Where will Croatia end the WC?

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April 7, 2012



From the CroatianSports.com family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Easter wherever you may be in the world. We appreciate the continued support from our readers in Croatia and the diaspora in our ultimate goal to “Uniting Croatian Fans Across the World”.


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 23 comments

  1. Ana Ana says:

    u realize croatia was communist for the longest time right..? going to church has to do with being catholic not croatian

  2. IvicA says:

    Sretan Uskrs

    P.S. Did anyone watch the Nike Hoop Summit today?

    Dario Saric had 13pts 14rebs and 5 assists as the World Team beat the US squad. You guys gotta do a writeup on this.


  3. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Sritan I blagoslovljen Uskrs svima u Domovini I Dijaspori…pobjeda nad komunizmom I ateizmom…

  4. TheGoldenChild says:


    Two days in a row, and some quality posts. When are we going out again?


  5. Ziva Istina Ziva Istina says:

    @Ivica…….I watched some of the game last night. Saric looks good (not really fast), but this US squad is on the weakest in years according to the college scouts.

    When Saric does go into the NBA draft next year he will be a top 5 pick, but plenty of issues with him and his development right now. His father is a very big issue (problem).

  6. IvicA says:


    It doesn’t matter about the win. It’s a place to showcase talent, and he did just that. He would’ve come closer to a triple double if there wasn’t so many incompetent finishers on that World team. It’s good to see that he didn’t take the Shabbaz Muhammed route and just try and get as many points as possible.

    He’s an excellent facilitator, a natural rebounder, and has a wide array of offensive skills that he can use when his pass-first options are not the best ones. He is every coach’s dream come true.

    He will be a Nowitzki/Kukoc hybrid. He’ll have the offensive skillset to score as much as Nowitzki, but will probably average less due to his focus on being a point forward similar to Kukoc’s role on the Bulls. He is, however, a better rebounder and defender than both. He’s a fantastic prospect.

    His father being his agent definitely isn’t the greatest, but some of the blame has to go to KK Zagreb’s Hrvoje Ciketic. Saric signed a pretty long contract with KK Zagreb with the promise that Dario will get some exposure, and the experience has been quite the opposite.

    I’m sure KK Zagreb sees no value in showcasing Saric only for him to leave for the NBA, so locking him up and holding him hostage for some nice buyout from Saric’s own pocket if he wants to leave (as NBA teams cannot give more than $500K to player buyouts) is probably part of the plan.

    He’s still guaranteed to go top-5, but he will take a hit in his development. Zagreb will probably get him to stay and play for them for a full two season after he is drafted, or get a $1M+ buyout for him. It’s win-win for them.

  7. Ana Ana says:

    @thegoldenchild: i think u have me confused w. someone…

    @kansas city spur: croatia was a state within yugoslavia…thats kinda how it works, alright mali

    but lets not argue on easter, sretan uskrs svima i sve najbolje! :)

  8. Ziva istina says:

    Ivica….I agree. I think the best thing for his development would be if he could get into the Spanish league. That is the nearest thing to the NBA.

    I think he is more kukoc or a smaller version of dejan bodiroga than dirk, but still not a bad comparison.

  9. TheGoldenChild says:


    Best pick up lines you’ve ever seen. ;)

    Anyways, Happy Easter to everyone. I hope you all enjoyed watching Man City lose today, as they’ve officially become the biggest choke artists I’ve seen in my time.

  10. Ante B says:

    Just got back from Sv Ante’s in LA and Sweaty Uskrs would be more appropriate than Sretan Uskrs but either way Sretan vam Uskrs! Deseti Travanj is coming up next though I know most of you komunjari won’t celebrate it either.

    Sretan Uskrs!

    Bog i Hrvati
    Za Dom Spremni

  11. Zivo Blato says:

    Pozdrav iz zadra Sretan vam Uskrs svima puno janjetine Pogace Proseka i domaca pica, i jebali sva ustase i partizani!

  12. jm says:

    Hopefully they’ll be some excitement around cro hoops again coming up with saric. Still young so there is still time for things to go wrong. i think the comparisons to nowitzki are probably off base. Nowitzki is the best shooting big man of all time and his strength really lies there. From what I hear, saric still isn’t overly developed as a shooter. I would guess he’s more of a lamar odom type guy who’s big but can handle very effectively and be versatile (this is pre-mavericks odom). mario hezonja i’ve heard is argued to be an even better prospect as he seems to be an elite athlete. i’ve heard he’s had a very bad year though. Not from poor play, but from injury and illness though

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