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Klapa More entertain New York Croatians at Scorpio’s

May 20, 2012

Photo: Zlatko Šešet


After an interesting two weeks in New York, I was fortunate enough to be one of 80 or so people at Cafe Bar Scorpio in Astoria, NY to tune in to Klapa More on May 17th. Klapa More entertained a pro-Hajduk audience with a full night of Dalmatian songs and saved the best for last by playing “Kada umren umotan u bilo,” for Hajduk fans on  





Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 100 comments

  1. Nizic Nizic says:


  2. Fisto says:

    wish I was there, one of my all-time favorite songs

  3. Ante B. says:

    Thank you for showing me where I’m never going, off the list.

  4. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    lol… Kada Umren Umotan U Bilo? Yeah, I’m with Ante B here….

  5. Dukic says:

    i bolje da ne dodete.

  6. Dukic says:

    pape i dida bili su torcida. prilipa pisma. da dinamo ima jednu ovako blizo dajem ti sve.

  7. Ante B says:

    Zove se Dinamo Ja Volim, najbolja navijacka himna u Hrvatskoj a po meni broj 2 iza You’ll Never Walk Alone. Dakle ne seri s takvim glupostima.

  8. AllenOutraged says:

    Its a party, its a party, its a party.

  9. Ziva Istina says:

    hajduk je vec davno umotan u bilo.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I biti ce umotan u bilo zauvik…

    I bit ce simbol buntovnistva prema svemu sto ne valja u bilo kojem sistemu….

    I biti ce u srcu zauvik…..

  11. Ante B says:

    I won’t turn this into me bashing Hajduk or Dalmatinci. I do that plenty enough. This was an inkling of However, my favorite dalmo singer will always be Mladen Grdovic. He came out to San Jose a while ago with Wig Lokin and as soon as he started singing Zagorske and zagrebacke pjesme, nothing but respect from that point on. Hell, he could’ve played Hajduk songs the rest of the night and I would’ve stayed. Later that night I asked him why and he said he lives in Zagreb, loves it there and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Despite that, he’s still a hardcore hajdukovac. Svaka cast.

  12. IvicA says:

    I’m a Dalmatinac and if our HNL was worth cheering a team for, I would be pro-Hajduk.

    I love to bash Purgeri and Švercegovac Dinamo supporters all the time though, just to get under their skin (even though I don’t even care about the HNL rivalries and I cheer for any Cro team that manages to make it in any Euro tournament).

    @Ante B

    There are a lot of Dalmatinci in Zagreb. My cousins live there, and I go there all the time. I remember watching a Hajduk/Dinamo game at a random bar, and people were actually cheering for Hajduk. It was a weird feeling as I thought I was on hostile ground (especially since there were a lot of BBB starting fights all over the place outside).

    I actually like Zagreb a lot and I go there often. I think most Croats like ZG, no matter where they are from. I’d probably live there if there was at least some opportunity for work. I’m actually going there soon for a few days before I go to the REAL Croatia called Dalmacija.

  13. TheGoldenChild says:

    I support Dinamo as much as he can through Twitter. Don’t worry Ante B. It’s like being a Laker fan amongst a bunch of Clipper fans.

  14. Jarac says:

    We’ll have to make sure to get this song played this weekend in pedro. Whats up with the waterpolo games any cro’s going or what?

  15. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ IvicA

    “I actually like Zagreb a lot and I go there often. I think most Croats like ZG, no matter where they are from. I’d probably live there if there was at least some opportunity for work.”

    No opportunity for work at all IvicA? Dry as dry can be?

  16. Jarac says:


    I mean, it’s actually the only place where there is work in croatia, thats why so many dalmatinci, against there will, have to move there for work. The work sure as hell won’t pay you a lot, but there is work there.

  17. Ante B says:


    If they do play it, you’ll see me in the middle of the hajdukovci with both middle fingers in the air jumping up and down. Ask Svircic, Kvartuc and Fistonic. They had first row seats.

  18. IvicA says:

    @ Mihovil

    To clarify: No opportunity for work that pays more than 1.000 Euro per month.

  19. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    Are we gonna meet this Saturday at the tournament?

    @Ante B,

    I know that Lokin lives in Zagreb but I didnt know that Grdovic lives in Zagreb.

    I can confirm you giving everyone the bird in Pedro. You’re lucky you are with us.

    I am also working with a rock band from Zagreb, hardcore dinamovci. Obviously, this wont go down in Pedro, I will have to work something out with the hercegovci in LA. I’m sure the goldenchild will be present for this one if it goes down.

  20. Ante B says:


    First off, my condolences. Second, there is no Dinamo Hajduk rivalry anymore in the HNL. Hasn’t been now for at least 7 years. Those Dalmatinci in Zagreb will eventually become Dinamovci in a generation or two. Just take a look at that show Stipe u Gostima. Tovar’s son goes to ZG, marries a Purgerica and the kids are full blown Zagrebcani. The assimilation will happen sooner now rather than later.

  21. Ante B says:

    Svircic, haha. I’ve been doing that since 1998 and only one small incident to date. Do you still have that video?

  22. Ante Kvartuc says:

    @ Jarac,

    We’re gonna be at the tournament and we’re gonna be at the water polo match next Friday. Make sure to come up to Denis and I at the tourney.

    Or have we met already?

  23. Jarac says:

    Jarac remains anonymous, I can’t be held liable for my comments, haha.

    @ante B.
    Must suck being a purger, since dalmatinci run california.haha.

  24. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ IvicA

    “To clarify: No opportunity for work that pays more than 1.000 Euro per month.”

    Wow, I did not know that. Hvala.

  25. IvicA says:

    @Ante B

    LOL! Oh the horror!!! 😉

    The only horror story here is that you (a grown man) actually takes Dinamo’s “victories” in the HNL this past decade seriously, lol. Taking pride in watching a mediocre farm team dominating a league of local rec teams (whose rosters are comprised of volunteer players) is sad.

    The only real benefit of the HNL today is that it gives some sort of platform for these teenage kids to show what they can do before they are sold to a real farm team in a mediocre league or the ‘B’ Team of an actual good team in Europe. Until the HNL gets a serious injection of funds (not to mention a purge of crooks) Dinamo and Hajduk do not exist, and these teams that exist in their place today are just a stain on the good footballing name of Croatia.

    P.S. Ante, I know you love Dalmatinci and that your comments are just made in jest. Why else would you keep such a lovely Dalmo name like “Ante” if you didn’t?


  26. Ante B says:


    It sucks being a Purger like it sucks having 5 million in the bank. Zagreb is the best city in Hrvatska and the capital. Of course I love Dalmatinci in California and the fact is they love my fat ass right back, even when I insult the team that they love on a constant basis.


    I kept Ante because Farflugnugen was taken. I also kept it because of the other great Ante’s like Starcevic, Radic and Pavelic (all non Dalmatinci of course). I can take solice in every Dinamo defeat at face level the same way Hajdukovci would. I just don’t remember the last time that happened. Let me go ask deda.

  27. "The Anonymous 1" says:

    looks like there were more klape members than people in the bar

  28. "The Anonymous 1" says:

    I have more Croatians living on my street then there was at that bar

  29. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    Its ok. I know who you are. 🙂

    @The anonymous 1,

    Correction, the bar was packed all night. I shot this video at 2:15am on a Thursday night.

    @Ante B,

    I dont remember recording that. Are you sure that I had the video camera rolling?


  30. Ante B. says:

    Absolutely. You put it on the site if I’m not mistaken and you even edited out my finger from what I remember. I’ll take a looksie.

  31. TheGoldenChild says:

    I would disagree with the “dalmatinci run California”. I would say the Hercegovci run it…but that’s coming from an LA view of things.

  32. Tom says:

    What is going on in San Pedro this weekend? Please update Us .

  33. Jarac says:


    We all know the dubrovcani own half of california, although some of them don’t consider themselves dalmatinci. Most are rich kids. The hercegovci are more like the mexicans of the state.

  34. Mishko says:

    @ TheGoldenChild I run L.A. rezumish?

  35. Ziva Istina says:

    Well, techincaly Dubrovnik is not part of Dalmacija.

  36. Dukic says:

    grdovic zivi i napije se u zadar. fact.

  37. TheGoldenChild says:


    Can you get me tickets to the Kings playoff game? Thanks big time.


    Really really wealthy mexicans. The only reason the church in LA is still running is because of them.


    Soccer Tourney Saturday. Games start at 8:00 am and run into the afternoon. They are going to be having a party bus that goes out to Hollywood? …don’t quote me on the location. I’m guessing Denis or Ante will have Peter update us or something.

  38. Ante B. says:

    Hercegovci basically built LA in general. I’m not a Hercegovac by any means but I’m marrying into a proud HRC family and believe me, even if you try to say something bad about them, even in a joking matter, Isuse dragi Boze. I learned my lesson, a very proud people.

  39. Tom says:

    Thank U Golden C . Just watching our Lakers right now . Ante & Denis keep us updated , or make a site . Thank U . L.A. 73 – okc 73 3rd qtr .

  40. Jarac says:

    Jarac napije se u zadar. To je istina!

    I know you would say that, i especially wrote that line for u, it depends on how far you go back and who you ask. I know where there allegiance is to though, just take a look at hajduks birthday in dubrovnik!

  41. Nizic Nizic says:

    @Ante B I Like your Logic Bog i Hercegovci -U-

  42. Jarac says:

    Your right they built it, Hercegovci are great laborers, but they don’t have the big money, just like mexicans. You can argue that mexicans built california, but we sure as hell know they dont have the money.

  43. Jarac says:


    PS. you want to learn about hercegovci go to Makarska! All i got to say about that.

  44. Ante B says:


    You have heard of the extremely successful Croatian companies in LA, have you not? Do I might know you? As far as Makarska go, I’ll find out next summer.

  45. TheGoldenChild says:


    If you own a construction company, you definitely have good money. Rasic ring a bell….maybe the huge WAR symbols all over the god damn place. Im half hercegovac so I guess it’s comin out a little. Ante B. you better watch out…don’t make me go talk to Radical. haha

  46. Jarac says:

    @Ante B.,

    I’m not an angelinos, but I could venture and say that for every hercegovac, I can name 10 dalmatinci who own companies who are richer, but anyways it doesn’t matter cause I’m not rich and so I could care less if its anyother dalmo, herceg, or purger who is loaded.

    I’ll give you this, Zagreb is good for a couple of things:
    1. you can go to togos (thats a joke)
    2. i like singing ustani bane, in ban jelacic trg. (another joke)

    on a serious note, I’m down with the kiosks that serve kobasice and kuhano vino in the winter when i’m freezing my balls off, also have great bars.

  47. Jarac says:


    Owning a construction company was the way to go during housing boom and pre-mexican take over. Safe to say construction is a terrible field considering mexicans will work for much less and are out competing the smaller companies. I can tell you that the richest croat in the US is from dalmacija, enough said.

  48. Nizic Nizic says:

    @ Jarac all I know iis the people in beautifull Makarska love Hercegovci and treat them very well and with loads of respect no angst and jealousy towards Hercegovci from that region thats 4 sure -U-

  49. Ziva istina says:

    @ if you have money when visiting Makarska you will be treated nicely. The problem with Makarska is that half of sarajevo is down there visiting. but, if you have money you are not visiting Makarska in the summer, instead you are visiting much better places.

  50. Ante B says:


    It has nothing to do with the housing market. It has everything to do with doing business with the city. Koji housing market? All the money is getting a bid with the city.

  51. Jarac says:

    @Ante B.,

    I have no clue what ur talking about, haha. Like I said I’m not an angelinos, so i dunno the type of construction that is going on there. My comments come from my observations of croats in many cities throughout california. Most buy a truck, slap there name on it, or the grb, u know something like dalmotile, and they go to work. Small companies working on houses, some are big enough they do commercial housing, but in general most are small contractors. So, therefore when the housing market was booming, people had money and were spending, ie renovations, building new houses, etc.

    Makarska loves Hercegovi

    80% of makarska in the summer are hercegovi.

  52. Dukic says:

    citao sam ovo sve onda je neko rekao da ima posla u hrvatskoj. ma dajjjjjjjjjjjjj. 3000 kuna na misec. jebes to.

  53. Jarac says:

    @Ante B,
    I have no clue what ur talking about, with the city and bid and shit. Like I previously stated I’m not an angelinos, my comments stem from what I see in many of the cities in california. Most hrvati slap a sign on the truck, something with the grb or name it dalmotile or some shit like that. And work on houses, they run there own small business, remodeling houses maybe even being hired by larger companies to build. Most don’t own large commercial housing compaines. Therefore, when the housing bubble burst, construction seized, due to people not building/remodeling at this time, couple that with the massive influx of mexicans willing to do cheaper labor, many companies are struggling. Of course in the grand scheme of things the economy is bad, california is in the red, and so business is down.

    I would have to disagree with you and say Makarska is about 98% Hercegovci.

    You absolutely correct, Makarska loves Hercegovci!

    I saw your comment before they deleted it, stvarno si kreten dude. You have an IQ of about 12, if you don’t know what that means, u might even be lower than that. Learn to read between the lines, I was stating what you said indirectly. Go back and re-read my comment, see if you understand it now.

  54. "The Anonymous 1" says:

    hercegovci love makarska because when they trip over their own feet and stumble down the rock and land in makarska they see ljepota. Hercegovci are Hercegovci first and Croatian when they feel like being Croatian.(NOT EVERY HERCEGOVAC! BUT THE MAJORITY OF YOU WHITE SWEAT SOCK WEARERS WITH YOUR DRESS PANTS aka JEANS

  55. Spiro says:

    Trazim posa u zadar jel ima sto posa, looking for job in zadar anyone have connections plaseeeeee. 3000 kuna i fine a month.

  56. "The Anonymous 1" says:

    @ Spiro, cjela Hrvatska trazi posao!

  57. TheGoldenChild says:

    Big news. David Villa out for Euros for Spain. Torres was just called up yesterday.

  58. Vlasic says:

    @ Golden i read that too also the lineup bilic is looking to play at euros is being tested, Subasic( No stipe on friday)
    RB Vida
    LB Strinic
    CB Simunic
    CB Corluka

    RM Srna
    CM Dujmovic
    CM Modric
    LM Rakitic

    SS Mandzukic
    CF Jelavic

    Subs to play Perisic Scifo 100% according to Bilic

  59. Ante B says:


    But that is where you’re wrong because you’re assuming. In LA the legit Croatian construction companies aren’t Ma and Pa at all. Look at Rasic (WAR), Bubalo Construction for example. He almost bought Jadran Film and Dinamo but thank God he’s a genius and opted out. Another mistake your making is assuming construction is only related to housing. A huge misconception. The majority of Croatian construction companies have nothing to do with the housing market.

    Let’s see here: Dalmo tile, Dubrovcani own everything, not an angelino…are you from SJ?

  60. Jarac says:


    I will give u that I don’t know much about what is going on in LA, but with my experiences throughout the great golden state, has supported my statements. Regardless, for your two large construction companies, I bet I cant find 50 ma and pa croats construction companies in LA.

    that is terrific news

  61. TheGoldenChild says:


    So no real surprise besides Strinic I guess. I hope he knows what he’s doing.

  62. JP says:

    That actually seems like an intelligent line up for Bilic, glad to see it. Especially with Krunchie, Perisic, Schifo and Golic off of the bench. Who knows, we might be able to make some noise in this turnir!

    Who cares who runs/owns what in Cali? As long as we are all prospering as much as possible then that’s what’s most important! Likewise anywhere else di smo na svijetu Hercegovci included 🙂

    btw., it’s likely that most of us where Hercegovci at one point or another anyway, it’s just that the rest of us were smart enough to leave a century or two back 🙂

  63. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ mali HRVAT

    That would be a huge loss! He is a good goalie.

  64. mali HRVAT says:

    I agree.

  65. mali HRVAT says:

    He is no Joey Barton.

  66. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ mali HRVAT

    Ba dum chhh!


  67. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ mali HRVAT

    More effective sound effects.

  68. Sime says:

    Denis . What happened to your Lakers ?

  69. TheGoldenChild says:

    Aussie Hrvat. Check out this rip

  70. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    I dunno, ask Curt

  71. HAET says:

    Jarac: “I saw your comment before they deleted it, stvarno si kreten dude. You have an IQ of about 12, if you don’t know what that means, u might even be lower than that. Learn to read between the lines, I was stating what you said indirectly. Go back and re-read my comment, see if you understand it now.”

    What comment? Can you quote it? if you can, put it under your comment that you say “indirectly” says what I said DIRECTLY. Then we’ll let everybody else judge if only a moron could not break your “coded” message.

  72. Jarac says:

    Here u go haet, i will break it down for you cause you need the help. I suppose, I will somewhat let u slide for ur lack in understanding of the topic, since I don’t think you are from California. U made a statement saying i was crazy for thinking mexicans built california, instead its the white man. (ur comment was deleted) Correct me if I’m wrong and you were replying to this statement I believe

    “Your right they built it, Hercegovci are great laborers, but they don’t have the big money, just like mexicans. You can argue that mexicans built california, but we sure as hell know they dont have the money.”

    What don’t u get, if u were from cali, u would know that mexicans are poor but they are laborers, they may physically build things, but they don’t have the money, the capital, etc. They don’t run the state, just like the hercegovci don’t run the state. I threw them a bone saying they can look at it that way, being sarcastic, cause they actually are the one’s physically building the city, but once again we all know where the money comes from! Why the hell do u think golden child and ante B wont get off my back, cause they knew what i was implying!

    GET IT?

    I just subtracted an extra 2 points from your IQ HAET ur now at a 10!

  73. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    Kranjčar i Ćorluka odlaze u paketu za 10 milijuna funti?!

  74. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    Luka Modrić: Nametnut ćemo našu igru i probiti irski bunker

  75. TheGoldenChild says:


    I’m not sure Corluka would want to leave Bayer. He was having success before the injury, it’s a successful league, and he’s making enough. Niko on the other hand, who knows where that guy is going to go. In my opinion, Italy is his best option but who knows if any decent team out there will want to snatch him up for any kind of decent money.

  76. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ TheGoldenChild


    This could/might be all for not as I have read statements from Corluka himself indicating that Tottenham is calling him back for the start the next football season unless he is sold. Ideally it would be nice if Corluka could stay with Bayer. The best place for Corluka and Niko is out of Tottenham.

    Corluka flourished as soon as he left and I believe Niko would do the same.

    Off topic….

    Early reports are indicating that Bilic will choose Badelj over Iličević for the last midfield spot heading into the Euros. What are your thoughts on that decision if it that does indeed occur?

  77. Fisto says:

    Bila je plava skladna je boja to je simbol majstora s moraaaaaaaaaaaa

  78. Jarac says:

    Bila i plava dude

  79. Curt says:

    Yes , Our Lakers & Clippers are out , but our Kings are in the Finals , & our Dodgers have the best record in Baseball . All is not bad . Bog,Hrvati,i Hajduk !!!

  80. Nizic Nizic says:

    Joey Barton= 12 game match ban + 75,000 dollers
    Denis hope you guys put up a new section so we can post for the Estonia game -U-

  81. TheGoldenChild says:

    I don’t like it, but Bilic and his staff are the correct ones to make the call. As a fan, we all look at the facts. Illicevic did decent, he’s playing in the Bundesliga, and he seems to have some great talent. Badelj played in the HNL, had a few moments here and there with the NT. Neither has really proven themselves to be better than the other to be quite honest.

    If it was me, of course I’d pick Illicevic based on where he plays and how he’s played in the past for us and his club. You have to think about what Bilic is seeing at practice though. Who fits? Who plays harder? Who will match up well? When it comes down to it, a bunch of individuals aren’t going to do anything.

    Badelj is younger, and there is always the fact that he’s playing in the HNL. Why not show off some of our homegrown league players if we can, since most of our team is playing all over Europe now.

  82. Hrvat says:

    @dukic u don’t no anything. Bosanac

  83. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    Niko tempted by money (and not regular first team football or playing in Europe) by Russia and Ukraine's-nico-kranjcar-tempted-by-money-in-russia?cc=5901

    did Ziva Istina ghost write this article? lol

  84. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Here you guys go. Put in the 11 players you would start against Ireland.

  85. Vlasic says:

    Badelj -over Ilicevic HNL> BUNDES ahahah hahahaha Mamicu krepaj.
    Vrsaljko- what has he done to go?
    Kalinic- dont need im not upset
    Buljat -dont know why hes even on the 27, Puljic Kelic Pavlovic all deservd it before him
    One more time badelj over ilicevic o man dont get it thank God Bilic is out when Spain score 10 on us. i hope i am wrong.
    On Quetion for everyone why all the hate for Strinic he ddint do anything wrong yet he plays for his club and is a left back. Why are all of you High on Pranjic was it because of Euro 2008? Pranjic isnt a LB bad defending i read all of the croatian newpaper and diaspora comments and like 70 percent of line up i see have Srna Joe Carli Pranjic back 4 that back 4 is FUCKING TERRIBLE,

  86. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ TheGoldenChild

    Very nicely done!

    Exactly, Bilic is looking at it from the “team” point of view/perspective when deciding his choice. Team chemistry and matchups are key and that is based on what Bilic sees in front of him. Individual talent does not always win in the decision process.

    Germany has an abundance of talent but they gel very well as one cohesive unit.

    I would really like to see a point in time during the Estonia match where we have both these players in Perišić as a LM and Iličević on the RM side just to say that we could see for ourselves a semblance of how that would actually facilitate itself and what that would actually look like and represent. Rather than in theory and actually have the applied.

    I would personally take Iličević for the speed and finesse factor. The guy is quite injury prone though.

    @ ARMADA87

    “”Niko tempted by money (and not regular first team football or playing in Europe) by Russia and Ukraine”” – “You would think he would be tempted by first team football or the chance to play in Europe. When Ziva is right, he’s right. Niko is looking to just cash in on one more big pay day in his prime….”

    I am sorry Armada as I do not understand how first team football and playing in Europe are not factors as well? Money is a factor of course as always and that goes without saying but since Niko will be playing first team football on a regular basis and also applying his trade in Europe than those items would be considered factors as well. Unless I am missing something?

    From the article – “This season at Spurs, Kranjcar only made twelve Premier League appearances.”

    The statement indicating how Niko is not getting much playtime @ Tottenham and playtime being a factor for Niko as well.

    Armada, I copied and pasted what I had written from the other section of the website as I am not sure if you read it or not? Please let me know what you think when you have a chance. Hvala.

    “Niko is going to make a ton of cash and play more first team football and play in Europe. Dario Srna is a perfect example/template of that aspiration and the reason he has never left Shaktar. I do believe that Ziva was in favor of Srna’s reasons for staying put as well. That being said, Dario has it way too good on so many levels.

    Niko – “Football in the east has progressed. The teams are always high up in the Champions League or are in the Europa League final. It’s not like it was 10 years ago,” Kranjcar told Croatian website Index.”

    From the comment above it shows that he is interested to play in Europe as you cannot get any better quality competition than the UEFA Champions League or the second option of the Europa League.

    That being said I could be all wet here. What do you think he should do? Personally I think he needs to get out of Tottenham as soon as possible regardless of anything else. I don’t see this as a bad thing per say. However, greed in general is ubiquitous.”

    @ nije bitno


  87. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Mihovil

    I understand that Niko isn’t just gonna jump at whatever team throws him the most money. I just found it comical that the title included “Niko tempted by money”. I just find it funny that the FIRST thing he was tempted by was money. Again, this coming from a person rotting away on the Hotspur bench. I’m sure he’s looking for first team football and the chance to play in Europe, but it’s funny that his “first” motivation and the “first” thing to tempt him is money.

    Also, notice who they sourced this from. – enough said on that 😉

    For sure, Niko (along with Vedran) need to get out of North London ASAP. Not only do they don’t get regular first team football, but Spurs are supposedly on the verge of being dismantled. I just hope that once he moves to another club, sees regular playing time and gets in form, Stimac or whoever is the NT coach by then will plug him back into the starting XI, cause when he’s in form, he’s one of our top 3 players.

  88. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ ARMADA87

    “For sure, Niko (along with Vedran) need to get out of North London ASAP. Not only do they don’t get regular first team football, but Spurs are supposedly on the verge of being dismantled. I just hope that once he moves to another club, sees regular playing time and gets in form, Stimac or whoever is the NT coach by then will plug him back into the starting XI, cause when he’s in form, he’s one of our top 3 players.”

    Nice and thankings!

  89. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Mihovil

    where you from, dude? West Coast? East Coast? Mid-West?

  90. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ ARMADA87

    I am Canadian eh.


  91. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Mihovil

    Ah. One of those 😉

  92. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ ARMADA87

    Good day eh!

    Are the Rangers going to pull through? What do you think?

  93. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Mihovil

    I don’t know man… The Devils are tough. REALLY tough. Every game is turning into a war. It’s definitely going 7 games and probably a few OT’s. Who knows – maybe we’ll have a repeat of ’94 and another “Matteau”. IF the Rangers do make it the the Cup Finals, we will have played 3 straight 7 game series. I just hope we have enough fuel in the tank, if we get there.

    Who do you follow? Flames? Leafs? Jets? Sens?

  94. mali HRVAT says:

    2nd part of Jelavic, Everton interview.

  95. Nizic Nizic says:

    ponosan od Makarska riviera -U-

  96. HAET says:

    @Jarac, we can not have a discussion when my comments get deleted and yours do not. Your comments don’t get deleted because you play by Mommy Professor’s rules and bow at the alter of Political Correctness; I do neither.

    Even if we went on the (false) premise that building an entire State (even one as large as California) is based soley on manual labor, your assertion that one can argue that Mexicans built California would STILL be utterly preposterous!

  97. Sime says:

    Who the F is Joey Barton ?

  98. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Sime

    AllenOutraged’s boyfriend. I think they might be in a spat now after this suspension he got…

  99. Sime says:

    Armada , it figures that Pajama pants suit coat wearing kid would have a boy toy .

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