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Miocic/Ngannou Winner Will Face Jon Jones

February 12, 2021



What’s the lesson here, kids? Well, that life isn’t fair.



Oh, and that the UFC ranking system makes zero sense and has little to no integrity.



UFC president Dana White stated earlier today that the winner of March 27th’s UFC Heavyweight championship fight between Miocic and Ngannou will face Jon Jones later in the year for the heavyweight belt, Yahoo Sports reports.



Am I hearing that right?



The current heavyweight champ – Stipe Miocic – who has trucked absolutely everyone in the heavyweight division and has already beat Ngannou once, has to beat Ngannou again to set up a fight with Jon Jones. Jon Jones has never fought in the heavyweight division and is receiving the ultimate fastpass to an undeserved title shot just to sell tickets and pay-per-views.



I get that fighting is a spectator sport and you want to get the sexiest matchup for Saturday night, but c’mon man!



Miocic is the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time. He just defeated Cormier twice in three fights. He already beat Ngannou in five rounds. This is an absolute slap to the face of Miocic and the entire heavyweight division. What is Dana White doing here?



If you’re going to fast track Jones, set up a fight between him and Ngannou. The winner gets Miocic. That makes more sense to me. But this is just dumb. It’s like putting Brazil in the World Cup Final every four years just because they’re Brazil. Dumb.



Miocic is 38 years old. I hope he mops the floor with both of them and rides off into the sunset as the undisputed heavyweight G.O.A.T.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 15 comments

  1. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Yeah that’s unfortunate but just how it works at least with the UFC. They hope Miocic loses and Francis JJ fight afterward. Look at Mcgregor’s track record, all you need to know. Money first. I think Bellator, although second to UFC, isn’t as bad when it comes to making matchups. They’re pushing for Porier McGregor 3 when it should be Oliveira vs Porier, Gaethje vs Chandler and Mcgregor vs either Hooker or Ferguson or Ferguson vs Hooker.

  2. Suba says:

    Happy 110th birthday to my beloved Hajduk

    I for one can’t wait till you get back to your former glories

  3. Anonymous says:

    I watch my UFC “ppv’s” for free on this great app that I’ve got!

  4. Iggy says:

    This is kinda expected

  5. Poglavnik says:

    Dana Whites a fuckin shyster.
    Cant stand him

  6. Dannyj says:

    Best thing to happen
    Our boy knocks out Francis
    Then says fuck it I retire

  7. Maminjo says:

    Then he would be accused of ‘ducking’ Bones.
    Best case for Stipe would be to beat Francis, then move into boxing…maybe setting up a boxing match with Fury.
    He needs to better showcase his solid boxing skills, then get some people to post him training in a boxing ring to add fuel to the fire of him trying to make the move into boxing.
    Tweet Tyson Fury online, start a little back and forth…It’s not Stipe’s style, I know, but unfortunately it’s the way you get what you want.
    Getting one nice cash fight in a boxing ring is worth several UFC fights. Stipe probably has two fights left in him before his already slurred speech gets worse.
    Though it would be a cool fight (Stipe vs Bones) and essentially the last good heavyweight fight left for a long time.

  8. Poglavnik says:

    Tyson Fury would annihilate Stipe.

  9. Poglavnik says:

    But at least he’d make some decent coin cuz that asshole Dana White wouldnt be promoting it.

  10. Maminjo says:

    Well yea, it’s a different sport entirely.
    Even the best Futsal players in the world struggle to be decent pro footballers, and the two sports are pretty much identical.
    Boxing and MMA is very different. It’s just a novelty to pit the two against one another and everyone knows that a boxer would get annihilated in an MMA fight (which is why they would never do a fight in reverse).

  11. Anonymous says:

    No way would a Miocic Fury boxing match draw anywhere near the interest of McGregor Mayweather. The main reason why the latter drew such interest is b/c McGregor is a great promoter. Besides, I think it’s a bad idea to make yourself a sacrificial lamb for $. Only if Miocic could get a heavyweight boxing champ to at least agree to standup fighting w/o kicks but w/ dirty boxing allowed, clinch, elbows, hammerfists, etc. with MMA gloves. Then you’d be leveling the playing field somewhat.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That Alen Babic guy would knock Miocic the fuck out in boxing, Hrgovic would kill him, and you guys are talking about Fury?
    Miocic vs Fury would be nothing but money grubbing on Miocic’s part, he damn well knows himself he would get knocked the fuck out.

  13. Maminjo says:

    Just the same as those guys know they would get broken in half by Miocic in any sort of a real fight.
    Yes, this obviously would be a money grab and no pro MMA and pro Boxer should be expected to win at each other’s sport.
    That would be like assuming that LeBron James being better than Nikola Karabatic at handball. I’m sure LeBron would fare pretty well with his athleticism, but he would get killed in the sport against other professionals.
    The MMA vs Boxing crossover is still a novelty that can be cashed in on. Yea, Stipe would taint his legacy a bit, but no more than Dana will taint it by using every opportunity to have him lose his belt against Francis and Bones.
    Bones, IMO, is on PEDs and will get away with it thanks to Dana.
    It’s tough having the entire MMA trying to do what it can to remove you as their champion (because you’re not as marketable to them) and you still only make a measly half million in these title fights, despite the cheating and bias going against you.
    I just want Stipe to make as much money as possible before we all see him looking like a vegetable when he’s in his 60s, speaking incomprehensibly from all those head punches from fighters like Ngannou and Bones (who are both obviously on roids), and possibly dealing with his wife potentially bailing on him in the future (which many of these athlete wives do, especially those they didn’t meet until after they went pro).

  14. Stipe says:

    Stipe has nothing to prove.

    I really hope he wins. If he does win, Stipe wouldn’t be able to contain Jon Jones. Jon Jones is a different type of animal. He’s tall and skinny. Ngannou is a guerrilla.

    In the first Francis Ngannou fight. Stipe took some nasty punches to the face. Any other person would’ve dropped. But Stipe over matched Ngannou with his grappling. The more rounds this fight goes the better for Stipe.

    Basically Dana White just wants to see Stipe get knocked out badly. That’s all. Dana White resents the fact that his Greatest Heavyweight Champion of ALL TIME is still the champ. Stipe doesn’t sell tickets.

  15. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @Stipe – exactly.

    It’s sales. I still think if Mcgregor was American he would sell less. If Miocic was born in Croatia there would be possibly a push. Khabib has a country behind him. They also look at that because they know how many sales come from that country. If GSP was American I bet you Dana would have liked him less but Dana could see how many ppv buys were coming from Canada to watch GSP the same way he sees how many Irish fans tune in for Mcgregor. Personality, country and fighting style = your sales. If you sell that’s what matters most unfortunately.

    Do you guys think UFC has hit its peak with how similar it is to WWE? Or is there more to come? Do you guys think it’s good or bad for the sport?

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