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January 20, 2010

Photo: quinnipiacbobcats.com


Marijan Jurac


This past week I met up with a highly regarded soccer talent who is well known amongst the Croatian community of the tri-state area. He is currently proving his worth on the United States Division 1 college soccer scene with Quinnipiac University, but he is also looking to make a name for himself abroad. Marijan Jurac, a native of Greenwich, Connecticut, born to Croatian parents with Dalmatian roots, was courteous enough to sit down with me and discuss the many dimensions of his playing career: from his past accomplishments, to what he is currently up to, as well as what he has in store for the future.





Superior athleticism, a tireless work ethic, superb passing and dribbling skills as well as excellent vision and ability to read the game are what make Marijan stand out from the other 21 players on the field. He has all the tools necessary to make it big, and with time he will further develop and reach his full potential. Currently, he is in the midst of his off-season training and conditioning program in preparation for upcoming tryout opportunities in Croatia as well as his sophomore season at Quinnipiac.



Astounding dribbling skills and a tireless work ethic



Marijan joins a growing list of names of North-American born Croatians that includes Petar Hazdovac, and Stefan Škrinjarić, who are all chasing the dream to not only play professionally in Croatia, but to one day suit up for the Vatreni. The staff and readers at CroatianSoccerReport.com wish Marijan the best of luck and continued success in his soccer career. We will continually monitor Marijan’s progress and bring you any details as they become available.



Instincts of a natural goal-scorer



~Ivica Peroš reporting from the Long Island, New York


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 17 comments

  1. Robert says:

    Does anybody know whether the player Seth Sinovic who was recently drafted by the New England Revolution is Croat? I can't find what his origins are anywhere online though he obviously has a last name that is from our region.

  2. dinamofan:) says:

    If Rijeka can sign Johann Smith i'm sure Jurac has a chase. To me that clubs a mess and could do with signing some young talents. Says it all when there best young player is on loan at Karlovac.

  3. ziva istina says:

    Good luck to all these guys….but, if they are still playing college soccer the chances of them doing anything and making money playing the sport are limited. Most of the players from the US that have any chance of doing something in Europe play one or two years of college ball and move on. The college kids that show any potential are part of MLS' "generation adidas". If not, they are destined for MLS tryouts or some of the minor leagues of american soccer with low wages.

    There is always a chance to chase your dreams and make it in the cro league, but the money is shit.

    The coaching in the US developmental system is garbage.

  4. dinamofan:) says:

    Papadopoulos is joining Celta Vigo. I'm actually quite surprised at this – that's not the worst move in the world. i thought nobody else wanted him.

    I mean Celta Vigo is hardly Akratitos or some side like that which is where i thought Papa may be heading.. Its great its another guy of the wage bill and playing staff. There's only Guilermo Suarez left.. I think he will get his move as well as he got played lots by Tigre..

  5. Slaven says:

    I agree with you ziva. I think his best career opportunity is to get on with a team in the HNL. From there he can make it big if he's proven to be good-just like so many Vatreni before.

  6. Petar Radman says:

    I wish the kid the best, but I am with Ziva Istina on this one. I cant stand the MLS; However, if you look at the guys who dominated that league and still cant do anything in poor European leagues.Aside from Dempsey, who I find a bit underrated, cant think of another MLS player worth anything. Actually, I have always thought the American keepers (Howard, Keller, there was 1 more, name is escaping me) were quite good.

    Anyways, did you guys see the news about the 14 year old Dinamo youth team member, Alen Halilović. Apparently Real Madrid were scouting him. I know Dinamo were able to hold on to Filip and Luka Leko 2 years ago when Aston Villa tried to grab them.

  7. Denis Svirčić says:

    Great Post Ivica, with the highlight being:

    "Marijan joins a growing list of names of North-American born Croatians that includes Petar Hazdovac, and Stefan Škrinjarić, who are all chasing the dream to not only play professionally in Croatia, but to one day suit up for the Vatreni. "

    This is what CSR is all about. We try to help young Croats get their name out. We have three on our radar now.

    Jurac, I wish you the best. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you out.


    I thought the same with this Sinovic kid when I saw his name pop up at the MLS 2010 SuperDraft. I made a phonecall to New England, no reply. Don't worry, getting in touch with him is on my agenda.

    @Zach G

    We will try to get a Hazdovac interview real soon. This is on my agenda as well..

  8. dinamofan:) says:

    I think Leandro Cufre is a sale to far. With the guy having reduced his wages and with Carlos, Lovren gone i think Cufre is important for us. Got to keep this guy. He's also an infectious character who we don't have many of these at Dinamo. he's also a better left back than Ibanez. Need to tell that Argentine club no sale. I think we should play

    Butina, Etto, Biscan, Kovac, Cufre; Tomecak, Vrdoljak, Badelj, Morales; Mandzo, Slepicka

    If anything we need a new centre back as Kovac is at the end of the road. Barbaric is also not ready. There's got to be one other decent centre back out there other than Vida. Kristjan Ipsa may be worth a gamble considering he's still young.. Other then that i think the sensible choice is Bostjan Cesar.

  9. Petar Radman says:

    Apparently Bordeaux were looking at Barbaric, offered 4 Million Euros for him. That would have been a dream move, play for the top French side, play for a coach that was one of the greatest defensive players ever.

  10. dinamofan:) says:

    At present Barbaric is a nothing of a player. He hasn't really done anything. One or two good games, but whenever he's in side with Biscan or Carlos and not Kovac or Lovren he looked shaky. With Lovren gone i wouldn't be expecting Barbaric to step in. If he went to Bordeaux he'd be a laughing stock as he's not very good. We have to try and keep Biscan and Kovac fit, but that ain't gonna happen so we do need a centre back. We should analyse Lokomotiva, but also guys like Knezevic (though he can aim for better), Ipsa or Cesar or we have to go foriegn. I don't see much point in signing guys like Krizanac, Andre Mijatovic (who wasn't very good for us) or Dario Simic as its not a long term solution. Tomas might have been good for six months as he can fill different positions, but we need to find a long term centre half. There is a plain lack of Croatian centre backs at present. I think can see that from fact Hajduk are bringing guys like Jurica Buljat back into the fold following Vejic's departure. I think its gonna take some deep scouting to find a proper centre back. Kovac is talking of continuing, but i hope its not at Dinamo. Kovac could still cope in Bundesliga 2 next season, but we should shake him by the hand and send him on his way end of season.

  11. dinamofan:) says:

    Unless Cale is having problems at Trabzonspor which i'm not aware he is, then i can't see the point to bring Cale back. I think Kristjan Ipsa or Renato Kelic probably are what we're looking for. A young defender who has potential to grow. Cale is a left back and he's doing fine in Turkey, plus Cufre and Ibanez are fine for that position till end of season.

    Although it made sense to sell Lovren, the centre backs we have apart from Barbaric are old so its left us short in that area.

  12. Denis Svirčić says:


    After almost a week of going back and forth with the New England Revolution, I finally got in touch with Seth Sinovic. We had a little chat today. It turns out his Great Grandfather came from Dubrovnik. Even though he was drafted in the second round, he is still unsigned by New England. Training starts at the end of the month. He will stay in touch with us on his progress. Hopefully, he makes the final cut.

    Ivica might have another interview very soon.

    Hopefully this answers your question. I was sure as hell interested. Keep bringing your questions…. I'm on fire

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