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May 16, 2012

Ivica Olić shocked that teammate Daniel van Buyten could not finish his pass in injury time during the Champions League Final

Photo: Sportige.com



In Ivica Olić’s last match as a Bayern Munich player, the Croatian striker was inserted into the Champions League Final during extra time in the 97′. Two minutes prior, Dutchman Arjen Robben had his penalty kick blocked by Chelsea keeper Petr Cech, which would have given Bayern a 2-1 lead with 15 minutes to go. Olić pressured the Chelsea backline, and although he did not have a direct scoring chance, played an unselfish pass to substitute Daniel van Buyten in the 109′ off a sharp angle. All van Buyten had to do was finish his run for a tap-in goal, and the rest would be history. But the game eventually ended 1-1 and headed to a penalty kick shootout. 


With Bayern up 3-2 in the shootout, Olić stepped up to shoot fourth and put the German giants one kick away from the Champions League title. He shot high and right with Cech being able to push it away. Bastian Schweinsteiger hit the right post for Bayern in the final round and Didier Drogba cemented his shot to give Chelsea their first ever Champions League title. 



What does the missed penalty kick mean for Olić’s confidence going into Euro 2012? Is Arjen Robben the Lebron James of the soccer world? (Re: missed break-away for the Dutch in the 2010 World Cup Final and now the missed penalty kick vs. Chelsea in the Champions League Final)



Chelsea wins on penalty kicks, Olić misses @ 0:52




Photo: OleOle



Ivica Olić and Danijel Pranjić may not play in the Champions League Final this Saturday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with your favorite quasi-journalists during the most important club match of the season. CroatianSports.com is going coast to coast this year for the Final with two viewing parties: one in New York and one in Los Angeles.


Denis Svirčić will head the East Coast Croatian contingent at Scorpio Cafe & Bar, “where everybody knows your name.” Scorpio’s is located at 3515 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106. Contact Mr. Svirčić at Denis@CroatianSports.com for more information. The match kicks off at 2:45PM (EST).


Ante Kvartuč will join the Bayern Munich fan club at Alpine Village, located 20 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, at 833 West Torrance Blvd Torrance, CA 90502. Alpine Village will be the home to CroatianSports.com during all of Croatia’s EURO 2012 matches as well as their two warm-up friendlies with Estonia and Norway. Contact Ante for more information at Ante@CroatianSports.com.






This year’s German runners-up will be playing the Final in their home stadium, the Allianz Arena. The local support will surely tip the atmosphere in the Bavarians way as Chelsea not only try to win their first ever Champions League crown, but attempt to qualify for next year’s tournament as well. Remember, Chelsea finished sixth in the English Premiership this season and can only qualify for next year’s Champions League as defending champions. If they do not beat Bayern Munich on Saturday, Tottenham Hotspur will take the berth as they finished in fourth position.


Both clubs will be shorthanded first-team players. Chelsea have been devastated by suspensions, with defenders John Terry And Branislav Ivanović out, as well as midfielders Raul Meireles and Ramires. Gary Cahill, Florent Malouda and David Luiz are all questionable due to injury. Bayern Munich will be with out the services of defender Holger Badstuber and midfielder Luis Gustavo Dias due to yellow card suspensions. 


Ivica Olić is ready to end his Bayern Munich career on a high note as he will be joing Wolfsburg after EURO 2012. “As far as I’m concerned, winning the Champions League would crown my club career,” Olić said in Sportske Novosti.


Olić tasted European success while playing for CSKA Moscow in 2005 but he said: “Even though I have won the UEFA Cup, winning the Champions League would be something really special.”






Ante Kvartuč
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  1. Pintar Pintar says:

    Also, it’s too late to organize for this weekend, but we need to establish a “third coast” viewing point for upcoming matches (Euro’s?). I know some of us are in Milwaukee and others in Chicago. Surely we could find a soccer bar here and represent CroSpo at some point.

  2. AllenOutraged says:

    This is an awesome post and I like what you guys are doing. Hopefully we get some video action going and will see how the parties end up. I doubt New York gets too crowded but I’ll do my best to keep the action alive. I’m rooting for Munich obviously because I’ve always liked their stars in Robben, Schwestiger, Ribery, and Mueller. I’m not crazy about Gomez but I respect him. Pranjic has a shot to play since the defense of Bayern seems lacking with players suspended. I’m going to do more re search about who’s out for Munich later.

    Chelsea will be missing Terry, Ivanovic, Miereles, and Ramires. That’s some huge names right there also possibly Luiz and Cahill but they started training. Could we call it an upset if Chelsea wins? I can’t see Bayern losing this because they have so much fire power offensively. They will score at least two goals.

    Scorpios should be good on Saturday, hopefully people show up. I sadly have nothing Bayern in my closest so I’ll wear a Spurs jersey to show my loyalty and pray that Spurs get a top four bid. GO BAYERN YES!

  3. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    This is the point of the website, “Uniting Croatians Around the World”. So far, we had 3 viewing parties at the same time(LA, NY, and Toronto).

    We would love to have viewing parties all over the states, Canada, Australia, etc etc.

    @Everyone else out there,

    You have less than a month to find an ideal location for a viewing party in your town. Lets go lets go!

  4. Ziva Istina says:

    @pintar……good luck getting the chicago hrvati to do anything together. They will be watching with their bosnian and serb brothers.

    How about this…..call your friends together and go to someone’s house or meet up at a bar.

  5. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    Ivica Olic comes in as a late sub for an ineffective Gomez, scores an injury time “Ivica Olic” type goal and wins the CL for Munich.

    You heard it here first, folks. Haha ;)

  6. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    CHICAGOOOOOOO where you at?

    Lets see if we can get anything going in Chi-town. Who is up for running CroatianSports Chicago?

    I visited chicago a couple of times in the past 5 years or so. I remember having a few words with the president of the Croatian Cultural center in Chicago. She pretty much confirmed that the Croatian community is dying down. It doesn’t look good in the windy city.

    CHICAGOOOOOOOO…. where you at?

  7. Pintar Pintar says:


    Somehow . . . I knew you would say that.

    I have no idea what the Croatian community in Chicago is like but I know we’ve heard from some on this site from time to time. And it’s not like Milwaukee’s is vibrant (although I see plenty of younger people at the annual festival and the Croatian soccer club is well established here), but I think between the cities we can muster up a small crowd to wear jerseys and support the boys for the Euro’s. It may not amount to more than a handful of people in the checkers at a bar, but it’s better than nothing . . . I think.

  8. Ante B says:

    Hey Ante what time will you guys be there before? Kris and I are picking up 155 pounds of cevape from there at 9:30. Let me know, hvala!

  9. Ante Kvartuc says:

    Me and Frane should be down there around 11. What’s the occassion for the cevape??

    Where you catching the game? Come join us!

    First Heff is on me!

  10. Ziva Istina says:

    You know where we need to establish a Croatia-backers club??? San Diego. I am out here for work this week and this place is awesome. We need some hrvati out here for a viewing party.

  11. Ante Kvartuc says:

    San Diego is an awesome city! You can stroll around downtown and it’s not too spread out. Very Euro-like.

    How long you in SD for? I’m willing to drive down and have a drink with you (have a bunch of friends down there) if you’re going to be a few days. I’m 50-50 on going after CL final anyways. Let me know.

  12. Ante B says:

    Then you are definitely in So Cal and you will find amazing fake breasteses in SD, or SDDD

  13. Ana Ana says:

    2 years later and here were are again bayern. I have high hopes for my boys this year despite our boys who are missing out, I’d say our back line is stronger then 2010. I’m hoping we dont have a repeat of 2010 either w. inter doing what italians do best & bunkering down. Chelsea did an impressive job of parking the bus infront of the net vs barca, so im gonna bet thats their game plan for the final as well. so hopefully we learned from our mistakes & heynckes has a better idea of how to get past the bus then van gaal did. luckily for us we have the physicality advantage unlike midgetlona haha
    i already have plans for the cl final, gonna watch it w. some of my favourite boys. Mia san rot weiss!
    but i would love if we could have a toronto spot for the euro games, since i know theres alot of torontonians on here…any suggestions for spots anyone?

  14. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    Fantastic article by former vatreni Mario Stanic on the current state of affairs:


    A nice tidbit…

    Upravo u toj kratkoj rečenici je puno toga otkriveno i poprilično jasno ukazuje kakav ce biti odnos između novog trojca Šuker-Mamić-Štimac. Možda krivo vidim, možda pretjerujem, ali svu trojicu donekle poznajem i usudim se prognozirati njihove odnose. Tri vozača žele voziti jedan te isti auto, šest ruku na volanu jednog te istog auta voze poput pijanca!

  15. majstore says:

    Hey Ana I plan on watching the Champions League final & Euro Matches @ Real Sports in downtown TO. That is imo the best place to catch any kind of sporting event in the city.

  16. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    I can’t see Bayern Munich losing this game.

    Not against Chelsea, and not in their home stadium. That would be an absolute disaster for them.

    Bayern simply must win…..however with that being said, that could be putting extra pressure on them that Chelsea won’t have.

  17. Dukic says:

    my heart broke when i found out bayern is a jewish club. i dont know who to root for now.

  18. T.O.Cro says:

    I really do not think Chelsea will park the bus. I believe they will come out guns a blazin’….with Drogba and, perhaps, Torres looking to surprise.
    I heard the Croatian park in Streetsville will broadcast all Euro games (on big screens), because there are no more Cro Bars there. Hopefully, they will have good beer specials!?!?

  19. mali HRVAT says:

    Work for, or have to do business with an Orthodox/Hasidic and tell me what your opinion is.

    They think they are the chosen people of God and they don’t believe in heaven or hell. Their actions reflect these two beliefs.

    Secular Jews are another story. Half of them in NJ act like wanna be guineas.

  20. mali HRVAT says:

    Allen, you don’t remember the Jewish crime ring that was broken up in NY/NJ recently. Rabbis selling kidneys and laundering money. NICE. Of course WNYC (NY Public radio) completely downplayed it, because they are funded heavily by the Jewish community.

    Did you ever read Grapes of Wrath?

    They practice a curios ritualized thievery.

  21. mali HRVAT says:


    Additionally, they keep millions of Palestinians (many of which are Christian) occupied with minimal rights while pretending to be the victim. They account for 10% of the deaths during WW2, but account for 90% of the complaining.

  22. Mark says:


    Unfortunately a prior engagement (an all day bachelor party) will prevent me from watching the final live, so I’ll dvr it and watch it on Sunday as I nurse my hangover and bury my guilt. Otherwise I would have definitely gotten some Hrvati together to watch the game at a bar other than Pure Cafe where there will probably be at least 50 Hrvati watching. The problem is I think there’s only a handful of us that even go to this site. That doesn’t make us a weak community.

    The Chicago diaspora is highly misunderstood has been attacked by other communities for the past 10 years or so. I’m getting pretty sick of it. Now, believe me, our community is FAR from perfect and can show a lack of organization at times (there’s a lot of people here on my shit list). I can write a thesis on it but I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to haters and douches like Ziva. It would be an exercise in futility. Our strong community ties date back to the turn of the 20th century and have paved the way for thousands of Hrvati escaping communism, as my father had. Here’s one great example: http://www.stjeromecroatian.org/eng/august15.html

    I do not like Serbs. No one I know, am related to, or hang out with like Serbs either. We never will. We simply tolerate them. If you don’t comprehend that concept then God help you.

    @ Ziva

    Well, that was for you too. You’re like a broken record. Please stop saying “turbo serbo” or “serbian brother.” You’ve killed those terms. We know how feel, as Pintar pointed out earlier.

    One thing I am truly proud of is that Ziva doesn’t live here.

  23. Rob in T.O. says:

    T.O. Cro,

    I have heard similar things re: Streetsville Park, hopefully it is accurate. I am planning to attend the games there this summer with a group of people as well.

  24. Ana Ana says:

    my concern is that real sports bar gets super busy & packed especially during euro
    @T.O. cro
    yeah i remember father kamber always showing the games in the past, problem is im downtown toronto so streetsville is hard for me to get to. but i love father kamber, practically grew up there, i think im gonna have to trek down there for the games :)
    well that or hrvati bar if im short on time…but hrvati bar is a bit on the small side

  25. Ana Ana says:

    wait just realized sveti ante & the first euro game vs ireland fall on the same day….everyone always goes to norval for sv ante…anyone know if theyll b showing the game? (@ my toronto croats)

  26. Jarac says:

    @ante B

    you are absolutely correct with Serb Diego, that’s the only city I have experiences in Cali with so many serbs. Ziva must have never seen the ocean before or lives in some selo in the middle of nowhere. San diego beaches are nice, but thats about as good a san diego gets.

  27. Rob in T.O. says:


    My thought exactly regarding Real Sports Bar, plus I imagine there would be lots of ‘fans’ of the other sides (Irish, Italian, etc.) there as well. I would much rather watch the matches in a pro-Hrvati atmosphere.

    How is Hrvati Bar, is the food good there? I have yet to make it out there, but I heard it is very small??

    Also, I am not certain on norval, I believe they should be showing the match, but I can’t confirm that 100%.

  28. IvicA says:

    @ Rob in T.O.

    Are you f’n serious? You haven’t been to Hrvati Bar yet?

    You are officially no longer a Croat. Turn in your checkers.

    But on a serious note, the pljeskavica is easily the best burger in Toronto. No bias.

  29. mali HRVAT says:


    These are just observations in response to a question from Allen. I don’ wish harm to anyone and they have the same rights as I do in America.

    I have a great deal of gratitude to many Jews. All Christians’ heritage can be traced back to Pagan or Jewish ancestry. The early apostles, St.Paul and St. Titus were Jews who accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of Man and then evangelized Dalmatia and the rest of the World. They gave me and my family the best gift ever, the gift of religion.

    With that being said, it is ignorant to compare blacks immigrating to America as equivalent to the occupation of Palestine. Justice is Christian value, and their is no justice in modern day Israel. There is no democracy in modern day Israel.

    Additionally, you talk about this non-stop. I have had these feelings for a while, and only mentioned them in response to a question from Allen. I was a lot like Allen at 19. My personal experiences as a business owner in NYC greatly shaped my views.

  30. Ziva Istina says:

    @Mark……why don’t you also explain the large number of hrvati walking around Chicago who also masquerated as UDBA agents. Plenty of the hrvati in Chicago made their money from being friends of the UDBA. I’ve been to Chicago enough times and know enough hrvati in the city and surrounding area to know the Chicago community is weak compared to the croatian community in other cities with the same amount (or more) of hrvati. Jebiga, brate…..the ISTINA hurts.

  31. Pintar Pintar says:

    Wallace, please don’t assume there’s a double standard here, at least by posters. I have no authority to speak for what gets deleted or not, but in terms of commenting, I decided to ignore the anti-semitism much as I ignore most of your posts when they launch into diatribes. I’m guessing many others did the same.

    But thank you once again for using your condescending tone and catch phrases to win our hearts and minds.

  32. Pintar Pintar says:

    But how does your opinion help us unite in any way here? I guess that’s not your objective. So be it. But I simply raised the possibility that Croats in the Milwaukee/Chicago area attempt to get together in the near future for a match. Condemning an entire city (or region) seems pointless. What do you suggest those of us who live here do? Burn the place down behind us as we leave? Sometimes the negativity coming from posters on this site is astounding to me.

  33. Wallace says:

    @Pintar, I’ll stop using a condescending tone in my posts; and I ask you to ignore the tone of my last comment and consider the point I made.

    @mali hrvat, my point was not about defending jews.

  34. Pintar Pintar says:

    Fair enough. I always consider the points made here and appreciate the change in tone.

  35. Wallace says:

    @Denis, the Japanese (who “stole” land from the Ainu and have a horrendous colonial history) have LOWER birth rates than Whites and their children will NEVER be minorities in Japan nor be blended into a third world mulatto humanity in Japan.

  36. Ante B says:

    I love Chicago. I was born there. I’ve hung out with some solid Hrvati but Mark, why do they not play ustaske pjesme there? The bands have a pact of some sort? Could you elaborate?

  37. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Denis

    All the cevap places in Astoria are owned by Bosanci (Djerdan, Ukus, Cevabdzinica Sarajevo, Stari Most, etc.) as many of the names suggest. I’m not really familiar with any social clubs or organizations they have in the NYC metro area.

    Was it the Bosna kit from the mid 90’s? I always thought that one was the best looking one they had. The ones they have now are pretty boring.

  38. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    For the Croatians in Toronto, I’m not sure about Norval showing the game (being sveti ante i’d be betting that they would)

    I just remember going to Norval to watch a qualifying game a few years ago and they had a cover charge of $20. I think they jacked up the price for beer too. A lot of people were pissed. A nice way to treat fellow Hrvati?

    As of right now, I’m thinking Streetsville Father Kamber Park will be the best place for Croatians to congretate and watch the Euro’s.

    @ Denis Svirčić, I’d love to help out but I don’t think I would be able to get out anywhere to watch the game. I’ll probably just watch it at home.

  39. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Ante B and Ziva – I know your intentions are not bad…but why are you asking Mark why they don’t play Ustaske pjesme in Chicago or bring up UDBA agents as if this guy would have anything to do with your issues? is he the dom president or some association leader to be able to explain that…I dont understand why you feel the need to bring up the same old story as if some of these kids or young adults had anything to do with why they dont play Ustaske pjesme or Chicago Croatians masquerading UDBA agents? give these kids a break!

  40. majstore says:

    Re: Hrvati Bar, the last time I went there they didn’t have any TV’s set up, and it is kind of small so it’s not like they could even fit alot of people if they could.

    Re: Real Sports, yea I am sure that it will be busy and there will be fans from the other sides but imo that kind of makes the experience fun for me (trash talking, chanting at the other fans etc). I could see how others might be turned off by it though. I watched the Cro v Turkey games there and enjoyed myself.

    Failing that, going to Football Factory at King + Bathurst, or any of the patios along College street is fun for me, but again if you feel like you need to watch it with alot of other Croats then maybe it is not for you.

  41. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    For the Croatians on this site who dont know….in the Toronto area…. this is the place for Croatians to be.

    These are some of the scenes that can be expected in Streetsville and at the Croatian Father Kamber Park.


    Oh and I suggest forwarding the video to around the 3 min mark because before that its just a bunch of people watching the game in their garage lol

  42. Ante B says:


    Because he said he could write a thesis on it which leads to the implication that he must know. If he doesn’t, no worries. Maybe somebody else knows?

  43. Slavonac from Canada says:

    ajme Ante…drink beer…eat cevape…have a shot or sljivo…relax dude…you should be content you are who you are …and we should stop attacking people here!

  44. Ante B says:

    Covjece o cemu ti pricas? Tko tu koga napada? Lijepo pitam covjeka ako zna o cemu se radi na najpristojniji nacin! If he knows, great. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. Smiri se kaj se odma nerviras

  45. Slavonac from Canada says:

    vec mi se dosadilo UDBA sranje i Ustaske pjesme u Chicago…ova mladja generacija nije kriv za nista…a vi ih napadate svaki drugi dan! these kids have no clue and they are being ridiculed and attacked because you too want to feel superior…

  46. Ana Ana says:

    @toronto croatia
    oh i remember that haha
    ill b out w. my boys, but i cant promise any checkers, ill b wearing my bayern jersey :P oh & check out toronto croatia’s vid..funnily enough that reminded me, one of the guys in it was THE promoter for any croatian event/club event, i really suggest getting a hold of him on facebook, his name is nick jaksa

  47. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @Toronto Croatia,

    Thanks for the link. Toronto Croatians are good in my book. Team CroatianSports will have to make another trip up there really soon.


    The Bosnian shirt was blue with a yellow trim, reminded me of the Lotto Ukraine shirt of 2010. Must have been circa 2008 or so. Ukus isnt bad. Ordered cevape the other day.


    I’m with you. Its like Germans of today still paying for the Holocaust. Team CS needs to make a trip down to ChiTown one day.

  48. mali HRVAT says:


    I read the same Times article. Interesting read.


    I hope you don’t label my posts as anti-sematic. Although I include some anecdotal commentary, most are based on statistics or facts. Have you ever watched a European newscast? They are far less reserved about trashing the Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

    We can’t ignore inhumane/ Un-Christian behavior just because we feel bad that they had their fair share of suffering during the last World War.

    I judge men by their actions not the color of their skin. A man’s belief system dictates his behavior.

  49. Slavonac from Canada says:

    @ Denis – very good analogy…we need to promote these younger guys…I know I’ve gone off on a few regarding soccer…but we are ALL Croatian…especially these younger guys from outside of Croatia who are doing their best to preserve their families culture and that look to find a common place for all Croatians…we need to welcome them and not constantly bombard them with questions about why their dom doesnt play Ustaske pjesme or who was part of UDBA…these kids aren’t and weren’t at fault for somebody else’s Yugo ways

    @ mali Hrvat – zidovi are interesting people…they stick together and feel like they always need to benefit from a situation…or else they make a huge drama and manipulate…but they have contributed a lot to society as well with regards to technology, medicine…I asked myself why people dislike or hate them 3 years ago and started reading about their foreign policies, how they claim to be the only democracy in the Mid East and several other stories about who they are…wow…they have no idea about fairness…and they will profit from anything…here’s a quick example: last year the US put sanctions on Iran and there were strict rules to most western countries when dealing with Iran…a few months into the sanctions a US company found out there was a huge sale or transaction…cargo ships being sold to the Iranians…and it was public knowledge but it flew under the radar…the seller was…Israeli’s…Jews…and Israeli company made a deal through a 3rd party…a broker to sell the cargo ships to the Iranians…the US was soo embarassed and pissed off because of all countries to be profiting from an imposed sanction…Israel…the sole enemy of Iran was profiting!

    my pokojni stari would say…zid bi prodao majku za pet kuna!

  50. Ante B says:

    Kako vi sve shvcate tak pubertetski to nije normalno. It’s like talking to a wall or a salad bar.

  51. Slavonac from Canada says:

    a ti samo mislis na stomak…mogao si barem rec raznice ili kulen…tko voli salad bar?

  52. Ante B says:

    Gle I wish I liked salad bar. My debelo malenkost could use some salad…back to the topic…

    The guy presented himself like he knew about the Chicago diaspora so my question remains. If you don’t know, fine. I want to know bc I was raised a certain way. You’re bringing up kids?! Uzas. So now because I was brought up with that music, I hav to be punished for asking why they stoppped? Unreal how much of our balls were losing as a people. I wish it was the 80s again when we knew who the real Hrvati were.

  53. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Ante – maybe I dont get on here enough to see who says what…so if I accused you of something you didnt do…nemoj zamjerit…from what I see…which isn’t always everything it seems like people are being accused of or insinuated as if they are part of or responsible for something they have nothing to do with! from what I’ve seen regarding your posts…you pretty fair…but sometimes it looks like you know what your insinuating but you haven’t directly said it! yeah we need to have balls I agree and I also agree its good to know who are the real Hrvati…that said I think people are called out unjustifiably! on another note…I was a huge Prosinecki supporter…but Ziva brought it to my attention that he didnt actually decide to play for us until at least a year or two later…until he saw what was happening with the Serbs…you will never ever see me defend Prosinecki again…my opinion has been changed!

  54. LikaLika says:

    Im originally from Chicago, now live in Australia. I can tell you that there are plenty of pravi hrvati and I can tell you that there are hrvati that just don’t care about being hardcore. Its not that they have any love or want of yugo, its just that they are moving on. There are many beautiful Croatian songs that are not ustashe songs. I don’t get how that is even relevent to being a pravi hrvat. Maybe things that should be considered is how much money we raise and donate to hrvatska, how many students there are at croatian schools, how many people participate in Croatian Dance, how often we speak hrvatski. But singing ustase songs? doesnt make sense.

  55. Sime says:

    Ana , Allen Out loves you . He could not stop talking about you on U stream on Sun.. Tell him to put on his pijama pants & suit coat & pose for you . It is a beautiful site.

  56. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Sime

    LMAO – boze, boze you gave me a good laugh here at work, hvala!

    But in general, what’s with all the preaching on here? If you listen to this type of music, your less Croatian. People from city X and more Croatian than people from city Y. The Hrvati from city Y aren’t real Croatians. I’ll admit it, I’ve let myself get tied up in all that nonsense, but the fact of the matter is this; we talk smack on this site, but in real life, none of us bring it up in convos with other Hrvati. When I meet new Hrvati it isn’t about what music you listen to, are you Croatian enough, do you believe in this regime – Too many preachers on here. Let’s stick to nogomet, sport and light topics in general. Let’s leave the preaching to the svecenici on Sundays!

  57. Norval says:


  58. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    I’ll be at Alpine Village with the Croatian Sports team in the south bay rooting for Bayern all the way! Ante K wear your Hush Puppies ;)

  59. Norval says:

    Beer prices have never been jacked at Norval.
    The $20.00 cover was a cover that was charged by the crooks at Setanta Sports. Not Norval.

    I can assure you, Sv. Ante Picnic is the place to watch
    the CROATIA vs IRELAND match.

    Its the largest Croatian picnic in North America.

  60. Ante B says:

    Ok so I see I won’t get the answer in looking for. Just a bunch of gentle snowflake hypothetical general fodder. For the first time I throw my hands up in the air and admit JEBI GA

  61. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Thompsonova pjesma “Uvijek vjerni tebi” postaje himna službenog Kluba navijača hrvatske nogometne reprezentacije “Uvijek vjerni”

  62. Mark says:

    @ Ante B

    I know quite a lot about the diaspora here. As I mentioned, I could right a thesis on it., and perhaps one day I will when I’m not swamped with the daily grinds of working my ass off, getting home to spend time with my daughter, then finishing an endless list of things that need to get done before I pass out.

    To answer your question though, I don’t know why you’d even ask that. I’ve heard Ustasi songs at weddings my entire life here Btw the Center is located in the heart of the largest orthodox zidovi community in Chicago, and probably in the Midwest which is pretty funny. But that’s not my point. Listening to Ustasi songs doesn’t make you any more Croatian than anyone else. I’m not knocking it. If that’s your thing, great. I don’t have anything against it. But that doesn’t define a Hrvat in my book, nor does it mean your ‘keeping your balls’ or losing them.

    @ Slavonac

    Well said brother and thanks for backing me up. Ti si pravi hrvat like my other Licani brothers out there.

    @ LikaLika

    Mate that’s gotta be you. How are you guys? How is it down under?


    I try to take the time to get on this site at least once a day. And sometimes I make the time to comment on something I that I think is important. It sucks when know-it-all douches like Ziva start ripping into people when they think they spot a weakness. But that is your right. The truth doesn’t hurt Ziva, your bullshit antics do. Try making a point without being a prick and maybe someday you’ll get the respect you so desperately seek.

    Denis and co a fantastic job running and organizing this site and keeping the Croatian community united, which is the goal. I really wish I was able to contribute but unfortunately I just don’t have the time lately and in this stage of my life. I’ll let you know when I’m more free. Next year’s North American Labor Day tournament is here so maybe you guys should come then…

  63. Ziva Istina says:

    @Mark…..you mean that center that you guys call the “Croatian Centre”, the same place that used to be a department store or grocery store. I’ve been there. Not much to hang your hat on. If that is the best you so-called Hrvati in Chicago can do, tsk-tsk……Smaller communities have much better, but I guess that would take coordination, being unselfish and doing something good for the communitiy.

    And yes, everyone should show up to the Labor Day soccer tournament when it’s hosted by Chicago (or really any year). If the last few years are any example there will be no croatians on the chicago teams, but there will be plenty of mujos, hispanics, crnci, and a bunch of others you can’t point to Croatia on the map. That’s Chicago “hrvatstvo” at its finest.

  64. Jarac says:

    @Ziva and Ante,

    you guys are clowns, you guys associate being croatian with singing ustase songs and hanging out with croatian americans at the dom. Haha clowns, being croatian has everything to do with the size of you penis!

  65. Ante B. says:

    No we don’t. We just never back down. With your last comment, remember to pull your foreskin back. Old school. Love the peanut gallery.

  66. Ziva Istina says:

    @Jarac…..eh brate moj……….I have never once equated singing Ustase songs with begin croatian. Actually one of my biggest pet peeves (in addition to grown men wearing a jersey with the name of another human being and adults asking for photos/autographs) is seeing kids/adults sing Ustase tunes without having any knowledge of what the Ustase were.

    For me, you are croatian if you can speak the language, read the language, know the history and go to church.

    Some of you clowns equate being croatian by following croatian soccer. No, that just makes you a fan of croatian soccer, doesn’t make you croatian, but that’s OK.

  67. Jarac says:

    @Ante B.,

    Aw man your telling me you stretching out the foreskin until its maximum tension doesn’t count? Man I gotta subtract 2 inches. By the way do you have any good cleansing advice for foreskin?

    I agree with you, but minus the church part, religion is a choice. Just my opinion.

  68. mali HRVAT says:

    I have my Olic’ Bayern jersey ready for tomorrow. Let the crotch sniffing commence.

  69. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    Thanks for the kind words. I’m looking forward to seeing you organize something in Chicago for the Euro.

    “keeping the Croatian community united, which is the goal”

    Lets see how united we really are during the Euro. Lets see if we can get 100 pictures of Croats all over the world cheering on the vatreni. Lets see if we can get 10 videos from hrvati cheering on the vatreni during the euro.

    Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Montreal, Vancouver, Pittsburg, New York, Winnipeg, Calgary, Melbourne, Sydney, Lima, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, hamburg, Wien, Paris, Klagenfurt, San Jose, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Orleans, London, Nurnberg, Bern, Basel, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Boston, Edmonton, Auckland….

    If we cant get 100 pictures and 10 videos, then Ante and I might as well close down Croatiansports.com

  70. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    Nice to see that the NBA still cares about the Lakers. Well, the nba cares about $$$. More games = more $$$.

    Where is King Bronk…. I smell a fix. OKC throwing up wild jumpers ….

  71. AllenOutraged says:

    wearing a Spurs jersey so when Bayern wins, i can be happy that my team will be playing in the UCL next year. I do wish I had a Bayern jersey though because I really respect and like what there doing.

    Bayern wins 3-1 today and Pranjic comes in last fifteen minutes to shore up the defensive even though that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because he doesn’t play much defense. I don’t know but I got a hunch. Olic will be enjoying his seat on the bench. SCORPIOS HERE WE GO!!!

  72. HAET says:

    Ziva Istina: “For me, you are croatian if you can speak the language, read the language, know the history and go to church.”

    So an aboriginal Australian who speaks Croatian, goes to church, and studied Croatian history is in your opinion “Croatian”? and this aboriginal gets the “honour” of being accepted into Ziva Istina’s “Croatian-club”?

  73. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    Ha, fun fact: The Pope grew up as a Bayern fan. He’ll be cheering for them today.

  74. Jarac says:


    No ur retard, ziva is assuming you have croatian blood, probably need a 100% blood in Ziva’s book, but this alone isn’t croatian enough, u also need to know the history, speak the language and go to church. So, no ur example doesn’t count.

  75. Bog i Hrvati says:

    In the 1st half, it’s clear Gomez is not up to the challenge, missing several golden chances. You know what that means…the conditions of this game, with Bayern needing a strike to reward their dominance, are begging for Olic to enter the match. We all know this is his type moment — the huge stage with everything on the line. Hopefully, he’ll get a chance…

  76. Ivan the Red says:

    Bayern munchen missing some golden chances. Id hate to see this match go into penalties. Then a lucky chelsea will shine.

  77. Ivan the Red says:

    @Ziva istina
    No offence, but you seem like a real dick.

    My grandfather fought for croatia in ww2 Ustasa. But he never learnt to read the language, didnt care to, and doesnt attend church.
    Are you saying my grandfather isnt croatian? I want to hear it from your all knowing, all judgemental, all full of himself mouth.


    ziva you jerk

  78. Joe Joe says:

    let the tottenham fire sale begin

    i don’t want to see modric play with that douche bag terry. damn it!

  79. JESTE! says:

    @ evryone if you dont speak and you cant drink altleast 2 gallons of beer and 5 litra vina nisi hrvat, if you work nisi hrvat.if you dont sell land and live off it nisi hrvat. ahhaaaaaaaaaaa I didnt know going to church made some one croatia considering very other cus that come out of croatians is jebeni ti boga bog te posra jebote isusa Bog ti jeba mater do i need to go on, and if you are from diaspora if you go to croatia over your life time fit in with the homers in your town then you are croatian but if you are u dumb diaspora who only hang out with other americans/others overthere then your a kreten.

  80. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ IvicA

    Fine with me! Mourinho is interested

    @ Joe

    It was a nice shot but Čech made a good save and I agree he will feel terrible for awhile.

    You can thank the choke artist Robben. He was just horrible today!

  81. JESTE! says:

    @ JOE I dont blame Olic where was robben missed once and he quit i new olic would miss 100 posto croatians are not good at penalties its a fact whatever time for euro 2012 and 3 and out who knows maybe we pull a chelsea?!

  82. Joe Joe says:

    @ mihovil

    agreed. it was a good cech save. i would have liked to see olic go to cech’s right instead for that shot. robben was crap! why didn’t gomez take that penalty in extra time??

  83. JESTE! says:

    And thank God totenham are not going to CL Lukica going to be transfered 100% , maybe Mamic can sell Badelj to tottenham for a good price ahahaah croatia is such a joke. jadni smoooooooooooo di su oni dani 1990-1999.

  84. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ DinamoDennis

    “Hahaha where can I get one of those Olic shirts again ?”

    You’re kidding right? You might want to get a Robben shirt first or a Daniel Van Buyten shirt.

    Schweinsteiger missed as well and it is not his fault.

  85. Joe Joe says:

    @ dinamodennis

    penalty miss in shootout is nothing to hang your head about…..that shirt is still cool. that game should have been over in regular time…..not olic’s fault for that. robben’s crappy corner/penalty taking is MUCH MORE at fault for this than olic’s miss.

  86. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Joe

    “agreed. it was a good cech save. i would have liked to see olic go to cech’s right instead for that shot. robben was crap! why didn’t gomez take that penalty in extra time??”

    It is easy to second guess but you’re right. Gomez did nothing today during the 120 minutes as well and he never does in big games.

    Why does he take Muller off the field?

  87. JESTE! says:

    @Joe he did gomez cored Scwiny and Olic missed Lahm Neuer Gomez scored the goals and only Mata missed for celski,
    I see Pranjic had a great game 120 mins and was solid at left back looks good for Bilc no worries at LB.

  88. JESTE! says:

    He took mueller off o tymochuk moved to dm and van buyten to cb and it didnt work i think olic should have came in to kill game straight switch for and robben. Chelsea from a terrible seaon to one of the best in years double for chelsea WOW great job.

  89. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ JESTE!

    The only reason Gomez had such a great year is because of the help Muller provides him. I would have taken of Gomez way before Muller.

  90. JESTE! says:

    Modric Nece ici u Madrid nema sanse! NO way those are just rumor he will got to u club where he will play not be on the bnch where would he play in that madrid team when they have di maria ronaldo ozil kherida Xaxi alanso kaka

  91. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ JESTE!

    Kaka is leaving and Khedira and Alanso play more of a defensive role. I am not saying Luka will go there for sure but he would fit right in.

    If you want the truth I think Luka will stay in the EPL and go to the highest bidder. I hope he goes to Madrid.

  92. JESTE! says:

    Yes me to Gomez doesnt work hard e just stands there and wait for the ball to come to him, This Bayern loss might have and impact on The German national team you think? like 10 internationals are on this team

  93. JESTE! says:

    @ Mihovil me too i think he will go to Man United Chelski or he might stay most likeley those two i read liverpool also might be interseted in him like afew days ago

  94. Joe Joe says:

    @ Jeste…..i meant why didn’t gomez take the penalty in extra time (the one that robben took and cech saved?) wasn’t there a big deal about robben taking a penalty recently and missing (was it against dortmund?). gomez is your best scorer….let him do it. robben was crap all game. maybe they should have let their keeper take the penalty like he did in the shootout….haha

    for modric to stay in the EPL….not sure where he would go. however, i think chelsea and man united will fight like crazy for him (and like you said mihovil, man city is always a factor with all their $$$)

  95. Anonymous says:

    Olic played fantasticly, and I laughed when Olic was actually making a tap-in pass for Van Buyten. Many thought that Olic was going for the goal, lol. Olic beating Torres and Bosingwa for the ball showed that Olic still has much energy, which is just perfect for Euro 2012.

    Shame that Olic’s final Bayern goal wouldn’t be that penalty.

  96. JESTE! says:

    @ Joe sorry my bad that easy to answer Robben is an asshole and its all about him he and ribery have attitude problems big time kreteni thats why robben is the number 10 and shot the penal.

  97. DinamoDennis says:

    never said it was Olic’s fault…just funny that the only shirt here is an Olic shirt….you’re telling me you didn’t think he was going to miss when he was walking up to take it ?

    Also…olic going for a pass when he should have shot ?? C’mon….

  98. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Anonymous

    “you’re telling me you didn’t think he was going to miss when he was walking up to take it ?”

    My feelings were 50/50 on Olic scoring. But…. I knew 100% that Robben would miss as that was easy money.

    Why is it funny about the shirt? Olic scoring for Croatia is a good thing. He misses a penalty kick and the shirt has to be removed and he has to hide his head in the sand? There were other guys to blame over him. That is not even in question.

    He played way better than Gomez in the little time he was on the field and the last time I checked someone else missed after Olic. The guy that missed after Olic publicly said that Germany never loses on penalty kicks. When you make statements like that they always back fire. It is poetic justice.

    Ronaldo misses a penalty kick in 2008 and Man U still ends up winning the Champions League. This is how it goes.

  99. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ DinamoDennis

    “Also…olic going for a pass when he should have shot ?? C’mon….”

    If he shoots in that instance it gets blocked so he dishes it over to an Van Buyten. Who should have scored there by the way.

  100. Ziva Istina says:

    @Ivan the Red….no, it just means your grandfather was illiterate. But, I applaud him for being on the right side of the war. Get real, I think you can assume what I meant by what I wrote. If not, go to school and educate yourself.

    As for the game and the Croatian side of it……..PKs are a lottery. It happens. Messi, C. Ronaldo, Baggio, Rooney, etc…..all have missed in PK shootouts in big, marquee games. It happens to even the best.

  101. mali HRVAT says:


    Suddenly crotch does not smell so good.

    Back to one of your previous posts. Croatian soccer is a gateway activity, to “embracing your inner hrvatsko”. That is the beauty of what Ante and Denis are doing here.

  102. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Ziva Istina

    Add Maradona to the list.

    To blame him for the loss is absolutely ridiculous!

  103. LAknat says:

    Pranjic is the best penalty shooter.. so do you think Bayern
    needs him very much.. . /

  104. Ivan the Red says:

    @Ziva istina

    Yes, so why did you not right that in the first place. There are people whom cant read or write, and yet that was one of your deciding factors on whom is or isnt croatian. You really should make that clear. Maybe you are the one who should go back back go back to fucken school.

    Im new to this site, but already i can see you are the dickhead around here.

    Also whats with the misleadling name (Ziva Istina)?

  105. AllenOutraged says:

    Olic misses penalty and misses sitter. I was with Denis and I was laughing pretty hard. Yep that’s the people you all adore. What a joke, low class talent and shows up to the game putting on a few pounds. You can still love him but the fact is that he has no technical skill and was lucky to be on the pitch.

    Chelsea wins, my Tottenham Spurs will implode. Not a good day, June 10th where you at!?

  106. AllenOutraged says:

    I love how you talk yet I didn’t give a damn once. Apparently this girl was bar tending and she had to be in her late 30’s. Denis wouldn’t shut up about her nipples and kept bribing her up. Instead of watching Robben’s botches on passes and crosses, he would bring up nipples. So let me rest assure all of you that the clown that posted above me wouldn’t shut up about nipples and he wanted to leave once she left because no nipples equals no party.

    Lakers are done, good to see you Denis.

  107. AllenOutraged says:

    Scorpios can use an upgrade of bar tenders. They need some young talent over there regardless how exposed of their nipples are.

  108. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    It was pretty sad that you “didnt give a damn once.” bartender was not in her late 30s. She was my age 30-33. I was confused how those nipples didnt faze you. I was not “wanted to leave once she left” as we did hang out for the Clips game, drinks and then shots with the owner.

    Surprisingly, you held your liquor in pretty good and I didnt find you passed out at the bar. It was probably that bagel you had at halftime.

  109. AllenOutraged says:

    I hold up all the time as long as I get a nice meal in. Don’t confuse me with Ante.

    She wasn’t an attractive looking woman plain and simple. The nipples were there, great nice to see but that’s it. If you guys saw her face, good lord.

  110. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ AllenOutraged

    He did more on the field than Gomez did all game. Robben was Robben a natural born choke artist in big games.


    To even remotely equate the problem to Olic shows how little you know

    For all the Olic haters. Why don’t you put Gomez and Robben under the same hated microscope that you put Olic under? Than we can have a rational discussion going forward. However for you people that would just be impossible.

    Bottom Line

    1 – Olic is not a coward like some of the players on Bayern. Our National team does not need cowards.

    2 – It was not Olic’s fault Bayern lose that game. To even remotely think that it is the fault of Olic is beyond unintelligent. Take a look at Robben, Gomez, and the coach if you do want to point blame.

    Allen you have absolutely no credibility.

    How can you judge anyone after you tell everyone on this site, and I quote, that you wish Joey Barton was Croatian. With a statement like that you cannot judge anyone.

    Keep laughing.

  111. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ OlicHaters.com

    I did not win the lottery on Friday. I guess I gotta blame Olic for that as well.

  112. Mainzfeldski Mainzfeldski says:

    Olic was awesome during the game, apart from the penalty (which wouldn’t have made a bunch of difference anyway).

    Every time Olic had the ball, I screamed out, “C’MON OLIC, CHIP THE KEEPER!” for the lolz. But honestly, I was happy he had the ball. It was his last Bayern game. When Bayern struggled on the right wing, I was just hoping they would transfer the ball to Olic’s left side.

    Olic definitely helped out Bayern, but his appearance came at a bad time. Olic brought new energy and encouraged his teammates to attack from the left and right flanks. Unfortunately, the rest of the team was already drained in energy.

    Olic was able to interrupt Torres’ possession, attempted a cross past Bosingwa which turned into a corner kick for Bayern, and slipped past through Chelsea’s defense for a possible goal.

    I did not see Olic miss a “seater.” If that is referring to the pass to Van Buyten, then I could not see how Olic could score from the left wing with ease. The pass was smart, but the problem was that the pass was too sharp (and VB was close to it, not Gomez). His penalty miss, however, did not directly cause Bayern’s loss; it just balanced off Mata’s miss (but it was a very strong shot by Olic!). He had to take courage to score when Tymo and Kroos could not.

    Olic was very flexible in the game, unlike Gomez. Shame about Muller’s substitution and Ribery’s injury.

    Olic will be very instrumental in the EUROs, since his performance was very excellent.

  113. IvicA says:

    Much like Kranjcar, I prefer Olic to come off the bench for us in these Euros.

    A hardworking and relentless Olic coming off the bench could cause some trouble for an already exhausted opposing defense. Bringing in Kranjcar off the bench too would give us that offensive creativity as well.

    I think it’s a must that our two hottest players (Jelavic and Perisic) start. Modric and Srna are staples in the starting eleven, and I’d give Raketa the start just to round things out on the left side.

  114. mali HRVAT says:


    Olic is not a wide left player. He is truly a center forward that can improvise and play on either wing. That is VERSATILE.

    That pass to Van Buyten was superb. Van Buyten clearly had a brain fart. Van Buyten is a good player who is suffering from lack of playing time.

    People trash Olic for his “trash” goals, but Van Buyten’s non attempt illustrates that those goals take skill of some variety.

    On a side note, Robben wasn’t as bad as everyone is saying. Gomez is great for the Bundesliga, but sometimes looks like Frankenstein against elite competition. Bayern blew that game big time.

  115. mali HRVAT says:

    Gary Neville could not be any less impartial of a commentator.

    Lines of the night.

    “Ivica Olic scourge of Manchester United and England”

    “He is hell to play against, he chases down every ball”

  116. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Mainzfeldski

    Objectivity and honesty at its finest!

    Why is the economy so bad? Does Olic have anything to do with it?

    @ IvicA

    “Much like Kranjcar, I prefer Olic to come off the bench for us in these Euros.”

    For me Ivica it depends on our opponent who starts up front. For example:

    Against the Irish I would probably start Olic on the bench as I “think” we will control possession and we need to break, I would not call it a bunker, through the defensive setup. I would lean towards not starting him in this game.

    Against Italy and Spain he starts for the counter reasons. We shall see what Bilic has to say.

    My watch just stopped working. Gee, what next? Thanks Olic!

    @ mali HRVAT

    Nice posts!

    Robben was not exactly good either. He was very selfish in his play and gave up completely after his penalty miss. He has talent out the wazoo but in big games his nuts shrink. The WC 2010 breakaway miss comes to mind and regardless of all that he is a coward and a chicken.

    Gomez has 0 goals to show in Euro 2008 and WC 2010 combined and his team went to the finals in Euro 2008 and semifinals in WC 2010. He will more than likely get some goals in Euro 2012 but against skilled opponents he does not show up. It cannot be the lack of quality in his teammates as the German National team is always solid. Frankenstein is a great way to describe him. Although not a coward, had an awesome year and is overrated.

    Very nice Gary Neville quotes! He would know what Olic is all about!

    If someone is thinking of defending Robben, Tymoshchuk, and Kroos for not wanting to take a penalty kick when their team needed them my one word response in describing their actions is …………. Cowards. With a capital C. Broj jedan kukavice!

    I would love to know why telemarketers are phoning me on a Sunday? It is probably Olic. Damn him!!!!!

  117. HAET says:

    AllenOutraged: “Olic misses penalty and misses sitter. I was with Denis and I was laughing pretty hard.”

    Is this true Denis? Can you confirm that Allen was “laughing hard” when one of our blood brothers had a negative play?

    Allen has one loyalty, which ever way the current wind is blowing; which is no loyalty at all.

  118. AllenOutraged says:

    Well we added the list of ass clowns on the site with Mivohli. Where did the whole blame Olic thing come from? I don’t know but its totally not funny.

    Yeah I don’t have credibility when I’m picked to do shows for Sunday Night Live and people ask me questions. Yeah I don’t have credibility sure whatever you say. Mario Gomez is one of the most prolific goal scorers in the world. Olic couldn’t hold a candle to him. Only some of you bias and ignorant Croatians would even think about comparing Olic and Gomez. Gomez had a bad game but he carried Munich several times during the game. Where was Olic riding the bench where he belongs on a team like this. Olic might shut me up in the Euros but until then I look at him and don’t rate him. Gomez is an awesome player even though he struggled, the guy is rated highly.

    I really hope the whole Thanks Olic thing doesn’t trend. We got nice trends with GPS Keleva and Surbo Subsiac or whatever it is. Those are funny, thanks Olic sucks. Get good humor.

    I admitted Barton is an asshole and I realized that he’s really clueless at times. Still think he’s a decent player but he can be a cancer. I admit my faults and I did that when it was Sunday Night Live but of course you wouldn’t know. Thanks for the time and thank AllenOutraged for keeping things lively and knowledgeable. Your welcome!

  119. AllenOutraged says:

    No loyalty haha. That’s why I paid ten bucks every time to watch a Croatia qualifier when they played the last two years. You guys crack me up. I can laugh at whoever I want when I want. I’ve laughed at Kranjcar when he missed sitters, laughed at Simunic after running as slow as turtle, or laughed at Kalinic when he missed those sitters against Malta. I watch games, get mad, but at times I’ll laugh. Too many ass clowns are joining the list calm down guys, I’m losing count.

  120. AllenOutraged says:

    Van Buyten is a centerback in case you guys forgot. He has no scoring mindset so to bash him is pretty silly. He could have made the run but I don’t blame him for it. I blame Olic for not taking a touch and putting the ball in the net. Uh oh that may make me a member of OlicHaters.com I’ve ran that site ever since the 2008 Turkey game when he left me crying on a table after those six misses.

  121. HAET says:

    Perhaps Van Buyten was worried about being offsides or he just froze, but I think you have to run towards the goal in that situation regardless; you can always let the ball go if it’s going into the net.

    Hate to see a better team and especially the team that plays better lose, especially in the final, especially on PK’s. Why not play again on Wednesday?

  122. HAET says:

    @Allen, relax, calling me names (especially over the internet) says nothing about the point I made, but it tells us everything about you.
    It’s not a question of rating or criticizing Olic, but to laugh AT one of our blood brothers b/c he missed a PK in the CL?

  123. AllenOutraged says:

    It sucks I agree with you that it had to end on penalties. As for Van Buyten well he just doesn’t have the instinct but he could have done better. Still think Olic has to shoot in that situation.

    Sorry for names, I just get heated by some people. I just hate how people rate Olic so highly then when he gets his chance, he flops. Maybe that makes me rotten oh well, I’ll be in full support during the Euros. It just baffles me on why people rate him so highly.

  124. IvicA says:

    @ Mihovil
    “For me Ivica it depends on our opponent who starts up front. For example:
    Against the Irish I would probably start Olic on the bench as I “think” we will control possession and we need to break, I would not call it a bunker, through the defensive setup. I would lean towards not starting him in this game.
    Against Italy and Spain he starts for the counter reasons. We shall see what Bilic has to say.”

    Normally I would agree with you, as Olic is only effective against teams that we won’t dominate possession in.

    But the Italian defence is a special case. They are masters in this trade and I think they would be well prepared for Olic at the start of the match, and would keep him under control to a certain extent. As the game wears on, I could see Olic getting tired (he is only human) and not being as effective as he was from the start.

    I do, however, believe that the size and physcality of Jelavic and Olic is an advantage that Cro’s forwards has over Italy’s defence. On Italy, Bonnucci and Ranocchia are the only two defenders that can match Jelavic’s height or Olic’s strength, but both defenders are relatively young and not as experienced with their national team. I think a fresh Italian defense may be able to contain a fresh Jelavic and Olic combo, but I’m not sure a semi-tired Italian defense would be ready for a fresh and aggressive Olic after they’ve played over half the game already.

    I would like to see Italy try and focus their efforts on containing Jelavic from the start of the game, then I’d throw in Olic sometime during the 60 minute mark (just like last time) and see if the Italian defence can handle both Jelavic and a fresh Olic.

    I think it would also give the Italian defenders some mental angst as I’m sure most of them watched that game in 2002 where Olic came off the bench in the second half and relentlessly attack the net making their hero, Paolo Maldini, look painfully mortal. As prepared as they would be, and assuming the game is still a close one at that point, I don’t think anyone wouldn’t notice the Deja-Vu effect that an Ivica Olic substitution would create.

  125. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ AllenOutraged

    Allen you have absolutely no credibility, I mean less than none. Add to the fact that you are the self-proclamation and hypocritical king of the world. You just don’t get it brother. You remind me of the Stuart character from Mad TV.

    “Yeah I don’t have credibility when I’m picked to do shows for Sunday Night Live and people ask me questions.”

    Picked to do shows? You ask to do them and offer to do them. Even if the CS.com admins say that is not so I know for a fact it is.

    People ask you questions? When does that occur? LOL!

    Allen, do you have any soda? Yes, I think I do…. LOL!

    When Colin won an award for an historical post on this site, in reference to a comment he made about you, you acted as if the trophy or the award was for you! LOL! It was one of the most evident forms of self-proclamation I have ever scene when the moment did not surround you at all but it was one hundred percent geared towards Colin and a comment he made towards you. While reading it at the time I could stop laughing.

    If I am an as clown according to you that is just fine with me as I never ever resort to name calling on this site and I never will.

    Gomez is overrated anyway you cut it and he was horrible in the game yesterday anyway you cut it. I would take Olic in a big game any day of the week over Gomez. Regular season sure go with Gomez because it means nothing. If yesterday did not show that I don’t know what will? Gomez is the person that flopped, not Olic. Penalty kicks are a crap shoot.

    “I admitted Barton is an asshole and I realized that he’s really clueless at times. Still think he’s a decent player but he can be a cancer. I admit my faults and I did that when it was Sunday Night Live but of course you wouldn’t know. Thanks for the time and thank AllenOutraged for keeping things lively and knowledgeable. Your welcome!”

    Another fine example of self-proclamation and you will never live the Joey Barton comment down as it is beyond description.

    “I’ve ran that site ever since the 2008 Turkey game when he left me crying on a table after those six misses.”

    Keep running the site and just add another coward to the list. By the way, what is with the name calling? Ah, it’s that Olic thing again as everything that happens that is bad is somehow his fault.

    @ HAET

    “It’s not a question of rating or criticizing Olic, but to laugh AT one of our blood brothers b/c he missed a PK in the CL?”

    That is essentially the issue in a nutshell. This is a Croatian website and we are here for our brothers and sisters. If you do not like him that is fine but to mock and jest and take pleasure out of putting him down when we fail is wrong anyway you cut it.

  126. mali HRVAT says:

    @ Mihovil:


    This site is great. It brings together someone who seems to be belligerently reluctant to embrace Croatians , their culture or language (Allen) and someone who has made great efforts and personal sacrifices to unite Croats (Denis).

    @ Allen:

    Van Buyten has scored a decent number of goals for Bayern. I think he even scored a few decent Champion’s League goals. He fell out of favor when Louis Van Gaal was axed.

    He seemed to freeze/slip. Watch the replay. That pass was solid. Do I think Olic screams starter at the Champion League Finals? No, but his play was respectable.

    Your non linear criticism of players is very puzzling. Do you watch Bayern often? Gomez looked like Frankenstein against Real Madrid.

  127. Mainzfeldski Mainzfeldski says:


    The link shows full highlights of the match, until UEFA removes it. 5:25 is the Olic pass to VB.

    The indirect lob to Olic came to his feet at a very low point, it appears so, so I think that Olic was not able to completely smash the ball in the net. Passing was more instinctual to him, and that is also the way Germans love to play (pass until the goal probability is certain, even though it may look so before).

    Had Olic slammed the ball, it might have missed or hit the bar. Or not. Very hard to say what could have happened.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Why should Olic feel bad for missing the PK? The team management let him down all season. Fuck Bayern Munich and Heynkels. Olic brought them to the last CL final last time by himself and against a much better team (Mourinho’s Inter Milan) than this Greek style Chelsea team.

  129. Ziva Istina says:

    I’m an Olic fan, but to the previous post, what does Olic’s performance two years ago in the CL have to do with this season.

    This is part of sports. The best team did not win yesterday – it happens.

  130. AllenOutraged says:

    I would love to respond to all this jibber jabber but I’m in a damn good mood. All this nonsensical talk is just annoying and the fact is that I support all Croatians but I can’t help but criticize those that rate someone so highly that plays so poorly. I’m a Heat fan yet I rip on half the role players. I’m a Falcon fan yet I wish some guys would just leave the team because they are worthless. The same goes for Croatia that I think a few guys are worthless. Olic isn’t worthless but he’s certainly isn’t someone I want to rely on. I don’t wish him the worst, it just makes me laugh how poorly he plays most of the time yet will go ahead and make him a t-shirt.

    I’m not trying to go on and on but basically I got an opinion and I’m going to make it wherever you like it or not. I’m the last thing from a hypocrite because I stick with my thoughts. If Olic scored a game winner, I still think he’s mostly done for the NT. Joey Barton is a talented player and still can WALK yes that’s WALK on Croatia’s national team because there isn’t a defensive midfielder in Croatia that could hold a candle to him. Vukojevic and Dujomevic are just nobodies that would step foot for a true elite national team. Hell not even a great national team would have such flawed players like those. I state the fact while you live in a dream world of rating Croatians far too highly. That’s cool don’t get too depressed when Croatia loses in group stage.

  131. Sydney United.58 says:

    So Olic missed a penalty kick and I am sure that this will haunt him for a long time as this is the nature of competetive play.Not a fantastic and perfect kick,which is part of why he didnt score,but far,far from the worst that you see all of the time.I personally dont mind shootouts to decide a game,as not only is it exciting and nerve wracking,but it is a test of players focus,fitness and skill under huge pressure.
    I was just a little surprised that in the poll,a few people considered it not to be a issue for Euro,as “he can just not take PKs”really??the guy is a striker,he must get his head together in time and be ready to put his hand up if need be.There really is no other option for a striker,I believe he can put any demons about it behind him and be ready.

  132. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Sydney United.58

    He will be fine. He went out with friends the next day as if nothing even happened rather than putting his head in the sand.


    He is not a coward like Robben, Tymoshchuk, and Kroos. Croatians are not cowards.

  133. Mainzfeldski Mainzfeldski says:

    @ Sydney

    I would think that Olic was very much focused in his PK (he was playing in a CL final, after all), so with only a few weeks left until the Euros, I don’t think regular practice will allow Olic to replicate the pressure and excitement of penalty kicks.

    Olic raised his hand to take the penalty (after Tymo and Kroos were scared to), but even as a striker, Olic failed. That’s why PKs are very funny and/or random. A striker you expect to score ends up failing, and a defender/GK ends up scoring! Like Ziva said before, it’s a lottery.

    I think that when many people put down, “he can just not take PKs,” it was during the spur of the moment. Some of us were frustrated with Olic’s miss, but I got over it quickly. Olic, however, recently felt this pressure, so should a penalty situation reappear in the EUROs, Olic would be most valuable.

    I think Olic was as ready as instant oatmeal. :-)

  134. Sydney United.58 says:

    @Mihovil@Mainzfeldski-agreed,agreed with both of you.He missed,and not so badly.Yes,basically I am saying that he needs to keep putting his hand up with confidence and I think he can.As for any demons,well,its just something that he will rue for a long time,but he will move past it.
    Come the possibility of PKs at Euro,a striker must put his hand up.I think there will be a bit of general PK practice going on in coming weeks!

  135. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Mainzfeldski

    Very nicely done with a great oatmeal analogy.


    “Olic raised his hand to take the penalty (after Tymo and Kroos were scared to)”

    All the players below said no because they were scared to.

    Kroos, Tymoschuk, Robben, Van Buyten, Boateng

    “I think that when many people put down, “he can just not take PKs,” it was during the spur of the moment. Some of us were frustrated with Olic’s miss, but I got over it quickly. Olic, however, recently felt this pressure, so should a penalty situation reappear in the EUROs, Olic would be most valuable.”

    Olic will get back on the horse and score but this time in a much better jersey.

  136. Curt says:

    Ajme, Our Clippers are done !!! Put a fork in em !!! Good year ,but we need 1 more good starter , & bench player . Also staying healthy helps . Next year will be better . At least our Dodgers Won , & have the best record in Baseball 26 W – 13 L !!! Naprid !!! Bog, Hrvati, i Hajduk !!!

  137. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    Ha! Curt – Dodgers may have the best record, but how does it feel to have Baltimore riding on your tail??? BALTIMORE! No one saw that coming! Also, my Rays will be back on top in a few days. Just wait! :) Ok… Back to Olic. He missed a penatly… So what. So did like 3 other guys. I am as gutted as anyone about this game, but I do not blame Olic for any of that. He did more in his short time out there than most players did in that entire game. I still need to buy my Olic shirt. Ante, you take checks? I hate paypal sometimes.

  138. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    @ Mihovil – So far, my prediction is LA and NY in the final. If that happens, It’s LA in 6. They will bring it back home and end it. Although I think NY has the upper hand in goaltending, I think LA’s strength, scoring ability and defense will outshine Brad Richards and win the cup. I have NEVER been one to root for a LA team (or a NY team for that matter) but watching them both play, LA will take this, even if they somehow end up paying NJ. Phoenix on the other hand… if they do miraculously make it, NY or NJ will take it.

  139. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Colin O’Haravić

    LA is such a big strong team. I think an LA/NY series will be very close but I don’t see the Rangers pushing LA around!

    The goaltending advantage is close maybe a slight edge to NY but Quick has impressed. I will pick LA to win the Cup.

    To be honest LA has impressed me right from the get go. They walked all over Vancouver like they were nothing at all. That is not a small accomplishment.

    Sorry IvicA, wrong sport for you brother. Trying to multitask.


  140. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    @Mihovil – I think that will be a huge factor. LA will not be pushed around. I think it will be a hell of a series and we will see the Kings narrowly come out as winner. Quick has always impressed me too, but did you watch him today (sunday)? He wasn’t 100%. Ludqvist seems to be 100% all the time. I think goaltending will be the wild card here. NY does not give up a lot of goals, but I’m with you on this. LA will crack the code and score. They got this. And we’ll get to see the epic Tortorella melt downs during the press conference.

  141. AllenOutraged says:

    The Cilps getting swept makes me sad. Damn Spurs are really good. At least my Heat showed life yesterday! Their is only one DWAYNE WADE!!!

  142. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    So I just want to do a nickname recap:

    GPS Kelava
    Serbo Subasic
    Thanks Olic (?)
    Pajama Pants Allen

    am I missing any here?

  143. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Colin

    We do have King Henrik and everyone always taks about him, but we do also have one of the best group of defensemen in the league:

    M. Staal
    Del Zotto

    These guys can hit, block shots and contribute on the offensive end as well. I don’t think anyone in the league is gonna crack “our code”. Aside from Richard and Gaborik, we’re just a team of grinders; guys that will get down and dirty, hit, block shots, etc. If it does come down to a Stanley Cup Final of LA-NY, it’ll be a great series, but I would say Rangers in 6 or 7 :D

  144. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Colin O’Haravić

    “Quick has always impressed me too, but did you watch him today (sunday)? He wasn’t 100%”

    Excellent point Colin! After much due diligence and going over every possible angle with a fine toothed comb mixed with some deliberation the only real reason I can come up with for Quick not being himself yesterday was due to the fault of Ivica Olic. There can be no other reason for
    Quick not being 100%.

    I know it does not make sense and you may ask yourself how can Olic be blamed for Quick not playing well in a hockey game? Refer to other examples below of how he influences not only the negative, let’s be honest everything negative that does happen, according to Hoyle is the fault of Ivica Olic, that is a known proven fact. He also influences in science, philosophy and zivot in general as he is a true visionary. Never before has there been such a dichotomy of 100% negativity and blame mixed with vision and genius.

    Ivica Olic Influences, Theories & Events

    Crop circles – Scientists now believe that most of the crop circles are created by Ivica Olic when nobody is around or watching.

    The Greenhouse effect – The greenhouse effect is a process by which the “Olic” radiation from a planetary surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases, and is re-radiated in all directions.

    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? – Is a philosophical thought experiment that raises questions regarding observation and knowledge of reality. Apparently Ivica Olic has the capabilities of somehow overseeing the entire process and it is not yet known how this does correlate.

    BP oil spill – It is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. The spill stemmed from a sea-floor “Olic” gusher that resulted from the 20 April 2010, explosion of Deepwater Horizon, which drilled on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect.

    Cravat – The cravat is a neckband, the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie and bow tie, originating from 17th-century Croatia. Strong rumors persist that Ivica was the major influence in the design and architecture of the first cravat.

    Tesla coil – A Tesla coil, (original draft/beta name was the Tesla Colic) is an electrical resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891. It is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity.

    Socrates – Credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, he is an enigmatic figure known chiefly through the accounts of later classical writers, especially the writings of his students “Platolic and Xenolicphon”, and the plays of his contemporary “Aristolicphanes”. Many would claim that “Platolic’s” dialogues are the most comprehensive accounts of Socrates to survive from antiquity.

    The list is endless Colin and uncanny.


  145. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    @Mihovil – This. Was. Genius. ^^^^ I’m really glad to see that we are on the same page. :) And yesterday, Olic said it himself. Kings in 6. Great minds think alike. And maybe that’s why I can’t score a penalty either.

    @Armada – Yes, That is NYR biggest asset. They just don’t let anyone score! Between Lundqvist and that D lineup, it will be tough for anyone to break through, but I stand by my statement that the Kings are just bigger and tougher than the rest of that team. We’ll see some low scoring games, and plenty of OT but I’m still looking for the Kings to squeak by. I guess we’ll just have to wait a few weeks to see!

    Also, I think we may have mentioned this here before, but has anyone noticed that Ivica Olic and Daniel Craig are the same person? http://cheezburger.com/3610167808

  146. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Colin O’Haravić


    “Also, I think we may have mentioned this here before, but has anyone noticed that Ivica Olic and Daniel Craig are the same person?”

    I don’t see the resemblance and even if there was a resemblance I would not be able to see it and do you know who’s fault that would be? Thanks Olic!

  147. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ ARMADA87

    Would “Blame Olic” be better than “Thanks Olic”?

    The NY/LA series has potential to be a dousy.

  148. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Collin

    An LA-NY would be great. It would be a tough played series, with like you said, low scores and plenty of OT’s. If some of our scorers wake up and if Kreider keeps doing his thing – wow, the series would have the makings for a potential classic. Plus the NHL would LOVE a Stanley Cup Final between its two biggest markets. I shouldn’t even be talking about all this, since this series with the Devils is no where near over.


    haha – I just have a really torn relationship with Ivica. He’s come up big so many times, but at the same time, he’s missed so many fantastic chances in his life (for club and NT) it’s sickening. If he had a “scorers touch” the guy would be the undisputed 2nd all time scorer for Hrvatska. I still like the skills and the game he brings though….

    @ Allen

    Sorry I couldn’t make it the show the other week, but it was Mothers Day, keep in mind. I’m not gonna leave a Mother’s Day get together so I can hang out with the infamous AllenOutraged of CS.com. Sorry dude, the women of my family take precedence on Mothers Day over you haha Don’t worry you’ll meet me soon enough come the Euro at either Veslo/Scorps. Really curious to see if your as big of a nutjob in person as you are online haha

  149. JESTE! says:

    @ the Hockey fans you mean The Queen Transformer Lundqvist That guys chest protector is like dolly partons boobs Huge and his pads dont let me get started if he came into the league 20 years ago he would suck imagine him with noraml size equiptment fucken nhl first they complain on the devils trap and on marty broduers stick handiling so they change the rules maybe imagine in nogomet if they made David beckham exapmple not take freek kick because he was too good at it by the way i hate butterfly goalies.

  150. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ ARMADA87


    People actually laugh @ the guy when he fails or does something wrong. I have never undertood that but oh well I guess that is just me? I am not saying that you do this and I am not directing that @ you but it is true.

    The real bottom line Armada is if someone wants to go on about how frustrating he is to watch or that he should have scored here or he should not start for our team that is fine and they can do or say this all day and night long and that is fine. The one thing I know for sure is that Olic is not a coward. For me personally that speaks volumes.

    Kroos, Tymoschuk, Robben, Van Buyten, and Boateng are cowards. That cannot be debated.

    If I want to go to battle I am taking Olic with me. If someone does not feel the same way that is completely fine as well and not a big deal. When I found out the back story for the Champions League penalty kick situation it made be very proud I gotta tell ya. Check that link out.


    Is he the best striker in the world? Of course not, he never was. Is he frustrating at times? He does not frustrate me so much but I understand when people say that he frustrates them. He has more heart and determination than most players out there. He is also Croatian and he is the antithesis of a coward as he stepped up to the plate and he went to war when the cowards on his team were too scared to move because they wanted their Mommies.

    “Maybe it’ll be Part Deux of this?”

    Where do I sign?


  151. JESTE! says:

    Subasic-Vida Carli Joe Strinic-Srna Dujmovic Modric Rakitic
    -Mandzukic Jelavic Line up against Etonija u petak Perisic Kranjcar Scifo Eduardo Kelava to subb in second half

  152. Tom says:

    @ Allen Out , U said it , there is only 1 dywane wade , only 1 a–hole who wanted to fight his coach a few games ago . What a dick ! Also STOP wearing Pijamas pants with your suit coat ! Thank You .

  153. Anonymous says:

    To all “Olic has a heart club”

    He has a heart and determination, but no percision. He is valuable to make the oponent’s defense frustrated, but he is very bad finisher. Face the truth.

    To all of you on Allen’s case:
    So Croatian: Kick him when he is down; don’t miss opportunity of making fun of somebody. Di svi turci tu i mali mujo…
    None of you attacking Allen seem to be a teenager, but all of you forgot all the immature things that you’ve done and said back then.
    Give a kid some space; he’s trying. Think of yourselves at his age. Actually, I find him very brave: many people run away or changed their name when they were attacked on this site.

    To ALL of US:
    What happened with positive attitude, support each other, be on the same side?

    To Allen: Do not back of. Do not let them bring you down.

  154. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Anonymous

    You’re right. Allen is young and seems like a decent person. We need to stop with the jokes and barbs torwards him. In a sign of friendship, I’m going to go to my baba and have her make Allen footed, red and white checkered pajama’s for the Euro. That way, come the tournament he’ll be decked out in the proper colors. Allen – I think this will be a huge hit at Scorps/Veslo. These pj’s will get you a few free drinks and maybe a nice pichka or two for post game festivities ;)
    Something like this http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31an0PgbMuL.jpg just checkered :D My baba is a retired seamtress, she’ll do a great job, trust me!

    LOL – I’m just teasing dude! It’s nothin but fun and games!

  155. AllenOutraged says:

    First off the only reason i wore pajamas to go along with the whole outrageous thing but also I went to bed right after. Sorry if that offends you Thomas.

    Armada I just needed a comeback to be honest. It was a pretty weak attempt because I knew the whole situation on Mother’s day. Mothers day is a very important day totally agree. Luckily for me, my brothers wedding was night before and I danced with my mom so that made her day. She just said go watch the Heat win and do the show. Its cool whatever I totally understand just tried to attempt to make an comeback

    I’m 19 years old and sure I’m immature but i speak my mind. For all I know the Euros start this Friday with friendlies. I’m looking to see the young guys step up and see what Croatia has to show on the table. So let’s all end this crap because I’m fully 100 percent into soccer. I’ve lost motivation at times but believe me with the Euros finally just around the corner, I’m totally soccer right now (of course NBA as well but you get the idea). We got more stuff to discuss than ribbing on each other consistently. Its fun once in a while but come on fellas.

    Anonymous are always random on the site. Some absolutely hate me, some love me so that’s nice. Thanks for support and believe me, I’ll be here until the site either crashes or Ante gets eh I’ll back off Ante. Sometimes I pick on little man too much, no wonder he blocked me on Facebook. Anyway let’s worry about Friday and see how the team looks against a decent Estonia.

  156. Tom says:

    Allen , just joking , don’t take it so hard ! But please learn some croatian . U will like it . Also the Heat Suck . Thank U

  157. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Anonymous

    “He has a heart and determination, but no percision. He is valuable to make the oponent’s defense frustrated, but he is very bad finisher. Face the truth.”

    Member of the Olic has a heart club.

    Nobody ever said he was the best finisher in the world. At least I never did and how can someone make that claim? However, he is not a “very bad” finisher either. I have always faced the truth and gave comments accordingly. Why is it that everyone gets so frustrated at the potential of Ivica Olic being a good footballer? He did way more than Gomez in the Champions League final in his 23 minutes than Gomez did in 120 minutes. Please try to dispute this with me.

    The bottom line is if we were to replace Olic in the penalty kick situation with Jelavic or Corluka and the same situaon happens and they miss in the shootout and we fast forward to the next day and we find out the truth about the “cowards” on the Bayern football team we would have articles on this site praising Jelavic and Corluka for their heroism! Since this is about Olic nobody cares! It is so obvious.

    I have faced the truth on Olic or any player on our team and any situation from day one. I may be opinionated and people may not like the fact that I call it like it is and don’t cater to anyone but at the same time I am fair, friendly, and I always welcome what other people have to say. But above all the one thing I do for sure is “I call it like it is” without any favoritism in regards to any player or any situation. Go back and read any of my posts from this thread in regards to the Champions League final and if you want to discuss I am here. I am not bias in any way shape or form. I call it right down the middle of the road and that is my modis operandi. Unlike many people that post here. Not all, but there are many that do.

    All I know is that we are not going to have any cowards as Croatians are not cowards like the “Bayern 5″ as they will be referred to from here on in. Olic scores big goals in big games and is the polar opposite of a coward. There is no yellow line down his back and he did not cry for his Mommy when they asked him to take a penalty kick like the “Bayern 5″ did.

    What does Gomez do in big games? His testicals shrink and he craps his pants just like his buddy Robben. Apparently Gomez and Robben are percision players but what does it ever get them in big games? Sweet nothing.

    If you really want to know why Gomez and Robben choke in big games just “Blame Olic”. Everyone else does.

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