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Mate Bulić: “Uniting Croatians around the World”

February 1, 2012 caught up with the “King of the Diaspora”, Croatian singer Mate Bulić, while on his 2012 North American tour in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Bulić speaks about his upcoming trip to Euro 2012 in Poland, the current state of Croatians in the diaspora and his current 2012 tour. Did I fail to mention that Mate is a Dinamo Zagreb supporter?






Ante B. leading the kolo




You’re not a Hercegovac if you don’t know how to dance “kolo”


Always a party with Mate Bulić


Ante B (left) and Dennis Fistonich(right) were the mini-celebrities of the night


Dennis Fistonich gets a shot with the legend



“Uniting Croatians Around the World”


Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 62 comments

  1. Dukic says:

    always liked mate but not anymore. dinamo? come on!

  2. JP says:

    Awesome job guys.
    Denis great work with the interview, impressive!

  3. Ziva Istina says:

    Big fan of Bulic…..rather have him touring the diaspora than sluts like Severina or any other singer than has performed in Serbia.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great job Denis.

    To ALL OF US:

    We need to follow Mate’s lead and unite, not divide.

  5. Ziva Istina says:

    Sure, it’s easy to lead an unite when the diapora throws $20,000 at you for a concert.

  6. IvicA says:

    He he, diaspora Croats are their main source of income it seems.

    I can’t recall how many times Jasmin Stavros has come to Toronto. You’d figure if anybody would be “umoran”, it would be of Jasmin Stavros.

    I wish there was more of a demand for Cro rock bands like Let3 or Parni Valjak, instead of the typical folk singers. Nothing against guys like Bulic, it’s just that the Croatian diaspora is largely unaware that Croatia has a number of artists that span across a variety of music genres. Whenever I went to a Croatian dance, I could guarantee you I knew what the entire playlist would be before I stepped into the place.

  7. Anonymous says:


    You had to find something wrong. With your money glorifying attitude, he was paid to send us a message to unite. He could, also, be paid and send the message to divide, but he didn’t. I respect him for that.

    Lately, you are annoying a lot of people with your darts. Stop it.


  8. Ziva Istina says:

    You can pay Mate Bulic $20,000 and tell him what to say and he would say it……don’t get me wrong, i like his act, but these guys take advantage of the diaspora.

    @Ivica….I think the diaspora is well aware of the various musical acts in Cro, but most of it is garbage or at the very least not good enough to demand a paying audience in the US or Canada. There are only a handful of Croatian musical acts that could come to the US and Canada and make money.

    A few acts will command top dollar here: Oliver, Thompson, Bulic, Grdovic (if the community has a large dalmo audience) and once every five years if Prljavo Kazaliste comes around. That is about it. The popular acts in Cro wont draw a crowd here. Nobody wants see Severina and her soon-to-be serbian child. Jelena Rozga’s cocaine addiction would cut into the profit margain for any tour promoter in the US or Canada. Gibonni doesn’t travel to the US and Canada because he wouldn’t draw a crowd along with all the other “popular” acts back home.

    But, what is poplaur is the turbo-serbo music. Plenty of communities bring in these clowns and their outings are attended by a good number of yugo-loving hrvati, serbs and mujos.

  9. IvicA says:


    I don’t think a Croatian Rock band wouldn’t draw a crowd here because they’re “garbage”. They wouldn’t draw a crowd here because of the type of Croats in the diaspora. Generally, Croats in the US and Canada are from BiH or from small towns in Dalmacija or Slavonija.

    Croatian Rock is more appreciated by people from the more urban areas like Split, Rijeka, Zagreb, and so on. Nobody I know here is actually from a place like Split. It’s all Ljubuski, Siroki Brijeg, Grude, Cista Provo, etc etc. Nothing wrong with that, but this is where folk music rules all.

    But there are definitely some good bands in Cro outside of this genre. I don’t believe that the diaspora Croats have ever been exposed to this.

  10. Ziva Istina says:

    Your call if they are good or bad. I think most current croatian music is garbage, but that is my opinion.

    I think there is a reason the diapora has not be exposed to them, because it is garbage. I think they are aware. The diapora has Cro TV at home and has the internet to follow what is happening in Cro. Even in the summer months when the diapora is back home visitng, look at the acts that draw a crowd. The big names mentioned earlier can fill some decent-sized locations, while most of these minor acts are lucky to fill an oversized cafe.

    None of these acts can fill big venues unless tickets are basically free. You can’t make money from playing music in Cro.

  11. T.O.Cro says:

    depeche mode?!! LMFAO!!!

  12. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    Mate Bulic was scheduled to appear at 8-8:30pm. Turned out his driver got lost in LA, called the promoter to tell him that he was at Staples Center. Bulic arrived around 9:30pm. The promoter and Bulic’ manager were kind enough to set me up with a quick interview as the diaspora awaited his appearance.

    After the second question, I was pressured to wrap it up, but I had just started. I was hoping to get Mate’s take on Eduardo/Sammir, his euro prediction for croatia, how he follows Cilic/Dodig. I decided to leave out… “predsjednik republike Hrvatske je reka… ‘ima neka mafija’ sta vi mislite o ovome?”

    Bulic might have come for the $$$$, but he’s a class act guy. Who would come for free? Also, how many times have Croatian singers, bands, klape performed for free singing at various trg’s around Croatia?

    From the turnout, looks like LA made enough $$$ to break even for the Bulic fee. Congrats to St. Anthony’s and the promoter for making this happen.

    @T.O. Cro,

    I figured Bulic didnt know Depeche Mode as his english isnt good and is fluent in German. I was going to add to this by asking him if he has any favorite American bands/singers.


    haha. jebiga.



    @Ziva Istina,

    Singers take advantage of the diaspora? How so?

    As far as Serbo-turbo… that shit is all over croatia. I might hate it, you might hate it… but its all over cro and people love it. I dont think it will make its way to the diaspora.


    Parni Valjak would be awesome!

    Bulic came by himself without any equipment. Parni Valjak would be expensive. Only Toronto and maybe Vancouver would at least break even. Not enough interest from LA. I would bet that half of croatians in LA have never heard of Parni Valjak

  13. Ziva Istina says:

    They take advantage of the diaspora in the sense of what they charge knowing that many will pay. Outside of Thompson, nobody in Cro can make the money he makes in the diaspora. Even Bulic is laughed upon in Croatia and has trouble filling seats unless teamed with Thompson or some other “desnicar”.

    I look at the Thompson situation from a few years ago where he basically would go around city to city in N. America collecting his fee and doing nothing to combat the negative publicity that was around his tour.

    Background: The jewish and serbian lobby did a very good job of comparing him and his music to hate music and local media in many of the cities he visited ate it up or at the very least reported on it.

    What did Thompson do…..nothing. He remained quiet. I think in Toronto he even had to cancel his first venue (downtown Toronto location where the owners did not want him after the media shit storm broke) and kept people in the dark until the day off the concert about the location. The organizers did not want the media to know where it was taking place and also under orders from Thompson not to do any news interviews. It made it look like we hrvati had to go around hiding to hold “secret” concerts. So, instead of having someone go out and speak one-on-one with the media – who were interested – and give his/the croatian side of the story, he wanted everything to be quiet so he could collect his money. Forget how the hrvati were being portrayed, which is one of the things he claims he fights for, in the US and Canada he did not want to upset the cart and wanted to make sure he was paid.

  14. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:

    VUCO JANJETINA KURVE I HAJDUK! I dont listen to Bulic i am more Grdovic Ivcic Zecic Marsan Vuco Jelenkovic Klapa Intrade Miso Kovac Prlajvo Divlje Jagode Azra Crvena Jabuka When i was younger E.T Colonia great trash music parties great!

  15. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @Ziva Istina,

    “They take advantage of the diaspora in the sense of what they charge knowing that many will pay.”

    I dont see this as “taking advantage of” I see this as economics 101. Supply and demand.

    The demand for folk-singers in the diaspora is huge compared to Croatia. Most of Croatia is sadly on a serbo-turbo faze and the older crowd isnt interested in Bulic, nor would they break bread for Bulic after listening to him their entire lives.

    A dinamo fan in Croatia goes crazy over a golden state warriors – Sacramento Kings NBA game on TV over a Rijeka-Dinamo game. While a Dinamo fan in the states would much rather watch dinamo-rijeka as the nba is on and available every night in the states.

    As far as Thompson, I have my thoughts about the guy that I will not share. The only thing that I do believe is from croatians in croatia and war veterans.

    Most war veterans are either:

    A) brainwashed from the war, and support Thompson
    B) returned from the war, were not drastically affected by the war, and are not fans.

    You might be right about Thompson. But I wouldnt put Bulic in the same boat. Is Bulic in it for $$$, well shit, someone has to get paid. However, Bulic is there not just to promote his album and make $$$, but he truly loves the attention from the diaspora. Hell, I would tour North America too if I could sell out venues. Wouldnt you?

    If you look at any profession: electricians, plumbers, singers, athletes, etc etc… everyone is in it for the $$$. However, everyone is in it for the recognition. An athlete wants to be remembered as the best. A plumber takes pride in his work a job well done. So I truly believe that Bulic goes to sleep happy knowing that he entertained a full hall.

    I’m not a big fan of Bulic’ music. I like a few songs. However, I would go to support the Croatian community. After chatting it up with Bulic for a little, I realized that he’s not here just for the $$$.

  16. Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ Denis/ziva/all

    looking into the future, I can only pray that this money conversation doesn’t involve the staff of when we are able to bring in a healthy revenue stream in order to grow the website and send our reporters to their given media assignments around the world.

    next stop for Crippler: beautiful Cleveland, Ohio to cover more UFC!!

    however, I just don’t get why Croatians are so touchy with money.

    you can’t live without money. fact. we all work so we can do our own things in life. fact. if you don’t like the next guy making more money than you. worker harder or work smarter.

    if these places wanna give bilic 20k for a concert, that’s on them. if they are doing it correctly, they should be returning a profit for their work. if someone wants to give us 20k to advertise, u better damn well believe we’re gonna take it.

    just remember where this site came from boys when we’re all rich and famous sitting on yachts in the middle of the Adriatic still sippin domaca from plastic coke bottles. ground up without a penny is the way to do it. we might bitch at each other every day, and things get heated, but we’re doing it together.

    Welcome to The Digital Dom boys. I hope we all grow old, together.

  17. Mihovil says:

    @Ante Kvartuč

    Nice post!

  18. Mihovil says:

    @Denis Svirčić

    Great interview Denis!

    Are you going to be shooting any video for the friendly coming up with Sweden? Alpine Village maybe?

  19. Anonymous says:

    @ Denis

    or option C:
    Are super affected by the war, but want to forgive and forget and don’t hold animosity towards the serbs.

  20. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:




    Yes, there are plenty more options. Not just option A and B. Option C is a rare one.

  21. […] dijaspore’ dao je intervju za portal u pauzi između koncerata u sklopu turneje po sjevernoj Americi. U subotu je pjevao u Los […]

  22. Ziva Istina says:

    @ Ante Kvartuč… wrote…….”next stop for Crippler: beautiful Cleveland, Ohio to cover more UFC!!”

    is there really anything beautiful about Cleveland????

  23. Ante B says:

    Svircicu, great interview and even better suit! It was nice having a drink and catching up with you and Fisto. When you guys do great work, it really is great.

    Have any of you seen what happened in Egypt the other day?! Almost 80 dead during a fan riot. I don’t care who you are but this would not happen between the BBB and Torcida.

    Is anybody more familiar with what actually happened?

  24. T.O.Cro says:


    Despite agreeing with you that the promoter of the Toronto show probably should have confronted the media in regards to the Thompson concert, it blew over pretty quickly, so it was prolly best just to lay low… However, i disagree that Thompson is in it just for the money. The proof being the FREE show he did the following summer at Norval (Toronto suburb) with all the proceeds going to the new church. 🙂
    Lastly, the people in Cleveland are AWESOME!!!

  25. JP says:

    Well said Ante. I like the digital dom, well said!

    I also agree that in general we need to stop looking in the pockets of others. Only in Ziva’s world, is getting paid to do a show for your fans exploitation. As if all those who paid the ticket for the show were forced to do so. In his world Bulic should sit on the bench with his baby momma in San Pedro and collect his royalties because it’s a nice city 🙂

  26. Ziva Istina says:

    @T.O. Cro…..nice gesture on Thompson’s part regaridng the church. I still think he screwed up be letting the serbs/jews have their voices heard while he and his promoters did nothing to get their side or the croatian side of the story. It blew over pretty quickly because its a minor story, but to neutral observers they are left with a bad impression of croatians.

    And yes, the people in Cleveland are AWESOME…..if by AWESOME you mean alcoholics and drunks.

  27. Ziva Istina says:

    @JP….exploitation in the sense they take the diaspora’s money and then they go back to ZG and make fun of the diaspora. I’ve been around them and read many of their interview when they go back saying how its a great community but they make fun of the way the diapora speaks croatian. Listen, I all about concerts like Bulic and Thompson. I rahter listen to them than the other 95% of garbage croatian music.

  28. TheGoldenChild says:

    @ Ante B

    Huge tragedy. All sparked by some guys shooting flares at the opposing team. With all the shit going on there, people were just waiting for another reason to let out their frustrations. It’s sickening and a diservice to the sport.

    Listening to ESPN and AM570 I heard the broadcasters touch on the situation. Even though they suck at futbol knowledge, it’s a fact that they’ll now always come back to. Disgraceful

  29. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @Ziva Istina,

    “I’ve been around them and read many of their interview when they go back saying how its a great community but they make fun of the way the diapora speaks croatian.”

    They have a right to make fun of the way some of us speak Croatian, especially the ones that return to Croatia every summer and speak 5 words of Croatian.

    I dont see that as “exploitation.” Bulic came to get paid, but at the same time, Bulic came because he is loved in the diaspora, hence the name “king of diaspora”.

  30. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:


  31. TheGoldenChild says:

    Bulic wasn’t looking for a paycheck. He knew nobody was going to come to his concert in LA.He came anyway, to put on a show for the people that still do love his music and for his family.

    The guy is a good guy. If someone gave me money to sing and come see my family I’d take that.

    @Ante B.

    I know you’re probably ashamed that I didn’t come. Don’t worry. I heard it from my Teta Kathy.

  32. Ante Kvartuc says:

    @ Denis,

    Yes wonderful interview. No one will be making fun of your Croatian anytime soon. I still gotta perfect mine. Gotta move over there for 2 years. Only way yhat’s gonna happen.

    @ Ziva,

    That was sarcasm with a pinch of being cliche. (you have to picture me doing it in a game show voice, only way it works.)

    Ziva Istina, Congratulations!! You’ve just won a trip to Port Said, Egypt!!!!!!!!! See how exciting that is.

    TO ALL:::

    I just received an exciting email. will be responsible for the Croatian correspondence during Euro 2012 for ESPN Soccernet.

    They usually just want bloggers to write about the game but I think (we) can kick it up another notch. i’m looking to see who is interested in possibly assisting us with the writing. I want to blow all other 15 writers out of the water.

    Rob Uvanovic will be in Poland at all the matches…hopefully we can incorporate him somehow and ESPN will let us post video…

  33. T.O.Cro says:

    Congrats Ante, Denis and everyone else at CS on the gig. Sounds pretty exciting!
    Congrats again!

  34. TheGoldenChild says:

    @Ante K.

    They actually accepted your piece? Shit, I guess my stuff is gonna blow em out of the water then. HEYYYOOOOO!!

  35. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    I thought some of us are bad here on the website…. take a look at the comments coming from croatian websites…

    “Mislija san ga branit iz zajebancije, a onda san vidija da mu kolo na koncertu vodi Ante BBB.”

    “Boli Matu patka za DM”

    “Ja volim poslušat i Bulića i DP. Ko vas jebe.”

    “Jadni oni, kojima je on “kralj””

    “Depeche Mode je crossplatform bend, ako si u muzici MORAŠ za njih znati.”

    “šta ga boli kurac, ko da je dave za njega čuo”

    “TI GA MRZIŠ…jer mrziš sve što je hrvatsko”

    “jebeš koncert, ak nema bar..trave”

    “Ne na koncertima dijaspore se ne drogira 🙂 hahahhah jeeeez”

    “haha a vidi novinara još veća seljačina je od Mate”

    “Meni bi bio veći problem da netko nije čuo za Brucea Springsteena nego za Depeche mode.”

    “mate Bulić je iz čitluka, kakav hrvat, on je hercegovac… nemoj mješati kruške i jabuke”

    “Sad će još ispast da je drogirat se na koncertima nešto loše………….
    Oooooooooo svašta”

    “zašto mrziš sve što je hrvatsko?”

    “flajši da nisi ti bosanac?”

    “jao…jao… nije u toku zadnjih mjesec dana pa ne zna za Depeche Mode…. uf”

    “Kad je netko tako utjecajan u glazbi kao što je DP onda moraš znati tko su oni. I ovdje se ne radi od onome što ja slušam već o onome što je dio opće kulture…
    Ja ne vjerujem da ti slušaš Elvisa ali znaš tko je”

    “Pa što se onda ne bavi ekonomijom? Kako smo u kurcu, više nam trebaju ekonomisti nego pjevači”

    “depeche mode je ionako sranje,podržavam matu bulića”

    “Kralj dijaspore sere”

    “Opća kultura nalaže da Mate B. mora čuti za DM…?!
    Strašne stvari se dešavaju.”

    “Svatko tko se bavi glazbom MORA znati tko su Depeche Mode… To želim reći”

    “Usrat ću se od muke”

    “Zamisli kupuješ Mercedes a prodavač ne zna tko su bila gospoda Otto, Daimler, Benz, Diesel”

    “koja populacija ljudi uopće sluša tog Matu?”

    “kralj ustaške emigracije prije”

  36. Poglavnik says:

    Congrats Boys!
    Thats great news!
    Im on ESPN soccernet all the time.
    Looking forward to it!

  37. Ziva Istina says:

    I’m sure Bulic doesn’t give a shit what the media in Cro says about him. I’ll attend 100 Bulic concerts before I go see any of the other acts, outside of a few, in Croatia.

  38. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:

    I would never go to one of his concert personally hes full of himself and i dont konw why diapora like him til this day. VUCO FOR PRESIDENT!

  39. TheGoldenChild says:

    Vuco over Bulic? Jesus man. I love Vuco, but Bulic isn’t really an asshole.

  40. Ziva Istina says:

    @HNK Dalmatinac……easy to answer. The diaspora likes any singer that leans to the right politically and will sing ustase songs and other old-school classics. Bring someone here like Gibonni, Severina, Badric, and a bunch of other acts and there is no chance they will draw a crowd. Why???? Because they only want to play their songs and won’t sing the songs we want to hear.

    Hell, get one of the better croatian wedding bands in N. America and have them sing a mix of the top old school songs. i rahter hear them than any of the other unlistenable acts in Cro.

  41. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:

    Vuco over Bulic any time any day Vuco concerts rule! Bulic is not an ass but a profetir!

  42. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:

    Well ZIVA thats true and that is the problem is diaspora always lean on these politically right utasha crap the diaspora need to move on man. True todays croatian muzika is no good alot of crapola but we alway have classics.

  43. Ziva Istina says:

    That’s another discussion if the diapora leans too much on the ustasa stuff.

    Me, I personally like it. I enjoy concerts and weddings when that music comes on. Always leads to a good time in whatever city I am in when that music is being played.

  44. Anonymous says:


    “Well ZIVA thats true and that is the problem is diaspora always lean on these politically right utasha crap the diaspora need to move on man.”

    Amen to that.

  45. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:

    In croatia weddings or parties you will not hear ustasa music
    Its all Grdovic Ivcic Pejakovic Zecic Dalibor Brun Stavros Mate Miso Kovac Klapske Pjesme Oliver Gibo E.T Colonia Jelenkovic Hari Roncevic Old Thompson songs Vuco Skoro Prljavo Magazin Trio Gust Bralic Etc My point being ustasha music only plays if we play srbija or 5.8 oluja.

  46. Ante Kvartuc says:

    @ Golden Child,

    My piece was the website. All I did was send an email.

    @ all,

    If you think there’s haters on this website, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Croatians (in Croatia) are some of the biggest haters in the world. They will shit on anything that walks and talks and doesn’t agree wityh them in the right accesnt, under the right weather condiotions while smoking the wrong pack of cigarettes.

  47. 19Miro50 HNK DALMATINAC CRNO says:

    I live in croatia and its true @ Ante but thats how it is no everyone but most are that way and so much hate for alot of things they hate when a diapora comes there over the summer and talks about stuff they will try and bring you down

  48. Anonymous says:

    Another ruined thread by ziva istina? Nothing new but it’s getting old.

  49. TheGoldenChild says:


    Give your opinions and maybe it’ll stop. I know that Ziva along with everybody else might get on each others nerves. It happens when you see somebody every day. Anyhow, I would rather you guys bring something to the table instead of simply arguing about it.

    Ziva has some good points, Ziva has some bad points. And that goes for everybody. I don’t care who you post under, but bring some more to the table for us to chew on. Maybe the tides will turn, and you will be the self proclaimed savior. 😉 Kapish?

  50. Ante B says:


    You know you should’ve been there but werent. That’s what you have to deal with but I won’t make you feel bad because there were tons of no-shows from this site and the So Cal Cro community in general. However, those of us who did showed up made it a great. Kristina made me lead the kolo. I didn’t really want to. And yes, your Teta is a great woman as well as your mother. I can talk to them both for hours.

  51. TheGoldenChild says:

    Everton jersey sale:

    Buy one get the away for free. If you wanna buy an Everton Jersey you buy the home kit for 60-80 and get a sweet away for free.

  52. Poglavnik says:


    i tried ordering a Jelavic #7 to Vancouver last night, and i couldn’t tell if my order went through or not. Very annoying. Everytime time I clicked on confirm order it would just refresh the screen i was just on. Did that about 5 times, so hopefully I don’t get 5 charges and 5 jerseys. Nothing was emailed to me either as far as a confirmation goes. Good luck with your order!

  53. Poglavnik says:

    I finally watched this Bulic video, and damn L.A.’s got some nice Hrvatice! No big surprise I guess…

  54. Ziva Istina says:

    all the women on the left coast are better than in any other part of N. America. The east and midwest is overpopulated with big women, including the hrvatice.

  55. CroKid says:

    When you guys come to Cleveland you can do a little more than just UFC some of you may think its not beautiful and in some cases I would agree with you but it is beautiful with all the Croatians we have here it is a very historic place to come to,the DOM in particular(Croatian Lodge/Center) have some dinner there and see the place that was visted by the greats Tudman,Thompson,Prljavo Kazaliste,Bulic,and quiet a few very famous Croatians Cardinals are among some of legends. We went through it all in Cleveland the biggest of it all was in these last couple of years was the collapse of the St.Paul’s Croatian Credit Union we had here over 200 million was stolen from alot of the Cro’s here luckily most of us got it back…So to shedding some light on the Cro’s in Cleveland wouldn’t be to bad here is a link to our DOM you can get the address here food there is pretty good … Cardinal A.Stepinac!!

  56. Tom Cvelbar says:

    It would be nice to have Oliver, Luky, Dalmatino, or Tedi Spalato come over the pond. Maybe that are too “Dalmatian” for the dispora’s tastes, and maybe too costly? I think Oliver played once in New York. He is respected around the world.




    Tedi Spalato

    The are all great Croatian artists, from another generation, but they all Najlepse!

    I am 2nd generation, definitely “Velik Hrvatska”, and still the music sounds the best in the world to me. I think the croatian artistic soul , raises above all boundaries on any world map. Thank you at sports .com for your efforts. to keep people connected.

  57. Ziva Istina says:

    Oliver is the only person in that list who could come over and sell tickets and enable any organizer to pay off expenses and make a profit.

    Luky and Spalato would not sell more than 150 tickets in any city and Dalmatino would sell a bit more. I actually think Dalmatino could sell a few more tickets, but still not enough to cover all expenses.

    @CroKid…….is there a special corner in your DOM for the drunks to hang out. One thing I know about Cleveland is the women are terrible, but the guys in that town can outdrink any other community. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

  58. Stjepan says:

    Nice interview with Bulic, I wish your site would do more interviews like this. Zivijeli Hrvati!

  59. Joshua says:

    I’m American but my great grandparents were from Croatia. I have always wanted to travel to Croatia and visit the village that they came from. I want to learn more about Croatia and my passion for it has been increasing substantially. Whenever I watch them on TV, I become an instant fan and cheer my head off for them. I know I am a Croatian deep down at heart!

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