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March 2, 2012



Join Croatians from all over North America on May 26th for the 6th Annual Croatian Independence Day Small Goals Tournament in San Pedro, Ca (Located 20 miles south of Los Angeles). Last year’s festivities included a welcome party Friday night at Hrvatski Dom in San Pedro, the tournament itself Saturday from 8AM-5PM, three party buses caravanning to a Hollywood club Saturday night followed by the Main Event Sunday: Independence Day Street Party at Hrvatski Dom with food, music and dancing on the street in front of the Hall. After party to follow. The following Monday is Memorial Day in which most people have the day off to relax and travel back home. It’s a weekend packed with fun festivities where you can meet new Croatians and catch up with old friends. We strongly encourage you to come out and experience the fun first hand!


This year, Ante and I have decided to do something different. We will both captain B division teams and have a LIVE draft on a date yet to be determined. Ivica “the hardest working man in NY” Peroš and Rob “The African kid” Uvanović are hopping on a CroatianSports private charter from New York and will be in the draft room. Ivica and Rob don’t have an agent so they can return to college if they are undrafted. Danijel “Hajdukovac” Dukić will be coming down the I-5 from San Jose and will represent Croatia-San Jose in the A division. Ante “BBB” Baričević will be coming down from San Jose as well, but hasn’t officially entered the draft yet. Dennis “local hero” Fistonić and Matt “GoldenChild” Lebo have also registered for the draft.


Ante and I are inviting ALL of CroatianSports nation to join us for this “veliki Hrvat” experience. We are now accepting applicants for the 2012 tournament. Let’s see which one of you anonymous people out there will let their game do the talking.


Contact tournament organizer Peter Hazdovac at or call him directly at 310-548-1446 Ext.107. You can also leave any questions you may have below in our Comments section.









Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 17 comments

  1. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    Looking forward to the tournament once again. Have to get my ass in shape. Shoot me an email if you are interested in joining our teams:

  2. Dukić Dukić says:

    nk san jose defending champs coming in.

  3. Dukić Dukić says:

    hajduk zivi vjecno! thanks for the nickname guys! aj lav et.

  4. Ante B says:

    To say that my fat ass is atrocious at soccer would be an understatement. I would like to join the draft but I feel I’d be taking the place of someone who is somewhat good and has a clue. I’m laughing at myself just thinking about me running up and down the field, man boobs a floppin. I will think about it. When’s the deadline?

  5. Ante Kvartuč Ante says:

    @ ante B…

    Let’s say May 1 for the deadline.

    Remember, you can run a little, come out for a breather, play a little goalie. We’re not gonna hand you out to the sharks.

    Rule #1…we’re gonna have fun and hang out. We’ll kick the ball around a bit along the way. You should definitely be a part of this.

  6. Josip B says:

    I think I’m in! Definitely B league material. Why? Because there isn’t a C league.
    It will probably be next month before I know if I can work in a trip to LA that weekend though.

  7. Colin O'Haravić says:

    If anyone is willing to pay to bring my top goalkeeping skills out to L.A., I’m in!

  8. mali HRVAT says:


    I’ll chip in for half of a one way GrayHound Ticket.

  9. Colin O'Haravić says:

    mali HRVAT pulling through!!! Appreciate it, but this goalkeeper only flies. Plus, the 26th is my gf’s birthday. Can’t ditch her for LA then.

  10. mali HRVAT says:

    @Ante B

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Soccer is great exercise with friends.

    Additionally, soccer is 90%mental.

  11. Somebody I will make it to the tournament and steal the show along with the entire tournament. OUTRAGED

  12. mali HRVAT says:


    Take her with you to LA. If both of you leave now, Greyhound should get you there right in time.

  13. Dukić Dukić says:

    nk san jose needs a good keeper. anybody know one?

  14. mali HRVAT says:

    I think I spotted Ziva in one of the Small Goals Videos.

    It makes perfect sense, I don’t know why I didn’t suspect it earlier.

  15. TheGoldenchild says:

    @Mali Hrvat

    Actually laughed out loud with that comment.

  16. mali HRVAT says:

    @Golden Child:

    I didn’t think Ziva was you.

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