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Argentina Beats Croatia 23-19, Cowboys Now Have 1% Chance At Quarters

January 22, 2021



Oh boy. Another ugly game where Croatia couldn’t have come out flatter.



Argentina started the match on a 5-0 run – and although Croatia caught up with the South American side – Argentina had the edge for all 60 minutes. With the loss, Croatia now need to beat Denmark on Monday and hope Qatar wins against Argentina to make the quarterfinals. 1% that happens.



The Croatian Cowboys have come out flat in four games this tournament and it’s finally caught up with them. Let’s see if they can pull off a miracle on Monday.





Croatia takes on Team Argentina Saturday with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line. If Croatia win, they are in. If not, they have quite the mountain to climb, having to play mighty Denmark in the Main Round finale.



The match can be streamed on ESPN+ in the States.






Besides a first game hiccup, where Croatia came out flat and drew Japan, the Cowboys have won all their matches at the 2021 World Handball Championships. Have any wins in the preliminary round been impressive? Absolutely not.



In the first match of the Main Round Thursday, Croatia made quick work of Bahrain, winning 28-18 with Bahrain never close to being in this game.



Now the real tournament starts.



Croatia have two matches remaining in group play. They face Argentina on Saturday (Noon ET) and Denmark Monday (2:30PM ET). It’s pretty simple. If Croatia beat Argentina on Saturday, they will clinch a spot in the quarterfinals. If they don’t, they’re in trouble.



The way Croatia has been playing, they should get past a decent Argentina side but Denmark will beat them. Even with injuries hitting the team hard, they cannot have a poor performance against the Argentines with so much of the tournament lefty to be played. It would also take a lot of pressure off the Denmark match on Monday.



The matches can be streamed on ESPN+ in the States.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 3 comments

  1. caine says:

    @ Ante…looks like you love trolling the Argentines,may God have Messi on you Ante.
    Cowboys all the way,fuck Denmark lol

  2. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    Their fans were absolute garbage in Russia…

  3. BEĆAR says:

    So far, Qatar has done what we needed. We’re down by 2 at half-time. Still difficult, but at least it’s possible.

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