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The Kramarić/Hoffenheim Break-Up Is Coming

February 16, 2021



Andrej Kramarić – Hoffenheim’s all-time leading scorer – is not happy.



Krama has recently expressed that he is not digging the style of play Hoffenheim have been putting out on the field, Sportmob reports. Even with their Croatian finding the scoresheet nearly every weekend, Hoffenheim currently sit 12th in the Bundesliga; only five points from the relegation zone.



“This is mainly due to the fact that I’m not happy with how we play. In the previous seasons, we played attractive and good football, but it’s not even close to that anymore. I have also had a lot of injuries, which cause additional problems. For this reason, I have been quite nervous the last few months, both on and off the pitch.”


When asked about his possible move in summer, he responded:


“Sure, it’s possible, after the Euros. I’m entering the last year of my contract, so it’s much easier to negotiate with other clubs. But it’s still far away.” -Andrej Kramarić 


Krama is a hot commodity and shouldn’t have an issue with a move to a bigger club this summer, especially with interest from Bayern Munich a few months back.



But Bayern is too big of a club for Kramarić. He would surely come off the bench and play second fiddle to Lewandowski. That’s not what’s best for him. Kramarić is only 29 years old and has plenty of goals left in him.



Staying in the Bundesliga would be optimal. Moves to RB Leipzig, Eintracht Frankfurt, Borussia Dortmund, or Borussia Monchengladbach would all be upgrades. Krama’s style would also work in Serie A with so many Croatians finding success in Italy lately. We already know that the England experiment did not work for him at Leicester five years ago.



Kramarić has one foot out the door at Hoffenheim. Where should he go next?


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 20 comments

  1. Suba says:

    Good luck Andrej whatever your next move should be as the time is right for him to leave Hoffenheim
    He deserves a big club move to show his true worth

  2. Poglavnik says:

    AC Milan

  3. Anonymous says:

    Augsburg for mine.

  4. You know, Kramaric might not be a bad second striker sitting in behind Zlatan with Rebic on the wing. Maybe Dortmund would be a decent move too. The other ones are minor upgrades or lateral moves in my opinion.
    Maminjo, I tend to agree with most of what you’ve been saying recently but let me play devil’s advocate here.
    How much do we all truthfully watch all of these young players that we want starting? Because I know I don’t always catch all of Lille, Stuttgart, and even Dinamo’s games. However, from the ones that I have watched. Bradaric and Sosa really aren’t amazing defensively either if we’re comparing them to Barisic. Barisic has a deadly cross just like Sosa. Bradaric is the fastest of the 3 and the best dribbler for sure. I am one of the ones who pushes to start Bradaric too, but I think we all have this false sense that he’s some great defender when really he hasn’t shown that. Hence why Dalic was playing him at LW in his first match. In my opinion, Barisic isn’t a great defender, but is at least as good as Bradaric defensively at this moment in time. The thing that gives Bradaric an edge is his other attributes of speed and dribbling. Barisic is a better crosser of the ball for me. Sosa is also decent at best defensively. His best games this season have come when he’s been playing more of a wing back/midfielder role where he’s been able to push forward a lot. If you compare all three of these players’ offensive and defensive stats you will see what I’m talking about.
    So now that I’ve put some data (albeit only one source), let’s continue that discussion. What are the key traits for our LB position? That should determine who should be starting. We also still have 3 months of a season left to go to see what develops as well.
    Now for Josko Gvardiol. I’ve watch Dinamo the most out of the teams listed and Gvardiol is definitely a huge talent, but he’s been playing LB all season because Dinamo doesn’t really have a LB other than the declining Marin Leovac. Gvardiol is a natural CB, but even from just this season you can see he is still young and makes a few silly mistakes. It helps that Dinamo is the best team in the league so his defensive duties are not as necessary as they would be on a team like Leeds United where he almost signed. I’m quite happy he didn’t go there because their defense isn’t great and they play a really nice attacking play style but get exposed a lot because they obviously lack the world class ability to play that way while still defending well. Conceding that often probably would not be great for Josko mentally, but who knows.
    So when it comes to the national team where does he play if we call him up? LB even though we claim to have those 3 capable LBs? CB instead of Lovren/Vida where he hasn’t played much all season other than for the U21s really? I would argue CB if he was going to play because that’s where we need his strengths, but I’m not going to claim that he is going to be our savior defensively already. I’d like to see him called up to give him, but like I said on the other thread. I don’t see it happening in March with the U21 Euro group stage and us playing only one challenging team out of 3 matches. Honestly, if we truly want all the young guys to get a shot we’re gonna have to hope they don’t get out of their group of Portugal, England, and Switzerland. I am personally hoping they do well, but for those that want the younger guys called up, that’s likely what you’ll have to hope for.
    Again though, Dalic holds all the cards. All we can do is wait and see what he has planned.
    Also, quick note on Livakovic. I think his confidence is just low right now. I’ve never claimed he’s some insane keeper. I’ve always said he seems to be really good at saving short reactionary saves, but long range shots seem to really test him. As of now, he looks to be our best keeper. Grbic doesn’t play at all for Atletico. Nevistic looks to be a decent keeper, but has only been tested at Europa League level at the highest. Semper looks decent when I see him play, but again he’s with the U21s. I think a decent club is going to sign Livakovic this summer as well because Dinamo signed Nevistic to replace him already and have young Renato Josipovic coming through their ranks as well as Dinko Horkas on loan at Varazdin. With all that being said, I will be very very very surprised if Livakovic is not our keeper this summer.

  5. Markus says:

    Livaja is off to Hajduk.

  6. Poglavnik says:

    Perfect Hajduk player

  7. Markus says:

    Yep, very good signing for them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

  9. ARMADA87 says:

    Good for Hajduk and the Livaja signing. I could see Livaja leading the league in goals next year. He had some pretty consistent form with AEK. Would be nice to see him put up numbers for Hajduk and parlay some good form into a move at a petica liga.
    Actually happy that Andrej is unhappy with Hoffenheim. He’s going to be going to the Euros without a new team potentially and a lot to prove, which is fantastic for the NT. Hope this Euro is his coming out party and he can parlay some good performances and go to a big club where he can be a regular starter.

  10. gbvh says:

    Rakitic subbed at halftime. Bad pass led to Dortmund’s third gol.

  11. Maminjo says:

    Hopefully Dalic recalls Livaja, Cop and Santini back to the NT

  12. Maminjo says:

    Just kidding.
    But on a related note, I just noticed that Santini signed with Osijek.

  13. Suba says:

    Marca has just smashed raketa saying he had brought his lame Barcelona attitude over to Sevilla
    I have always had a soft spot for Livaja
    He could have been just as good as Rebic
    Is it me is caleta car always seems to be flat footed when playing for marseille
    Maybe we need to hold onto vida and Lovren for a little while longer

  14. Maminjo says:

    Anybody watch Dora 2021 for Croatia’s Eurovision entry?
    The songs and production were pretty damn good. Very talented bunch this year.
    They chose the hot chick singing the pop song. She’ll probably do well:
    I like the blind chick’s song though. Very impressive.

    The hardcore hinterland Dalmo tune is good but probably wouldn’t have done well at pop friendly Eurovision.

  15. Maminjo says:

    Unblock my comment with my Dora 2021 links

  16. Maminjo says:

    Probably the last two guys that the cedos wanna see come into Beograd, lol.

  17. ARMADA87 says:

    @ Maminjo
    EXACTLY. Would be shocked if Mandzo doesn’t get one in this game.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Suba, Barca’s current locker room is full of negativity. Rakitic always had and still has a positive and professional attitude.

  19. Iggy says:

    Im just glad for once our entry in eurovision isnt a power ballad, thank fuck

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