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August 14, 2009

The brothers Sharbini, Anas and Ahmad, have finally escaped the friendly confines of Rijeka. The two signed with Hajduk Split Thursday in a joint transfer worth €2.3 million. This is the steal of the century if you ask me. Not only does Hajduk receive a gifted 22 year-old playmaker in Anas Sharbini but they also receive the talents of his older brother, Ahmad Sharbini.

Anas has scored 20 goals for Rijeka in the 50 matches he has played for them while Ahmad has stuck 48 goals in the back of the net in 102 appearances for Rijeka since joining the club in 2002.

ANAS (99) AND AHMAD (9) 

This move by Hajduk should now put them back in contention with Dinamo for the title as well as revive the Prva Liga a bit. It’s a shame Hajduk still aren’t in Europa League contention though. Let’s see how the brothers do against Inter this Saturday.

Look for Anas to be called up to the national team soon. My guess is that he won’t be part of the squad permanently until Euro 2012 qualifying begins; but you never know.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 55 comments

  1. Petar Radman says:

    Soooo HAPPY! I have been smiling non stop the past 2 days. Stay for a year or two, then go to a bigger club. He would be an excellent fit in Hoffenhiem or Atletico Madrid.

  2. Denis Svirčić says:

    Rijeka will finish mid table this season, and once again, it will be Hajduk and Dinamo competing for the title. Obviously, Dinamo still remains the favorite and should comfortably win the league with overall a more talented squad on paper.

    Once again, the strong get stronger, and the weak get weaker. Now the question is How long will Sharbini stay in Hajduk? This will probably be a one year lease.

  3. Vatreni says:

    Rijeka didn't really have much of a choice. They were waiting for a decent offer and they got it. Clubs in Croatia must sell their quality players just to be able to pay salaries. Our teams don't have unlimited budgets so they are just trying to survive.

    I think this transfer will bring new life to Hajduk. I am a big Anas fan and I hope he will do better than recent players who were hyped before coming to Hajduk like Rukavina and Tomasov. For some reason Dinamo is great at raising the value of their players while Hajduk seems to destroy potential talent. I think Ahmad will do better than he did in Rijeka because Hajduk players are individually stronger so he will get more opportunities to score. This transfer will make the HNL more exciting especially since Mamic wanted to bring Anas for years. Now signing Cernat looks like an even bigger mistake. Too many central mids An. Sharbini, Ibricic, Skoko, Cernat, Andric. If they can get 2 million euro for Ibricic then they should sell him and buy one more forward. Once Anas starts performing for Hajduk he should start getting called to the national team.

  4. dinamofan:) says:

    I disagree that Rijeka will drop. I think Rijeka are under less pressure than Dinamo or Hajduk. Rijeka can take a good look around and pick up players of potential like Smrekar and other players on a free transfer that can be revived i.e Marko Maric, Goran Ljubojevic, Stjepan Poljak. Rijeka have managed to revive Davor Vugrinec, Radomir Djalovic and Mikael Mikic in recent years and i wouldn't be surprised to see them use there money wisely. I'm surprised they kept Sharbini's for so long. They should really have made more money out of them. However they have the basis of a decent line up still remaining with Buducin, Ceric plus Krizman and Gerc have shown promise. Ramon Fernandez also looks like he could replace Anas Sharbini at this level.
    As for Hajduk i expect them to improve. They don't neccessarily need to sign another striker. They should still give chances from bench to Vukusic and Rodic. They can play Anas and Ibricic off Ahmad as the main striker. Then go with that Chelsea type formation of Andric, Ljubicic and Skoko in the centre. Tomasov, Cernat, Ticinovic will all have to be squad players, unless they are planning to sell Ibricic and putting Cernat in his place. Ahmad can play the lone striker role effectively. He has running power and energy.
    I think its great Belupo held onto Vrucina during all this. It means they should be right in there challenging Hajduk for second:) Zec being stuck at Sibernik is quite amusing as his club priced him out of a move. Looks like he'll have to do it all again this season.

  5. Ivica says:

    Finally, a sign of hope for hajduk. Both of these guy are capable of success outside the hnl, yet they remain within. Unfortunate that hajduk couldn't sign them before the Europe League debacle.

  6. Ivica says:

    Finally, a sign of hope for hajduk. Both of these guy are capable of success outside the hnl, yet they remain within. Unfortunate that hajduk couldn't sign them before the Europe League debacle.

  7. dinamofan:) says:

    There is only any point in Cernat if they are selling Ibricic as well otherwise yep he was a waste of time. I don't think Hajduk expected Anas Sharbini to have still been available for so long.

    Niko Kranjcar looks like he'll move in the next two weeks. Besides saying he won't stay next season he is now strongly being linked for moves to Sevilla, Liverpool, Spurs and Hertha Berlin. All excellant moves in my opinion. Basically Niko take your pick. Even Hertha is a decent move as its a good league, good club that is better than Portsmouth and will be a platform to attract even stronger clubs in a year or two's time.
    Ivan Klasnic is also being strongly linked with Olympiakos which is quite frankly a career saving transfer. I haven't heard anything of Jerko Leko's transfer to Livorno being completed.
    I'm still waiting for Dinamo to buy Pokrivac and Simic. Glad we didn't buy the loser Cufre.

  8. Mikko B says:

    I would've felt bad for Hajduk if they played Dinamo at their current pace. Now, the 2 matches (probably 4) will be entertaining.

    I imagine both Sharbini's will be gone by end of season. If not both, then definitely Anas.

    Dinamo won't buy anyone, until some new South American comes in that Mamic can lay his greedy sh**hole hands all over them.

  9. dinamofan:) says:

    Well regards the South Americans i think Carlos is only any use to add depth to the squad and to play in matches against Medimurje etc. Sammir is not realising his potential and will continue to do well in HNL, but poor in Euro games which is not good enough for Dinamo. Suarez was a terrible signing and less we talk about him the better.
    Ibanez on the otherhand is useful and Morales is best player in HNL1 bar none. Morales is the player that excites me to be a Dinamo fan this season. If we didn't have him, Badelj and Mandzo things would be less interesting.
    I also have nothing against Callelo.
    I personally don't think we should sign another South American or foriegn player unless we are offloading one first. We need to get Kovac back asap, Ibanez or Lovren to left back to tighten up our defence. Pokrivac and Simic is all we need to look at. Apart from that our transfer window is over. Nothing else in HNL worth signing.

    I think Ante Tomic, Ilija Sivonjic, Miroslav Slepicka, Domo Antolic are also really not needed for this season. We should sell Slepicka as Kramaric is above him in the striking order in my opinion. Sivonjic can stay if he wants, but he's not going to get much opportunity to play.

  10. Mikko B says:

    Carlos is arguably the worst talent in Dinamo. He is beyond awful and ranks right up there with Schildenfeld and Drpic. I cracked a smile when Besitkas f'd him over in pay :)

    Callelo hasn't had much playing time since he was signed. Soon as Ibanez comes back, the back line will be a bit stronger. Glavina needs to go or seriously improve his game.

    Sivonjic, Tomic and Slepicka will add depth to our "league" games, so that way when Mandzukic is sold (And possibly Morales and a few others), they are ready to step in.

  11. ziva istina says:

    Hajduk is better with this move and will finish in 2nd place. But, the signing of Cernat is still a disaster.

    I just continue to laugh at tis league. Now Mamic comes out claiming Hajduk purchased something that he never wanted. he says this only days after he was ready to sign the two brothers before their father called off the deal.

    This only get better.

    Plus, Kerum is positioning himself to become the mamic of hajduk with his primitive actions.

  12. Matt says:

    I personally think kranjcar should stay in england, if not go to spain, going to germany would be a step down, the bundesliga is a good league but it cant compare to the premier league or la liga

  13. dinamofan:) says:

    The best thing to do is just ignore Mamic and Kerum basically. Mamic is embarrasing for Dinamo fans, so we just have to put plastecine in our ears when he talks and pretend hes not there.

    Mamic tried to trick Sharbini's into getting rid of their agent and giving him control of their careers. but it didn't work, but it is for the best that they went to Hajduk as HNL is important to the domestic Croats and its vital Hajduk put up some sort of a fight this season. I have no worries for Rijeka. They'll bounce back once they signed some players. Poljak and Marko Maric should be there first signings. I wouldn't be so confident if i was Hajduk fans that they will get second. Belupo have just as good a team and i expect them to be right in there.

    Don't say that Mikko about Mandzo and Morales being sold. Sooner transfer window closes the better as far as i'm concerned. I agree with you regards Carlos. Ibanez will be back in side this weekend i think and hope he makes left back slot his own. Glavina is not a left back, but i'd like to see him on left wing. Callelo is a good player. I think we should use him and Chago as back up to Vrdoljak and sell Tomic. Tomic's career is not going anywhere at Dinamo. He needs to use Tomislav Dujmovic as an example. He needs to drop down to a smaller club and try and impress. At Dinamo there is no place for him. Antolic should be sent on loan.

    Regards Kranjcar yep Premier League is a big league if you're talking the top half, but there is less and less options to go to England as the bottom half of division is getting worse and worse. Liverpool and Spurs are definitely worth taking, but Arsenal are not moving for him cos Wengers keeps faith with Nasri, Rosicky, Diarby, Wilkshire even when they have injuries. He's a very loyal manager.

    Hertha is worthwhile as a stable club which could be a springboard to better things, but the move i think he should make is Sevilla.

  14. Mikko B says:

    It's only a matter of time before Mandzo is sold (There was interest in Morales last season from a few clubs), but nothing materialized.

    That Mamic article was hilarious "They bought what I didn't want". What an idiot………..Sharbini's have more talent than mostly everyone on Dinamo (In my eyes)

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is only a temporary solution to the disaster that is Hajduk. Anas has talent, but is over-rated and I doubt he'll mature into a solid player in a club in liga petice (he seems more concerned about his appearance and is not a consistent performer). Regardless, he will improve the club until Stimac (who is rumored to take over the club) will transfer him to the Ukraine or Russia.

    The bigger move is Ahmad. Hajduk badly need a "spica" and goalscorer and they got that in Ahmad.

    Despite these improvements, there is unhappiness in the locker room, and Dinamo will run away with the title – by 10 to 15 points.

    Pozz iz Toronta

  16. dinamofan:) says:

    Hehe nah i'll take Morales and Mandzo over both Sharbini's to be honest. Mandzo has a lot of qualities Ahmad doesn't have. Anas Vs Morales is a close call, but i'll take Morales. When the kids fully fit and focused, he's got all the tricks. It would just be nice if we had someone on the other side of the same quality. Sammir has tricks, but he just doesn't seem to go anywhere threatening. I personally can't see where we're going with Sammir. He's just not getting better.

    Mamic wanted Anas as a business proposition for himself. He didn't want him at Dinamo for football reason cos he'd stop the progress of Badelj and Sammir and Morales who we have invested in. Sharbini's father rightly stopped the transfer – end of story. To be honest Mamic has about finished his business this summer. If he stays in his directors box, closes the door, speaks as little as possible and lets Dinamo, Belupo and Hajduk battle it out it'd be best for everyone.

  17. Petar Radman says:

    I will take Anas over Morales any day of the week, sorry. As for the comments by "Anonymous said…" Anas is over rated? Are you kidding? Have you ever watched him play? The kid is freaken electric.

    The problem for Hajduk is, where do they all play? Far to many natural left sided players. Ibricic, Ticinovic, Sharbini, Ljubicic, Tomasov.

  18. dinamofan:) says:

    Radman – i think thats cos your a Hajduk fan and i'm a Dinamo fan. Also you are pro Croats getting as many games as poss in HNL whereas i am not actually against foreign players as long as they are as good as Morales.

    Regards where you play all your players its simple. You play the same formation as Chelsea. You play Ahmad right at the top then you play Ibricic on one side and Anas on the other. Have a little think to yourself and try to remember with which foot Anas scored his goal against Differange. It was his right. That means he is right footed. He can play on the right and Ibricic on the left.
    Then you play 3 central midfielders – Andric, Ljubicic, Skoko. There is no room for Tomasov and Ticinovic. Ticinovic should already be out on loan, whilst Tomasov will have to make his impression from the bench. Regards Cernat the only thing you can imagine is that Hajduk will sell Ibricic at some point.

  19. Ante Kvartuc says:

    Off topic.

    Rumors are circulating for a Klasnic transfer to Olympiakos and a Rakitic move to Inter. Stay tuned.

  20. Slaven says:

    That's good news if it's true about Klasnic. He deserves to be on a better club. Maybe not getting the call-up for the last national game lit a fire under his agents ass. 35 caps and 11 goals on the national team.

  21. Vatreni says:

    @dinamofan I agree the best thing they could do now is play Ahmad up top and have Anas-Ibricic behind him. As a Hajduk fan I would like to see them sell Ibricic and buy another true forward. What happens if Ahmad gets hurt? A player like Vrucina would be great but I'm sure Slaven is looking for 1-2 million euro. @dinamofan mentioned Dalovic and Ljubojevic for Rijeka but I think Hajduk could take a chance on one of these guys. Vukusic and Rodic still need to prove themselves at Hajduk.

    Klasnic would be saved by a move to Olympiakos. Going to Nantes was definitely a step backwards for his career. He should have stayed in Germany where he has a solid reputation. Currently, I don't see Rakitic going to Inter. Ivan must play better and more consistent to be considered for clubs like Inter. If he did go there he wouldn't play much. I'm interested to see where Kranjcar will go. Portsmouth is falling apart and I know there are some clubs interested. I would like to see him at Tottenham with Modric and Corluka.

  22. dinamofan:) says:

    Rumour over here is Belhadj will go to Spurs so they might not sign Kranjcar as they are really only looking for back up for Modric as they are set to sell Bale.
    Liverpool would be the best move ever. I think Kranjcar would start on the bench, but would then start to impress Rafa. However Sevilla is another great club and he should take that if they bid.

    Regards Hajduk they can't take Vrucina as that would destroy the title race. It needs to be a three way fight to make it fun this year. I think Ahmad is all they need in terms of strikers. Like Istina said the others should be given a chance such as Vukusic, Rodic and Oremus. Ahmad is barely injured anyway. However i think they needed the pressure taking off them as they couldn''t deal with starting every match and being expected to score.
    I think Ljubo is a Zagreb man despite that he didn't have a great time with us. He'd probably turn up at some obscure small foreign side. There is talk already about Rado Djalovic going back to Rijeka. He's a player who seems to do fine at international level for Montenegro and in HNL1, but never seems to score when he goes abroad for some reason. I think he'd definitely do it at Hajduk, but i don't believe Hajduk will buy a striker. They need a right back. Djalovic is in Romania at the moment. He is playing, but he's not scoring much. But he did score for Montenegro in midweek against Wales.

    Hajduk should also find themselves a feeder club. We keep giving Lokomotive our players which is great practice for them. They struggled early on, but we've given them some more players and they won today.

    Klasnic scored today for Nantes. Its good news he's finally playing some match and if he goes to Olympiakos we can at least take him a little seriously. We scored today against little Clermont. Sounds like the equivalent of France's Medimurje.

  23. Ivica says:


    I'd personally like to see Klasnic in Greece. Warmer climate, and a league he can get regular starts in. It would be a great move.

    As for Rakitic, if this season is anything like last season, lets hope he does go to Inter and prove his worth on the big stage. I think he would do well in the Serie A. I believe that he has been scouted by a couple Italian teams for some time nowm Juventus included.

  24. Denis Svirčić says:


    I dont like Inter for Rakitic. Inter is a top 8 club in the world that can field two teams. Rakitic needs playing time to showcase his talent and progress into an allstar that everyone anticipated within the next few years. Inter would throw him on the bench and lone him out the following season.

    Klasnic should take any decent offer to get out of French second division. Olympiakos is a decent offer.

    Mamic is a clown. the end. I just hope Kerum doesnt turn into a Mamic.

  25. Petar Radman says:

    @ Dinamo fan – With regards to your reference that I only believe that Sharbini is better because I support Hajduk. Are you serious? Do you think I give a damn about petty rivalries between Dinamo and Hajduk that I cant admit who is the better player? I am Croatian, and still admit that Vidic who is a Serb is better than any player we have in a Croatian shirt. I say Sharbini is better because I feel he is, I felt the same when he was in Rijeka. Dude, i support Hajduk, I dont let my passion blind me from the truth. Also, while I support my teams wih blood sweat and tears, I respect all opponents, regardless of what their nationality is.

  26. Denis Svirčić says:

    @Petar Radman

    "Dude, i support Hajduk, I dont let my passion blind me from the truth. Also, while I support my teams wih blood sweat and tears, I respect all opponents, regardless of what their nationality is."

    Great line. Good stuff. I wish the world thought the same way.

    The truth shall set you free

  27. Petar Radman says:

    I must have read "The art of War" by Sun Tzu a million times, it helped me not to allow my judgment to be cluded by anger; Also, not to base all decisions with my heart.

  28. Denis Svirčić says:

    Wow! I love it. Not only is this a great source for Croatian football, but now I get fine literature. now I am tempted to pick up this book. thanks

  29. dinamofan:) says:

    I'm sure you could have made your point without the reference to literature to be honest. You don't really need to read a book to have respect for opponents.
    Basically it seems Sharbini and Morales will have their own battle this season. Both seem intent on being very high in the goalscoring list. As i say we should not discount Slaven Belupo. As long as they hold this squad together which they should do with the 2m Euro they have in their back pocket.
    The league of 16 teams seems to have really thrown the cat amongst the pigeons for the rest of the division. That bottom four could sink Zagreb and Osijek out of HNL which would be a shame being how they produced so many talents.
    Both teams claim they are cash strapped, but they can#t just rely on youth cos i don't think it will pull them through.
    From the promoted sides i don't expect Pula to be relegated with Bodrusic, Sehic and Traore and with Scoria coaching them. Dinamo will try everything possible to keep Lokomotive up. Karlovac have settled nicely under Igor Pamic. The teams i'm looking at going down are Medimurje, Seveste then much of the rest except Hajduk, Belupo and of course Dinamo are relegation threatened. I expect though Rijeka, Zapresic and Varteks and also Zadar to have enough to stay clear of it in the end. The rest should be worried.

  30. dinamofan:) says:

    Having said that i don't feel the same. I'd definitely support Morales over Sharbini. He's a Hajduk man now and i'm not gonna start lapping up there players. Even though i think Sharbini is a good player he still has a bit to prove. He is not on the international scene yet like Morales is and doesn't have regular Euro competition. Really its not much of a step up from Rijeka.
    Personally i'm surprised to see Anas and Ahmad take on the Hajduk move as the rest of team is in disarray. Anas really should have got a move abroad. Both of them have transferred for next to nothing. Particularly to get a player of Ahmad's standard for £700,000 is strange. Even Smrekar and Piskor cost that much and they have barely scored anything in HNL. Also Racing Genk were ready to swoop for Ahmad. He could have transferred to a better league.

    At Dinamo though we're not worried. Mandzo, Kramaric, Badelj, Lovren, Biscan, Etto and Morales still tips us over the edge in standard on the rest of the teams. We've just got to sort our stuff out in Europe.

  31. Petar Radman says:

    You are right, because its so hard to break into that Chilean squad. I dont think you should ever compare the two midfields and the ease of cracking either. I would also refrain from using language like "regular euro competition" in describing any team from Croatia. Dinamo may be number one in Croatia, but are still a extremely poor side in Europe. How many times has this guy even started in Europe?

    Also, you claimed that I was biased towards Hajduk players. Why then would you say something like "He's a Hajduk man now and i'm not gonna start lapping up there players." You think I want Dinamo to do poorly? give me a freaken break! I hope all their youngsters turn into stars, because it will be the best thing for Croatia. I have Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Slovenian friends, we can all talk about football like rational and open minded human beings. We dont let petty rivalries get in the way.

    As for the League, its been 3 games, I dont know why people seem to think that this is the season. Kalinic was out best player, the player the whole team revolved around. Yes, even more so than Ibricic, when you employ a 4-5-1 the striker is the key. People are surprised that a team from Croatia would struggle without their top player? This is still pretty much the same team that took Dinamo down to the wire last year. I am not worried.

    As for the reference to Literature. I am always willing to share with someone a work that I love, something I can still read every year or two. If someone then shares some of their favorites, perhaps I learn something or am introduced to something that I may have never found. Isn't that what this website is based on, sharing information?

  32. dinamofan:) says:

    That's all very well Radman, but you use the literature peice often only when you're in dispute with someone elses point of view. Its kinda egocentric. Yep i must admit i can't be a fan of Hajduk players. It takes the edge off supporting Dinamo. I want them to challenge us of course, but you know its like Liverpool fans saying Rooney is better than Torres or United saying visa versa. Just not gonna happen. Will leave it at that. As for the comments about Chile – check their position in the South American table and then check our scores against Ukraine. Chile aren't a bad side. People have already had a few slaps in the face on here through thinking Croatia can roll over sides like Ukraine. Lets not go down the road of saying Croatia are a major superior team. Lets just say Chile are decent side. Morales is good player. Sharbini is a good player and leave it at that.

  33. Denis Svirčić says:

    @Petar Radman

    "Isn't that what this website is based on, sharing information?"

    Well said. I picked up a copy of "The Art of War" last night on ebay.

    I was one of those that said " that this is the season." I just on't see Hajduk competing with Dinamo without Kalinic. Now with the acquisition of the Sharbini's we are back in the game.


    "Yep i must admit i can't be a fan of Hajduk players. It takes the edge off supporting Dinamo."

    Wow! The truth comes out.

    As a Hajduk supporter, I hope that Dinamo finishes last. However, I still support the Croatian players(The Chileans, Brazilians, Czechs, Greeks, and Argentines) I could care less about) that will one day represent Croatia.

    Also, I would never say that a Hajduk player is better than a Dinamo player just because he's on Hajduk.

    Yes, Chile are a good side. However, they dont have three teams like an Argentina or Brazil.

  34. dinamofan:) says:

    Svircic jerk as usual missing the point. I was saying that isn't the reason Radman prefers Sharbini cos he's a Hajduk fan. I'm sorry but both of you are Hajduk fans and it shows. Even Radman criticism of Dinamo in Euro is clear indication he's a Hajduk fan. Dinamo fans don't talk like this. I never said at any point supporting Dinamo doesn't influence how i see Morales as better than Sharbini. Of course it does. Just like Liverpool fans will always say they have better players than Man Utd. So what truth you talking about. The point was that Radman was claiming him being a Hajduk fan doesn't influence his decision. Try having a read of things before hands mate. Then followed up by saying Chile are rubbish compared to Croatia and about how reading some book gives him special knowledge them makes him unbiased. A bit egocentric don't you think. Its a petty arguement about two players. Lets not waste time arguing over it. It all depends on who you support.

    As for Chile, Radman is claiming anyone can walk in their side. Yep just like Vejic, Drpic and Kalinic when he's out of form. As for Chile being way worse than Croatia, you'd think we'd be keeping a low profile after those draws against Ukraine. Lets not go putting down other sides. We've only beaten Belarus – they could yet trip us up in the second game, so lets not lose our heads.

    As for you saying being a Hajduk fan has no influence yeah right what you mean like how you both were saying Kalinic should be in ahead of Mandzo last year:) Lets stop thinking you've got special powers Svircic and Radman. You're just as biased as the rest of us.

  35. dinamofan:) says:

    As for comment about not talking about Dinamo in Europe, why not? Dinamo guarenteed about 6 or 7 Euro games a season normally with sides likes HSV, Arsenal, Bremen, Shaktar coming to Maksimir in recent years, whilst Hajduk have played how many games against. A couple of matches before getting knocked out. So therefore who do you think gets more regular Euro football each year Hajduk or Dinamo?
    If We beat Hearts we'll have another load of Euro matches whilst Hajduk are long gone. Do you not think Lovren and Badelj and Morales are benefitting from these tests then. Look up yourself Morales's appearences last season. His ommission in the second hand of the season was what allowed Hajduk to come so close just cos we could find a formation to suit Morales and Sammir. We put that right this year and Morales is playing well. As for comment that you're not interested in the non Croats at Dinamo. good grief and you're still claiming you have no bias lol. Might be why you both like Sharbini more than Morales which i think is what i said at the start. You prob just don't care about Morales's talents cos he's just not a Croat player. Just say being a Hajduk fan and a Croat makes you pick Anas and we'll be done :)

  36. JP says:

    Where's Ciganski Bosanac?

    He'd set this kerfuffle right.

    We need an unbiased opinion on the situation. Only the straight dope!

    Please help us Ciganski Bosanac?

  37. Petar Radman says:

    Honestly, how do you even respond to stuff like that? Haha, its comical. Yeah Chile are a good side, how often does Chile qualify for anything? South America is Argentina, Brasil and who ever else qualifies, there are no consistent qualifiers, Paraguay has been the best of the rest lately. Can you actually sit there and make comparisons between the two midfields based on 2 matches against the Ukraine?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but all Dinamo has really done is qualified for the Uefa cup last year, am I right? each year previous they would lose in Champions League qualifying. So your idea of consistent European qualifying is 2-3 rounds before losing in the last round, thats your assumption? I consider European football, actual tournaments! All I have seen from your argument is that basically whoever disagrees with your view is biased.

    The original question was who we believed was better. I said Anas, then you claimed that was only the case because I support Hajduk, yet, you are this humanitarian who views all as the same and doesnt take sides. The you go and blow your whole flimsy argument by claiming you are biased and dont credit other teams players. Seriously, how old are you?
    You sound like a child. God forbid you dont agree with me, you are biased!

    I have sang the praises of Sharbini long before he joined Hajduk. You people and your petty little rivalries.

    Also, you are correct, I did claim that Kalinic is ahead of Madzo last year. However, I guess I shouldnt be surprised that you took it totally out of context. I said that Kalinic is the better finisher and more of a classic number 9, while Mandzukic is a hybrid, winger/striker. The discussion revolved around who would be more ideal to fill in for Edurado, since no strikers were stepping up.

    Throw around names, I could care less if someone over the Internet believes I am egocentric, my life goes on. If I can influence someone to read a good book, I guess thats the price I will pay.

  38. dinamofan:) says:

    What i'm saying is you have to support and believe in your team. Hajduk and Dinamo have a rivalry. Part of supporting either is rivalry with the other. I wish Hajduk well in Europe and to challenge us and to beat us when they can, but at the end of the day you have to believe in the players in your team and that they are better than your opponent. Otherwise you don't really support them. That's why i like Morales, you like Sharbini. I like Mandzo and you like Kalinic. Its simple. i don't know what your arguing against. I'm just saying you shouldn't claim you and Svircic have a objective view when you don't.
    Like all that stuff about BBB for example in the summer when everyone was moaning and then when Hajduk created trouble in Slovakia, nobody says anything. If you say well okay maybe your saying this cos your a Hajduk fan then thats better rather than claiming you're objective cos you read and have friends from different cultures etc. I'm not really arguing. Definitely not arguing about the midfield of Croatia and Chile and not arguing over Sharbini and Morales as its a waste of lifetime. I definitely respect Chile. I'd never go out and say Croatia are better than Chile, but obviously when the two teams meet i'd hope Croatia will win and feel confident cos i am a Croatia fan and that's my bias. Everyone is biased its simple as that. This so called objectivity doesn't exist.
    Croatia particularly has a hideous record against South American sides and teams like Mexico lately. I think we should keep a low profile about teams from that continent. Its clearly the hardest place to qualify for the World Cup where the competition is the most fierce. I mean where's there Andorra and San Marino when they need the easy points.
    Regards Euro football i was saying why is Sharbini moving to a side where he gets just as little Euro football as at Rijeka. He's not really moved to the next level. At Dinamo we have yes only a few more rounds, but those rounds are still more useful for the likes of Badelj and Lovren to gain experience then going out round 1. Also if we keep making UEFA group stage consistently then basically we have opportunites which Sharbini isn't going to get and eventually we'll start progressing. I'm just saying that Sharbini by joining Hajduk is staying in the same situation as before. He's not testing himself by playing Europa Liga football or helping break into international football. Half of the reason why Croatian teams don't progress is too many sellings – having too many young and inexperienced players that aren't ready and too many old players who are past their best which i believe is prob Hajduk's other big problem now with Seric, Vejic, Skoko who are starting to drop their level. Thankfully at Dinamo we don't have too many oldies this year.
    Dinamo this year has half a team basically. We're still going into the Hearts game with Carlos in defence, Glavina at left back as Kovac, Lovren, Ibanez and Cufre are all out. All these teams are unprepared from preseason and give themselves no chance in Euro football. They only peak in January in readiness to have 6 months of good football whereby they sell the goods ones in the summer.
    Also yep i was a fan of Sharbini's and think was singing the praises of Ahmed last season, but as Hajduk players i'm less interested in them. I don't know why you're arguing with the fact that Hajduk fans and Dinamo fans secretly don't want each other to do that well. I thought this was obvious.

  39. dinamofan:) says:

    I'm also not claiming i'm a humanitarian. Yep BBB, Torcida disinterests me, Croat mafia disinterests me and America army and NATO, Isreal army, Russian army and radical extremists that aren't freedom fighters should be catapulted off the face of the earth, but I'm not gonna go around claiming i'm not biased. Then i'm just being deceptive.

  40. dinamofan:) says:

    Also its not a point scoring exercise saying 'i think you like Sharbini cos your a Hajduk fan'. Its just pointing out that how can a Hajduk fan and a Dinamo fan really argue about which player on either side is better. Where is the Varteks fan when you need one.

  41. Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ dinamofan:),

    I have a question for you. We will continue further questioning once we get an answer.

    When Croatia plays England in qualifying, Germany in Euro 2008 and the Dutch in a friendly last year, do you still have the same subjective thinking when it comes to Croatian internationals vs. these teams superstars?

    Is Modric better than Gerrard in your eyes?

    Who would you take as your #1 keeper? Pletikosa or van der Saar?

    My subjective heart always wants Croatia to pummel these teams but that's not the way it works. I have the utmost respect for the 3 teams above (as well as others but used these as an example because we've played them recently) and respect their talent and playmaking ability.

    Against Germany I would have been happy with a 1-1 draw. I believe that's what I objectively predicted. These are the Germans in a major tournament for goodness sakes. Yes we beat them in group play but they ultimately only lost in the final to Spain 1-0.

    The prosecution rests… :)

  42. dinamofan:) says:

    Modric and Gerrard are two different players and Gerrard is a long ball merchant. His short play is not much good which is why he's struggled at international level when England try to play like this. Its also why Rafa did not like him as a central mid so sent him alongside Torres. He has excellant shot which Modric doesn't have. He has more energy than Modric and more agression and drive and power than Modric. But Modric has talents Gerard doesn't have like he's definitely a better short game player. However i think Morales and Sharbini is a closer call than Modric and Gerrard. Gerard clearly has more output than Modric in terms of scoring goals, creating chances and making his team a bigger success so these are plain facts. These are not facts you can use to compare Morales and Sharbini. Morales and Sharbini are on a closer level so its a futile arguement really going on about Modric and Gerard. As for Croatia against Germany, Holland and Spain of course as a fan you believe your team can beat these sides. Especially Germany who are pish.. After all Spain only have a handful of class players and only won one Euro in how many years. Once Torres, Iniesta etc are injured you've got Daniel Guiza up front :) Says it all about Spains supposed superiority really. As for Holland, yep they have a class forward line, but a really stinky defence.

    Ante your arguement kinda falls down when your talking about two players of the same quality like Morales and Sharbini. What i;m saying is we're talking about two players on the same level so who is better depends purely on who you support. You can't therefore then claim that Radman is being objective.

  43. dinamofan:) says:

    obviously therefore subjectivity breaks down when faced with clear facts and is not left on opinion. Hehe see i got out of that one quite easy.

  44. Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ dinamofan:),

    "Yep i must admit i can't be a fan of Hajduk players. It takes the edge off supporting Dinamo."

    I used Gerrard and Modric because everyone knows who they are. My point wasn't trying to use 2 players that were alike in talent, my point was to see where you lie with your quote above.

    Since you support Croatia as well, do you not think Gerrard is still a class player when we play them or does he all of a sudden turn to trash? I personally love the guy. He's class all around and plays hard. I love half the Dutch team. Should we play them I'll still say that and wish the best for us. It just sounds like to me that you can't like Anas because he's now in a white shirt.

    How did the Hrgovic move make you feel before and after a few years ago?

  45. dinamofan:) says:

    Well i don't think personally you'd hear many fans in the kop saying 'you know what that Ryan Giggs is some player'. I think he might get some dirty looks from the rest of the Liverpool crowd.

    I don't think i used the word trash. I just said that Hajduk players have little interest to me. I mean i think Ibricic is a good player. Sharbini's are good. Skoko was good in his day, but i'm more interested in what Dinamo though.

    As for Hrgovic when he signed i thought he was a bit pointless. He also never played in his proper position at Dinamo so was made to look like a really poor player. To be honest i don't really catch the whole rivalry thing too deeply as i don't hate Hajduk like maybe a guy from Split and a guy from Zagreb would feel, but i can't start liking them as i want us above them. I'd hate for us to start being second all the time for example, so feeling is always to see us win each week and them to lose as often as possible. I just have disinterest towards them that tis all. Is this not have your feel about Dinamo?

  46. dinamofan:) says:

    As for do i love Gerrard, no of course not. I'm not keen on how English clubs have bought their way to the top of the game. If Liverpool didn't have their foreign players they'd be rubbish and nobody would have ever heard of Gerrard. I think he needs good players around him to look so good. Same with Frank Lampard. No surprise that when he plays with England they play significantly worse.

  47. dinamofan:) says:

    It'd be really cool to go back to the days when Liverpool got beat by Brondby and Spartak Moscow with ease. That's really how good English players are. If ever the money went the foriegn players would go and the quality would be like in Belgium.

  48. dinamofan:) says:

    This also this dont mean i think Gerard and Lampard are rubbish. They are good at what they do, but you know sides like Liverpool, Chelsea have so few English players that its really a bit of a joke. A English team is supposed to have English players and if they did they wouldn't be at the top of world football so i don't really like to talk about these fake clubs that don't really represent the areas they come from and which need other clubs and countries to produce there players for them.

  49. Denis Svirčić says:


    First, I apologize for the delay in reply. So many posts, so many comments, so many articles to write and so much going on in football(start of leagues, transfer window almost closed)

    "Svircic jerk"

    Thats a first… usually I get this from women after the first date…

    "I'm sorry but both of you are Hajduk fans and it shows. Even Radman criticism of Dinamo in Euro is clear indication he's a Hajduk fan. "

    Yes, we are Hajduk fans which we have admitted on the site.

    Because someone would criticize "Dinamo in Euro is" NOT "clear indication he's a Hajduk fan."

    "Dinamo fans don't talk like this."

    hahahaha.. Dinamo fans are proper, while Hajduk fans are morans. You are right. Brilliant once again

    "I never said at any point supporting Dinamo doesn't influence how i see Morales as better than Sharbini. Of course it does. "

    I disagree. Depends on the person. I am not in this boat. How many times did I say that Dinamo has better players than Hajduk. You are in this boat.

    "how reading some book gives him special knowledge"

    wow. no comment on this one. The quote explains itself.

    "It all depends on who you support."

    Why? Because there are Dinamo and Hajduk hooligans, does that mean a Hajduk or a Dinamo fan is a Hooligan?

    "We've only beaten Belarus – they could yet trip us up in the second game, so lets not lose our heads."

    First you say "only beaten Belarus" then you say "they could still trip us up"… which is it?

    "Lets stop thinking you've got special powers Svircic and Radman."

    Wow, its like listening to a junior high schooler. I am Batman and Radman is Superman.. it rhymes… You probably watch cartoons at halftime of games.

    "You're just as biased as the rest of us."

    well, you have admitted that you are biased. Now you want everyone to be in your boat so you dont feel bad. I am not biased. Ante is not biased. As far as I know Radman, he's not biased.


    Ciganski Bosanac should be back from Boznija soon. Only Cigan can put an end to this.

    Petar Radman

    "Honestly, how do you even respond to stuff like that? Haha, its comical."

    Again, this quote doesnt need an explanation.

    "yet, you are this humanitarian who views all as the same and doesnt take sides. The you go and blow your whole flimsy argument by claiming you are biased and dont credit other teams players. Seriously, how old are you?"

    "I have never seen that side of DinamoFan before, sounds more like AnteBBB" hahahahahahaah

    Ante BBB should be back from Croatia soon.

  50. dinamofan:) says:

    Svircic, I don't think you're even worth replying too. You take snippets of a persons arguement and then go totally off topic.
    I was pointing out that you can't point to quote a book just to add weight to the point your making in the post. Radman doesn't need to do that. Also lets not forget we are talking about Morales and Sharbini. Is this a clear cut debate then, of course its not. Morales is an excellant player and has showed that in his early career. Unfortunately for Sharbini's he's not been able to play on the same stage just yet as, Morales has at least gained a handful of international games and UEFA Cup matches, whereas Sharbini thus far has been limited to HNL games to show his ability. But hopefully soon that'll all change. We all know that i actually want Sharbini in the Croatia squad in place of one of the defensive mids. That was also not supposed to be a criticism of Sharbini, but more of his transfer which was not a major step up from Rijeka.

    As for your comment of course i'm not offended, but i was just pointing out to Radman i'm not the only one who takes a swipe at others. At least my insults are limited to 'jerk' rather than being up all night trying to think of something malicious to say:)

    Also i thought i should point out that your comment about the 5-0 win showed your disinterest in HNL1 which is after all your countries basic fundamental league. Ask yourself if one day foriegn players were band where would all the Croatian players go, where did they come from? I don't think these clubs deserve the mockery they get half the time on here when they are producing so many players for foriegn clubs and opportunities for Croats. Also i don't see why you should not be interested in HNL and then go around being so over the top on Cvitanich. Actually the guy didn't show anything much at Ajax in the end to justify a call and is heading back to Argentina with River Plate, but still i can't see why someone with such lack of interest in HNL should be pointing to him where Croatia is on the map. That's just ridiculous.

    My point is that in an arguement over Sharbini and Morales and over Hajduk and Dinamo's players it hard to arguement objectively. I'm basically going over old ground here. if you don't get it i'll leave it with you to ponder. See you later..
    Prob best to sign up to another forum.

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