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Mate Bulić – 2012 North American Tour

January 6, 2012

Photo: Dnevno


Mate Bulić(left) with Igor Štimac



Come join Ante Kvartuč, Brane Kvartuč, Matt “GoldenChild” Lebo, Dennis Fistonich and I at St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic church on Saturday, January 28th at 8pm for a concert party.  Croatian music legend, Mate Bulić, is touring North America this month with a final stop in Los Angeles. Mate has worked with Miroslav Škoro and Marko “Thompson” Perković and has been dubbed the “King of the Diaspora” after having more success outside of Croatia.


Ante and I will interview Mate before the show as the Croatian music legend has a sports background and was spotted at various Croatian sporting events, most recently at a Ivan Dodig tennis match.  Bulić has also played in multiple charity soccer matches with Croatian soccer legends, Zvonimir Boban and Davor Šuker.


Tickets to the event are available for $35 by contacting the promoters listed below. For those of you looking to attend the Los Angeles concert, please contact me at We are looking forward to seeing you at the concert.












Date: January 7, 2012

Location: Zupna Hala Crkve Presvetog Trojstva – 2110 Trafalgar Road

Contact: Patricia (905) 334-7922



Date: January 13, 2012

Location: Hala The American Croatian Lodge Inc – 34900 Lakeshore Boulevard

Contact: Ajnco (440) 227-1264



Date: January 14, 2012

Location: Hrvatski Kulturni Centar SV. Nikola Tavelić – 507 West 40th Street

Contact: Johnny (917) 685-5803



Date: January 20, 2012

Location: St.Gregory the Great Slovenian parish 125 Centennial Pkwy N.

Contact: Toni (905) 973-3658



Date: January 21, 2012

Location: Hrvatska Katolicka Misija SV. Nikola Tavelić – 4990 Place de le Savane

Contact: Gabriela (514) 651- 6996



Date: January 27, 2012

Location: Croatian Cultural Centre – 3250 Commercial Drive

Contact: (604) 254-4433 Sena Travel // 604-294-9440 Doma Travel



Date: January 28, 2012  

Location: Hrvatska kat. Zupna Sv. Ante – 712 North Grand Avenue

Contact: Jure (626) 399-6867





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Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 5 comments

  1. AllenInnovation says:

    I hope Goldenchild makes it to the event. Since he’s an alchie and you guys may pre game, he may be left behind and he’ll start crying about the 1998 World Cup team again drunk.

  2. TheGoldenChild says:

    Tears of joy will be streaming since we got Bulic back to LA. Guy is a legend.

  3. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:

    Dont like Bulic! Ivicic brothers R.I.P dani marsan, grdovic, zecic, vuco, my taste

  4. Tihana says:

    Uzivajte – Bulic je legenda, odrzao je fantasticne koncerte kod nas u Njemackoj, a vjerujem, da ce tu kod vas biti jos vise nego fantasticno!!!

  5. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    Hvala Tihana, nadam se da ce biti “fantasticno”.

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