Will Croatia grab all 6 points vs. Azerbaijan/Hungary this week?

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2018/19 Fantasy Premier League Table

May 10, 2011

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Updated Through Matches Played February 5th



Fantasy Premiership returns for yet another season. CroatianSports has hosted it’s own fantasy league for 10 seasons and we’re at it again. Pick your best XI English Premier League players for the weekend and let the bragging begin.



This year, Mateo Kovačić is on loan at Chelsea from Real Madrid while Dejan Lovren and Liverpool aim for another top-four finish.

To register, go to the official Fantasy Premiership website, create a username & password, pick a team and then join the CroatianSports private league with the code below. Simple as that!



Code: 2503785-569929

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Posted By: admin 7 comments

  1. Stipe Lasic says:

    hey i was just trying to join the league, and it says that the code is invalid, is it too late to join?

  2. Ante Kvartuč Ante says:


    The code is now valid…never too late to join. See what you can do for the last half of the season and then join us from the beginning after Euro.

  3. Adam Andrijic says:

    Its The Special One. I won the CroatianSports.com Fantasy League last year and did not even get a mention.

  4. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ Adam,

    You are correct. We never did a post closing out last year’s Fantasy EPL. Euro 2012 quickly approached and we focused all our attention on that. How can we make it up to you my friend?

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