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November 25, 2009

Photo: Denis Svirčić; NK Zagreb-Hajduk Split Press Pass 

Hajduk managed to escape Zagreb with a scoreless draw in the first leg of a quarterfinal cup tie against NK Zagreb. Davor Vugrinec missed a potential game winning penalty kick in the 56th minute and Edoardo Reja’s men dodged seven yellow cards and one red card given to Hrvoje Vejić in the 83rd minute.

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Zagreb police were on hand in great numbers 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; View from the ‘suite’ 

CroatianSoccerReport.com was issued media credentials for this match and was upgraded with a seat with the elite. Unfortunately, besides the numerous yellow cards, missed penalty kick, and fouls every 30 seconds it seemed, there was nothing to report. A Zagreb fan said it best, “as if Hajduk and Zagreb agreed for a scoreless tie.”

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Hajduk-Zagreb take field 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Hajduk manager was shouting orders in Italian. Question now is, did anyone understand? 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; NK Zagreb manager, Igor Štimac can’t watch anymore 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; NK Zagreb cushioned vinyl seats for the elite, helped on a cold night 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Dražen Ladić was part of the elite club 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Ladić with fellow elites 



Vugrinec missed penalty kick 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Torcida celebrated Zagreb missed penalty kick 



Torcida showed up in numbers 



Zagreb fans were limited by size 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Eager autograph seekers await for their favorite players after the game. 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Vugrinec: ‘I will take a kick from the spot once again’ 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; NK Zagreb manager Igor Štimac after the game 



Vugrinec press conference 

Photo: Denis Svirčić; Hajduk’s Mirko Oremuš signing autographs after the game 

~Denis Svirčić, reporting from Zagreb, Croatia



Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 4 comments

  1. Ante Kvartuč says:

    The Zagreb fans are pretty funny to watch.

    1. No one gives a shit.

    2. There's only 7 of them.

    3. Watch the guy scratch his head at the end when he chants one extra Zagreb but no one else follows.

  2. Denis Svirčić says:

    I failed to mention one thing about the fans:

    Torcida started to chant 'Očemo pobjedu' (We want a victory)

    seconds later, Zagreb fans started to chant the same. All of a sudden, both sides were chanting the same.

    ironically, neither side was victorious.

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