Will you be at either Croatia North American match?

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January 29, 2012


Denis Svirčić San Pedro, California Lakers-Hajduk-Fulham-LA Kings


Ante Kvartuč San Pedro, California Packers-Kansas-Hajduk Split-LA Kings


Branimir Kvartuč San Pedro, California Hajduk-Lakers-Dodgers-LA Kings


Matt Lebo Redondo Beach, California Dinamo-Lakers-Dodgers-LA Kings


Mike Rožić Toronto, Canada MMA-Dinamo-Penguins-Colts-Combat Sports



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  1. Stef Oakville says:

    Just to comment on Marco Russ. If Croats can play for Germany why can’t the Germans play for us? Isn’t his wife Cro? Far as I’m concerned if he’s good enough he should be able to play. Also he has to be a Croatian citizen. Why not?