Where will Croatia end the WC?

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June 5, 2012


Illustration: Drago Teskač/ CroatianSports.com 



The time has come to throw on the checkers and gather with your favorite neighborhood Croatians. Croatia kick off EURO 2012 this Sunday against Ireland in a 2:45PM (ET) start. The Vatreni will be in Poland, but where will you be?


We are asking our friends across the globe to organize viewing parties for all three of Croatia’s group stage games against Ireland, Italy and Spain. We want to hear everybody from Australia to North America to Europe. Please contact us on where the hot spots are and we will happily post your party on CroatianSports. And if you’re not hosting an event, send us your pictures and videos so we can show the rest of the world how you watch the games!



EURO 2012 Croatia Viewing Parties



Team CroatianSports.com with friends at Alpine Village after Croatia's 3-0 win over Turkey in November











No Cover Charge


Join Team CroatianSports.com at Alpine Village (833 Torrance Blvd Torrance, CA 90502) where the games will be shown upstairs in the restaurant on both a 55″ HD television while being projected onto the wall in 100″+ fashion as well. Lunch and drinks will be served.



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Still defending its crown as the best venue to catch a Croatian football match in North America, Cafe Bar Scorpio (3515 Broadway Astoria, NY 11106) will be swarming with checkers come game time. The notorious AllenOutraged will call Scorpio’s his home during the tournament, so make sure to say hello to him and barkeep Denis Lisica, who is one of the best Croatian hosts, period!



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Come join Prva Generacija member “Nepoznat” at the first Croatian picnic of the year at Boonton, NJ. Time to eat, drink and watch Croatia in their first match of the 2012 EURO! They will have a 9′ x 12′ Jumbotron at the Croatian Land for this game.


Join us on facebook


Schedule for the day:


10:30 AM – Procession around the land

11:00 AM – Mass

12:00 PM – Pre-Game Festivities (Spain vs. Italy on the big screen!)

2:45 PM – Kick-Off




St. Petersburg, FL



Dr. O’Harovic will be at Crowleys (269 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL).



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Augusta, GA


Dino will be at Somewhere in Augusta Sports Bar 2820 Washington Rd., Augusta, GA – (706)-739-0002 this Sunday with a small group of non-Croat friends who like the Euro. If there are any Croats in GA or SC who need a place to go stop in. The game starts at 2:30pm and wear the colors.



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Baltimore, MD



Kresimir will be at Ryan’s Daughter Irish Pub (600 East Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, MD) . 



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Toronto, Ontario



Photo: Crophoria



Come join Ana at Sv. Ante Picnic(9118 Winston Churchill Blvd. Norval, Ontario).



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Hamilton, Ontario


Come join Blatobran and Hamilton Croatia at the Croatian Sports and Community Centre of Hamilton at 166 Green Mountain Road East, Stoney Creek, ON. Starting Sunday and through as far as we go, The Centre is showing every Cro EURO game!


WATCH on our INDOOR and OUTDOOR TVs, and enjoy food and drink specials for every game!


Find us on facebook






Come out to the Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre (3010 12 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E7P7) where there will be three large screen TV’s, cevape fresh off the grill and the bar will of course be open for drinks! Everyone is welcome, so invite your friends to come join us!


Find us on facebook



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Come out and show your support for our boys in the checkers at a new venue, the Richmond Picnic Grounds (8611 Sidaway Rd, Richmond). Game starts at 11:45am but the tailgate party kicks off at 5am. The game will be shown on a Big Screen (HD) with all our favorite Croatian trimmings: Beer, Roasted Pig/Lamb and Raznici. The kids league will kick off after the game followed by the men’s league.  


find us on facebook



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New-comer Adrian Johnson is making things happen on the Isle. Join him and fellow Croatian fans at “East Village London” (89 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HX. Nearest tube station is Old Street on the Northern line.) There’s a £5 cover but that will pay for the first two drinks of the night. 



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Email info@CroatianSports.com to have you event or pictures posted. 




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 232 comments

  1. NIZIC says:

    Game one since it’s on a Sunday I will be watching it at the Croatian center with probably 10 000 other Croats tv’s and big screens will be plastered all over the place aswell as pig roast lambs on spindles and chickens roasting over a pit we will be having the traditional civape and raznice cover is 5 bucks but well wort the Atmosphere ( mississauga Ontario ofcourse ) -U-

  2. AllenOutraged says:

    Denis said it best, I’ll be there all three games. You can meet me and Denis Outraged (my brother although he’s a nice school teacher that rarely gets mad). I’m hoping to meet Armada since he’s a New Yorker and he has a big mouth like me. Maybe will be new best buds on the site.

  3. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    I’m fairly sure most Croatian’s in Toronto will either be watching the game at the “Streetsville Father Kamber Park” (9118 Winston Churchill Blvd)

    or the “Croatian Social and Cultural Centre – Queen of Peace Croatian Franciscan Centre” (9118 Winston Churchill Blvd)

  4. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Correction the “Streetsville Father Kamber Park” is at 4525 Mississauga Rd

  5. Ante B says:

    Nizicu, you live in Ontario. I’ll be out there next year. Went there this last summer for a wedding. Two words: Svaka cast. Pice? Ja castim prvu rundu

  6. TheGoldenChild says:

    Here’s another from the Aussies on Twitter

    Cardinal Alojz Stepinac Hrvatski Dom Geelong

    Let’s get this thing pumping guys, I know we have a lot more places out there to watch the game.

  7. Dino says:

    I will be at a sports bar in Augusta GA this Sunday with a small group of non-Croat friends who like the Euro. I think I will be the only Croat there. If there are any Croats in GA or SC who need a place to go stop in. The game starts at 2:30pm and wear the colors.


  8. Peter Huzovic says:

    Mulligans on First..Hoboken, NJ. Great soccer pub!!! AJMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dukic says:

    we will be at the croatian hall for the sacramento extravaganza. should be about a 1000 of us watching.

  10. mishko says:

    If you have Direct TV they’re going to show the game on channel 206 ESPNHD staring 11:30AM Pacific Time

  11. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Allen

    Due to starting a new job, I’m not sure if I can take off for the Italy and Spain games, but I’ll be at either Veslo or Scorps. I think I might do Veslo for some lunch and go to Scorps to watch the game? What are your plans? When can I meet you face to face and smack some sense into you? lol jk

    I think for the Italy game I’m gonna suck it up and “call in sick”. Fuck work, watching Croatia beat Italy and seeing all the wanna-be ginzo fanboys crying in their beer will be priceless!!

  12. Tom in Winnipeg says:

    Gripping coverage of the Croatian camp from UEFA.com…

    “I spotted one bird nesting among the electrical installations beside the pitch, but it had little chance of rest. Besides that one bird, however, everyone else was in an upbeat mood. The local fans were cheering and kids were playing with the Croatian players; it was an idyllic scene.”

  13. Colin O'Haravić says:

    I’ll be watching the game at my favorite Irish pub, Crowleys. I’m going to stick out like crazy there on Sunday.

    I get to wear my long sleeve Ireland jersey and my checkers overtop of that, get blacked out, and see what happens. I have been waiting for this game for a loooooong time.

  14. Josip B says:

    Wow, I remember watching the 1st game of the 98′ World Cup at the Croatian Hall in Sacramento during the extravaganza that year! There wasn’t quite 1000 in the room then either (prob not even close to 100 for that game actually).

  15. Ante B says:

    I’ll be in So Cal with the LA Hercegovci. No Alpine but we might hit up the Dom in Pedro.

  16. AllenOutraged says:

    Armada- I’m going to be with a lot of people for Ireland likely because its Sunday so I don’t know what’s going to happen. Thursday everyone has work and its “too busy” of a season to take off. They rather take off for Spain “STUPID”!

    You seem like the biggest Italy hater so it be epic.

  17. kresimir says:

    I’ll be at Ryan’s Daughter Irish Pub in Baltimore, MD
    postoje drugi Hrvati u Baltimoru?

  18. hajduk_montreal says:

    U19 Euro Championships in Estonia

    Croatia is in the same group as England, France and Serbia. The top two go to the semifinals.

  19. Ziva Istina says:

    @Colin……correct, but I do make random trips upstairs for some food. Damn bitch refuses to walk down the steps and deliver me my grub.

  20. Jaso says:

    I will be in zadar with my buddies 5 gajbe of karlovacke,grasevino Medica,rostiljada svinjski vrat kremenadle i taj dir,

  21. Dino says:


    Buy why use him since he won’t even play. The Irish Media and her fans have so much pride going into our match. Can we please get excited? Someone on our team will rise I believe it!!!

  22. Mr. Black says:

    Ivan Lendric goes from Hajduk Split to the belgian club Zulte-Waregem. Zulte-Waregem plays in the first division and normally they finish about the 8th place. Interesting: also Jelavic played for Zulte-Waregem but he didn’t play a lot. So he went to Rapid Wien where he suddenly started to play more.

  23. Mr. Hrvat says:

    Napoleon said, “Give me 100,000 croatian warriors and ill rule the world”

    I say, “Take 23 croatians and they’ll rule europe!!!”

    This forum has too much hate, quit the bashing of the team and its tactics and BELIEVE!!!!

  24. hush puppy says:

    ill be at the dom because we have a dom to support and thats where i grew up watching croatia play!

  25. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Allen

    If I make it to Broadway to catch the games, plan on seeing me smack the taste out of ginzo’s mouth if they get out of line. Aside from the Italians in Trieste and the surrounding region (most of whom aren’t really even Italian and act like normal human beings) I fucking hate their country, their cocky attitudes and especially hate their NT and it’s fans.

    God forbid if one of them has the nuts to utter something like “Dalmatia & Istria are ITALIAN”. You’ll see me sitting in the 114 Precient on Astoria Blvd. Guaranteed.

  26. Anonymous says:


    i dont think anybody will be watching here in the bay. we will be at sacramento extravaganza this weekend. but the weekday games maybe.

  27. T.O.Cro says:

    Croatia is ranked 8th in the most recent Fifa rankings and 11th in the world football elo rankings.
    Does anyone on this site have any opinions about the elo rankings?

  28. AllenOutraged says:

    Armada is a legit hooligan ahaha. Good to see your passionate about it. I’ll be right behind you if some dumb Italian gets out of line.

  29. Nizic Nizic says:

    @ Ante B you got it brother make sure you get a hold of mexdont worry about nothing sleeping arrangements and everythung else I promise your next trip here will be memorable do zere if you know what I mean you seem cool can’t wait to meat you zap domestic – U-

  30. Nizic Nizic says:

    @ ana nice pic you a very pretty my little Hrvatica -U- maybe go for a drive k one day ;) -U-

  31. mali HRVAT says:

    @Colin: Nice wardrobe.

    I will be watching with my children. It is never too early to start the indoctrination process.

  32. rob i says:

    My daughter turn 1 on Sunday.
    I’m waking her up at 4.30am (Melbourne, Austraila time) so she gets to watch my beloved VATRENI.
    Might as well teach them young

    Most of the Cro’s in Melbourne are going the The Melbourne Knights in Sunshine or The DOM in Footscray.

  33. Chopper says:

    Hey T.O.Cro, yeah I saw the rankings this morning and 8th is pretty great! But with Uruguay ranked 2nd in the world, I guess there’s not too much credibility in these rankings!

  34. Dinko Dog says:

    I’ll be in Poland.

    Was in Austria in 08 and Germany 06…. why would that change?

  35. Nizic Nizic says:

    @ Ana that was supposed to say drink well maybe we could go for a drive too who knows haha ZA Dom -U-

  36. Ziva Istina says:

    @Chopper……While I think the FIFA rankings are nothing more than a way for FIFA to get Coca Cola to sponsor something, Uruguay is a legit #2…..I can only judge teams and players based on what I actually see…….And last two times I saw them in a major tourney they won Copa America and made the semis of the World Cup.

  37. Zestoki Hrvat says:

    I will be home with my Coors , Seagram-Coke, & Marlboros , rooting for our Hrvati Boys .

  38. Jarac says:

    @hush puppy

    How much are the dom’s charging these days, are they still in the business of ripping people off?

  39. Nizic Nizic says:

    Eat me anonymous some night and shining armor you are you putz with no identity you jealous closet wire yanker -U-

  40. Nizic Nizic says:

    @ anonymous I’m sure she knows how to tell me to fuckoff if she wants if you knew how to speak to women maybe you would have mire friends you closet freak that probably wears his mothers panties haha – U-

  41. Ziva Istina says:

    @Jarac……don’t be skrt. In most cases the “doms” around the country charged 10 or 20 bucks back in the day because that was the price they had to charge in order to carry the games from the provider.

    I’m sure you pay a cover to go into bars/clubs/strip joints. Same thing here. It’s a way for the doms/bars to make money and be self-sufficient.

  42. Jarac says:


    Some how the math doesn’t work out for me. You pay for a soccer game, what does that cost $100, and say u have a crowd of 300, 300 x 100 = 3,000. My math is telling me either ur full of shit or I am.

  43. -Shinobi- says:

    At home 4.30 am watching the games on setanta sports.

    Where else would i wanna be at that time on a winters morning.

  44. Ana Ana says:

    im w. anonymous on this one…can we get back to arguing about nogomet? seriously this is no place for old men to be hitting on people

  45. Colin O'Haravić says:

    @Ziva – lolzz You tell her. A mom’s gotta provide.

    Man, I always wanted to ask this on here; Are there ANY Pittsburgh Hrvati on this site? Am I the only one that comes from that huge group of the diaspora? Bummed I don’t here from any of them here.

    @Mali – Oh, I look great in green stripes and red checkers. Gonna be great.

  46. Jarac says:


    back to soccer. Let me tell u what I’m thinking about Ana. I am hoping/praying that croatia doesn’t go up 2-0 early like in the first 15 minutes of the game. Because then I will know what happens, we will either loose or tie, because our player will bunker for 75 minutes of the game and get lazy and jesus if the other team gets 100 shots on goal, a couple are bound to go in. I hope this doesn’t happen early. When u score 2-0, u keep the offense coming, u put ur foot down on there throat and make them tap out. U expose there weakness, u don’t sit back like a bunch of bit*** and then loose the game. I hope this does not happen.

  47. Ana Ana says:

    my prediction is he’ll start jelavic & mandzukic, since mandzukic isnt good support, well go down in the first half and he’ll sub him out second half and well come back from behind for a win
    i pray no one chokes

  48. Mainzfeldski Mainzfeldski says:

    Going to an Italian restaurant near my place for the EUROs. I’ll be sure to wear my Croatian jersey in time for the Italy v. Croatia game. I really hope the owners don’t kick me out…hehe.

  49. TheGoldenChild says:

    Tournament is getting smaller and smaller these days. It was good to see people out though. Team I was on lost to Adriatic in the final. Never fun.

  50. Poglavnik says:

    At home. Fuck off. Nobody’s invited.
    I’ll be easy to find if we win though.

    Hey it looks like CSR are trying to say “Where Will Olic Be?” by putting his picure there.
    I’m sensitive. That was too soon guys…

  51. Nizic Nizic says:

    Yea at a second glance it looks like Ana might be a guy in disguise so both anonymous and Ana can go play in your mothers closets hahaha besides the cro center in Mississauga another good venue is Crkvani park pool will be open lots of cold beer going down and kick off at 245 I do believe – U -

  52. Nepoznat says:

    Re: Mali Hvrat
    Game at the Croatian Land in Northern NJ”

    This is like 5-10 min from my house, I will try and attend!

  53. Nizic Nizic says:

    The Only goals being scored against the Irish will be of Mandzukic cleaning ulp garbage around the net ( taking Ola’s job ) until they put in someone in with speed and talent ( Kalinic , Dasilva) and I think armadas pecking order for strikers will tossed away real soon in the ball game and it will soon look more like Jelavic , Eduardo and kalinic -U-

  54. Nepoznat says:

    Hey Mali Hrvat friend me on Facebook, my name is Brent J you will see me as one of the most recent people who signed up to go to the picnic at the Croatian Lands

  55. HermitCrab says:

    I am picking Ivan Rakitić as the man of the match for Sunday. I think a few guys will step up and deliver. Gordon will play the best second division D of his life. I believe!!!

  56. Pintar Pintar says:

    I’ll be with my girlfriend, my two little girls, and my parents, watching from home. Already have the Karlovacko and cevaps on standby. I ordered a red training jersey that, sadly, will probably not arrive in time for me to wear.

    I’m thinking 2-1 Hrvatska, with goals for Perisic and Jelavic.

  57. HermitCrab says:

    That makes three on the DL. WTF maybe our training and conditioning sucks. I tell you alot of you don’t like Lovern and he was done some poor things on the NT but this guy is a good defender and will only get better. I think not having him really hurts us. Olic got hurt right before the second game with England I believe during WC qual. Again WTF!!!!

  58. HermitCrab says:

    During the August, he was linked with a transfer to Olympique Marseille for a fee of €4 million, but the executive vice-president of the club Zdravko Mamić refused the offer of the French club Why did Mamic do this?

  59. T.O.Cro says:

    @ Armada
    Perhaps Bilic will play Vida as a CB (which is a more natural position for him) and sub in Vrsaljko as RB which is his natural position?!?!?

  60. AllenOutraged says:

    Ivo is such a jokester. He averages at least four injuries a season. This is an injury that can be labeled as who cares.

  61. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ T.O. Cro

    I don’t see Sime getting much time. He’ll be out second choice RB. Then again, we could plug Srna, Corluka and Vida into RB, so again I don’t know why they brought Sime back to the squad. If I were Slaven, I would of brought on Mato Jajalo or hell, even Petric or Killer. I really don’t think Sime has anything to offer at this tournament.

    @ Nizic

    Sime Vrsaljko is the starting RB for Dinamo. Born in Zadar, come up through the Dinamo youth Academy. Come the next major tournament, I’m sure he’ll be on the starting XI as a RB or CB. Really talented kid, been linked to some big European sides but really young (only 20).

    I’m thinking Vrsajlko along with a combo of Vida, Lovren, Corluka, Pavlovic will go onto form our next great backline in the coming years.

  62. AZ says:

    should just bring in klasnic or petric to replace Ilicevic…and bring eduardo to the wing probably
    It just feels secure and better hearing names like petric and klasnic rather than kalinic or sime…

  63. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    Probably hanging out some place on the Adriatic, with a big screen, some booze and picke waiting to watch the Euro lolol

  64. HermitCrab says:

    @ Armada87 I like that backline that you threw up. It could be very good.

    Hey Since you live in Astoria my old hood will the Czech beer garden near Ditmars be showing any games?

  65. Ziva Istina says:

    @HermitCrab….there was no offer from Marseilles. Pure speculation.

    @Armada……the reason Jajalo, Petric or Klasnic were not brought back in is easy……none of those guys have been playing for the last month or so.The season ended 3-4 weeks ago. None of those guys are in shape right now. Vrsaljko was at least training with the repka until a week ago.

    Face it, Ilicevic is injury prone.

    Too bad, he was going to get minutes. We are not a deep squad and we are now missing three guys who would have played (Olic, Lovren and Ilicevic). Olic and Lovren would have received serious playing time.

    Now we are left with Srna at RB and Rakitic at RM or they put Vida at RB (disaster waiting to happen) with Srna ahead of him at RM.

  66. Ante B says:

    Seriously. This move proves Mamic is the real leader of the team and the savez. Vrsaljko, really?

  67. HermitCrab says:

    Hey the guy is young so he should have some speed and energy which we will need. However, young guys are prone to errors. Maybe he can do a Theo and score a hat trick.
    This is so pissing me off. With a full squad I think we could have beaten Italia the way she is now. How bad was Loverns injury again? They always say it doesn’t appear to be to serious then boom it is.

  68. Nepoznat says:

    Bjorn Kuipers of the Netherlands is our referee, anyone know anything about him and how strict he calls games?

  69. nije bitno says:

    They brought him on to gain big tournament experience nothing more and nothing less.

  70. jm says:

    Well apparently our guys continue to be made of glass. That being said, the biggest injury blow so far is still lovren. Both olic and illicevic are nice alternatives, but they likely wouldn’t have started, so if we were depending on them to make our case for our getting out of the group in euro’s we were in tough luck. that being said, our subs are starting to look less and less dangerous

  71. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Ziva

    After watching Vida in the last couple of quals and friendlies, he’s a card waiting to happen. I hope I’m wrong and he has the best month of football in his young career. But between him and Joe hacking away and then imagine if Vukojevic sees some time!? Boze, boze..

    @ Hermit

    The Bohemian Beer Garden will be showing most games and probably will have one of the better atmospheres to catch a game (aside from Veslo and Scorpio’s). Another great place is Studio Square (the new beer garden) but I feel like you’ll have a ton of fake Italian/Greek fanboys there. However, they probably have one of the largest outdoor viewing screens around.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha, bravo, Ana!

    Everyone, the next time you are at a social event, keep your drinks with you at all times! Nizic the creep will try and slip Rohypnol in your drink!

  73. jm says:

    i actually take back my made of glass comment about the teaming. reading some more, it looks like about 60 players have had to pull out of the euros so far (figure 16 teams, so it’s about 3-4 players per team), so croatias 3 guys (olic, lovren, illicevic ) isn’t too bad, and perhaps its fortunate that 2 of those gusy wouldn’t have been started. you compare this to england which has 8 guys out ,france 5 guys, italy and spain 3, and the irish 2. so i guess it could be worse. seems just average for croatia in terms of injuries

  74. Ziva Istina says:

    @HermitCrab………hate Professor Bilic all you want, but he has no control over injuries. You think injuries are only taking place with Cro players? Look around. Italy has them. England has so many injuries that have hurt them.

    I don’t want to get into the whole debate again about what Olic does or does not do, but he would have played significant minutes for us. He has scored or been a part of some big goals and wins for us over the years against top teams. Some of it due to his hustle and some of it due to luck, which was due to his hustle (Italy, Germany, England). The guy performs on the biggest stage. He was a legit option and we no longer have that option.

    I pray that our guys show up and perform well, but I have an uneasy feeling that if players like Kalinic, Vrsaljko, Vida, Badelj will all shit themselves during the Euros. I’m hoping to be proven wrong. For us to have success we will need the core players to perform and avoid cards and injuries.

  75. Robi19 says:

    In Poznan for one week for two crazy games. Hopefully coming out with 4-6 pts for a great chance at a qf. UVJIEK VJERNI! AJMO HRVATSKA!! WHY NOT US?!!

  76. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Ziva

    Kalinic, Vrsaljko and Badelj won’t have large roles in this Euro. Maybe Badelj gets some junk time? I don’t see Kalinic or Vrsajlko getting any serious minutes either, barring cards or some other emergency.

    Vida on the other hand, will be a HUGE wild card. I just hope Vida and Big Joe don’t start together. That’s a stupid yellow/red waiting to happen.

  77. Mate Cleveland says:

    Hrvatski Klub Cleveland…..that’s where I got my heart broken last Euros….straightened that out

  78. Nizic Nizic says:

    I got rufies for sale anyone Interested or anyone wanna go for a drink muwahahaha coome here little girl want some candy anyway any. Word on niko did he sighn for Kiev or not? -U-

  79. Tom says:

    Allen Outrage is going to have a Pajama party for the game . Suit coats a must . One of his guests will probably be the Italian Armada 8765432679075 . Have fun Boy’s .

  80. Ziva Istina says:

    right???? its all on Bilic that he is down to selecting players who are 30th on the pecking order.

  81. HermitCrab says:

    He has tightness in his hamstring. Bilic thinks it will be ok. Yeah right how many times have we heard that bullshit. We are fucking done. Hey asshole Bilic what type of training program are you running them through.

  82. Miro says:

    Problem with Hrv i that we need a full squad to compete we are not like france holland england etc we need everyone healthy i think Carli will be ok if he not on man Vida Joe Scifo Pranjic back 4 hahahah ajmeeeee

  83. Mihovil Mihovil says:

    @ Nepoznat @ HermitCrab

    Charlie felt a tightening in his hamstring 30 minutes into training and left practice early. Early reports are that he is fine but they are going to know for sure tomorrow.

    It is the same hamstring that he hurt in the Sweden friendly in February.

  84. HermitCrab says:

    No more bullshit Bilic training!!! Let them tear their muscles in battle. At least we can get some minutes out of them. WTF.

  85. HermitCrab says:

    LOL he is out. Hamstrings take a long time to heal. To think that if he didn’t do Bilics bullshit today he might have been fine. Well it was fun while it lasted.

  86. jm says:

    a hamstring injury doesn’t have to take you out. depends what it is. it could be sore. it could be cramping. he can still ideally play. lets just hope its not too bad

  87. Anonymous says:

    Im glad Ilicevic got hurt, now you guys can stop talking about a player who wasn’t going to play anyway. Now I just wish Klasnic would retire from soccer altogether so you can stop bringing his name up. He was never on the squad…not sure why his name keeps coming up.

  88. Ziva Istina says:

    Any of you guys blaming Bilic for the injures are complete idiots and I am willing to bet have never played any sport at a competitive level. Injuries happen. It could happen in training or in the first five minutes of a game.

    What do you want Bilic to do???? To not even have the guys practice?? Today’s practice was not intense. It’s not like they are going through 2 daily practice sessions.

    Bitch about Bilic when it comes to formations or tactical adjustments, but stop bitching just for the point of bitching.

  89. DinamoDennis says:

    Sarcasm my friend….Hence the “He better be ready for Sunday”

    It’s sometimes tough to read and figure out simple things…its okay, next time just take your time and you’ll get it.

  90. AllenOutraged says:

    If Corluka is out, I’m going to make sure I’ll be pre gaming two hours early to make sure I’m not sober to witness this disaster.

  91. Jarac says:


    Great quote, which sums up our people “stop bitching just for the point of bitching”

  92. HermitCrab says:

    If only we could bunker and work out a draw with Ireland. Maybe DuDu can score a double for us.

  93. Ziva Istina says:

    They bitch without having any clue what they are bitching about. I got no problem with people complaining, but at least have an argument to back a point.

    For some this is how they view Bilic or any coach.

    W = great coach
    L= bad coach and his fault. Something negative happens (injury) and its his fault.

    It’s much more than that.

  94. Dino says:

    This is awful. Ham string injuries are serious. Fuck we are done before we even began. Can you say 0-3 in our group.
    Hot/cold compress and massage that hammy. However, even if he does play he will probably be two soar to contuine with Spain or Italy. I wonder is was ok this morning before Bilics pratice bull shit?

  95. Dino says:

    To those who like Bilic

    Under him I have seen some of our worst defeats. I dont think we have the players for his style. We used to be able to work out a draw or keep a clean sheet. Not with this guy.
    And Yes playing for a draw is a tactic. I am glad he is leaving.

  96. Stipe New Zealand says:

    In Auckland New Zealand we will be watching at the Croatian Cultural Society in Te Atatu and at RIva Cafe in Mission Bay :) NAPRID VATRENI

  97. Nepoznat says:

    Dino does anyone like Slaven? I haven’t heard many people hearing singing praise for him… and I’m a Prva here

  98. Curt says:

    This is just bad luck for our team . With all these injuries they should call up Vukusic . Why not, it would not hurt .Bog,Hrvati,i Hajduk !!!

  99. Nepoznat says:

    Dino you talking about Ziva? I don’t exactly see him saying Bilic is the shit

    Bilic sucks… he should’ve been gone after failing for 2010 WC

    But I’m betting Stimac will be even worse

  100. Ziva Istina says:

    @HermitCrab …..you said “Because in my heart I know that it was his stupid practice schedule that did it.”

    I bet you have no idea what the practice schedule was today. You know someting, I do know what the schedule was today. It was not intense. It was a typical training session 72 hours before a game, just like a majority of the other squads. I guess the English, Spanish, Italian coaches also have no clue because they have lost players during training sessions in the build up to the Euros.

    To you assclowns who don’t know the game…..what should have Bilic done? Not have practice???? If a player tells him he is OK and tells the medical staff he is OK, what should the coach do??? You know what, Bilic should have cancelled practice for the last 10 days to avoid injuries, that way the assclowns on this site could then bitch about the team not having any practice sessions going into the tourney and being totally unprepapred. This is what I mean when I say people bitch just for the sake of bitching.

    If you want to complain, then complain, but back your arguments. The assclowns here simply are unable to do so.

  101. Mainzfeldski Mainzfeldski says:

    John Terry also had a hamstring problem, but the English squad confirmed that he will be ready to play for the EUROs, despite the worries about his health on the pitch.

    Corluka, hopefully, will have Terry’s luck. If not, who will Bilic take in place of Corluka? Blazevic? I wouldn’t think so (why need 4 keepers?), but if the injury becomes minor, I wish that Bilic would keep Corluka but out of the first couple of games (like Rooney).

  102. Ziva Istina says:

    England is keeping Rooney out because he is suspended, not because of injury.

    Regarding Terry’s injury….not all hamstring problems are the same. Didn’t Corluka have issues with his hammie a few months ago. So, this could be a lingering/chronic situation. Who knows???

  103. Mainzfeldski Mainzfeldski says:

    @ Ziva

    I know that Rooney’s absence is because of his ban. Same thing, he can’t play.

    Bilic doesn’t have any valid substitute without posing any risks (i.e. putting in Petric to fill up the space, yet he did not practice for over a month).

    Of course, hamstring problems vary, which is why I hoped that Corluka could have Terry’s luck (to play in the EUROs). Could be a chronic condition, if what Mihovil said was true. Regardless, I wish that he could play, or we might see Vida and/or Simunic.

  104. Miro says:

    Wait till tommorow for corluka i think he would play through the pain like in Istanbul Bilic played the 98 tournament with a bad back and hip.

    What with all thi hate for Bilic when you look at it alittle better how i it his fault Self proclaimed and media Svjetske Klase like Modric Kranjcar Rakitic Srna Jelavic Olic Mandzukic cannot score and complete a pass, out of the 23 called most coaches whould have called 70 % of what bilic called maybe other coach would have called youth to squad but ave that for 2014 they need to step up and play thats all play as a team and no problem, easier said than done but i wih for the best to the guys and what ever happens happens It not like 2004 when otto Baric called mornar bjelica sokota and rosso man these guys bilic put everyone wants the problem i see with Bilic i that he doent put the best 11 at the start he alway put some player and then ubs him at the half because of a poor performance,

  105. Dinko Dog says:


    “Wait till tommorow for Corluka i think he would play through the pain like in Istanbul”

    Ankle, back, hip injuries are completely different to hamstring injuries. If you pull your hamstring you have no chance of “playing through the pain” because you literally can not run. Even if it is a strain, it will only be a matter of time before you tear the hamstring. Sometimes it only takes one turn of pace, and it goes. It doesn’t look good for Carli.

    Our defence is depleted, but there is nothing you can do about it, through loss comes opportunity. If Vida or Vrsaljko a long term national team players, this is their chance to shine on an international stage.

  106. IvicA says:

    Corluka will probably be fine to play against Ireland, but it’s quite a possibility that he ends up aggravating his hamstring in one of these group games.

    If that happens, then we’ll just have to move Vida to CB, and take Srna to RB (or take a risk and move Vrsaljko to RB). Vida’s natural position is CB, so hopefully he can play like he did at the start of the CL. Vrsaljko is hungry, and knows this is his ticket out of the HNL, maybe he surprises us. I just don’t want Joe Simunic playing.

  107. Joe Joe says:

    Ilicevic…..damn. think he would have gotten a chance in a game to show something. many have said this before…..we don’t have much depth….any injury to a player means more to our team than to some of the other countries. we can’t absorb it as well. which brings us to corluka. i pray he plays. if not, our back line will look very shaky. hopefully we have good news tomorrow…..we will all hold our breath waiting.

    also, “stop bitching just for the point of bitching” is bang on. well said ziva. how in the world would bilic be to blame for this injury? he has been a manager for many years. you may critique many things about him (whether right or wrong) but i have yet to hear anyone complain that bilic trains his players too hard in the build-up to matches, causing them unnecessary injury. tightness in a muscle for an athlete happens all the time. and guess what…..you usually don’t get advanced notice before it happens. if corluka sits, maybe a youngster or two shines. i have been giving vida a hard time, thinking he is not starter material yet…..maybe he proves me wrong with a fabulous game against the irish. let’s see what happens!

    keep those fingers crossed boys for good news on the corluka front.

  108. mali HRVAT says:


    I do not have a Facebook account because bitches be crazy. My wife told me about it. I guess you are in NJ.

  109. Igra says:

    @ Joe: I totally agree with you. You can’t blame Bilic’s training regimen.

    Players get injured all the time. Because of this, I was expecting some of our players not to make the Euros. Look at our history: Boksic ’98, Eduardo ’08, Lovren/Olic ’12. Many teams in this tourney has a couple of key players missing. So depth is key.

    If Corluka is out, the optimist in me prays Vida and Vrsjako can do the job.

  110. Anonymous says:


    “Any of you guys blaming Bilic for the injures are complete idiots and I am willing to bet have never played any sport at a competitive level.”


    “For some this is how they view Bilic or any coach.

    W = great coach
    L= bad coach and his fault. Something negative happens (injury) and its his fault.”

    This is very true for a few, same goes for players who have a bad game or one good game.


    Under him I have seen some of our worst defeats. I dont think we have the players for his style.

    England was the worst defeat under Bilic and quite frankly I don’t think he is at fault for the Kovac elbow & going down to 10 men in the first half, Runje passing the ball right to Rooney. Capello is a top coach he found a weak spot in our formation and exploited it. Not much Bilic can do when our defense has taken quite the toll.

    “We used to be able to work out a draw or keep a clean sheet. Not with this guy.”

    We also use to have Niko/Robert Kovac, Tudor, Simic & a younger Simunic for our defensive back & Eduardo prior injury,no comparison.

    “I am glad he is leaving.”

    It will worsen when he does.

  111. BlackZodiac says:


    “Any of you guys blaming Bilic for the injures are complete idiots and I am willing to bet have never played any sport at a competitive level.”


    “For some this is how they view Bilic or any coach.

    W = great coach
    L= bad coach and his fault. Something negative happens (injury) and its his fault.”

    This is very true for a few, same goes for players who have a bad game or one good game.


    Under him I have seen some of our worst defeats. I dont think we have the players for his style.

    England was the worst defeat under Bilic and quite frankly I don’t think he is at fault for the Kovac elbow & going down to 10 men in the first half, Runje passing the ball right to Rooney. Capello is a top coach he found a weak spot in our formation and exploited it. Not much Bilic can do when our defense has taken quite the toll.

    “We used to be able to work out a draw or keep a clean sheet. Not with this guy.”

    We also use to have Niko/Robert Kovac, Tudor, Simic & a younger Simunic for our defensive back & Eduardo prior injury,no comparison.

    “I am glad he is leaving.”

    It will worsen when he does.

  112. BlackZodiac says:


    Croatia vs Ireland 1-0
    Mandzukic goal

    Croatia vs Italy 2-1
    Modric game winning goal

    Croatia vs Spain 1-1
    Kranjcar goal

  113. Dinko Dog says:


    Had no problem with what you were saying, until this…

    I just don’t want Joe Simunic playing.

    How on earth could anyone say that given our current defensive state and what Joe has delivered over the past decade. Joe Simunic should be the first person picked in that backline, just go back and watch the Turkey match for a reminder of his COMPOSURE in big crucial games. You can not buy that attribute in a player. If you people think a partnership of Gordon & Vida is an option, you have rocks in your head.

  114. LikaJoey says:

    @ anonymous,I agree bro these guy’s blaming Bilic are out to lunch!! I guess every injury in training will be his fault.

  115. poglavnik says:

    With Olic out, i’d like to see Kranjcar come off the bench as a withdrawn forward behind either Jelavic or Mandzukic.
    I’v still got a lot of faith in Niko. He can still pull it together every now and then.

  116. Joe Joe says:

    @mali hrvat….bitches be crazy….haha. nice big bang theory reference

    @igra….if corluka is out for ireland, we will need all the optimism we can get to hold that back line together. the only silver lining may be that the irish are the least dangerous offensive team in our group so maybe….maybe we can survive without corluka against them if he can’t go and he will have 4 more days to be ready for the italians.

    we will see tomorrow i guess

  117. mali HRVAT says:

    @Dukic and Ziva & anyone else with relevant advice:

    I have a youth soccer question for you.

    My son is almost 4.5 years old and is very good at dribbling. He naturally runs on his forefeet and is very good at keeping the ball close to his feet at pace.

    Additionally he is good at changing direction and keeping possession. He “plays / trains” at a local development club against kids his age to a year older. The older kids tend to use their superior strength and speed to dispossess him. However, coaches and other parents have commented on his ability to keep the ball under this pressure.

    I am trying to have him turn the ball with the outside of his foot, but he is not interested. At what age should he be able to do this to beat another player?

    What other skills should he be developing at this age? Do you have any organic games to introduce these to young children?

    FYI: During the small sided games he will organically do pullbacks when appropriate, pass (unprompted), will stiff-arm competition (ala Suker) when dribbling,and will turn to evade defenders using the inside/insteps of his feet.

  118. Igra says:

    @ Black Zodiac: If your predictions come true (the optimist in me hopes so), we will all be on Cloud 9. As for celebrating, I can’t even predict the amount of alcohol I will drink.

  119. Ziva Istina says:

    @mali hrvat…..sounds like whatever you are doing with your kid is fine. Keep it up. Just let him play. Don’t overcoach. I am a big believer in the German, Dutch, Barca approach. No 11 v 11 for kids until they are 11 or 12 yrs old. Playing with older kids ( 1or 2 yrs old) will help him. If he likes the sport he will naturally find a way to get better. The game is organic for those of us who love it, who live it.

    To turn the ball with the outside of his feet….hmmm?? good question. Maybe some type of cone drill where he goes inside and outside where he has to learn to use both inside and outside techniques.

  120. IvicA says:

    @ Dinko Dog

    Don’t talk to me about Simunic’s “composure” in big games.

    A couple of Aussie Croats and I had a pretty hardcore debate about this a month ago (check the post history), and they no longer show their faces on this board after that debate.

    But either way…our backline is fuct if Corluka goes down. Whether we play a Strinic-Gordo-Simunic-Vida lineup or a Strinic-Gordon-Vida-Srna/Vrsaljko lineup…it doesn’t matter. At least the latter has some young and hungry players playing in their natural positions. Unfortunately, we never tested these rotations in the friendlies. Now we have to suffer with the unknowns.

  121. hush puppy says:

    @ jarac when was the last time you been to the dom ? its free new management go support the germans its ok

  122. hush puppy says:

    fuck slaven bilic for cutting ilicevic hes way better then the fag he brought up w/e hopefully we win some games if we dont let bilic go hes starting to suck as a coach

  123. Slavonac from Canada says:

    my opinion…Bilic was fabulous when he first took over…a few years into the job I felt he tried to play a little too safe and almost too tactical and for FIFA rankings…lately he’s been better but he doesnt have a lot to select from…that said he’s done well with what he has!

  124. Dinko Dog says:


    “Hardcore” debate on an internet forum, that’s funny.

    Why? Did you point out games like WC06 v Australia, or the debacle at Wembley in WC10 qualifying etc Simunic has almost 100 caps to his name, and I reckon at the very most you would only be able to point out 10 bad games (which is being generous). This is what makes these comments so stupid, the majority of international games are important (besides the odd friendly), and you don’t have much room for error.

    This is not league football where you have 38 odd games to reflect on your season. This is international football where you have 8 – 10 games to qualify, and only 1 or 2 chances to makes mistakes. Simunic has been a rock for the national team and its stupid comments like that which show no respect for someone who bled for the shirt for 10+ years. No, lets give the spot to a young kid who probably just wants some caps to win his new contract in Russia for big bucks.

    Simunic plays 1 bad game for 10 good ones, but its easier to crucify him for the bad game huh?

    This is not an attack on you, but dont underestimate his contribution and value to the repka. He starts for me.

    Also, it takes more than “talent” to make it on the big stage, its more about character if you ask me, something that players like Vida do not have.

  125. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @Hush Puppy,

    Welcome aboard.

    A couple questions for you:

    1) interesting name. Please do tell

    2) I take it you are writing us from Pedro by your reference to cro hall in pedro.

    3) I’m asuming that you are legal to drink in the states but younger than me. 24?

    I like playing these games

  126. Jarac says:

    @hush puppy,
    thats good to know, this is the pedro one right? I was just speaking on behalf of my experiences from previous doms, good to hear, maybe i’ll show up then.

  127. vatrena cast says:

    all you guys are ridiculous! when he was winning everyone was saying how great bilic is and this and that. now suddenly he is the worst coach in history. learn something about football or shut your mouth. it is not his fault for the injuries. they happen, it happens all the time. I’m sure he did the same practices last euro and no one got hurt. idiots.

  128. Ante B. says:

    And not one mention of Drazen Petrovic today from any of you, jedan po jedan, sramite se.

  129. Zestoki Hrvat says:

    Not so long ago all you guys were wearing Bilic T-shirts , and praising him . Boy how times have changed . @ vatrena cast & Ante B , you guys are right on .

  130. TheGoldenChild says:

    Reports out of England are saying Manchester United sent a deal to Luka Modric starting at 25 mil and going all the way up to 30 depending on how he plays in Europe.

    Why now? I hate the English

  131. mali HRVAT says:


    Thanks for the advice.

    My older child is a good listener and has become good technically,but does not have a fire in her belly for the game.

    However, my little one always has a ball at his feet in the house and will smile/giggle as he plays with/against the other kids. I didn’t expect to have a child with (what I view) as potential,but since I feel that I do, I want to help him develop accordingly.

  132. Anonymous says:

    For all you Bilic bashers…he has the best winning record of any Croatian coach in history. 7 Losses in 6 years. The team has been top 10 under his regime during his tenure. On paper he’s better than Ciro. He’s lost some stupid games, and made some rookie mistakes, but he’s all right.

  133. jm says:

    I’ve felt some disappointment in terms of bilic over the years b/c 1) Since Euro 2008, we haven’t beat any big teams (0-2 vs england, tie, and loss vs greece, tie vs france, even a tie and loss vs ukraine….not sure if we’ve played anyone else big. but in any case that’s 5 games with 0 wins. 0-4-3 against respectable opponents 2) The whole not qualifying for WC 2010 still hurts. but then again, the team was hampered by injuries through that whole time stretch. To bilic’s credit though, when looked at as a whole, Croatia has been very solid over his stretch maintaining a top 10 ranking (which although not the purist of indicators of quality, is legitimate in the sense that it does actually quantify wins/losses etc), qualifying for euro 2008 and 2012, and performing well in euro 2008. Although we all always hope for more and consequently many people are not fans of Bilic, I worry we may start feeling nostalgic and start looking at him much more favorably when he’s gone. I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  134. Jose says:

    What is the real situation with the new coach and this mamic? We have some very young players that we need to throw out on the pitch. I expect Lovern to improve. I think we will become a more defense oriented team since we cannot produce strikers which might be a good thing. But this is all common sense.

  135. Dino says:

    @JM The Bilic area gave us some very painful losses. Did we have to lose to England that bad twice. My good it was so awful.

  136. Ziva Istina says:

    Who cares how bad the losses were. A loss is a loss.

    That first loss you can thank to Robert Kovac. Entire matched turned on that.

    The second loss to England….go back and look at the injuries and how we had to play guys out of position.

    Yeah, bad losses…..so what. We gave up an early goal in the second game and that was it. There was no way we were going to beat England on that day.

  137. jm says:

    @ dino . i think it was really frustrating to lose so badly to england twice. at the same time, i agree with ziva. the first england game was a mess when kovac got the red card and we played a man down and the second game, we had injuries all over which really hurt. We started a line up featuring runje in goal, nikola pokrivac in midfield, ivica krizanac in defense, and mario mandzukic as striker when he was still playing for dinamo. no corluka, no modric etc

  138. hush puppy says:

    @jarac your welcom to come down to the pedro dom lets have some karlovacko !
    @ denis i got the name from mr kvartuc himself or should i say nije bitno gave it to kvartuc and i just simply had to steal it. who plays bocce in hush puppies? MR.KVARTUC!
    @ denis this is barbic you no my info ;) lmao
    @ ziva istina who would you rather have ilicevic or Vrsaljko ? as for bilic he made the wrong cut and called upon the wrong striker aka kalinic i would have chose klasnic instead when was the last time kalinic scored a real goal ?

  139. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @hush puppy,

    Barbic you clown haha.


    We stole a bunch of stuff too. Its the balkan way of life :)

  140. Zestoki Hrvat says:

    Where is everyone going to watch the game? Alpine Village in Torrance , or Croatian Hall in San Pedro ?

  141. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    We are my Australian and New Zealand Croatians?

    I just updated the post with new locations. Where will you be? We need an address…. and then pictures/videos after the game.


    i’m not upset that they took our picture. It shows that we are doing something right.

    @Zestoki Hrvat,

    I think Curt can answer your question.

  142. CroBoy says:

    Hi folks, I have a couple of match worn football shirts…If anyone is interested, plz visit the link above (hopefully it works), and drop me a line. I have obtained these from a friend in Zagreb who is friends with Corluka and Modric, from his days in the Dinamo football academy. thanks. zivila Hrvatska.

  143. Hrvat says:

    Hi folks, I have a couple of match worn football shirts. Vedran Corluka home SS and Eduardo away LS for $200 each..If anyone is interested, plz drop me a line at sanctusessentia@gmail.com. I have obtained these from a friend in Zagreb who is friends with Corluka and Modric, from his days in the Dinamo football academy. thanks. zivila Hrvatska. You can see the shirts on Kijiji (GTA).

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