mario thriving at Milanello. Get him in fighting shape and put him up front.

    Milan need as much depth as possible if they are going to continue fight for trophies.

    Mario knows a thing or two about winning trophies.

  2. Eric says:

    Fully agree. Its almost too good to be true. Milan needs someone with his qualities, because they don’t really have anyone to replace Zlatan when he’s injured, or needs a rest. This would also free up Rebic to play in his natural position more often. Rebic was often used to fill-in for Zlatan because even out-of-position, he was their best option for a striker.

  3. Only in croatia would a balkan serb trash who screws a nigger and then shits out a nigglet thing would make front page news as important news of the day, lol.

  4. Jamon Iberico says:

    I can’t imagine a more lethal attacking trio than Mario, Ante and Zlatan. Honestly. AC Milan would dominate.

  5. CroatiaU14 says:

    Amazing news. This could be big. Him and Ibra up top would be deadly.
    Speaking of the Serie A, Lazio and Atalanta are interested in Croatia U21 international Dario Spikić, one of Gorica’s most influential players this season.
    Also, Juventus are interested in 16 year-old from Hajduk, MARKO BRKLJAČA. The lad is a very talented midfielder and was born in 2004.
    Side note: 15 year-old Rocco Ziković joins RB Salzburg from Istra for a record breaking youth fee

  6. Maminjo says:

    Brkljaca has the Modric-style hair, and is also from Zadar.
    Just that alone will get him a transfer to Juve, lol.
    Kinda the same way Luka Jovic’s massive transfer to Real is all thanks to him being named ‘Luka’ instead of a name like ‘Nemanja’.

  7. Dannyj says:

    Can jovic actually turn it around and not be a bust?
    Or is it just the case of another Serb riding off a Croats success like modric and rebic

    Mandzo to Milan would be so cool
    It’s crazy that Someone with that kind of passion missed so much And would be good for him to stick it to juve
    They don’t want to admit boy that’s pretty well all Croat dominated forward

  8. Eric says:

    Manzdo + Ibra + Rebic: That’s one intimidating front line. All three of them always look pissed-off.

  9. Markus says:

    This kid is 13 now but the clips are mostly from when he was 10-12. Plays like a mini Messi, keep an eye out for him. Also, can anyone tell me more about Brkljaca and Zikovic? What kind of playstyle, who do they resemble, possible potential, etc?

  10. Maminjo says:

    As biased as I may sound, I don’t think Luka Jovic was ever good enough to warrant that transfer…nor will he turn it around. Maybe a mild turnaround, where he goes to a lesser league…but nothing close to the level expected.
    He absolutely did ride the ‘Balkan’ coattails where ignorant westerners still group Croats with the rest of the former Yugo countries (in terms of being the same thing, including football talent).
    They need to recognize that ‘balkan’ footballers are mediocre…and that CROAT footballers are world class.
    Just our last World Cup squad alone could probably beat a former Yugo (non-Croat) All-Star team from every era, lol.
    These western clubs can continue to buy attacking players like Jovic, Zigic, Kezman, Mitrovic, Grujic, Ljajic, Tosic, Sulejmani, etc…thinking that it will result in it becoming a talent like Modric, Mandzo, Perisic, Brozo, Krama, etc…but it won’t. There is so much data that has proven otherwise, lol.
    As the slogan goes…
    Kupite Hrvatski!

  11. Medo says:

    My nephew 5 months years old ..kicked the juice box out of his crib with both feet at a ferocious velocity…Keep your eyes peeled on this future bad boy.
    His name stipe ambedextrich!

  12. crnkovic says:

    mijatovic, stojkovic, savicevic, vidic, handanovic, jugovic, mihajlovic, susic, jozic. don’t say these players arent world class. of course we are the best but there is talent everywhere, dont doubt it. or it will come back to bite you in the ass

    dont kick a man when he is down. that is for cowards

  13. gbvh says:

    Šutalo scores for Atalanta.

  14. gbvh says:

    The Mandz to Milan would be awesome.

  15. CroatiaU14 says:

    Yesss Šutalo!!! The goal is posted on CroatianSports Instagram page

  16. Maminjo says:

    That’s a nice lineup. Would still lose to us though.
    Also, Jovic is not down. He’s up…a LOT. Millions in fact. He will be fine. He made his money.

  17. Anonymous says:

    You guys are all delusional. Mandzukic hasn’t played a competitive match in 10 months… almost a full year. Not to mention he was playing in a middle eastern league. AC Milan is destined to win Serie A and is dominant. Mandzukic is washed up, old and no gas left in the tank. He’ll end up in a tier 2 league like Russia, Belgium, Turkey or MLS. Milan has Ibra, Rebic, Leao. Lots of talented youth at the front.

  18. Suba says:

    Leao is a good third option but hey it would be awesome seeing Mandzo partner up with Ibra

    Would be like seeing how croatia would have went had Ibra chosen us

  19. Suba says:

    Take it easy brother

  20. Suba says:

    And oh half of them are Crni gorcis

  21. Maminjo says:

    Most of the players on that list played on the ’98 Yugo team that got bounced in the second round.
    Solid team, but nothing close to us. They were masters of drawing good teams (like Spain in qualifying and Germany in the World Cup)…but there’s a big gap between DRAWING elite teams and actually BEATING elite teams (like we regularly do).
    You don’t get to be called world class if you can’t beat a single world class team.

  22. LAknat says:

    all non – believers with their new Gods!

  23. caine says:

    @Anonymous perfectly true…Mandzo now is not the Mandzo in his prime.

  24. Soul Champ says:

    Mandžukić will be ready as he always is.

    The layoff will have rejuvenated him.

    The hunt to beat Juve for the scudetto is all the motivation he needs.

    He is wire strong and doesn’t carry extra weight.

    He finishes everything around him in terms of goal scoring opportunities.

    Never has relied on speed.

    He can run for days.

    Will have a focused role.



    Knows a thing or two about training and winning titles.

    At Bayern and Juve showed his quality before there were regime changes.

    Agent gave BS advice with Middle East move.

    All Croatians Milan was the vision of Boban and it will win the scudetto for them.

  25. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    I think this is a tough one. as much as I like Mandzukic, he hasn’t played at the highest level in 1.5 years, thats definitely a long time. I fear he’ll get a muscle injury at the very least. his timing and game fitness will most likely be way off. training vs playing competitive at the highest levels are two very different things.

    I guess we will see how well he can adjust.

  26. Maminjo says:

    He’ll be good as a joker off the bench.
    Though I’m sure he has plans to take a starting spot in the medium term.
    Zlatan will probably retire this year (the man is turning 40). So, Mandzo will have less competition if he stays on.

  27. Dannyj says:

    Like the article said
    It’s a relatively low risk for both of them
    Mandzo can see what he has left in the tank but the guy is different as he runs on a lot of passion
    Ya he is not in game shape but I bet he trains like an animal

    He will use motivation of showing he is still something, beating juve and more to fuel him

    Can his body break down. Yes. Is he lean and strong and didn’t have excessive breakdowns in the past. Yes

    Milan can try it. It’s cheap.
    Milan will prosper Huge from bobans influence

    May boban go somewhere and make a Croat all star team like Barca back in the day
    Then my friends a tourney would be ours

    Imagine playing a system like we play for Croatia regularly and together

  28. Stipe says:

    It doesn’t matter how much he’s been training. He should leave the game. I love him, I don’t want to see him embarrass himself in Milan? Zlatan is 39 but has been playing every year. Too much time has passed since Mandzo played.

  29. Pero says:

    Mario has the fart 💨 of a lion 🦁 he never runs out of gas.
    He will sniff out the odd goal without leaving a stink in the dressing room

  30. FartOfALion says:


    “Most of the players on that list played on the ’98 Yugo team that got bounced in the second round.
    Solid team, but nothing close to us.”

    Not even sure if you can call it a solid team. Keep up the good work Maminjo!!

  31. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    I like Sutalo in the CB mix for us. Our defense definitely is moving in the right direction for the long term.

  32. I agree with Soulchamp regarding Mandzukic. He appears to be naturally lean and probably remained fully professional in his approach to training. His timing will be off but I think that would come back quickly. If anything, his time away from top level competition will have him rested and a great wildcard or joker off the bench, as someone previously mentioned.

  33. Soul Champ says:

    Zlatan had knee surgery at age 35!

    Mandzukic has been healthy his whole career and has rested his body the last year.

    Of course he needs time to get into peak form.

    But he knows how to train.

    He knows Serie A.

    He is fresh physically and hungry to get back at it.

    Milan will play meaningful matches all spring.

    He will make his mark.

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