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Šarić Solid In LA As Zubac, Bogdanović Gun For NBA Finals Too

March 3, 2021

Phoenix Suns Dario Šarić



The NBA All-Star break is upon us and three Croatians are in position to play in the NBA Finals.



All three are in the West with the surprising Utah Jazz currently in the #1 spot by three games. The Jazz imploded last season in the Orlando playoff “bubble” without their Croatian three-point specialist , Bojan Bogdanović, who was out after wrist surgery. The Jazz let Denver overcome a 3-1 series deficit to move onto the next round while Utah went home. But Utah looks hungry this season and have played the bulk of the first half against playoff teams. Bogdanović is averaging 16 points per game, shooting 46% from the field and 40% from downtown. The Jazz could easily keep the #1 seed in the West which means they can possibly avoid playing both Los Angeles teams.



Dario Šarić and the Phoenix Suns were on absolute fire in the month of February! An amazing 12-3 record last month has catapulted the Suns all the way to 2nd place in the West; three games back of the Jazz. Šarić started the season injured but has since made a huge impact alongside CP3, Booker, and Ayton. In 16 games this season, Šarić is averaging 11.4 points per game and four rebounds. The man from Šibenik is shooting 47% from the field and 38% from three-point. Tuesday night in Los Angeles, Šarić went for 21 points in a win over the Lakers. The Suns ended last season on an absolute tear but didn’t make the playoffs.



“It’s exciting to be a part of this team that is making a serious playoff push.” When asked if he could see himself playing in the Finals, Šarić said, “Anything is possible with these (Suns) guys.”



Ivica Zubac was supposed to be the full-time center for the Clippers until they brought in Ibaka this offseason. Zubac is coming off the bench and playing 20 minutes/game for the Clippers, who currently sit 3.5 games back of the Jazz. Zubac is shooting an incredible 67% from the field; adding seven rebounds and a block per game to his season tally. He’s only averaging eight points/game but his role alongside Kawhi and Paul George is to play defense and facilitate high screens for the scorers on the team. Not bad at all to go alongside making $7 million per year.



Who will come out of the West? One of these three or will it be the Lakers again?


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 22 comments

  1. Medo says:

    Our annual thread on hoops how refreshing..a pity there are only a few of us that care about it on here.
    You’re sleeping on the Spurs in the west Ante..not that they will challenge but you forgot about our 21 yr old power forward Luka samanic who I think is going to better than the 3 you’ve mentioned.
    He’s young has all the tools,and I think the Spurs are going to develop him properly and slowly to turn into something special.
    He’s had 2 nice games in a row had a real nice shooting night his last game against the knicks and was a team high +26 in only 20 minutes of play…the future is bright for this kid especially with popovich guiding him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hezonja with a good outing first time playing for the Greeks

  3. Poglavnik says:

    Let me know when Lebron retires

  4. Branko says:

    Zlatan put Lebum in his place

  5. ARMADA87 says:

    I’m not a Lebron guy, but you have to respect him and his game. Top 2-3 best player ever, no question. I’m talking about on court stuff too.

  6. Maminjo says:

    Yea, on the court he’s top-2 All time.
    Off the court, he’s China’s answer to Uncle Tom.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @Uncle Tom
    I disagree, Lebron is not “Top 2-3 best player ever,” it’s Jordan, Bird and Magic. None of those 3 went chasing championships with other teams like today’s modern players/false alarmers, but rather won championships with the teams they started with.
    Durant is another bum that used Golden State to get his championship.

  8. Poglavnik says:

    He’s like Tom Brady. His resume is great. Nowadays anyone can put up numbers.

  9. Poglavnik says:

    Look at Brees. #1 in so many all time categories and 1st ballot HOFer. Would he be anyone’s alltime qb in a 1 game playoff? Id take Eli over Brees.
    Probably take Eli over Payton too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Tom –
    a black man considered to be excessively obedient or servile to white people.
    a person regarded as betraying their cultural or social allegiance.
    Partizani/commies/atheists are the Uncle Toms of Croatia.

  11. Josko Coric says:

    Croatian Luka in San Antonio looking like a future Stud

  12. Maminjo says:

    They’ve been developing Šamanić pretty slowly, but he’s looking like he’s going to be (at least) a very good role player.
    It’s San Antonio, so they know what they’re doing in terms of player development. Plus they have half-Croat Popović there probably favoring him a bit.

  13. Anonymous says:
    Most colorful worldcup ever croatia vs jamaica in france ac 1998..
    Miocic is fighting naganou.big black monster soon..only cros are tough enough to handle tough black athletes..I hope miocic is ready..serbs are weak fucks stole hrvat wealth during their commy years..godless our strong hrvats to keep us going..especially our soldiers.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I meant God bless all of our hrvat brothers..!!!

  15. Anonymous says:
    Miocic vs nagganou part 2 march 27..I think miocic is gona injure this guy..miocic gets better everyday.. cant wait!!

  16. Iggy says:

    umm Coric just belted the shit out of some serb

  17. Anonymous says:
    This true tatoed chetnik ..took a shit kicking..cant get enough of this ..pos chetnik no weapons on man are as useless as tits on a what a beating weakling tough tattoo bigtime serb mashed to a pulp..but not our bro cro miocic..smashed nagganou..!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Slavonac likes to talk about French history, I prefer Croatian history.
    What about when Frank Tudjman (Tito’s youngest general) and his people killed Croats during and after wwii, and what about what his people did at Bleiburg. I laughed when you Croats entrusted Croatia to him and forgot about the many murdered Croats at communist hands, that’s the only way you guys have that unity that Slavonac from Canada speaks of. Keep living in a fantasy land muppets.
    A bad peace is worse than war.
    – Tacitus

  19. Soul champ says:

    Look @maminjo this cat knows footy he knows Croat cooking he knows cro politics he’s a damn walking Wikipedia
    Now he knows hoops Too,well not really ,pops doesn’t favor anyone in San Antonio that’s why he is so well respected in the league.
    Samanic is 21 he will be far more than a decent role player.

  20. Maminjo says:

    Setting the bar low because I got disappointed by Hezonja and Bender.
    However, I find Prkačin very intriguing.

  21. Z says:

    Has anybody noticed Filip Zubcic is really, really good. I know it’s off topic but it needs to be noticed. Remember Janica

  22. Maminjo says:

    It’s strange that we’ve always been better than Slovenia in winter sports

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